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                                       LEHMAN TRIKES, INC.
TSXV -- LHT                                                                                  August 31, 2011

            Lehman Trikes Sets a New International Speed Record on Three Wheels!

A new International speed record for three wheeled motorcycles was set today at the Bonneville Salt
Flats. Piloted by renowned racer Bill Chambers out of Upland, CA, the specially prepared Lehman
Renegade reached a top speed of 123.404 miles per hour. The certified two pass average over the
course was 121.672, setting a new international record for the class.

The trike featured the company’s colors of red, white, and black and used an unmodified Renegade
conversion kit. The custom V-twin power plant was provided by engine developmental company Aces
and Eights Racing from Deadwood, SD.

World Champion driver, Bill Chambers stated, “This was one of the greatest highlights of my racing
career, the Lehman Trike design is amazing in its stability and handling. I look forward to returning to
the Salt Flats next year and bettering the international record.”

“I think it is important to note that this speed record was attained using an unmodified Renegade
conversion kit,” stated Ken Hines, President / CEO of Lehman Trikes. “This product is exactly what
our customers purchase from their Lehman Trikes Dealer. As the Leader of the Three World, it is only
right that Lehman establish the first international speed record for trikes.”

For more information on Lehman Trikes, visit their website at www.lehmantrikes.com or call 888.3WHEELS.

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