Localized Trendlines in Excel 2007

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					Localized Trendlines in Excel 2007

   1) Create an x-y scatter graph of all the data.

   2) Under the Design tab of the green Chart Tools menu that appears on the upper left once
      you’ve created your graph, find Select Data.
3) A box appears. Click on Add to add a new series.

4) Another box appears.

   Fill out the box with the information of the points you will be using for your localized trendline.
   First type a name for your new series (Example: 1993 – 2002.)
   Click in the “Series X values:” box once, then highlight the x-values for your points.
   Finally, delete anything in the “Series Y values” box, then highlight the y-values for your
   points. It should look something like this:
Once you click OK, your new series should appear on the list.

Click OK and your new series will appear on your graph (here in red).
5) Right click on your new series and select Add Trendline. This appears:

   Select linear and make sure the two boxes at the bottom are checked.
   The localized trendline is added to your chart!

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