5 Excercise Girls Grow Taller

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					5 Exercises that help Girls to Grow Taller
Girls can use various exercises for the proper growth and fitness of the body. But when a
girl wishes to grow taller, there is nothing as best as stretching exercises. A stretching
exercise helps in growth by stretching the parts of the body. Given below are top
5 stretching exercises that help girls to grow taller.
1. Hanging Exercise
Hanging exercise is too simple and the most common and useful stretching exercise that
can help girls to grow taller. The procedure is too simple. You need to find some
support like a horizontal bar and holding it hang your body down. Make sure that the
horizontal bar is at a height such that on hanging, your feet do not touch the ground. This
must be done for few minutes at a time.
2. Bending Exercise
Bending Exercise for stretching your back is also a simple and useful without any
required instruments or material. The procedure is too simple, first stand straight and then
bend to touch the toe with your palms, keeping the legs in straight position. Remain in
this position for few seconds and then go back to the standing position. Repeat it for a
few times daily. This stretching exercise helps you in growing taller by stretching the
3. Shoulder Lift Stretching Exercise
Lie down on the floor/grassy ground with the front portion of the body on the floor.
Don’t turn your face on sides and try to lift your shoulders and arms away from the floor
and remain in that position for a few seconds. Repeat this several times. This growing
taller stretching exercise also helps in keeping the back straight and this reduces hunch
4. Yoga Position for stretching your hamstrings
In this exercise, you must sit on the floor with legs extended. Then slowly bend one of
the legs by pulling the heel close to your body such that both the legs form a p-shape.
Turn towards the other leg this is extended and raise your arms and inhale while raising
hands. Bend forward slowly exhaling the air. As you bend forward, hold your feet with
hands to pull forward. Make sure that your back is kept straight during this exercise. This
stretching exercise for growing taller stretches the hamstrings and thus helps in
increasing height.
5. Swimming Exercise on Ground Floor
Swimming Exercise on a dry land is useful with simple procedure. Lie down on the
stomach and extend the arms and legs. Let the arms be extended forward with the palms
facing downward. Raise the right arm slowly and then raise the left leg slowly as high as
you can. Remain in the position for as many seconds as you can and then slowly go back
to the normal position. Repeat the exercise with left arm and right leg. You must increase
the position holding time slowly until it reaches 20 seconds. This exercise almost
resembles the swimming which you can follow to increase your height.
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