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									   14. Forex Disclosure Documents

While there is currently very small details of future legislation on registration of forex,
forex many managers are preparing for registration, including preparation of disclosure
documents of the Forex. It is responsible for Forex "Forex CTAs", and recommends only
the individual accounts, or if the leader is "Forex CPO," and recommended that the fund
manager has to be some sort of notification of the document provide the investor. This
document was prepared in the NFA and the settings must be approved before the NFA
for them to potential investors. The preparation of the documents is usually prepared by
the Forex.

Choose attorney Forex

Forex A good lawyer is well versed in all aspects of securities law and has experience
with management of the currency. It is also helpful if the attorney understands the
business aspects of managing foreign exchange program. For example, it is often helpful
if the attorney has taken and passed the examination of the Series 3 (and soon, the series
of 34 tests). You also want to talk to a lawyer about the process and timing of both the
foreign registration process and the process of creating a disclosure document. Having
decided upon a forex attorney, is likely to sign an engagement letter and submit a
retention fee - which will begin drafting the lawyer offer documents.


There are three main parts of the brochure Forex Fund - a private placement
memorandum (PPM, sometimes referred to as the prospectus), a limited partnership
agreement and subscription documents. Below, we detail the major parts of these

Forex PPM - a hedge fund regularly (especially a hedge fund of raw materials), the PPM
Forex fund includes the following sections:


Discussion of the Investment Program in the Forex

Context of the currency manager

Risk Factors Forex Trading Program

The discussion of potential conflicts of interest

Descriptions of suppliers - a discussion of the service will be included in the tender
documents. This includes, lawyer, administrator, auditor and a member of Forex trading
(FDM). Current proceedings pending by FDM must also be disclosed - your lawyer
collect this information.
The results of performance - NFA is expected to require detailed information about the
fund's past performance. These requirements are likely to be substantially similar to the
current requirements for non-Forex CPO.

Other useful information

Forex APL - is the official governing legal documents of the Fund. Typical measures


To speak of rights and duties of the investor (payments, refunds, etc.)

Discussion on the Rights and Duties of Director (wages, the right to finance / investors,
conflicts of interest)

Winding down provisions

And so on.

Forex Documents Subscription - subscription documents are important because they help
the manager to ensure the offer complies with all laws applicable to an investor
suitability. Joint elements of the document to subscribe are:

Request investor information (name, contact information, investment experience, etc)

Discussion of Ability investors (mainly confirmations net worth)

Subscription Agreement - signed an agreement of investors before it can become an
investor in the fund

Limited Partnership Agreement - an agreement by which an investor agrees to comply
with the legal provisions of the LPA

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