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The Official Newsletter of the McKenzie Lake Community


									    The Official Newsletter of the            August 2008
McKenzie Lake Community Association
THE GAZETTE                                                                   AUGUST 2008                                                                              PAGE 3

                           McKenzie Lake                                           In this issue
                        Community Association                                      President’s Message ...................................................................... 5
                     16198 McKenzie Lake Way SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 1L7               Editor’s Message ............................................................................ 5
           Ph. 403 257-1823 Fax 403 257-4429                                       Board Members Needed ................................................................ 7
                                                                                   News From the Lake ........................................................................7
       MLCA Office Administrator: Jennifer Gibson                                  Fall Programming ......................................................................... 9
      MLCA Program Coordinator: Jacquelyn Taylor                                   Mckenzie Frenzie Thanks ....................................................... 15, 17
                                               Alderman’s Report........................................................................ 21
                                                                                   Library Programs.......................................................................... 49
                               EXECUTIVE                                           Classifieds .............................................................................. 51, 53
 President:                        Stephanie Campbell                              Community Events Calendar ........................................................ 55
 Vice President:                   Rich Brack
                                                                 MLCA SUPPORTED PROGRAMS
 Secretary:                        Joyce Cook                                      Moms & Tots:                                               Sjaune Zabel 257-0275
 Treasurer:                        Darren Yausie                                   Jelly Bean Dances:                                   Kim & Dave Doucet 289-7548
                                                          55+ Club:                                               Mary Kernaghan 257-0437
 Past President:                   Louise Ascah                                    Block Parent:                                           Christine Serino 251-1723
                                                      Kid’s Soccer:                                         Dave Passingham 819-6084
                                                                                   Kid’s Outdoor Hockey:                                        Rich Brack 663-8081
                                                                                   Kid’s Baseball - Co-ordinators:                                    Tegan Anderson
 Building/Facilities:              John Hegedus                                                                             
 Preschool Program:                Deanna Huckabee                                                                                                       Jayne Waldal
 McKenzie Sports:                  Richard Brack                                   McKenzie “Angels”:                                       Colleen Godec 266-6651
                                               Drop-In Basketball:                                         Wes Witmer 257-2788
 The Gazette:                      Miranda Sparks
                                                     Casino Coordinator:                                          Rick Young 257-4608
 At large:                         Cheryl Salverda                                 McKenzie Wine Club:                                     Stacey Morgans 263-6272
                                                        Family Leisure Centre:                                    Alanna Rittich 257-3823
                                   Ray Herrington
                                   (no email available)                                              OTHER CONTACT INFORMATION
                                                                                   Before & After School:                                         Grace Flis 803-0503
                                ADVISORY                                           McKenzie 210 Scouts:                                         John Penner 852-1517
 City of Calgary CNS:              Debbie Allen                                    Girl Guides of Canada:                                 Virginia Clements 266-5001
                                                  Pathways Initiative:                                     Joan Bingleman 257-3565
 Community Police:                 Jean Whyte                                      Kyokushin Karate:                                          Brad Gillespie 225-3516
                                              Kel Soloway Dance:                                        Jocylyne Daum 208-0116
 Ward 12 Alderman:                 Ric McIver                                      Kumon Math & Reading:                                      Gail Chipman 257-3537
                                             Deb’s Aerobics:                                           Debra Guenter 257-4868
 Calgary Hays MLA:                 Art Johnston                                    Tree of Life Church:                               Pastor Jeff Halldorson 257-7799
                                              MLRA (Beach Club):                                          Murray Lloyd 257-1657

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 THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                                 PAGE 5

Community News and Programs
President’s Message                                             Editor’s Message
Hello everyone:                                                Editing a newspaper is a new experience for me but, as
I hope this August finds you having fun in the sun!            writing and editing is not, my original thought upon
                                                               applying for the position was, “how hard can it be?” The
By the time this Gazette reaches you, the MLCA summer          answer to that, of course, is “amazingly”.
programs will be well underway, including our partnership
with the City for the Park n’ Play and Stay n’ Play            When I worked in the fruit industry, we took on a new
programs.                                                      CEO who was from the newspaper industry and, when I
                                                               wondered aloud how transferrable his skills were, he
If you have an opportunity to stop by your community           described papers as the ultimate in perishable goods. In the
centre you will see that we are freshening up our              case of this particular paper, it is not the shelf life that is an
appearance with new paint and a make-over for our office.
                                                               issue, but its longevity. We want to include material that
Further improvements and renovations are planned in the
                                                               you want to keep around for at least a month and use as a
fall as we work to get the community centre ready for the
                                                               reference – time and again. But we have to submit it a
busy seasons ahead.
                                                               month in advance. So while I am writing this in a log
Speaking of improvements, we are still actively looking        cottage on the West Coast of British Columbia in early
for someone in the community who will volunteer to be          July, I need to make sure that all the things that are going
the project manager for our desperately needed expansion.      to matter to you in August are in place.
No experience is necessary – just your enthusiasm! If you
                                                               Similarly, when we have an event like the McKenzie
are interested, please contact me via e-mail.
                                                               Frenzie in June, we would love to be able to give you all
Finally, I would like to provide you with an early notice of   the terrific details and thank our sponsors in the July issue,
our up-coming Annual General Meeting of members, set           but it has gone to print before the event even happens. It’s
to take place on Tuesday, October 21. This is your             a little like operating in a time warp…
opportunity to raise the issues that are important to you, a
chance to meet with our Alderman, Ric McIver, and our          Yesterday I met a young man from Calgary in the midst of
MLA, Art Johnson, as well as representatives from the          his first day as a crew member of one of the tall ships
City who work with us to provide the programs that you         visiting Victoria this summer as a graduation present from
want and need. In addition, we continue to need volunteers     his father, but by the time you read this he will already
to join the Board of Directors – we are currently looking      have returned home. The only boat he had ever been in
for someone to take over the Building Portfolio, the           was a canoe, and he had found out only the day before that
Membership Portfolio, and a new President. We have a           he would be leaving his family for a month to go to sea. I
dedicated group of people on the Board now, but we are         thought it was a marvelous story, and hope
always in need of fresh ideas and more help. If you are        you will find it as entertaining and relevant
interested in becoming involved, please see Page [Karen        in August as it was for me in July. Perhaps
please insert the page number of the Board solicitation        he will favour us with a tale of the high
here] of the Gazette for further details, or contact any       seas upon his return?
current member of the Board.
                                                               If you have stories to tell from your
Cheers,                                                        summer, please send them, so that
Stephanie Campbell                                             we can all share from our
President, McKenzie Lake Community Association                 neighbours’ adventures.

 Letters to the Editor:
 Please keep your letter brief.
 Include your name, address, and contact information.
 Letters may be edited for length and clarity.
 THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                             PAGE 7

Community News and Programs
Free Dayhome                               Board Members                              News From
Registry                                   Needed                                     The Lake
Do you work Part Time, Full Time or        Want to make a                            Park Conditions and Hours
have before and after school needs for     difference in                             Current park hours are 9:00 am to
your children?                             your                                      10:00 pm Monday-Friday and 8:00 am
                                           community?                                to 10:00 pm Weekends and General
                                                                                     Holidays. On Monday, August 18,
Are you new to the neighborhood and
                                           Having a board directorship position      2008 park closing time will move to
need a Provider very near to your          greatly enhances your visibility as a     9:00 pm.
home?                                      leader and shows you to be using
                                           your skills to give back to your          2008 Family Fun Day
Are you frustrated by tearing off          community (and looks pretty good on       Family Fun Day at the lake was held
phone numbers at the Grocery Store         a résumé, new grads). It is not           on Friday, July 4. A big “thank you” to
just to find out that they have no room    necessary to adopt a portfolio to be a    all staff and our volunteers who
for your child?                            member of the Board.                      worked so hard to make this day such
                                                                                     a great success. Thank you also to our
                                           Become a member of the McKenzie           sponsors.
Why not phone the McKenzie Support
                                           Lake Community Association board
Group for Day Home Providers?                                                        2008 Annual General Meeting
                                           and take on one of the following
                                                                                     The 2008 Annual General Meeting
                                           portfolios, or serve as a Member at
We meet monthly and have all                                                         will be held on Thursday, September
vacancies recorded in our registry so it                                             18 @ 7:00 pm in the Beach Club. The
takes only one phone call for you to       Building Director: This portfolio         Board of Directors invites your
find out who                               would require about 10-15 hours of        attendance and participation. Meeting
                                           volunteer time per month. Some            information and a proxy voting form
has vacancies.
                                           experience as a contractor, and/or        will be mailed to all members in
                                           knowledge of handling Requests for        September.
The service is
free to both                               Quotation is helpful, but not
                                                                                     Park Rules
Parents and                                mandatory.                                A copy of the current Rules for the
Providers                                                                            park and the lake has been sent to all
                                           Membership Director: This
serviced by the                                                                      member residences within the
                                           portfolio would require 5-10 hours of
Gazette. We provide the names and                                                    Association’s boundaries. Call us with
                                           your time each month.
you check the references!                                                            any comments.
                                           Fundraising Director: This portfolio
                                                                                     “Enjoy Summer at the Lake and Park”
Contact Donna, 257 - 2102                  would take up to 10 hours per month.

                                           After serving for the past seven years,
                                           our current President is stepping
McKenzie Lake                              down, and we will be electing a new
                                           one from our membership in October
55+ Social Club                            2008.

Meetings Every Tuesday, Noon-2:00          If you are interested in filling any
pm at the McKenzie Lake Community          volunteer Board positions, or would
Centre. Guys and Gals Welcome! Join        like further information, please e-mail
us! Contact Mary at 257-0437.    
THE GAZETTE                          AUGUST 2008                       PAGE 9

Community News and Programs

   McKenzie Lake Community Association

                            CHILD & YOUTH PROGRAMS
                             •   Movin’ and Shakin’
                             •   Mom & Tots
                             •   Tennis (preschool age)
                             •   Teen Fitness (co-ed)
                             •   People Savers I & II,
                             •   Babysitting Course
                             •   High School Musical (Drama Program)
                             •   Cartooning for Kids

                        ADULT PROGRAMS
                                 Yoga for Beginners     •
                                    Power Flow Yoga     •
                                   Mosaic Workshop      •
    Registration         Core Cutters (Pilates /Yoga)   •
for all Fall Programs           Pilates (mixed level)   •
      will begin                           Bootcamp     •
  Friday August 15
      on-line @

      McKenzie Lake Community Association • 403-257-1823
   16198 McKenzie Lake Way SE •
THE GAZETTE                           AUGUST 2008                                     PAGE 11

Community News and Programs

                       Kids Indoor Soccer
                        McKenzie Lake Community Association membership required

                       A FUN, SKILLS-BASED, NON-COMPETITIVE
                       PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN
                       U4, U6, U10, & U14
                       VOLUNTEER COACHES REQUIRED
                               36 participants play on Sundays at 1 . .m
                        U4     Birth year 2005  (Your child must be 3 by August 1,2008)
       ONLY                                                              p
                               88 participants play on Sundays at 2 or 3 . .m
    PER CHILD           U8
                               Birth years 2003-2004
                               48 participants play on Sundays at 4 or 5 . .m
                               Birth years 2001-2002
                               44 participants play on Fridays at 6 or 7 p.m.
                        U10    Birth years 1998-2000
                               44 participants play on Fridays at 8 or 9 p.m.
                        U14    Birth years 1994-1997

                              We’re the ONLY local soccer program that is truly
                              McKenzie. All games are played right here in the
                              Community Centre Gymnasium.
                              Play begins in October after the Thanksgiving
                              weekend, and ends the last week of January.
                              There is limited space.
                              Questions? Please contact Jennifer at
                               Please note days and times games are played.
      Registration begins online August 15th at
 THE GAZETTE                                       AUGUST 2008                                       PAGE 13

Community News
 McKenzie Frenzie
                                     contest, and Gage Swanson              their original commitments. Thank
                                     (below) won the 50-Foot Putt.          you – it was a pleasure to get to
                                     When I asked if Gage would teach       know you all and I look forward to
                                     me to golf he just laughed, not        seeing you this summer around the
                                     realizing that I was quite serious.    Community Centre, even if it’s just
                                                                            to stop in to say hello.

                                                                            Last, but certainly not least, many
                                                                            thanks to our sponsors and partners
                                                                            in this event. Without your
                                                                            generous support we could not
                                                                            have put together an event of this
                                                                            Have a safe and fun summer!

                                                                            Jacquelyn Taylor
                                                                            McKenzie Lake Community
The 5th Annual McKenzie Frenzie                                             Association
saw 30 registered participants in                                           Programs / Special Event
the parade (plus some that did not                                          Coordinator
register). Tanya Kordikowski, who                                           403-257-1823
decorated her golf cart to raise                                  
Breast Cancer awareness, won the                                  
award for Best Float (above).

We served over 500 pancake           June 21 was the longest day of
breakfasts and had more than 1300    summer, and the weather was
                                     perfect for the McKenzie Frenzie,
                                                                             Photo Pick-up
people from the McKenzie Lake
                                     although the mosquitoes were out       If you have
Community and surrounding areas
                                     in full force. Even so, we had         not already
in attendance throughout the day.
Jeff Robbie won the Longest Drive    around 250 people come out to the      picked up
                                     Movie in the Park to see Alvin and     this years
                                     the Chipmunks.                         Indoor
                                     This event could never have been       Hockey
                                     the outstanding success it was         photos or
                                     without the more than 75               Outdoor
                                     volunteers. Many of them               Soccer photos, please stop by the
                                     performed above and beyond the         Community Centre
                                     call of duty, staying for longer and   Monday to Friday from
                                     performing additional duties to        9:00am - 4:30pm to pick them up.
THE GAZETTE                                          AUGUST 2008                                        PAGE 15

Community News
 McKenzie Frenzie Thanks!
A special thanks is due to the following people,                          PLATINUM SPONSORS
businesses, and organizations for their support of the
                                                                            Urban Mortgage
5th Annual McKenzie Frenzie.
                                                                           GOLD SPONSORS
                 To all the children, businesses and                     Alliance Entertainment
                   community groups who                                Coop @ South Trail Crossing
                   participated in the McKenzie
                                                                        Sobey's McKenzie Towne
                  Frenzie Parade: This year’s parade
             was better than ever – we thank you for                    Tire Craft @ Douglasdale
           your enthusiasm.                                                SILVER SPONSORS
                                                                         Deerfoot Inn and Casino
To our two super volunteers David Doucet and Cheryl
                                                                        Edge Worxx @ Douglasdale
Crummy, as well as Jennifer Gibson of McKenzie
Lake Community Association: You were instrumental                   Extreme Pita @ South Trail Crossing
in making this event happen – thank you.                            Marble Slab @ South Trail Crossing
                                                                     McDonalds Restaurants of Calgary
Don’t forget to mark your                                            McKenzie Meadows Golf Course
calendar for the 6th Annual                                          Papa John’s Pizza @ Copperfield
McKenzie Frenzie on
                                                               Ricky's All-Day Grill @ South Trail Crossing
Saturday, June 20, 2009.
                                                                               Tim Horton's

                                                                          BRONZE SPONSORS
                                                                            Carriage House Inn
                                                                       Fabutan @ South Tr. Crossing
                                                                   Hyatt Saturn Saab @ Calgary Auto Mall
                                                              Mark’s Work Warehouse @ South Tr. Crossing
                                                                      Safeway @ South Trail Crossing
                                                                         Second Cup @ High Street
                                                                               Team Hayden
                                                                             The Kilt & Caber
                                                                              Viva Hair Salon
                                                                      Walmart @ South Trail Crossing
                                                                           Walmart @ Shawnee
EyeCare For Your Whole Family
                                                                   InVision Eyecare
                                                                   McKenzie Towne
                                                                     We Welcome New Patients
                                                                   Dr. Craig Meckelborg
                                                                   Dr. Colleen Renchko
                                                                    Dr. Don Meckelborg

Community News
 THE GAZETTE                                               AUGUST 2008                                              PAGE 19

In Our City
                                                                                       Aug 5-8, 2008
Playground                                 Sharing                                     Cranston - Cranston Way and
                                                                                       Cranston Dr. SE
Volunteers                                 Our Streets                                 Evergreen - Evergreen Dr. and

Required                                   As more of our recreational activities
                                                                                       Everhollow Way SE
                                                                                       Parkland - 505 Parkvalley Rd. SE
                                           take us outdoors, to enjoy the summer
No Experience Necessary                    heat, it’s important that we ensure         Aug 11-15, 2008
The Mayfair/Bel-Aire Community             proper use of our streets and alleys.
                                                                                       Cedarbrae - 11024 Oakfield Dr. SW
Association is seeking volunteers to       There are a number of guidelines in
                                                                                       Douglasdale - Douglasdale Blvd &
help assemble their new playground.        place to make sure
                                           our streets are safe:                       Douglas Park Blvd
This will be a modern new playground                                                   Chaparral - Chaparral Dr & Chaparral
with the accessible recycled tire          Bicycles can be                             Way SE
surface. We hope it will be enjoyed by     ridden on sidewalks
the children from all areas of Calgary.    by children under the                       Aug 18-22, 2008
                                           age of 14. All                              Canyon Meadows - 844 Cantabrian
We require 25 volunteers for the           cyclists under the age                      Dr. SW
following dates/times. No experience       of 18 must wear an
                                                                                       Shawnessy - 224 Shaw Meadows Rd.
or special skills are required. There is   approved helmet.
a job for everyone and there will be                                                   Copperfield - Copperfield Bvld &
                                           Basketball nets, skateboard ramps and
professional supervision on site.                                                      Copperfield Lane SE
                                           hockey nets are not permitted on city
                                           streets, even if only temporary.
Please call Sue at 403.262.2419 or         The use of skateboards or in-line           Aug 25-29, 2008
email if you can         skates is permitted on most city            Willow Ridge - 680 Acadia Dr. SE
volunteer any of these times:              sidewalks or boulevards, unless             Palliser/Bayveiw/Pumphill -2315
                                           otherwise posted. Skateboarding or in-
                                                                                       Palliser Dr. SW
Thursday Sept 11: 9am-5pm                  line skating are not allowed downtown
Friday Sept 12: 9am-5pm                    within the Central Traffic Zone.
Friday Sept 12: 5pm-8pm
                                            In cases where it is permitted to ride a
                                           wheeled vehicle on a city sidewalk or
Saturday Sept 13: 9am-3pm
Saturday Sept 13: 3pm-8pm
                                           boulevard, it must be done in a safe
                                           manner that does not interfere with
Sunday Sept 14th: 8am-4pm                  pedestrians.                                This is an outdoor, drop-in program
                                                                                       that runs Mondays and Tuesdays all

                                            Park n’ Play                               summer long. Participants will join in
                                                                                       games, crafts and other activities with
                                            & Stay n’ Play                             our creative and qualified leaders.

                                                                                       For 6-15 year olds 1:30-4:30 p.m. and
                                           Park 'n' Play: for 6-12 year olds,          6:00 –8:30 p.m.
                                           10:00am - 3:30 p.m. A free outdoor
                                           drop in program with games, crafts          Mondays, July 7-Aug 25
                                           and activities.                             McKenzie Lake – McKenna Way and
                                                                                       McKenna Rd. SE
                                           Stay 'n' Play: for 3-5 yr olds,
                                                                                       Tuesdays, July 8-Aug 26
                                           10:00am - 12:00 noon. Children must         Midnapore – Midridge Dr. and
                                           be accompanied by an adult/guardian         Midlawn Green SE
 THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                            PAGE 21

In Our City
                                                                                     advantages to collecting rainwater:
 Ric’s Report toTaxpayers                                                              The
                                                                                     Ÿ water is free and saves you
                                                                                       money on your water bill
SOUTHEAST REC CENTRE –                     Contact Information:                      Ÿ Rainwater is superior fro irrigation
SPONSORS NEEDED                            I enjoy working for you. Thank you. I       because it is warm and non-
The community based committee to           appreciate the input I get. If you need     chlorinated
head up the effort on the SE               to contact me on these or other issues,   Ÿ It reduced runoff and helps protect
Recreation Centre is now getting           call me at 268-2478 or email me at          Calgary's storm water system and
organized and will soon be fund-                           waterways from flooding and
raising. While council has approved                                                    pollution
                                           You may also want to check
$70 million and another $10 million
                                  (getting a little better    Barrels vary in size, but should be
has been pledged, it is expected that                                                equipped with a downspout hole in the
                                           now) for updates. Please include your
the full cost will be over $100 million.   name, address and phone number as         lid. There should be a drain (or tap)
No cost will be final until all the        constituents obviously get my             near the bottom to attach a garden
research is done.                          attention first.                          hose or fill a watering can. While a
                                                                                     rain barrel won't run a lawn sprinkler,
The other recreation centres that were     Sincerely,                                it can be used to direct a home to trees
built included a fund-raising              Ric McIver                                and shrubs, or the hand water plants
component. If you are a company,                                                     with a bucket.
work for a company, or know
someone who would like to contribute       Roll out the Barrel                       Simple maintenance tips
to making this badly-needed facility a                                               Rain barrels are relatively
                                           Did you know
reality, please contact me. We can                                                   maintenance-free during spring and
                                           that your yard
open a conversation to see how you                                                   summer months. Mosquitoes shouldn't
can participate and find out what                                                    be a problem, but follow these steps in
                                           practices can
works for you. The administration                                                    any case:
                                           account fro 30                              Ensure
                                                                                     Ÿ a fine piece of mesh covers
wants to help me get this done, so I       percent of your
expect good cooperation. Thank you                                                     where the downspout enters the
                                           household's                                 barrel
for any and all help.                      average annual                              Keep
                                                                                     Ÿ the barrel freed of organic
                                           water bill?                                 material
SUMMER BREAK                               During Calgary's
Council will debate and decide on a                                                    Use
                                                                                     Ÿ the rain water within 10 days to
                                           summer months,                              prevent algae growth and to kill
large number of issues this July, as we    water demand doubles in The City due
do every year. Since this will be the                                                  mosquito larvae
                                           to outdoor watering. By adopting
last newsletter for a couple of months     some water savvy habits around your       At the end of the season, put away
in many communities, please stop by        home this summer, you cans save           your rain barrel to save it from
my web site for updates.                   money on your water bill, enjoy a low     cracking. Just drain your hose, empty
                                           maintenance yard and help protect our     the barrel and store it on its side or
FAMILY LEISURE CENTRE/                     rivers and water supply for the future.   top. Be sure to reconnect your
                                                                                     downspout or attach a piece of
WELLNESS                                   One often overlooked tool for outdoor     flexible weeping tile to the open end
FLC has announced that they have           water conservation in the rain barrel.    so melting snow is properly led away.
reached 90% funding for their new          A rain barrel is a container used to
addition including a second sheet of       catch water flowing from your eaves       For information of where to get a rain
ice. City council has approved $9.5        trough. Using this water for              barrel or for more set up and
million towards this project.              irrigations is an easy and economical     maintenance tips visit our website at
Congratulations to the FLC Staff and       way to help maintain a healthy lawn or call
Board.                                     and garden. There are many                311.
                                                  Relaxed Dentistry for All Ages & Needs
                                                                  8:00am–8:00pm Mon–Thurs
                                                                       9:00am–4:00pm Fri–Sun

     Come see us today to take advantage
                                                          FREE  ELECTR
                                                                                 $99 TOOT
                                                                                 BLEAC EW
                                                                      RUSH      with every
     of this great offer!                                      TOOTHB                   t exam &

                        NEW PATIENTS & CHILDREN WELCOME!
            236-1200            HIGHSTREETDENTAL.COM

                                                                           •Faux Finishes
                                                                           •Stucco Coatings
                                                                           •Stipple Ceiling Painting
                                                                            & Repairs

                                                                                           Past 3 years

                                                                     Now accepting
                                                                   Exterior Bookings
                                                                 for Spring & Summer

 THE GAZETTE                                            AUGUST 2008                                           PAGE 23

In Our City
 Friends of                              Property Tax Assistance Program
 Fish Creek Park                                                                  To be eligible, you must:
                                                                                  Ÿ Experience an increase in municipal
Faces of Fire                                                                       property from 2007 to 2008
A Theatrical Journey into the Heart                                                 Meet
                                                                                  Ÿ income guidelines of $21,202 /
of Wildfire                                                                         single or $26,396 / couple.
Enjoy this high-energy, family-                                                     Own
                                                                                  Ÿ the property in Calgary for a
friendly, and wildly entertaining play                                              minimum of one year.
about wildfires and the role they can                                               Live
                                                                                  Ÿ in the residence.
play in our mountain parks , that will                                              Own
                                                                                  Ÿ no other property.
also increase your knowledge and                                                  Ÿ Provide proof of income (line 150
environmental awareness. Presented                                                  from your 2007 Notice of
by the award-winning Parks Canada –
                                         The City of Calgary's Property Tax         Assessment from Revenue Canada).
Mountain World Heritage Interpretive
                                         Assistance Program can help you
                                         manage property tax increases.
                                                                                  But The City's program not just about
Free Summer Performance dates:
                                         Calgary's growing and that's a good      property tax assistance, says
Wednesday, August 6th, 13th, 20th,
                                         thing. But with the boom comes           Fernando.
and 27th
                                         increases in property value, which can
Time: 7:30 - 8:30 pm
                                         result in increases in property tax.     "We also help people to access other
Hulls Wood Amphitheatre - Fish
                                         Calgarians living on fixed or low        services and resources in the
Creek Provincial Park
                                         incomes, it can be tough to handle       community, even if you do not meet
(Access off Bow Bottom Trail SE.
                                         property tax increases.                  the PTAP eligibility criteria.
Turn left into Hull’s Wood after
passing the Bow Valley Ranch)
                                         Help is available through The City of    Other financial assistance programs
Trail Care Volunteers Needed in          Calgary's Property Tax Assistance        include The Government of Alberta's
Fish Creek Provincial Park               Program (PTAP).                          annual rebate to assist senior
The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial                                              homeowners with year-to-year
Park Society need Trail Care             "The PTAP provides assistance to         increases in the education portion of
volunteers to help build a new bicycle   residential property taxpayers           their property taxes.
trail and pathway in Fish Creek          experiencing financial hardship
Provincial Park. Families,               resulting from a property tax            Please note: Property taxes are due by
individuals, companies, and other        increase," says Susan Fernando,          June 30, 2008, even if you're applying
groups are all welcome. It’s your Park   Property Tax Mitigation Worker with      to the PTAP.
so get involved! Get your hands dirty!   The City of Calgary.
And get ready for a great summer!                                                 For more information about the PTAP,
                                         Though the program services              please call 3-1-1 or visit
Date: Saturday, August 2nd               primarily seniors, The City wants you PTAP
Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm                 to know: if you are a residential        applications must be received by The
Please contact Chris Lalonde, Trail      property owner experiencing financial    City of Calgary by December 1, 2008.
Care Team Leader, for more               hardship, regardless of age, you may     All information received by the
information or to help out. 238-3841     be eligible for a credit on your         program is handled in a confidential
or          property tax account through PTAP.       manner.
THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                           PAGE 25

In Our City
Summer Festivals Throughout Calgary
Monday, Aug. 4 - Saturday, Aug. 9         Thursday, Aug. 7 - Sunday,
Afrikadey                                 Aug. 10
Enjoy this year's annual summer           Calgary International
festival with a celebration of African    Blues Festival
culture featuring music, literature,      Pumphouse Park
arts, dance, cuisine and more at          Take part in 4 days of the
Afrikadey. With a wide range of           nation's best blues music
different activities and events           during the Calgary
showcasing African culture, this event    International Blues Festival.
provides a fun atmosphere as well as a    Each passing year features a
great learning experience.                bigger and better variety of                         bands, from the Highwater
                                          Jug Band to Vancouver's
Thursday, Aug. 7 - Sunday, Aug. 10        own Brickhouse. Combine
11:00 am - 9:00 pm                        this with the now
A Taste of Calgary                        permanent location of
Festival Market at Eau Claire             Pumphouse Park and you've
                                                                                    TD Bank Financial Group. At the
Calgary's festival of fabulous food and   got one of the best celebrations of
                                                                                    Glenbow Museum.
distinguishing drinks is back! Taste of   blues music in the world.
                                                                                    Aug. 15, 17, 19, 21, and 23: Trico
Calgary returns to the Festival Market
                                                                                    Homes International Fireworks
at Eau Claire with sensational samples
                                                                                    Competition & Golder Associates
from Calgary’s most interesting           Friday, Aug. 8 - Sunday, Aug. 10
                                                                                    OneWorld Festival. At Elliston Park.
restaurants and beverage companies.       Dragon Boat Festival
                                                                                    Aug. 16: Chinatown Street Festival.
All menu items are sample-sized, at       Glenmore Reservoir
                                                                                    Aug. 18 - 22, 12:00 pm daily: Global
sample-sized pricing. Admission to        The Calgary Dragon Boat Festival
                                                                                    FilmFest. At John Dutton Theatre.
the festival is free with live            offers visitors a tremendous display of
entertainment throughout the event at     athletic competition and festive
the Starbucks' Stage.                     celebration. More than 70 teams will
                                                                                    Thursday, Aug. 14 - Saturday, Aug. 16                    battle for top honours with exhibits of
                                                                                    Calgary International Reggae
                                          kung fu, Chinese dance, tai chi,
                                          fashion shows, and lion dances. The
                                                                                    The Calgary International Reggae
                                          festivities and events create the
                                                                                    Festival is an all encompassing look at
                                          thrilling excitement of this unique
                                                                                    the history and culture of reggae
                                                                                    music. The event will feature musical
                                                                                    acts as well as parties and reggae film
                                                                                    showcases. Events will be held at
                                          Friday, Aug. 11 - Saturday, Aug. 23
                                                                                    Olympic Plaza, Shaw Millennium
                                                                                    Park sure to be every bit an
                                          Aug. 11-15, 11:30 am - 3:00 pm:
                                          Human Rights Forum presented by
                                                                                                        continued next page
THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                             PAGE 27

In Our City
Summer Festivals continued
                                                                                    Toast n’ Jam
educational look into the culture of
reggae as it will be entertaining.                                                  Youth Festival
                                                                                    Saturday Aug. 16, 3:00 - 9:00 pm
Friday, Aug. 15 - Sunday, Aug. 17
                                                                                    88 Canada Olympic Dr. S.W. (16th
Antiques at Spruce Meadows
                                                                                    Ave. and Bowfort Rd.)
Spruce Meadows                             for the entire family, the Calgary
                                                                                    Toast N' Jam is a free musical festival
Held at the illustrious Spruce             Highland Games will prove to be the
                                                                                    held at Canada Olympic Park for
Meadows, Antiques at Spruce                perfect way to experience Canada and
                                                                                    youth. Bands and singers battle for
Meadows will once again present a          Scotland all at once. The kids will
                                                                                    the title of the top musical youth talent
wide selection of only the finest          love the unique athletic events and
                                                                                    in Calgary and a panel of judges
antiques. This is an antique collector's   you will enjoy learning about Scottish
                                                                                    decide who the
dream event that you won't want to         history and culture.
                                                                                    top three
miss. Sixty of the top dealers in             winners are
Canada will be offering everything                                                  (also there is a
from diamonds to antique guns.             Saturday, Aug. 30 - Sunday, Aug. 31      fan favorite
                                           10:30 am - 5:30 pm                       award where
Friday, Aug. 22 - Sunday, Aug 24           BBQ on the Bow Festival 2008             the audience
Expo Latino                                Eau Claire Festival Market               votes for their
Prince's Island Park                       Saturday afternoon, enjoy the            favorite).
Calgary’s Hottest Festival, Expo           Canadian Club BBQ Sauce
Latino celebrates its 12th Anniversary     Competition. Then Sunday kicks-off       This is a youth festival with tons of
at Prince’s Island Park. Featuring         with Main Stage Entertainment            other activities going on including a
world renowned Latin performers            featuring a Children's Craft Tent, a     skateboard competition and demo,
igniting the stage with music and          BBQ Food Pit & Coffee Concession,        mountain bike competition and demo,
dancing from sunrise to sunset.            Johnny V Blues Band, Just Kidding        Youth Resource Fair , rock climbing,
Whether sampling exotic foods,             Performers, Westwinds Music Society      gladiator jousting, an obstacle course
discovering unique artifacts in the Art    Band, the Stampede Youth Talent          and much more - all free to try.
Market, or taking a sizzling spin on       Search and Sponsor's Display Tents
our giant dance floor, Expo Latino has     and the General Store.                   Band applications and event
something for everyone.                                information can be found online at                                                      
                                                                                    For more information call 311.
Saturday, Aug. 30
Calgary Highland Games
Shouldice Athletic Park
A large number of heavy athletic
events, musical competitions and craft
vendors will cover the grounds of
Shouldice Athletic Park as Scottish
culture is celebrated through a number
of different mediums. A great event
THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                           PAGE 29

In Our City
Volunteer Opportunities                                                             Travel All City
If you are a nature enthusiast and have   GREEN THUMBS needed for yard              FREE program for 9-12 yr olds
tons of spare time on your hands this     upkeep at the Awo Taan Healing
summer, you can find all sorts of                                                   Come join The City of Calgary,
                                          Lodge Society. A variety of tasks to be
activities on the Volunteer Calgary                                                 Community & Neighborhood Services
                                          done: weeding flower beds, raking,        as we travel
website       fertilizing, and cutting the lawn.        throughout Calgary
Here is a peek at some of them:                                                     participating in
                                          Contact Rochelle Daniels at 531-1970.
                                                                                    amazing Saturday
GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY! The                                                           activities!
                                          KEEP MOUNTAINS CLEAN AND
Friends of Fish Creek are looking for
                                          GREEN. Join half-day to full-day          All programs run from 1:00 - 4:00pm.
individuals and groups of volunteers
to construct a new single-track trail     events at the Banff National Park,        Bus pickup locations vary.
                                          such as Invasive Weed-Pulls and           September 22: Art Gallery of Calgary
through Fish Creek Provincial Park
                                          Clean-Ups. Individuals, couples, and      October 27: Heritage Park
for cyclists to enjoy without harming
                                                                                    November 24: Super Sports Day
the environment. These one-day            families are welcome to lend a hand!
projects last only 2 –3 hours, are        Email Tina Barzo at                       Call 3-1-1 for more information and
usually on evenings or weekends, and                      to register.
depend on the availability of
volunteers. Contact Chris at 238-3841
or at                                                                   Sudoku 数独 is a
                                                                                                      logic-based number
GREEN MINDED PEOPLE ARE                                                                               placement puzzle.
WELCOME to help nurture plants in                                                                     The objective is to
the Seniors Long Term Care                                                                            fill a 9×9 grid so
residence. Bring your enthusiasm and
                                                                                                      that each column,
your strong communication skills to
                                                                                                      each row, and each
help visit the residents of Carewest
Colonel Belcher and encourage them
                                                                                                      of the nine 3×3
to give the Garden Room some TLC!                                                                     boxes (also called
Contact Sandy Stoutenburg at 944-                                                                     blocks or regions)
7849.                                                                                                 contains the digits
                                                                                                      from 1 to 9 only
SPRING CLEANING ONGOING!                                                                              one time each.
Be part of the Garden Clean up Team
at the Extendicare Hillcrest grounds
and get those lovely greens up and
running. For more information,
contact Barbara McGregor at 289-                                       Difficulty rating 0.49
0236 or
 THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                            PAGE 31

In Our City
Bylaw Bulletin                                                                      Volunteer for
Sharing our streets and conserving         Summertime outdoor activities may        Home Care
our water                                  also require water use whether you are
As more of our recreational activities     watering your lawn or cooling off in a   Home Care, funded by the Calgary
take us outdoors, to enjoy the summer      pool. Please remember the following      Health Region, is healthcare delivered
heat, it's important that we ensure        requirements under the water utility     in the community. The Calgary
                                                                                    Health Region has volunteer positions
proper use of our streets and alleys.      bylaw:
                                                                                    available in your neighborhood.
There are a number of guidelines in          In the
                                           Ÿ event of a water shortage,
                                                                                    Whether you live in the NW, NE, SW,
place to make sure our streets are safe:     watering restrictions may be           or SE the CHR offer meaningful
Ÿ Basketball nets, skateboard ramps          enforced.                              opportunities in the following areas:
  and hockey nets are not permitted          Water
                                           Ÿ from hot tubs and pools
  on city streets, even if only              cannot be drained on to or across      Escorted Transportation: Volunteers
  temporary.                                 any portion of a city street,          needed to accompany clients to doctor
Ÿ use of skateboards or in-line
  The                                        sidewalk, park or on to or across      appointments and on grocery
  skates is permitted on most city           another person's property.             shopping excursions. Volunteers
  sidewalks or boulevards, unless          Ÿ from downspouts can not be
                                             Water                                  accompany clients via Access Calgary
  otherwise posted. Skateboarding or         directed on to your neighbour's        or Handibus.
  in-line skating are not allowed            property.
                                                                                    Friendly Visiting: As a friendly
  downtown within the Central Traffic        Hot
                                           Ÿtubs and swimming pools
                                                                                    visitor you will engage senior clients
  Zone.                                      containing chlorine water must be      living in their homes in social
Ÿ Bicycles can be ridden on sidewalks        drained directly into the wastewater   activities such as going for walks,
  by children under the age of 14. All       drain located in the basement of       coffee and conversation, shopping,
  cyclists under the age of 18 must          your residence. This ensures that      playing games/cards, among other
  wear an approved helmet.                   these materials enter the sanity       social based activities. Flexible hours
Ÿ In cases where it is permitted to ride     sewer system and will be treated at    available. 1x per week, 1-2 hours in
  a wheeled vehicle on a city sidewalk       wastewater treatment plants.           duration.
  or boulevard, it must be done in a
  safe manner that does not interfere      For more information call 311 or visit
  with pedestrians.              

Go2 - Get Active in Calgary’s Parks
Run-Skip-Jump-Hop-Catch-Roll-              Outdoor Resource Centre
Throw! There's something for               Saturday, August 16                      Handyman/Wood Workers: We are
everyone and a variety of activities       1:30 - 3pm                               looking for a few good men or women
will be presented. Get lots of fresh air   Course: 202862                           interested in building small furniture
learning some great outdoor games!         Phone 268-3800 to register.              risers for clients.
Instructions provided both on-site for     For more information call 311.
participation and to take home for                                                  For further information please call
later.                                                                              Sharon Wittman, Volunteer
Note: Because this is a family event,                                               Coordinator at 403-943 1625, or
children must be accompanied by an                                                  email sharon.wittman@
             2,500                                               10,000
                           2.0                                                1.5
                          39                                                 39

             9,500                                               15,000
                           2.9                                                3.5
                          39                                                 39

             6,500                                                            3.9
                           2.9                                               36

 THE GAZETTE                                                AUGUST 2008                                                PAGE 33

Your Health
Chronic Illness & Infections
Our never-ending list of chronic illness    simple sugars can also directly suppress     body because they contain important
includes arthritis, depression, chronic     the immune system. Examples: foods           vitamins, minerals and fiber. They also
fatigue, obesity, irritable bowel           that are particularly stressing to chronic   tend to decrease the amounts of
syndrome, and so on. But what really is     illness patients are carbonated drinks,      pathogenic bacteria and fungi in your
the common root of all these different      cookies, biscuits, dried fruits, and any     gut because these mainly use simple
illnesses? Modern research has found        food that contains added sugar. We           sugars and lipids to grow. Vegetables
that patients who refuse to change their    recommend natural sugar substitutes,         also help cleanse your bowel by moving
dietary habits usually do not recover       such as Stevia made from Stevia              pathogenic bacteria and fungi through
                                            rebaudiana.                                  your gut. Eating lots of vegetables also
                                                                                         increases your bowel movements, and
                                            Do not consume caffeine. Caffeine can        this can be beneficial to restoring your
                                            stimulate the growth of certain              gut and removing toxins from your
                                            microorganisms and can change your           body.
                                            blood properties and stimulate certain
                                            biochemical pathways that are not            Reduce intake of yeast-containing
                                            helpful for chronic illness patients. In     foods. High yeast breads, cheeses, and
                                            addition, excess caffeine can modify         other milk products that contain yeast
                                            your immune system's ability to fight        are not particularly useful for chronic
                                            disease.                                     illness patients because they add to the
                                                                                         overall burden of yeast and fungi in
                                            Reduce or eliminate milk products.           your gut. Although the types of yeast in
                                            Milk and milk products stimulate the         such food products are not pathogenic
                                            growth of yeast and fungi. Milk also         or disease causing, they gradually to
from their illnesses. Certainly, diet is    contains high amounts of sugar and fat,      simple sugars, so some starch is not bad
extremely important for chronic illness     two dietary components that should be
patients to correct their nutrient          reduced in your diet. Sour milk or its
imbalances but let’s not overlook           products, such as yogurt, can be
lifestyle changes including daily           troublesome for some patients. We
exercise, fresh air and adequate sleep.     usually suggest that patients use
The following are some key suggestions      supplementation with Lactobacillus
on diet changes to help eliminate           acidophillus and other friendly bacteria
pathogens, improve the immune system,       (from 3-6 billion live organisms twice
and repair major body systems for           per day) to restore gastrointestinal
chronic illness patients                    balance.

First, do not eat sugar or high-sugar-      Reduce your starch intake. Starches are
containing foods. This is the number        broken down to simple sugars, and
                                            simple sugars as discussed above are         for you, but you should try to limit the
one problem in the diets of most chronic
                                            not useful for chronic illness patients.     amount of starches in your diet. Diets
illness patients. Simple processed sugars
                                            Since starches are complex                   rich in pastas and breads should be
can stimulate disease-causing
                                            carbohydrates, they are broken down          avoided.
microorganisms that require sugars for
their growth. Most chronic illness          an gradually to simple sugars, so some
                                            starch is not bad for you, but you should    Increase your intake of vegetables.
patients have excessive levels of yeasts                                                 Vegetables, especially green vegetables,
and other fungi. These can overwhelm        try to limit the amount of starches in
                                            your diet. Diets rich in pastas and          are especially useful in restoring your
the immune system                                                                        body because they contain important
d produce fatigue and other signs and       breads should be avoided.
                                            Increase your intake of vegetables.          vitamins, minerals and fiber.
symptoms. In addition to stimulating the
over-growth of yeasts and other fungi,      Vegetables, especially green vegetables,
                                            are especially useful in restoring your                            continued next page
     Initial consultation on the Current Market Analysis
     of your home
     Professional Staging
     Move out cleaning
     Rekeying for buyers
     Direct marketing to over 10,000 homes
     Websites and monthly publications
     Outstanding community events
     Gift baskets
     And Much More!

                                                                           NOW OPEN!!
                                                           DOUGLASGLEN AUTOMOTIVE
                                                            #110 2850 - 107 AVE. SE
                                                           Phone 724-0121 or 724-0120
                                                                  Fax 724-0122

                                                           SERVICING ALL MAKES OF VEHICLES
                                                                   DARIC ISENOR OWNER/OPERATOR

                                                           A Natural Step Into Healing...
                                                           Dr. Trudy Chim,             Naturopathic Doctor
                                                           • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture • IV Therapy   • Detoxification
                                                           • Weight Loss and Management      • Allergies    • Infertility
                                                           • Pain and Chronic Fatigue        • Anti-Aging   • Injuries

                                                               McKenzie Wellness Centre (403) 279-9394
                                                            #222, 4600 - 130th Ave S.E.,Calgary, AB T2Z 0C2

 THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                             PAGE 35

 Your Health
                                          Increase water and juice intake.
                                          Purified water is a natural cleanser,
                                          and chronic illness patients usually do
                                                                                      Give Blood and
                                          not drink enough water. They should
                                          be drinking 8 full glasses of water
                                                                                      Save Lives This
                                          each day. Vegetable juices are
                                          especially good sources of vitamins
                                          and minerals and other phyto-               The need for blood doesn't stop
                                          nutrients. Increased water is also good
                                                                                      during the summer. Summer is a
chronic Illness & Infections cont’d       for bladder and urinary tract
                                          infections. Some have used dried            challenging time for blood donations
They also tend to decrease the            cranberry (without the usual high           because many people are on vacation
amounts of pathogenic bacteria and        levels of sugars) powder dissolved in       or involved in summer activities;
fungi in your gut because these mainly    water with natural sweeteners to            however, the need for blood is
use simple sugars and lipids to grow.     cleanse the urinary tract of pathogenic     constant.
Vegetables also help cleanse your         bacteria.
bowel by moving pathogenic bacteria                                                   Please book an appointment today to
and fungi through your gut. Eating        There are a number of natural               help reach the target of collecting 90
lots of vegetables also increases your    remedies that can help boost the
                                                                                      blood donations at the next McKenzie
bowel movements, and this can be          immune system’s microbe-killing
                                                                                      Towne Church and 96 blood donations
beneficial to restoring your gut and      powers during or after anti-biotic
                                          therapy. These include ginseng root,        at the next McKenzie Lake
removing toxins from your body.
                                          herbal teas, lemon/olive drink, and         Community Centre blood donor clinic.
Increase intake of dietary fiber.         olive leaf extract. In some cases,
Dietary fiber increases your bowel        foods can substitute for a portion of       McKenzie Lake Community Centre,
movements and helps to remove             the natural remedies. For example,          Gymnasium
harmful bacteria from your                fresh garlic, olive leaf extract,           16198 McKenzie Lake Way SE
gastrointestinal system. Increasing the   oregano oil (in enteric coated              Saturday, August 9th
number of bowel movements per day         capsules), among others are useful          9 am – 1 pm
is important in helping to remove         and all natural. Since we are all
partially digested food and bacteria.     unique individuals with different           Call 1 888 2 DONATE (1 888 236-
Most chronic illness patients have        illnesses and different needs, it is best   6283) for more information, or to
problems with constipation (producing     to consult your local naturopathic          book an appointment to donate.
small, hard stools), and increasing the   doctor to
number of bowel movements and their       set up an
volumes are important.                    individuali                                 are
                                          zed                                         recommended to
Eliminate alcohol and tobacco.            treatment                                   help reduce
Alcohol is converted to sugars and        program.                                    clinic line-ups
most alcoholic beverages contain high     Naturopath                                  and waiting
levels of sugar, such as beer, wine and   ic doctors                                  times.
other spirits. In addition to the         will be at a
problems with sugar discussed above,      better                                      Healthy people can donate blood
alcohol damages the nervous tissue        position to                                 every 56 days between their 17th and
(brain and peripheral nerves) and         recommen                                    71st birthday (regular donor) or
irritates the gastrointestinal lining.    d specific diets, herbs, supplements,
Overuse of tobacco can result in                                                      between 17th and 61st birthday (first-
                                          and other alternative therapies to help
emphysema, lung and thoracic              you reach your health goal faster.          time donor). Donors are required to
cancers, high blood pressure, heart                                                   have their donor card or photo and
disease and other problems.               Dr. Trudy Chim, ND                          signature I.D.
                                                                 Friendly and Experienced

                                                                             • GROOMING
                                                                             • DAYCARE
                                                                             • BOARDING
                                                                    - TRAINING CLASSES -
                                                                     Call for more information

                                            NEW: ALL NATURAL PLUSH PUPPY PRODUCTS
                                                      AVAILABLE FOR RETAIL

 THE GAZETTE                                               AUGUST 2008                                            PAGE 37

Your Pets
Fostering a Furry Friend
If you have ever considered helping        experiences for those who participate.     shy cat long-term. MEOW needs
save lives by providing foster care to     While you may think it will be             temporary homes for all kinds of cats.
cats in need, now may be the time to       difficult to care for a cat and then say
seriously consider it.                     goodbye, it is highly rewarding to         To apply to become a foster parent
                                           watch an animal you helped save go to      and help save a MEOW cat, please
The cycle of un-spayed cats producing      a good home where it will be loved         call us or visit our website to
kittens is about to reach its peak again   and nurtured for the rest of its life.     download an application form.
in Calgary. There is not enough space
in shelters or current foster homes to     Potential foster parents should have       Fostering is a short-term commitment
help them all. The MEOW Foundation         experience with cats, patience, a quiet    with long-term benefits and is vital to
will rescue and re-home 300-400            and secure room to devote to the           MEOW's efforts in saving lives.
mother cats and kittens this season        foster cat(s) and time to devote to care
alone and we need your help.               and socialization every day. If kittens    Jorinda Rankin
                                           are not conducive to your lifestyle,       The MEOW Foundation is a no-kill
Becoming a foster parent to a              giving shelter to a senior or adult cat    cat rescue charity operating in the
homeless cat, a mother and her kittens     with medical needs will allow that cat     Calgary area. MEOW has helped
or abandoned kittens requires a 1-6        to convalesce away from the stress of      thousands of homeless cats since
month commitment. The MEOW                 a shelter. Or you may want to foster a     2000.
Foundation will provide all food,
supplies and veterinary care or this
                                            Kittens and
can be provided by the foster parents
and used as a tax-deductible charitable

Foster homes help MEOW save lives
and also provide enriching

 MEOW foster homes give kittens
 like these a second chance.

 - Meow Foundation photo
                                                                         Warren Jack
                                                                      35 - 4307 130 Ave SE,
                                                                       Calgary, AB T2Z 3V8
                                                                     (403) 221-7178

 THE GAZETTE                                               AUGUST 2008                                              PAGE 39

Your Pets
Common Household Poisonings in Dogs and Cats
Recent statistics for 2007 released by      quantities of fat can set off life-        wonderful toys. Keep medications
the Animal Poison Control Center            threatening pancreatitis especially in     locked up. Human medications can be
(APCC) shows that dogs out-                 small dogs. The Chihuahua followed         deadly to our pets. One Tylenol can
numbered cats six to one for poison         by the Yorkshire Terrier won the           kill a cat. A small canine patient of
emergency calls. I would say it's the       awards for most poison emergency           mine ingested one of our more
nature of the beasties in that dogs will    calls to APCC related to digestive         common long-acting antihistamines.
ingest anything that looks or smells        upsets following                                            The drug was in the
remotely good, while the felines tend       access to inappropriate                                     owner's handbag on
to lean more toward poisonings              types and amounts of                                        the coffee table. That
related to their curious nature.            human food.                                                 little dog was
                                                                                                        critically ill for about
It is summer, dogs are outside and          All flea products are                                       two days.
rodenticides have ingredients meant to      not meant for both
attract not only the mice but dogs as       dogs and cats. Dog                                           The APCC is
well. I treated a Jack Russell Terrier      insecticidal products                                        available 24/7 as a
for rat poisoning after his very            may contain permethrin and are             resource to both you and your
conscientious owner attempted to            intended for use in dogs only. Flea        veterinarian. Call 1-888-426-4435.
dispose of the bait by placing it at the    products intended for cats contain         There is a consultation fee charged. If
bottom of a deep hole. After digging        pyrethrin. I did see a cat early in my     your pet is convulsing, weak, or
the hole the owner placed a large tree      veterinary career bathed in a grocery      unconscious proceed directly to your
in the hole on the bait and filled in the   store flea product meant for use in        nearest open veterinary clinic so
hole with soil. His terrier watched the     dogs only. The cat was dead by the         appropriate treatment for poisoning
process and then dug down and               time the owners reached the veterinary     can begin immediately. In the case of
ingested the bait in hours.                 hospital. Read the labels on over-the-     rat poisons, slug baits, or human
Rodenticide poisonings all require          counter products and dispose of any        medication bring the container with
veterinary intervention.                    products if you are unsure.                you so the specific ingredient can be
Dogs love sugar and sweets.                 Cats love to jump on counters in the
Chocolate is a poison to dogs as are        bathroom and kitchen. Brightly             Jennifer L. Scott, D.V.M.
grapes and onions. Ingesting large          colored capsules and pills are             Sundance Animal Hospital

Picking the Right Bird Feeder
Backyard bird feeding is an easy way        Suet feeders, which are wire cages         products come pre-filled with
to enjoy wildlife up close, and feeders     specifically made to hold suet (the fat    premium Nyjer seed, creating a
can certainly brighten up any garden        on the kidneys of cattle), are another     convenient, all-in-one feed and feeder
or yard.                                    option for your outdoor pets. Some         combination.
                                            suet products are even mixed with
                                                                                       With all the different types of feeders
Hopper feeders are big and bird-            nuts like pistachios.
                                                                                       available, there have never been more
friendly. They can hold almost any                                                     opportunities to enjoy outdoor pets
size seed, so large fruit pieces and        Another unique type of feeder is the       and backyard bird feeding.
nuts, like those found in Fruit & Berry     finch sock feeder, which is a mesh bag
mixes, are easy for birds to get.           that allows finches to cling to it. Some   Courtesy of ARAcontent
THE GAZETTE                                               AUGUST 2008                                            PAGE 41

Your Safety
                                           “The potential for increased              reached an all-time low in 2004 with
Water Safety                               drownings among older adults and
                                           seniors will grow as more Baby
                                                                                     410 water-related fatalities – down
                                                                                     nine per cent from 2003 and down 12
Boomer Canadians Older but                 Boomers move into their senior            per cent from the previous five-year
Perhaps Not Any Wiser About                years”, says Kusyanto. Factors such       average. Canadian water-related
Water Safety                               as reduced physical capabilities,         deaths decreased by 22 per cent versus
The very moms and dads who harped          certain medical conditions and            the previous five years, and were
on their kids to be careful around         medication intake may affect physical     down even more sharply (31 per cent)
water over the last few decades may        and mental capacity – making the          from 10 years ago.
not be listening to their own advice.      water a higher-risk place for them to
As the Canada Day long weekend             be. Of particular note, two thirds of      In most age groups, the vast majority
approaches – one of the biggest            adults were alone when they drowned.      of drowning victims continue to be
“water weekends” of the summer, the                                                  men (80 per cent), with drownings
Lifesaving Society reports that             To reduce the chances of a drowning      typically occurring during warm
Canadian Baby Boomers may be               at private residences, individuals and    summer months (May – August) with
getting older, but not necessarily wiser   their families can put in place means     the peak in July and August. More
when it comes to water safety.             to reduce the risks.                      than half of fatal incidents occur on
                                                                                     the weekend and almost half occur in
                                           In private pools and hot tubs, create     the evening or at night, despite most
                                           safety rules for everyone!                participation in aquatic activities
                                           Insist that people never use the pool     taking place during the day.
                                           and hot tub alone.
                                           Install safety railings and non-slip      The Lifesaving Society, Canada's
                                           matting in and around bathtubs to         lifeguarding experts, is a charitable
                                           reduce the risk of falling.               organization working to prevent
                                           While still providing privacy, higher     drowning and water-related injury
                                           risk seniors should bath with             through its training programs, Water
                                           “supervision”.                            Smart® public education and safety
                                                                                     management services. Each year in
                                           As Baby Boomers continue to age,          Canada, more than half a million
 In Alberta and the Northwest              they may be reluctant to admit their      people participate in the Society's
Territories, those over 50 years of age    increased vulnerability in or around      swim, lifesaving, lifeguarding and
account for 29% of all bathtub deaths;     water. They need to make safer            leadership courses. This year, the
one third of all private pool deaths and   choices while participating in aquatic    Lifesaving Society celebrates 100
40% of all hot tub deaths during 2000-     activities. As an example, Kusyanto       years of saving lives and drowning
2004 (latest statistics available).        states that “while out boating, their     prevention in Canada. For more
“This is concerning, as the numbers of     risks are amplified with their reduced    information, please visit
drownings in this age group are now        physical capacity to respond and
higher than those we see with              recover from an emergency. Baby
preschoolers”, says Barbara Kusyanto,      Boomers must consider their
chief administrative officer with the      increased need to follow safe boating
Lifesaving Society. Statistics over the    practices such as wearing lifejackets.”
same period for children 4 and under
are: Bathtubs (23%), private pools         Across Canada, the number of
(27%) and hot tubs (20%).                  drowning deaths, in all age groups,
 THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                              PAGE 43

Your Safety
The Capsule of Life Program                                                          Give them a
What is it?
The Capsule of Life comes as a pre-
                                          citizens, people with chronic illnesses,
                                          and those who live alone or are often
assembled kit. It includes forms to       at home alone.                             Do you know what to do when you
record important medical                                                             hear a siren or see the flashing lights
information on. The                               Its use is also advocated for      of an emergency vehicle approaching?
forms can be referenced                            young children under the care
by EMS personnel if                                  of a sitter, or people on       In an emergency, every second counts
they attend a medical                                  long road trips (long haul    — police, fire and Emergency
emergency in your home.                                 truck drivers working        Medical Services (EMS) personnel
                                                        alone). When used in a       need you to clear the way as quickly
                                                                                     and safely as possible.
The program is made                                    vehicle, the capsule is
possible by the Calgary                               strapped to the steering
                                                                                     The Calgary Police Service
EMS Foundation. The                                 column.
                                                                                     recommends treating every emergency
Foundation stresses the
                                                                                     vehicle as if it was going to your own
importance of having                         Additionally, it may benefit people     home or was on the way to help
medical information                       unable to communicate with EMS             someone you know.
readily available for EMS personnel to    personnel due to a language barrier or
access incase of an emergency.            other impediment.                          How to let emergency vehicles pass
                                                                                     you safely
In 2007, the Calgary EMS Foundation       When a person can't speak for              When you see an emergency vehicle
renewed its second partnership with       themselves, the Capsule of Life can        behind you on an undivided road,
TransCanada. This ongoing                 provide life-saving information!           immediately pull over to the right-
partnership will provide Calgarians                                                  hand curb and come to a complete
with 60,000 capsules over six years,                                                 stop. If you are travelling on a one-
                                               People rarely start their day
free of charge.                                                                      way street or on a road divided by a
                                           planning to call 9-1-1 for a medical
                                                                                     median, pull over to the right
                                           emergency, but Calgary paramedics
How does it work?                                                                    whenever possible; otherwise pull
                                           want you to be prepared! While we         over to the nearest curb.
The kit includes a plastic tube
                                            all hope it never happens to us, a
(capsule) containing two blank
                                           medical emergency is not something        It is also important to pull over to the
information forms and a bright orange
                                           we can predict. The Capsule of Life       right if an emergency vehicle is
magnet. Once completed, the forms
                                              assists you in organizing your         driving towards you, as this will give
provide pertinent information to EMS
                                            important medical information in         the vehicle room to pass if traffic is
such as a person's allergies,
                                             one place, ensuring it is always        blocking its path.
medication list, their physician, and
                                             accessible for EMS personnel.
next of kin.
                                                                                     Once the emergency vehicle has gone
                                          The Calgary EMS Foundation is a            by, pause and shoulder check or look
The forms are rolled into the capsule                                                ahead to ensure that no other
and placed in the refrigerator. The       registered charity promoting safety
                                                                                     emergency vehicles are following the
bright orange magnet, placed on the       and injury prevention programs in
                                                                                     first one. (You must wait until the
refrigerator door, lets paramedics and    support of The City of Calgary
                                                                                     emergency vehicle is at least 150
EMTs know that a capsule is present.      Emergency Medical Services. For
                                                                                     metres in front of you before driving
                                          more information, please contact:          on.)
Who should have one?                      (403) 538-6150, or log onto
The Capsule of Life is ideal for senior or                               continued next page
 THE GAZETTE                                               AUGUST 2008                                           PAGE 45

 Your Safety
Give them a Brake continued                 km/h unless the posted speed limit is

If you are already stopped for a red
                                            lower. If you are on a multi-lane
                                            highway, those travelling in the lane
                                                                                    Block Parents
light and an emergency vehicle comes        closest to the emergency vehicles       Summer is here!
up behind you, get out of the way as        must reduce their speed. You can        Warn weather entices everyone out of
soon as it is safe to do so. This might     continue at the posted speed limit in   doors - cycling, jogging, gardening,
mean you have to turn away from             the inner lane as long as there is at   and of course, playing everywhere.
your intended destination, but it will      least one lane between you and the      Will they have somewhere safe to run
                                                                                    if they require adult assistance in your
help the emergency vehicle get              emergency vehicles.
through the intersection faster.
                                            Fines for failure to abide by these     If it was your child, friend, or family
If you approach an intersection and         rules are approximately double the      member wouldn’t you like to know
hear a siren but don't see an               amount of fines issued for regular      there was a safe haven nearby? Show
emergency vehicle, slow down and            speeding tickets.                       your neighbours that you care
cautiously check all directions before                                              about their safety and peace of mind
proceeding, even at a green light.          For more information about              - become a block parent today.
                                            emergency vehicle safety, visit the
Frequently check your mirrors while         Calgary Police Service website at       For more information call Calgary
                                                                                    Clock Parent Association at 403-269-
you are driving, to stay aware of what and click on
                                                                                    6460 (24-hour answering machine) or
other drivers are doing around you.         Traffic Safety.
You may not hear sirens, but if you
notice other vehicles pulling over to
the curb, you should stop as well.

A loud stereo or talking on your cell
phone can interfere with your ability
to hear sirens, so it is best to keep the
music low and the phone turned off.
Remember: Slow down when lights
are flashing
When you pass a police cruiser,
ambulance, fire truck or tow truck that
is parked with its lights flashing, it is
very important to slow down —
people might be working near those
vehicles. The same goes for
construction zones.

When approaching an emergency
vehicle, reduce your speed to under 60
            HIP-HOP   TAP    JAZZ





                           OWNER/INSTRUCTOR MRS. JEN GARDINER
     SHOW                         15 YEARS TEACHING EXPERIENCE /
                                    FULLY CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR
     & PILATES                       MEMBER OF THE W.R.D.A.A
     INTEREST)                     TEACHERS IN CALGARY!



                 REGISTRATION DATES:
     AUG 21: 5-7pm AUG 26: 5-7pm AUG 27: 5-7pm

            31 HIGH STREET S.E. -
            CALL US AT : 256-2100

 THE GAZETTE                                                AUGUST 2008                                          PAGE 47

Your Family
When Life Hands You Lemons...
                          ...Start a Lemonade Stand!
A traditional and extremely popular         you yourself would pay for what you       If you are
                                                                                      ? planning on selling in a
summer money-making activity that           are selling. If you are selling pink      public place like a park be sure to
has been used time and time again is        lemonade for example, think of how        have your parents check the city or
opening up a lemonade stand.                much you would be willing to pay for      county laws.
However, although this is a good idea,      a glass. A good price that usually goes    Make sure
                                                                                      ? that your products are not
fact be told that this drink selling        over well with most folks is 25 cents     too overpriced.
enterprise is becoming old and over-        for your products.                        ?Pick a good, safe location. IDEAS:
used. Nevertheless, this writer             Note: Be sure to have a couple of         church or church parking lot after a
believes that there is still hope for all   dollars to start out for change.          worship service; a Little League
future lemonade stands - with this                                                    Baseball or Soccer game; a local
handy guide! With these tasteful tips it    Advertising: Even the simplest            supermarket; outside your
is a sure thing that any child, short or    advertising techniques can work for a     community swimming pool or
tall, can open and run a successful         lemonade stand. A simple flyer, for       recreation center.
lemonade stand.                             example, posted at a local                ?Select a great recipe that you know
                                            supermarket can get you a steady flow     is delicious.
TASTY TIPS AND TIDBITS:                     of customers. If you are selling in a     ?Price it right. Have a parent help
Make a nice stand: Card tables,             park, post signs all around the park      you figure out the cost per glass.
colorful boxes, or stands that have         advertising your stand. Be sure to         Offer other
                                                                                      ? products such as
been pre-made will work wonders. If         have signs on your stand showing the      homemade cookies to drawn in more
you decide to sell in a public place        price.                                    people.
with picnic tables you can use one of                                                  Have plenty
                                                                                      ? of ice on hand in an
their tables.                               Take Turns: Make sure to have             insulated cooler.
Note: If you decide to use a box, make      someone help you so you can take           Watch the
                                                                                      ? weather report. Will your
it colorful and noticeable by adding a      turns doing different jobs.               sale days be sunny or is cold rain the
big bright sign.                            Note: It also is just a lot more fun      forecast?
                                            having someone else there to sit with      Make sure
                                                                                      ? and advertise. Post flyers
Location is key: Make sure to set up        you. Also, sometimes you just need a      and signs around the neighborhood
your stand in a public place in full        break! And remember, if you are
                                                                                      and on local grocery store bulletin
view, not in places like behind a           planning a long day of selling, set up
                                                                                      boards. Be sure to include the date,
fountain or hidden around the corner.       shifts so that no one has to be on duty
                                                                                      time and location.
                                            more than two hours without some
                                            time off.                                 ?Get attention! Decorate your stand
Make sure to vary your products:
Instead of selling just plain old                                                     with brightly colored balloons,
lemonade, offer pink lemonade with          Have fun: Always remember to have         streamers, and poster signs.
                                                                                       Be polite
                                                                                      ?and cheerful. Smile at
fresh grapefruit slices. Maybe              fun while selling!
purchase a couple of snack items as                                                   every one of your customers and
well, like licorice pieces for example.     QUICK GUIDE:                              thank them for stopping by – even to
If possible, offer pops and juice boxes     ? your lemonade in a
                                             Try selling                              the customers who don't buy
too – a guaranteed success.                 public place where there will be          anything.
Remember, the more products you             many crowds of people. A park on a         Clean up
                                                                                      ?your area at the end of the
have, the more attracted to your stand      sunny Sunday or Saturday, for             day.
the people will be.                         example, works quite well.
                                            ? extra cash and coins for
                                             Have some                                It is now the middle of summer and
Pricing: It is a fact that quite often      change.                                   the weather is getting nice - what a
lemonade stands don't make too much         ?your stand with anything
                                             Decorate                                 great time to start planning a
money from being under priced and           colorful that you can find. (Flowers,     lemonade stand to help your neighbors
therefore not making any profit, or so      paints, markers, crayons, etc.).          cool off and make a little spending
overpriced that no one even comes. So       ?Always have a parent by you if you       money for yourself at the same time!
my advice to you is to think of what        are young and are outside.

 THE GAZETTE                                               AUGUST 2008                                            PAGE 49

Your Family
Help Your Teen Stay Safe During the Summer Months
For teens, summer months bring high-       know that rules are made
school graduation parties with friends     to protect them, not
and extended curfews allowing for          punish them, and remind
later nights. This time of year can also   them to make their own
mean that teens have more free time        decisions based on what
and could face added pressure to drink     they know is right. Teens
alcohol. It's important for parents to     should call immediately
exercise their positive parenting          if they get into a
influence and help their teens make        situation they know isn't
responsible decisions.                     safe. Carton also
                                           reminds parents to think
In fact, when it comes to underage         again if they believe it's
drinking, parents have the biggest         OK to bend the rules and
influence on their teens' decisions.       host a party with alcohol
According to the 2007 GfK Roper            for teens and their
Youth Report (SM) , 69 percent of          friends, memorable
teens ages 13 to 17 say their parents --   occasion or not.
not their peers -- are the No. 1
influence on their decisions about         "Every parent wants
whether they drink alcohol, and that       their house to be the
finding has remained consistent since      'hang-out' place, but
this survey began more than a decade       providing alcohol to
ago.                                       minors is not only
                                           irresponsible, it's illegal.
Lonnie Carton, Ph.D., director of Teen     And while graduation
and Family Resources for the Web-          celebrations and summer
based "Warm2Kids" program and an           parties are special
advisory panel member of the "Family       occasions in your teen's                   parents would be present.
Talk About Drinking" program, offers       life, supplying or permitting alcohol at
parents advice on how to use their         these events is never negotiable," adds    Putting your positive parent power to
positive influence with teens as they      Carton.                                    work during this season will help
celebrate graduation and enjoy the                                                    teens enjoy a memorable and safe
more relaxed days ahead.                   In fact, most parents are not              time. For more tips about safe
                                           permitting underage drinking or
                                                                                      celebrating, visit
"It's important for parents to create an   hosting these kinds of parties. A recent
atmosphere of open communication           survey by Harris Interactive for
with their teens, especially during the    Anheuser Busch found that 82 percent
                                                                                      For "Family Talk About Drinking"
summer months when teens have              of parents with children under 21
more free time," Carton says. "Along       years of age do not think it is OK for     program materials visit
with setting firm rules and guidelines,    parents to provide alcohol or purchase or call
parents can teach teens critical           alcohol for their teens or others' teens   (800) 359-TALK (800-359-8255). The
decision-making skills to help them        at parties or gatherings. In addition,     materials are provided free-of-charge
make responsible choices -- including      the survey found most parents with         as a community service of Anheuser-
not drinking when underage."               teens ages 15 to 20 years would not        Busch.
                                           allow their teens to attend a party
Dr. Carton advises parents to let teens    where other teens are drinking, even if    Courtesy of ARAcontent
                                                ST. PAUL'S ANGLICAN CHURCH
                                           7 Sunmills Green SE – Sunmills Drive & Sunbank Road SE
                                               Office: 256-1428 Website:
                                               *Fellowship & Worship *Sunday School *Youth Group
                                            *Community Outreach *Bible Studies *Confirmation & Baptism

                                            Rector: The Rev. Fergus Tyson
                                            Hon. Assistants: The Rev. Cyril Haynes
                                                  & The Rev. Dr. Norman Knowles Everyone Welcome!

 THE GAZETTE                                                     AUGUST 2008                                        PAGE 51

Managing Your Money
Homing In On Your Finances – A Total Solution To All Of
Your Banking And Financing Needs
It's so popular Down Under it has become known as the
'Australian Mortgage'[1]. It's rapidly gaining in
popularity here in Canada, and it could be a solution for
your banking and financing.

Here's how this cash management solution works:

Most Canadians use a number of financial products
including chequing and savings accounts, credit cards,
lines of credit, personal loans and mortgage loans to
manage their finances. In conventional banking, all of
these accounts are kept separate so you need to manage
many different payment schedules, payment amounts,
                                                                     consolidated monthly account statement.
interest rates and multiple account statements.
                                                                     It's simple: You deposit money when you get it (your
At the same time, you enjoy plenty of equity in your
                                                                     paycheque, for example) and take money when you
home, you have a good income and positive cash flow
                                                                     need it. Your deposits are applied to your loan principal,
and, in general, your financial life is improving. Still,
                                                                     reducing your loan balance, and minimizing interest
you could benefit from low-cost financing or
                                                                     charges. You withdraw from the account to cover day-
refinancing and loan consolidation; you want higher
                                                                     to-day expenses. Money you don't spend offsets your
returns on your savings and more money to invest; and
                                                                     loan principal which helps save on interest normally
you want to simplify your financial life.
                                                                     charged by your mortgage, and in many cases these
                                                                     savings are more than your would earn from a typical
That's where this new cash management solution comes
                                                                     savings account at a bank – this can save you money
in. It uses the equity in your home to allow you to
                                                                     and put you on track to reaching your financial goals
consolidate all of your banking and financing needs by
integrating the features of a mortgage, a line of credit, a
                                                                     By combining your debts with your savings, your
chequing account, and a savings account into one
                                                                     money works harder and your financial life becomes
account with one monthly payment and one
                                                                     simpler. Talk to your professional advisor about this
                                                                     smarter way to help build wealth and help manage your
                                                                     daily banking needs and how it fits into your overall
                                                                     financial plan.

                                                                     [1]More than 50% of all new mortgages in Australia are
                                                                     opened as a combined chequing, savings and borrowing
           DR. JENNIFER SCOTT & ASSOCIATES                           solution – London Free Press, February 9, 2004
       35 Sunmills Drive S.E.      Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 8-6          Jamie Powell, CFP
                                      Tues 8-8 Sat 9-1
                                                                     Questions for the author may be forwarded to
   Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic
 THE GAZETTE                                                   AUGUST 2008                                                 PAGE 53

 Library Programs
                                                                    time over the summer for this popular reading program. As
Shawnessy Library                                                   always, reading has its rewards – this year's grand prize is a
                                                                    handhold game console Nintendo DS.
Shawnessy Library is located at 333 Shawville Blvd. S.E.            Ask Fish Creek information staff to help you find titles that will
Register in person or call 260-2600. Registration is required for   keep your child's reading interest alive this summer. And
all library programs unless otherwise noted.                        remember, a library storytime is as good as ice cold lemonade on
                                                                    a hot day. No sunscreen required.
Summer Shines at Shawnessy Library
The 2008 Calgary Co-op Summer Reading Adventure kicked off          Public Library Closures:
Saturday June 21. This popular program will keep your kids          Heritage Day - Monday, August 4th,
reading all summer long. They will have chances to win many         Labour Day - Monday, September 1st
prizes as well.

Join us for Super Summer Drop-in Family Storytime
Wednesdays July 2 to August 20 10:15 – 11:00 a.m. Ages 2 to 5
with a parent/caregiver. No registration required.

Teen Volunteer Opportunity - Be A Reading Buddy
Volunteer for the Library's Reading Buddies program and help a
child in grades 1 through 3 with reading. Grades 7 to 12.
Thursdays, Jul 3 to Aug 21 2:00- 3:30 p.m. Call 221-2036 for

Has the Library Been Important in Your Life? Share Your
Story with Other Library-Lovers.
Be part of our 100 years, 100 days, 100 stories celebration as we
launch a new century of library service for Calgary. Tell us how
the Library has touched your life, and you could win one of 100
great prizes. For details and how to enter go to

Taking a road trip this summer?
Come and check out our selection of books on Tape, CD and
MP3 for those long car trips. If you are headed to the beach
don't forget to get the newest paperback by your favorite author
to keep you company in the sun!

 Fish Creek Library
Fish Creek Library is located at 11161 Bonaventure Drive SE.
Register in person or call 221-2090. Registration is required for
all library programs unless otherwise noted.

Summer at the Fish Creek Library
It's “summertime, and the living is easy,” says an old Gershwin
favorite. And it can't be truly summer without something good to
read, watch, or listen to.

If you're not going anywhere, but you're longing for all those
nice places that are out there, just waiting to be discovered by
you, check out some good armchair travel books: Living in a
Foreign Language: A Memoir of Food, Wine and Love in Italy by
Michael Tucker. And check out a DVD to go with it.
Children, don't forget the 2008 Calgary Co-op Summer
Reading Adventure, Dragon Tales! You can still sign up at any
 THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                           PAGE 55

Classified Ads
                                           hours on the 5th of each month.          ELECTRICITY IS NOT A HOBBY!
Ad Rates &                                 Your Ad will appear in the Gazette
                                           distributed the beginning of the
                                                                                    Call a licensed electrician. No job is
                                                                                    too small. Excellent rates. Please
Information                                following month. For example, to         call John at 281-5002 or 708-6555.
                                           publish an Ad appearing in December,
FOR SALE CLASSIFIED ADS                    please submit Ad and Payment to the      Need new cookware? Host a
The Gazette offers FREE “For Sale”         Classified's Manager by November         PAMPERED CHEF show in August
ads in the (classified section only), of   5th. Advertisers paying for an Ad        and get the Executive or Stainless
25 words or less to McKenzie Lake          one month at a time must contact         cookware at 60% off! Call Laura
Community Association Members              the Classifieds Manager in writing       @257-8345,
only. A valid MLCA membership              each month if continuance is   
number must be submitted with the ad       requested.
prior to publication. Non-members                                                   RHEAVITALIZE Aesthet-
are subject to rates listed for Small      Only text-only classified ad requests    ics...Beautiful You. Waxing, facials,
Business ads below. Ads are preferred      are to be directed to the community;     pedicures, manicures, body treat-
by email to Jennifer Gibson at             display ad requests may be directed      ments, pedique, lash & brow tinting                            to Pam at Suburban Journals:             and perming. Certified aesthetician.
                                           403-818-1819 or                          Call Lourine @830-9197/256-0089
LOST & FOUND ADS                                   web or email
All Lost & Found Ads are published                                        
FREE of charge.

SMALL BUSINESS / DAYCARE                   Small Business                           ELEMENTS PLUMBING AND
                                                                                    HEATING: Residential service work
Small Business and Daycare Ads are
                                           /Daycare                                 including repairs and installations,
                                                                                    water heaters, furnaces, gas lines, and
subject to a $15 fee for 25 words or                                                renovations. Free estimates and flexi-
                                           CERAMIC TILE: Floor and walls, 30
less; $22 for ads greater than 25                                                   ble hours. Call 281-8089.
                                           years experience. Call Ben, 254-
words. Payment must be received
                                           1708.                                    OB COMPUTER SERVICES LTD -
prior to publication of ad. MLCA
membership not required. Please                                                     Home & Business, Computer & Net-
                                           FOR ALL YOUR HARDWOOD
include a reference to your Small                                                   work Support. Services include: Hard-
                                           NEEDS: unfinished, pre-finished, lam-    ware & software support, upgrades,
Business or Daycare on your cheque
                                           inate floors. New installation or dam-   Computer Networking (Connecting all
for reconciliation purposes. Please
                                           age repairs. Top quality craftsman-      your PCs to the Internet, Share files
make cheques payable to McKenzie
                                           ship. For estimates please call Les at   and printers between all your PCs,
Lake Community Association.
                                           236-7991.                                Wireless Networks), automatically
PAYMENT                                                                             backup your data. 19 years Computer
                                           DRYWALL INSTALLATION / TAP-              Servicing Experience. Call Claude @
Payment by cheque or money order
                                           ING, framing, insulating, Renova-        862-2976 or Email:
must accompany ad. No cash please.
                                           tions,-new developments. Phone 
Cheques must be delivered c/o the
                                           615-2417 or email:
Classified's Manager to:
McKenzie Lake Community Centre    Prime Level          PIANO/VIOLIN TEACHER: in New
16198 McKenzie Lake Way SE                 Interiors Ltd.                           Brighton Come join the musical fun!!
Calgary, AB T2Z 1L7                                                                 12 years experience with all music
                                           DRYWALL TAPING: Quality work-            levels and styles. Open to teaching
DEADLINE                                   manship, small jobs, repairs, rumpus     RCM, popular and theory.
The deadline for submission of your        rooms, basements, free estimates.        For fall registration please call Tanya
Ad for publication is end of business      Gary at 873-0966.                        @ 254-4702.
                                                             Stanley Doherty, CMA
                                                                20 Mountain Park Circle SE
                                                                 Phone: 257-1582
           20 YRS. EXPERIENCE                               Personal & Corporate Taxes
                                                          Financial Statements • GST • Payroll • Reviews •
          SAME DAY SERVICE                                Audits • Consulting • Business Startup Assistance
     PROFESSIONAL YET REASONABLE                                    Quickbooks – Simply

     All Painting         — Finishes
     — Repair
     Drywall              — Painting
     — Staining
     Wood                 — Painting

    Licensed & Insured “Free Estimates & Advice”

     South                          North
 252-1366                      239-9022
THE GAZETTE                                              AUGUST 2008                                           PAGE 57

Classified Ads
Small Business                            Condo Corner                              For Sale
/Daycare Cont’d                           ALL NEW PANORAMA: Two bed-                BENCHES AND FREE WEIGHTS:
                                          room (one in loft ) completely reno-      Northern Light benches
MAURICE CONTRACTING: Resi-                vated condo on hill facing Toby Creek     (1) Incline/flat bench w/squat and dip
dential & Commercial                      for rent. Full kitchen, fireplace, BBQ,   rack $175;
additions, basement development,          two decks, DVD… the works! Use of         (2) Plate loading lat machine +as-
hardwood floor, custom deck, steel                                                  sorted accessories $235; (3)Seated
                                          slope-side pools and GST included. 3
studs, steel doors, panic hard wear,                                                calf raise $165;
                                          night minimum, no smoking, no pets
door closer and more. All trade sup-                                                (4) 2-50lb plates $25; 2-25lb plates
ply 271-5473 or 830-1215                  please. $130 per night . Call Christine   $15 (small collar size);                at 257-2984 or email                      (5) Rubber mats for benches $20.
                                                          Call Todd 257-5942 evenings and
NORWEX ENVIRO PRODUCTS:                                                             weekends.
Cut your cleaning time in half. Reduce    RADIUM CABIN: Fully equipped 4
the chemicals in your home by 90%.        bedroom cabin backing to Springs
Ask me how Jan 686-3591 or or
                                          Golf Course. Summer and fall dates
                                          are filling up, call today.
                                                                                    Lost & Found                          Visit              LOST CAT- $50 Reward for the re-
                                          or call 257-4543.                         turn of “Ace”
COATS N TAILS DOGGROOMING:                                                          Black Long Hair Male Cat, small
By Samantha in McKenzie Lake call                                                   white diamond on chest, 5 yrs old, 15
257-2634 or 852-0786                                                                lbs, declawed front, Microchip #
                                          Childcare                                 968000001393081 Missing since June
MCKENZIE TECH SERVICES ON                                                           14, 2008 at Mt Douglas Green SE
THE WAY: Computer/laptop/Mac ser-         PART-TIME CHILDCARE needed in             contact:
vice, maintenance, backup, upgrades       Sept for a 4yr old & 1yr old please       or 257-0814.
and friendly advice. Drop it off on       contact 255-0722
McKenzie Lake Way and pick it up in
the evening. Many computer slow-
downs are a result of spyware, viruses,
                                          NEW DAYHOME: Spaces available
                                          Sept 1, Ages 3-5 yrs, for more infor-
                                                                                    Home Business
low memory, etc. and can be sped
up with a relatively inexpensive tune-
                                          mation please call Taruna (h)257-2489
                                          cell 560-0739
up/upgrade. Professional Guaranteed                                                 Thursday, Aug. 14
Service for over 17 years. Loaner         CHILDCARE AVAILABLE: P/T or               12:00 - 7:00 pm
Computer available.                       F/T Openings for Morning                  South Calgary Community Centre
Call/email John at 891-4848 or            Kindergarten and Before/After                    School-Public School only. Lots of        Come check out a huge selection of
View online pricelist & services at
                                          fun activities, Park Play and much        home and party businesses who you
                                          more.                                     can shop with all in one day.
                                          257-4318                                  Representatives will be available from
SERVICES: complete home repairs
and renos including, drywall, painting,                                             a variety of companies, such as
carpentry, plumbing etc. No job too                                                 Tupperware, Partylite, Discovery
small. Free estimates. A happy wife                                                 Toys, Norwax, Beauticontrol, Avon,
is a happy life! Vince Conway 313-                                                  Close to My Heart Scrapbooking,
7243 cell:703-5941                                                                  Creative Memories, and many more.
                                                                                                    AUGUST 2008
     SUNDAY            MONDAY               TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY THURSDAY                                  FRIDAY            SATURDAY
                                                                                                                                                                         THE GAZETTE

                                                                                                           1                      2

                        Park n' Play
3                  4    Stay n' Play    5                   6                      7                       8                      9

                                        Deadline for July   Faces of Fire 7:30 -
                                        Gazette             8:30 pm Hulls Wood     “First Thursday”
                                        Submissions         Amphitheatre 
                        Park n' Play                                                                       15                     16
10                 11   Stay n' Play    12                  13                     14
                        Cedarbrae                                                                          Fall Program On-Line
                        Chaparral                                                                          Registration Begins
                                                            Faces of Fire
                                                                                                                                                                         AUGUST 2008

                                                                                                                                             Community Events Calendar

                                                            7:30 - 8:30 pm                                 Home Business Fair
                                                            Hulls Wood
                                                                                                           12:00 - 7:00 pm

17                 18   Park n' Play    19                  20                     21                      22                     23
                        Stay n' Play
                        Canyon Meadow
                                                            Faces of Fire
                                                            7:30 - 8:30 pm
                                                            Hulls Wood

24                 25   Park n' Play    26                  27                     28                      29                     30
                        Stay n' Play
                     Willow Ridge
                        /Pumphill                           Faces of Fire
                                                            7:30 - 8:30 pm
                                                            Hulls Wood
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              31                                            Amphitheatre

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