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									                           Room 7 Stories
                        The Rugby World Cup

The Rugby
I watched the Rugby. The All Blacks were doing the final game. I saw they
were getting very muddy. They were passing the rugby ball to another All
Black. I heard lots of clapping. It was splendid. I was very happy. The All                                  Thursday 17th November 2011
Blacks won. I saw Richie McCaw holding the cup. The All Blacks were squirting    Kia ora, Malo lelei, Neho and Hoi
wine up in the air.                                                              DATES FOR YOUR CALENDAR:
Katie Harris                                                                     Wednesday 14th December, 10.00 - FINAL CELEBRATION TIME
                                                                                 Wednesday 14th December, 12.30 - SCHOOL CLOSES FOR SUMMER
The Rugby World Cup                                                              Monday 30th January 2012 - FIRST DAY BACK NEXT YEAR.
The Rugby World Cup 2011. The All Blacks won the cup. I could see the all        SANTA IS COMING…. With just 19 more school days & 38 shopping days to go,
Blacks. I love the All Blacks because they won. The All Blacks got muddy. The    the scent of the end is in the air! However, the sniff of Christmas suggests change
All Blacks got injuries.                                                         to some kids which may bring on little anxieties, concerns & worries.
Ella Clode-Dette                                                                  Lurking hormones & spring impact on the older kids in different ways
                                                                                  Y 6s start to think about Intermediate & the uncertainties that brings. For
The Rugby                                                                            some there may be a little grief evident
The rugby teams played, All Blacks vs Canada. They played a great game. The       For many the end of year signals a shift in relationships, routines & day to day
All Blacks got seventy-seven. Canada got eight. All Blacks won.                      certainty that can create little anxieties
Jack Masters                                                                      With warm & longer days there is increased socialising for adults & families
                                                                                     which creates late nights & loss of routines for some
The Rugby                                                                         Christmas has an excitement of its own that can create anxieties for most of us.
I watched on the TV the Rugby World Cup. I saw the All Blacks. I was nervous         For some kids there are huge unknowns, change & events that make for
when the All Blacks were playing.                                                    nervousness. The added stress of organising & rushing, finance, extra family
Rose Haira-Harmon                                                                    around, longer work hours & more socialising can create anxieties for kids.
                                                                                     PLAN TO MINIMISE ANXIETIES
The Rugby                                                                         We keep a full learning schedule going right up Monday 12 December which
I went to one of the rugby games. I got a drink and I went with my dad. It was       keeps the kids on track to the very end
noisy cheering. I was happy. At half-time I got a hot dog. The game was           Being aware of kids anxieties at this time of the year is a big step towards
France and Tonga.                                                                    staying calm & helping them through difficult times
Rowan Cryer
                                                                                  Staying with existing routines & structures provide an anchor in calm waters
                                                                                  Keep young bodies & tempers in good shape with plenty of sleep, exercise &
The Rugby                                                                            healthy food
Rugby is a game. They were muddy. They passed the ball. They got injuries.        Plan ahead as a family so everyone has a say, know their job & the plan
The crowd was clapping. I was happy. It was splendid. I was scared. I love the    Reassure them with love & kind words – the greatest gift of all for kids
All Blacks.                                                                       Take some time together in the hurley burley to talk & play
Imogen Thomas
                                                                                  With a plan in place the adults can stay calm to prevent rising anxieties for
                                                                                 Being aware is the first step. Enjoy this wonderful and yet crazy time of the year.
PRIDE Honours Board for week ended 11th November 2011                                   PTA News…
GREEN 10 point draw -                                                                      • A huge thank you to everyone who helped at the food fair. Kerry
Ryan Rm 13         Grayson Rm 9         Tama Rm 14                                           Begg, Sally Hunter, Julie Harris, Eunice Matenga, Mel Laughton
Rose Rm 7          Toby Rm 15           Reece Rm 8                                           and the PTA helpers. ALL staff who went the extra mile to
                                                                                             organise a stall...and thank you to all of you who came and
GOLD 25 point draw –
Alex Rm 11          Tyla Rm 15                                                               bought the food!
                                                                                           • Christmas Grocery Raffle…Coming home with this newsletter
                                                                                             is a raffle card. To sell the raffle…please record the person’s name
PRIDE Day Out: Term 4:
                                                                                             beside a symbol. Each “ticket” is $1.00. When all the card
Kowhai: A picnic in the park with Mr. Brown.
                                                                                             numbers are sold please return with money to the office. ALL
Kahikatea: Golf Driving Range and Lunch with Mr. Brown.
                                                                                             tickets back by Thursday 1st December. The raffle will be drawn
Gold Draw Term Four Prize:
                                                                                             Tuesday 6th December.
Kowhai: A Slide and Strike Bowling Water Slide!
                                                                                           • Grocery raffle prize items…Can you please send a grocery
Kahikatea: A Rip Curve Surf Water Slide! Wow, what a great prize to win
                                                                                             item to Room 8…these will make up the wonderful prize for our
for the summer!
                                                                                             grocery raffle
Gold Draw End of Year Prize! A Brand New Fujifilm Instant Photo
Camera! So exciting the teachers want to be in the draw!
                                                                                        MIS Orientation Day 2011…Year 6 pupils that will be attending MIS in
                                                                                        2012 are going to the MIS orientation day on Friday 25th November. A
        SchoolGen Solar Panels: Power Generated last 7 days: 61 kWh
                                                                                        notice with all the information has been sent out with the Year 6 pupils
        Tonnes of CO2 saved: .012

DPS Final Celebration Time: Wednesday 14th Dec 10:00 am-12:00 pm                                22nd November        BOT meeting
At Wairarapa College Hall for all DPS Kids. As this is our final day                            25th November        MIS Orientation Day for Yr 6 pupils
for the school year, children will be able to be picked up from                                 6th December         BOT meeting
Douglas Park School at 12:30pm (no pick ups from Wairarapa                                      14th December        Final Celebration Time at Wairarapa College
                                                                                                                     from 10:00 – midday.
College).                                                                                        14th December       Last day of Term 4 finish 12:30 pm
Uniform shop…will be open Friday 27th January from 10:00 am –                                   27th January         Uniform shop open 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
3:00 pm, then each Wednesday in term time from 8:30 am – 9:30                                   30th January         Term 1 begins
am and 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm.
                                                                                                Uniform shop is open Wednesdays 8:30 am – 9:30 am and
                                                                                                2:15 pm-3:00 pm
Leavers’ books…Paper Plus Masterton is willing to give 20% off any
book (full priced) that parents/caregivers may wish to purchase for Year 6
students to donate to the school library as their 'leaving gift'. This offer is valid
until 14th December. Take school newsletter and ask to speak to Sue, Kalli or
                                                                                                     “He who has not Christmas in his heart
Sally we will help them with this.                                                                        will never find it under a tree.”
                                                                                                                                                      Roy L Smith
Happy 10th birthday Enviroschools…Family Day Out
                                                                                        Naku noa na
3rd/4th December at Holdsworth Lodge                                                    Dick Brown
For more details: www.enviroschools.org.nz/in_your_region/wellington

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