ART CARS Lesson Plan

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					                                                                          Art Cars

Grade Level:          3rd                    Subject:    ART                                    Prepared By:     Cathy Balbach, Laura Dant

Overview & Purpose Automotive Art                                                               Education Standards Addressed

What will be learned and why it is useful. Sculpture, recycling, public art                     What state/county education standards that this lesson

                                                    Teacher Guide                             Student Guide
Objectives                              How to make a 3-D Sculpture.              How to build a SLICK 3-D car!             Materials Needed
(Specify skills/information that will   Show how to form the structure.           How to cut masking tape and make a         cardboard
be learned.)
                                                                                  clean structure.                           Pencil
                                                                                                                             Scissors
                                                                                                                             Glue
Information                             Pre-cut the cardboard.                    Build the bottom of the car first.         Masking tape
(Give and/or demonstrate necessary      Give to the student one part at a time.   Then the top.                              Paints
                                                                                  Attach the top to the bottom with tape.
                                                                                  Add details with tape.
                                                                                  Glue on wheels
Verification                            Making good seams on all sides of the     A well made car.                          Other Resources
(Steps to check for student             car.                                      Did you comment in your journal about     PowerPoint, picture books,
understanding)                                                                                                              Smart Board
                                        Make sure all tape lays flat on the       your Project?
                                        cardboard- no air passages.

                                        Go to Google,com and look at ART
                                        CARS. Look at the style for various
                                        inspirations and ideas.
                                        Draw your idea in your journal.

Summary                                                                                                                     Additional Notes
                                                                                                                            3-4 class periods

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