Eagle Scout Application Review Sheet

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     Eagle Scout Application Review Sheet
Dear Life Scout Unit Leader,

Below is a list of most common errors on an Eagle Scout Application. We know we are repeating
ourselves, but please take a few minutes and check your Scout’s application before it is turned into
the Council Office. This will help in processing the application without any delays.

Scout must have completed all merit badges and project before he turns 18 year of age.

    All dates must have month, day, and year.

    All required approval signatures on the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook must be obtained
    before the Scout does the project.

    21 merit badges earned: Four required merit badges prior to Star Scout Board of Review, and
    three additional required merit badges prior to Life Scout Board of Review.

          At least FOUR months between First Class and Star Scout Board of Review dates.
          At least SIX months between Star Scout and Life Scout Board of Review dates.
          At least SIX months between Life Scout and Eagle Scout Board of Review dates.
    Must serve Six months in a position of responsibility between Life Scout and Eagle Board of
    Review, and prior to eighteenth birthday.

    Note where the rank advancement or leadership positions occurred. (I.e. Boy Scout Troop,
    Varsity Team, Exploring Post).

    Make sure to include all dates for joining date, growth conference, project completion, and
    dates signed by Applicant, Unit Leader, and Unit Committee Chairman.

    Please make sure that dates of merit badges earned do not come before the joining date.
    We strongly recommend that you request an Advancement Report from the Council to assure
    that our dates of merit badges, etc. match your dates. It will prevent delay in the processing of
    the application later on.

    The applicant must submit five letters of recommendation with his application and completed
    workbook. These letters usually are from the references listed on the application but may be
    written by others if those listed as references are not available to write a letter.

    Applications must be typed or printed in ink.

    When you turn in the application to council, please ensure that you have the
    application, personal information profile sheet, five (5) letters of recommendation,
    statement of ambitions and goals, and leadership service project workbook. You do
    not need to submit the application route sheet or the verification work sheet. They are for your
    reference and will not be submitted for the Board of Review.

    Thank you for helping in checking the Eagle Scout Application.

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