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       Board of Directors Teleconference Meeting – November 10 and 15, 2010
                           DRAFT Minutes DRAFT

Present on the November 10 Board teleconference were Kathy Stockwell, Glenn Kepic,
Kazi Mamun, Beth Higgins, Jennifer Joslin, Charlie Nutt and Maxine Coffey. Present on
the second teleconference held November 15 were Kathy Stockwell, Glenn Kepic, Peg
Steele, Celeste Pardee, Josh Smith, Susan Kolls, Charlie Nutt and Maxine Coffey.

I. Call to order – President Stockwell called the Meetings to order.
II. Roll Call – Nutt conducted Roll Call for each meeting.
III. Approval of the October 2 and October 6 Board Meeting Minutes were handled

IV. Old Business: Nutt gave updates on several initiatives. These included:
     CIG proposal: As they work toward reorganization, the Commission and Interest
       Group Division will follow a process similar to that used when NACADA
       reorganized several years ago. Commission members have voted to reorganize, an
       implementation team has been formed to evaluate issues over the next several
       months, and there will be a status report at Midyear. A more detailed report with
       timeline will follow at the Annual Conference. Most issues will be decided at the
       Division level and sent up as information items to Council. A possible issue to go
       to the Board will be whether the interest group chairs will be funded to come
       early to Annual Conference as the commission chairs do, since the Board must
       approve items with unforeseen budget implications.
     Pacesetter criteria: The Pacesetter Award is intended to recognize those at top
       leadership levels who have had campus-wide impact. In some campus structures,
       those positions could include assistant provosts, deans, etc., but current verbiage
       in the Pacesetter criteria does not allow for eligibility at those levels. A proposal
       to clarify the verbiage/eligibility issue is being forwarded to Council for
       discussion at its November 19 teleconference.
     Marketing planning: A proposal to receive marketing assistance has been
       forwarded to the KSU College of Business marketing graduate student program.
       Notification of whether the proposal was accepted for work in the spring 2011
       semester will be given in early December.
     EO position searches: The goal is to open the Associate Director for Programs
       search December 1. HR paperwork on the financial position is being finalized.
     International conference: Prospects that the international conference in the UK
       will proceed as planned are dim due to severe funding and employment issues in
       the UK. Alternatives being investigated include a series of three or four one-day
       events across the UK focusing on exemplary practices, a keynote, what
       NACADA can do for the UK. NACADA would commit representation and would
       help with online registration of the events, which would be sponsored by the
       Higher Education Academy and NACADA.
      Technology: Online registration for the winter events is going well. We are
       currently bidding design of an online awards process targeted for 2012. Brad
       Popiolek, Laura Pasquini and Jennifer Joslin will be in the EO for two days in
       February to develop hands-on social media skills and ideas with the staff.

V. New Business included brief overviews of progress on Strategic Goals 1, 4 and 5:
    Strategic Goal 1: Work continues on initiatives which include identifying
      ambassadors in other countries to make contacts, assist with terminology, work
      with social media, etc. An international glossary of advising terms with an eye
      toward globalization will be compiled for use on the web site and in other areas.
      Other organizations are being reviewed to see how they include international
      members in their regional structures. Members for the technology subcommittee
      are being identified and priorities outlined (target is Midyear). The website and
      glossary subcommittees will be identifying members and refining their goals, also
      with a Midyear goal for a progress report.
    Strategic Goal 4: The subcommittee is reading the SREB report, “Promoting a
      Culture of Student Success,” to assist in determining ways to connect with
      presidents, chancellors, campus leaders and Pacesetters, to provide decision-
      makers with critical information, and to highlight how leaders can move advising
      to a place of prominence on their campuses.. A sub-committee will have a report
      on progress at the Mid-Year meeting.
    Strategic Goal 5: Current procedure for policy development is being reviewed and
      there will be a report at Midyear. Methods the Council wants to use in assessing
      its performance will be discussed on the November Council teleconference call.
      Pardee will draft a brief proposal suggesting that the Board consider a modified
      360 assessment instead of a full 360, along with sample questions, for the
      February Board teleconference.

VI. Adjournment: Before adjournment, it was noted that December and January are not
feasible months for Board teleconference meetings because of campus schedules, though
the Board may meet by teleconference if necessary. The next Board teleconference
meeting will be scheduled in February.

**Electronic Vote Effective December 1, 2010 – The Board approved electronically,
  changes to the NACADA Pacesetter Award criteria.

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