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									                                                                                     Elizebeth Wagner

                                                                                     Literary Narrative

                                                                                     English 467

                                                                                     October 15, 2011

        I have had many writing and reading experiences in my life and both reading and writing used to

be hard for me. I still struggle with them but I have gotten better. I want to discuss times where I have

struggled but I also want discuss the times in my life where writing has helped me cope with things. A

lot of these things are why I wanted to become a teacher. Also I will tell you how I have changed in

writing papers.

        In fourth grade I was in the lower reading level group. It made me feel like everyone was better

than me. Since I felt this way it made me have little to no confidence. I thought that everyone would

always read better than me and I might as well give up. Then I my teacher sat me down and told me

that I was just as smart as my classmates. I would just have to work harder than must. This is when I

decided I might not be the best but I am going to work my butt off. I started staying in with my teacher

instead of going outside for recess and when I could get a ride I stay after school. Each week I improved

and kept working hard. At the end of the year my teacher told me that she was proud of how hard I

worked and how much I improved. At the beginning of the year I read at a second grade level but by the

end I almost read at a fifth grade level which is where I was supposed to be. It was not all easy I had set

backs and I still do. Sometimes I go back to that little girl and think I should give up. I have realized that

I might have to read something twice so that I understand what I just read. Today it still takes me awhile

to read things but I love to read. Yes I get frustrated when everyone gets done before me but it is what

it is. This situation is one reason that I wanted to become a teacher I remember how much I struggled

and how low my self-esteem was. I want to impact students the way my fourth grade teacher did.

        After this year I started to read more often, even when it was not required for a class. I felt

confident in reading long books on any subject. I love to find books and read them and at the end

feeling accomplished that I did. During the summer I work at a swimming pool as a concession worker.

In this job I have a lot of time to myself. I knew that I needed to find something to fill my time with or I

would fall asleep. I decided that I would bring a book to work every day and when I had time that I

would read. Over the ten weeks I worked there I read five books. This made me feel good since I only

read the books at work. I know read when I get a chance. Usually I read books over breaks and I read

assignments and textbooks during school time. I feel that I have become a better reader the more I


        When it was hard for me to read it affected my writing. I could not put my thoughts into words.

Once I got more confident in reading I began to write better. Then I wanted to write all the time and put

how I felt on paper. I do not like to talk about my feelings I never have. People tell me that it is not

good to bottle your feelings. I knew that they were right so I started to write things out. On May 9th of

this year I found out that my best friend was killed in a car accident. She was on her lunch break and the

other vehicle veered into her lane and hit her head on. I did not know what to do. I cried a lot at the

viewing and funeral but after that I did not want people to see how I felt. I could not talk about it to

anyone. At this point I started to get to depressed I still did not want to talk about it. I felt sad, angry,

confused, and down. I thought that something needed to change but how would I talk about it when I

did not want to talk to people. So I started writing about what I felt and why I felt that way. I just wrote

and wrote. It was probably the worse written paper that I had ever written but it helped me cope. I still

have my ups and downs but when I get down I write. I have never been good about expresses my words

verbally but it is easy for me to put them on paper.

        When I was in middle school I would write the rough draft and final draft the night before it was

due. I would do okay on the paper and I did not see the point in pre writing and writing multiple drafts.

I did not want to put the time in. This would change when I got to high school. I learn that if I wanted to

write a good paper then I would have to put the time in. This is where I started my writing process.

When I get the assignment I look at it and see what questions need answers. I break it down and then

research each question and jot down ideas. If I do not need to do research I will just write down my

ideas and brainstorm. Once I get my information and/or I am done brainstorming I write my

introduction paragraph. After that I write my rough draft which for me is what I want to be my final

draft. Next I read and edit my rough draft. At this point I might rearrange points or get rid of the draft

all together. This is where I also write down questions I feel need answered or ones that need to

clearer. Then I do more researching and brainstorming. At that time I rewrite my rough draft at least

one or two more times. Finally when I feel good about my rough draft I write it as my final draft. I know

that this is time consuming but it has made me a better writer.

        When I started college I was glad that I had gotten this process down. I feel like I was prepared

to write papers. In my first English class which was 109.01 with Professor Braun we had to write a

paper. People struggled at how to write it. This is when I started to jot ideas down and continue doing

my writing process. I got an A on the paper and I know I would not have done as well as I did if I had not

rewrote it three times. It took me awhile to realize that the writing process is important and not just

something that a teacher wants you to do to keep busy.

        I hope that when I become a teacher that I can impacted a student’s life like my teachers have

done for me. I also want to teach them that writing and reading takes practice and is harder for some.

Put time and effort into your work and be proud of it.

         Writing and reading can help you in many ways. For me it helped me cope though loses in my

life. Reading helped me become a better reader and therefore a better student. You have to give it

time. Another thing that I mentioned is that your reading and writing style will change during your

lifetime hopefully for the best. All my writing and reading experiences have given me a lot of reason to

become a teacher. I am going to keep reading and writing because I love to do it and I want to get

better at it.


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