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The Making of a

            Atlantic Union College Accreditation Update
Quoi de Neuf?    Adventist Education   Youth Connections   ¿Qué Está Pasando?
                                                                                                        MiSSion StateMent
                                              2010                                                  To	faithfully	chronicle	the	work	and	progress	of	
                                                                                                    the	 church	 in	 the	 Atlantic	 Union	 territory	 and	
                                                                                                    inform,	instruct,	and	inspire	our	church	members.

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                              7		Carrying	a	Pitcher	of	
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                                   Water	.	.	.”


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                                E d i t o r i a l

                            He Is Able
            e	are	reminded	constantly	of	               He is able to fill our hearts with joy.	
            our	smallness	and	our	greatness.	        No	life	is	without	its	troubles	and	hardships,	
            Some	days	everything	goes	right	         but	even	when	these	things	overwhelm	us,	
and	other	days	everything	goes	wrong.                we	can	be	happy	with	Christ	in	our	hearts.
   Some	days	we	wake	up	to	sunshine	and	                He is able to use us in His service.	
blue	skies.	Our	home	is	clean.	Our	car	is	           People	have	said,	“I	have	no	talent,	I	can-
clean.	Traffic	to	work	flows	smoothly.	The	          not	do	anything	for	the	Lord.	Not	me,	
boss	is	very	gracious	to	us.	Dinner	is	pre-          Lord.”	The	people	who	serve	in	the	church	
pared	with	love.	Children	behave	extraor-            and	keep	the	Lord’s	work	going	are	not	
dinarily	well	and	we	go	to	bed	after	such	a	         all	great,	powerful,	brilliant,	or	prominent	
day	feeling	truly	special	and	blessed.               people,	but	they	are	faithful.	God	can	use	           The man who
   Some	days	begin	with	gloom	and	disaster.	         even	the	least	of	us	if	we	put	ourselves	in	
Traffic	is	horrible.	The	boss	is	grouchy.	Our	       His	hands.
spouse	gets	angry,	children	misbehave,	the	             He is able to keep His promise.	God	
bank	calls	to	say	the	checks	bounced,	din-           told	Abraham	that	from	him	would	come	
ner	is	two	slices	of	hard	pizza,	and	we	go	to	       a	great	nation,	and	from	that	nation	would	          limits God does
bed	after	such	a	day	feeling	worthless.              come	the	world’s	Messiah	and	Savior.	
  There	is	a	song	we	sing	that	says,	He is           Abraham	was	100	years	old	and	Sarah	90.	
able, He is able, I know He’s able. I know my        How	could	they	have	a	child?	God	made	
Lord is able to carry me through.	The	man	           His	promise	and	Abraham	believed	it,	                 not know God,
who	limits	God	does	not	know	God,	but	               although	Sarah	laughed	at	it.	God	kept	His	
with	God,	all	things	are	possible.	He	is	able	       promise.	God’s	book	is	full	of	promises	and	
to	sustain	us	in	all	situations,	circumstances,	     He	is	able	to	keep	every	one	of	them.
and	problems,	whether	we	are	having	a	                  He is able to raise us from the dead.	
good	day	or	bad	day.                                 The	work	of	Christ	in	us	does	not	end	at	           but with God, all
   He is able to save to the uttermost.	It	          death.	When	He	comes	in	the	air,	our	bod-
matters	not	how	deep	man	goes	in	sin,	God	           ies	will	be	raised	and	we	shall	be	forever	
can	save.	Paul	said,	“Christ	came	to	save	           with	the	Lord.
sinners,	of	whom	I	am	chief”	(1	Timothy	               Today,	God	stands	at	the	door	of	our	
1:15).	Jesus	is	not	only	able	to	save	the	           heart	and	says,	“I	am	able	to	save	you	to	
                                                                                                         things are possible.
down-and-out,	but	also	those	who	consider	           the	uttermost	if	you	come	to	Christ.	I	am	
themselves	up-and-up.                                able	to	transform	your	life	and	keep	you	
   He is able to transform lives.	When	that	         from	falling.	I	am	able	to	fill	your	heart	
change	comes	about,	we	can	say	that	the	             with	joy	and	use	you	in	My	service.	I	am	
things	we	once	loved,	we	now	hate,	and	the	          able	to	keep	My	promises.	I	am	able	to	
things	we	once	hated,	we	now	love.	God	is	           raise	you	up	at	the	last	day	and	give	you	
able	to	turn	all	that	is	vile	and	sinful	into	all	   eternal	life.”
that	is	good	and	noble.                                All	this	and	more	He	can	and	will	do	for	
   He is able to keep us from falling.	Jude	         us,	if	we	will	put	our	whole	trust	in	Him.	
1:24	says,	“Now	unto	him	who	is	able	to	             Yes,	God	Is	Able.	
keep	you	from	falling,	and	to	present	you	
faultless	before	the	presence	of	his	glory	          Leon Thomassian is the Atlantic Union
with	exceeding	joy.”	No	man	nor	any	power	           Conference treasurer and trust services director.
can	pluck	a	Christian	out	of	Jesus’	hands.

at                                                              Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010   3
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                      The Making of a
       The growth and
                                                                 he	Women’s	Prayer	Retreat	           With	the	rebirth	of	the	Women’s	
                                                                 started	some	22	years	ago	        Ministries	department,	Knight	took	
                                                                 under	the	prayerful	guidance	     it	to	another	level.	It	moved	from	
progress of women’s                                      of	Juanita	Kretschmar,	wife	of	then	      a	focus	group	that	merely	planned	
                                                         president	Merlyn	Kretschmar.	During	      and	prepared	for	its	annual	prayer	
                                                         those	formative	years	the	women	met	      retreats,	to	a	more	dynamic	and	skills-
        ministries in the                                annually	to	pray,	give	praise,	sing,	     building	department.	Two	advisory	
                                                         read	the	Bible,	and	share	testimonies.	   teams	were	formed:	1)	the	Women’s	
                                                         Several	individuals	were	asked	to	        Prayer	Retreat	Planning	Committee,	
     Greater New York                                    serve	as	chair	of	the	Women’s	Prayer	     with	responsibilities	for	planning	and	
                                                         Group,	including	Betty	Cooney,	           implementing	the	activities	of	the	
             Conference                                  Brenda	Johnson,	Alicia	Marquez,	and	
                                                         Yvonne	Knight.	However,	it	was	not	
                                                                                                   annual	retreat;	and,	2)	the	Women’s	
                                                                                                   Ministries	Advisory,	with	responsibili-
                                                         until	January	2002	that	the	Greater	      ties	for	planning	other	activities	of	the	
                                                         New	York	Conference	Executive	            department.
                                                         Committee,	under	the	leadership	of	          In	the	broader	scope	of	the	minis-
      By Alanzo Smith                                    Dionisio	Olivo	as	president,	formu-
                                                         lated	the	women’s	prayer	ministry	into	
                                                                                                   try,	several	activities	were	initiated,	
                                                         a	department	and	Yvonne	Knight	was	       • Training of Women’s Ministries
Yvonne Kinght, far right, with women who completed the   elected	as	its	director.                     Directors.	This	training	was	done	at	
Leadership Certification Program in 2008.
                                                                                                      the	conference	level	with	the	intent	
                                                                                                      of	establishing	women’s	ministries	
                                                                                                      leaders	in	the	local	churches.	Special	
                                                                                                      emphasis	was	given	to	the	training	
                                                                                                      of	young	women	for	service	to	God	
                                                                                                      and	humanity.
                                                                                                   • Leadership Certificate Program.	
                                                                                                      This	program	has	four	levels	and	is	
                                                                                                      designed	to	help	women	see	their	
                                                                                                      potential,	their	skills,	and	to	com-
                                                                                                      municate	effectively.	It	examines	
                                                                                                      some	of	the	female	pioneers	and	
                                                                                                      women	of	the	Bible	and	how	they	
                                                                                                      faced	challenges,	and	dares	women	
                                                                                                      with	personal	challenges	to	model	

4               Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                        Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
At the 2005 retreat, the women take time to pray for the
power of the Holy Spirit, the success of the retreat, and
much more.

  these	heroines.	At	the	end	of	each	
  level	there	is	a	graduation	and	
  certificate	ceremony.	According	to	
  Knight,	the	growth	in	these	women	
  was	astronomical.	Women	who	were	
  once	shy	and	reticent	are	now	lead-
  ing	out	in	church	offices,	evange-
  lism,	and	other	areas	of	the	work.                        Women who graduated from the 2009 Women’s Ministries Leadership Training Program with Yvonne Knight, far right, GNYCs
• Conventions.	Each	year	two	con-                           Women’s Ministries director.
  ventions	are	held,	one	in	English	                          women	were	baptized	recently,	and	
  and	one	in	Spanish.	At	these	con-                           over	the	past	10	years,	more	than	
  ventions	spirituality	is	heightened	                        110	people	have	been	baptized	in	
  and	worshipers	express	praises	to	                          their	respective	churches.
  God.	Men	are	permitted	to	attend,	
  which	serves	to	break	down	walls	of	
  suspicion	and	indifference,	as	they	
  are	able	to	see	for	themselves	the	
                                                            According to Knight, her highest joy in working
  work	of	women’s	ministries.
                                                            as the Women’s Ministries director over the years
• Joy in the Journey Award.	
  Annually,	women	are	identified	for	                       was “to see the growth in women, the expression of
  their	contribution	or	impact	in	the	
  community	or	church.	Areas	of	rec-                        satisfaction for the blessings of a retreat, gratitude
  ognition	include	counseling,	encour-
  agement,	impacting	the	lives	of	oth-                      expressed for a workshop that met felt needs,
  ers,	and	feeding	the	homeless.	The	
  women	who	are	recognized	have	                            and the ability to help people and to know it is
  helped	to	make	a	difference	in	the	
  lives	of	others	by	letting	their	light	                   appreciated.”
  shine	among	their	neighbors.
• Baptism.	At	the	last	two	prayer	
  retreats,	baptisms	were	held	as	a	                        • Mission Trip to the Dominican
  result	of	Bible	studies	given	prior	                        Republic.	Ten	women,	including	
  to	the	retreat.	Della	Patton	from	the	                      Knight,	went	on	a	mission	trip	in	
  North	Bronx	church	is	responsible	                          2009	to	Azua,	Dominican	Republic.	
  for	preparing	the	candidates.	Five	                         The	team	included	Kathleen	Baptiste,	

at                                                                                       Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                5
❱❱❱ Cover story

                                                                                                                                     draw	from	every	ethnic	population.	
                                                                                                                                     The	participants	are	pampered	with	
                                                                                                                                     spiritual	blessings	that	come	from	
                                                                                                                                     their	early	morning	prayer	walks,	
                                                                                                                                     testimony	and	anointing	services,	
                                                                                                                                     preaching,	teaching,	and	baptisms.	
                                                                                                                                     Professionals	are	brought	in	to	
                                                                                                                                     address	issues	such	as	self-esteem,	
                                                                                                                                     singleness,	abuse,	finances,	conflict	
                                                                                                                                     management,	and	relationships.
                                                                                                                                     According	to	Knight,	her	high-
                                                                                                                                  est	joy	in	working	as	the	Women’s	
                                                                                                                                  Ministries	director	over	the	years	
                                                                                                                                  was	“to	see	the	growth	in	women,	
                                                                                                                                  the	expression	of	satisfaction	for	
                                                                                                                                  the	blessings	of	a	retreat,	gratitude	
Participants at the 2009 women’s prayer retreat out on a prayer walk. Praying for the community in which the retreat is held is   expressed	for	a	workshop	that	met	felt	
one very important aspect of the retreats held annually.                                                                          needs,	and	the	ability	to	help	people	
                                                                      Charmaine	Brown,	Rocio	Chan,	                               and	to	know	it	is	appreciated.”
                                                                      Anthonette	Desire,	Marlene	Francis,	                           Knight	says	her	greatest	challenge	
                                                                      Glenny	Mendez-Calcano,	Teresa	                              was	“getting	the	leadership	of	the	
                                                                      Moore-Medina,	Asia	Patton,	and	                             church	to	understand	that	Women’s	
                                                                      Della	Patton.	Health	clinics	were	set	                      Ministries	is	not	similar	to	the	
                                                                      up	in	the	South	Mission.	In	addition,	                      Women’s	Liberation	Movement.”
                                                                      a	Vacation	Bible	School	was	held	in	                           Over	these	22	years	the	Lord	has	
                                                                      the	afternoons	and	evangelistic	meet-                       certainly	blessed	the	women’s	ministry	
                                                                      ings	at	night.	Two	hundred	students	                        along	the	way.	Knight	has	pushed	the	
Richard Marker, Greater New York Conference president,
and his wife, Bonnie, address the women attending the 2010            graduated	and	29	were	baptized	as	a	                        boundaries,	stretched	the	limits,	and	
women’s prayer retreat.                                               result.	With	her	winsome	personality,	                      squeezed	the	possibilities	into	making	
                                                                      Glenny	Mendez-Calcano	provided	the	                         this	ministry	a	fruitful	and	promi-
                                                                      translation	at	each	evening	session.                        nent	spiritual	ministry	in	the	Greater	
                                                                    • Annual Women’s Retreat.	The	pen-                            New	York	Conference.	Her	invalu-
                                                                      ultimate	program	of	the	Women’s	                            able	contribution	to	leadership	and	
                                                                      Ministries	department	is	its	annual	                        inspiration	to	these	women	has	been	
                                                                      Women’s	Prayer	Retreat.	These	                              indelibly	etched	on	their	hearts.	Her	
                                                                      well-planned,	well-executed,	and	                           tirelessness,	fortitude,	and	strength	
                                                                      highly-spiritual	gatherings	are	a	                          forged	a	union	of	mind,	body,	and	
                                                                      “must”	for	some	women.	They	range	                          Spirit	among	these	godly	women,	and	
A candle lighting service was held at the culmination of the
2005 weekend prayer retreat.                                          from	875	to	1350	in	attendance	and	                         her	adaptability,	kindness,	and	people	
                                                                                                                                  skills	created	a	wave	of	growth	with	
                                                                                                                                  each	succeeding	year	at	the	retreat.	
                                                                                                                                  We	salute	Yvonne	Knight	for	a	job	well	
                                                                                                                                  done.	Only	in	heaven	will	it	be	told	of	
                                                                                                                                  her	selfless	sacrifice.	

                                                                                                                                               Alanzo Smith is the Greater
                                                                                                                                               New York Conference
                                                                                                                                               communication and family
G. Earl Knight, Greater New York Conference executive               Baptismal candidates with Yvonne Knight, right, at the                     ministries director.
secretary, baptizes a candidate at the 2010 retreat, while          2010 women’s prayer retreat.
Yvonne Knight, right, looks on.

6                Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                                                     Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
                                                                                                            By Jerrell Gilkeson

“Carrying a Pitcher of Water . . .”
    “And He sent out two of His             requests,	all	of	which	are	urgent.	         upper	room.	He	was	rewarded	by	hav-
disciples and said to them, ‘Go into        For	example,	while	the	phone	rings,	        ing	the	chance	to	carry	the	water	that	
 the city, and a man will meet you          copies	are	made,	and	guests	are	wel-        Jesus	would	use	to	wash	the	feet	of	
 carrying a pitcher of water; follow        comed,	a	child	tearfully	describes	his	     His	followers.
      him’ ”—Mark	14:13,	NKJV               or	her	forgotten	lunch.	The	reception-        Inspiration	tells	us,	“The	importance	
                                            ist	then	pulls	out	lunch	money,	and	        of	little	things	is	underrated	.	.	.	They	

       ecently,	I	had	the	opportu-          dries	the	tears.	These	kind	servants	       supply	much	of	the	actual	discipline	
       nity	to	listen	to	two	groups	        also	perform	miracles	with	a	band-aid,	     of	life	for	every	human	being.	.	.	.	
       of	individuals	speak	of	a	very	      a	sticky	note,	a	phone	call,	a	smile,	or	   Faithfulness	in	the	little	things	in	
special	ministry.	One	group	was	the	        a	kind	word.                                the	line	of	duty	makes	the	worker	in	
engineers	that	are	entrusted	with	the	                                                  God’s	service	reflect	more	and	more	
Powerhouse	at	Atlantic	Union	College	                                                   the	likeness	of	Christ”—	ThaT I M ay
(AUC).	The	other	was	the	recep-                                                         K now hIM,	p.	331.
tionists/secretaries	of	some	of	our	                 There are many                       There	are	many	faithful	workers	
Atlantic	Union	schools.                                                                 and	volunteers	who	are	a	huge	part	
   What	do	these	two	groups	have	in	              faithful workers and                  of	our	school	system.	I	want	to	say	
common?	They	keep	our	schools	run-                                                      “thank	you”	to	each	one.	Our	schools	
ning!	Literally.
                                                  volunteers who are                    are	literally	held	together	by	faithful	
   As	I	listened	to	what	it	takes	to	              a huge part of our                   workers	that	view	their	thankless,	
generate	electricity,	hot	water,	and	                                                   repetitive,	and	exacting	work	as	a	
steam	heat	for	the	AUC	campus	day	               school system. I want                  mission	service	to	Jesus.	When	we	
and	night,	I	was	impressed.	While	                                                      walk	through	a	building	to	flip	on	
the	location	may	not	appear	pristine,	           to say “thank you” to                  a	switch,	use	the	restroom,	go	to	a	
there	is	an	order	that	is	required	by	                                                  warm	classroom,	or	request	infor-
physics	and	state	law	to	meet	the	con-                   each one.                      mation	at	the	front	desk,	we	seldom	
stant	needs	of	a	college	campus.	The	                                                   consider	that	we	are	looking	at	the	
capstone	was	to	hear	how	miracle	after	                                                 heart	of	the	school.
miracle	is	seen	as	equipment	and	tal-          Look	at	the	words	of	Jesus.	He	said	       These	faithful	workers	hear	Jesus’	
ent	come	together	to	keep	the	campus	       that	when	His	disciples	went	into	the	      voice.	They	have	answered	the	call.	
functioning	24/7/365.                       city	they	would	find	a	man	carrying	a	      While	they	may	not	be	hearing	their	
   In	a	similar	fashion,	the	school	sec-    pitcher	of	water	at	a	specific	spot	and	    names	honored	at	graduation	or	see	
retary/receptionist	is	the	first	contact	   time.	This	man	has	no	name,	but	he	is	      them	engraved	on	a	plaque,	they	can	
and	usually	the	“face”	for	our	schools.	    in	Scripture	because	he	was	faithful.	      hear	Jesus	saying,	“Well,	done.”	
I	listened	as	they	recounted	how	they	      He	could	be	depended	on.	He	went	
meet	the	needs	of	children	of	all	ages,	    about	his	duty,	his	work,	and	his	call-                    Jerrell Gilkeson is the
and	the	needs	of	the	teachers,	par-         ing	of	carrying	water	so	that,	at	the	                     Atlantic Union Conference
                                                                                                       education and children’s
ents,	and	administrators.	They	juggle	      appointed	time,	he	would	meet	the	
                                                                                                       ministries associate
many	tasks	at	one	time	with	multiple	       disciples	and	help	direct	them	to	the	                     director.

                  Atlantic Union Conference — Office of Education
                                                   Your Pastor, Your
                                                  Partner in Ministry
                     I☛am☛asked☛the☛question☛from☛time☛to☛time,☛“How☛can☛I☛           ☛☛ Get☛ acquainted☛ with☛ your☛ pastor☛ on☛ a☛ personal☛
                     get☛my☛pastor☛to☛be☛more☛involved☛in☛youth☛ministry☛in☛             level.☛Invite☛him☛out☛for☛lunch☛or☛into☛your☛home.
                     of☛our☛youth☛leaders☛in☛the☛Atlantic☛Union.☛I☛want☛to☛sug-       ☛☛ Schedule☛prayer☛time☛with☛your☛pastor.☛During☛this☛
                     gest☛that☛your☛pastor☛can☛be☛a☛key☛partner☛with☛you☛in☛             time☛share☛with☛your☛pastor☛what☛is☛happening☛in☛
                     youth☛ministry☛and☛a☛key☛person☛in☛the☛success☛of☛your☛             youth☛ministry.☛You☛can☛both☛use☛this☛time☛to☛pray☛
                     youth☛ministry.                                                     for☛the☛young☛people☛and☛the☛various☛youth☛initia-
                        As☛the☛chairman☛and☛leader☛of☛a☛local☛church☛youth☛              tives.
                     There☛was☛a☛series☛of☛evangelistic☛meetings☛scheduled☛             As☛ a☛ youth☛ leader☛ you☛ are☛ a☛ member☛ of☛ the☛ church☛
                     for☛the☛church☛and☛the☛pastor☛asked☛that☛we☛shut☛down☛           board.☛Be☛intentional☛about☛attending☛the☛board☛meet-
                     Pathfinders☛during☛the☛course☛of☛the☛meetings.☛I☛didn’t☛         ings.☛Become☛an☛involved☛member☛in☛the☛board☛meetings☛
                     feel☛it☛was☛right☛to☛completely☛cancel☛Pathfinder☛meet-          by☛being☛an☛advocate☛for☛the☛youth.☛As☛you☛attend☛these☛
                     ings,☛and☛I☛expressed☛this☛to☛the☛pastor.☛I☛suggested☛           meetings,☛the☛pastor☛will☛be☛encouraged☛to☛attend☛your☛
                     to☛ him☛ that☛ we☛ could☛ involve☛                                                         important☛meetings.
                     the☛Pathfinders☛in☛the☛meet-                                                                  Make☛ sure☛ your☛ pastor☛ is☛
                     ings☛ and☛ didn’t☛ feel☛ it☛ was☛      Your pastor can be a                                invited☛to☛all☛planned☛activities☛
                     right☛ to☛ ask☛ the☛ Pathfinders☛                                                          of☛the☛youth☛department.
                     to☛give☛up☛their☛meetings.☛He☛        great partner with you                                  Ask☛your☛pastor☛if☛you☛could☛
                     liked☛the☛idea☛of☛involving☛the☛                                                           accompany☛ him☛ on☛ some☛ of☛ his☛
                     Pathfinders☛ and☛ allowed☛ our☛        in all areas of youth                               hospital☛visits,☛Bible☛studies,☛or☛
                     meetings☛ to☛ continue.☛ What☛                                                             other☛visitations.☛This☛way☛you☛
                     is☛ the☛ point☛ in☛ this?☛ When☛      ministry, but he needs                               can☛get☛a☛better☛feel☛for☛the☛life☛
                     the☛ pastor☛ realized☛ that☛ we☛                                                           of☛a☛pastor.
                     would☛do☛everything☛we☛could☛          to know that you are                                   Involve☛ your☛ pastor.☛ Invite☛
                     to☛ support☛ the☛ meetings,☛ he☛                                                           him☛ to☛ share☛ devotions,☛ teach☛
                     changed☛ his☛ thinking☛ about☛         going to support his                                a☛ class,☛ share☛ his☛ hobbies,☛ tell☛
                     Pathfinders☛ and☛ became☛ a☛                                                               stories,☛etcetera.
                     great☛supporter☛of☛the☛club.             ministry, as well.                                   Remember☛ that☛ the☛ pastor☛
                        Your☛ pastor☛ can☛ be☛ a☛ great☛                                                        is☛ responsible☛ for☛ the☛ entire☛
                     partner☛with☛you☛in☛all☛areas☛of☛youth☛ministry,☛but☛he☛needs☛   church,☛not☛just☛the☛youth.☛He☛has☛many☛responsibilities;☛
                     to☛know☛that☛you☛are☛going☛to☛support☛his☛ministry,☛as☛well.     be☛sensitive☛to☛that.☛He☛can’t☛be☛everywhere☛at☛the☛same☛
                     Here are a few suggestions to help you:                            Your☛pastor☛can☛be☛your☛strongest☛supporter.☛Make☛
                     ☛☛ Make☛it☛a☛point☛to☛visit☛with☛your☛pastor☛and☛ask☛him☛        sure☛he☛knows☛that☛you☛are☛one☛of☛his☛strongest☛sup-
                        to☛share☛what☛his☛vision☛is☛for☛youth☛ministry.               porters☛in☛ministry.☛Why?☛Because☛both☛of☛you☛want☛to☛
                      ☛☛ Share☛with☛your☛pastor☛your☛vision☛of☛youth☛minis-
                         try.☛You☛do☛have☛a☛vision,☛don’t☛you?                                         Bill Wood is director for the Youth
                                                                                                       Ministries, Pathfinder, and Adventurer
                                                                                                       departments in the Atlantic Union
                      ☛☛ Always☛make☛sure☛he☛is☛invited☛to☛your☛planning☛ses-                          Conference.
                         an☛ ex-officio☛ member☛ anyway.☛ It☛ does☛ affirm☛ him☛

        8          Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                          Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
Café Eden Smoothie Bar Opens

T   he	much-anticipated	
    smoothie	bar	opened	on	
August	16,	at	the	Adventist	
                                   Café	Eden	offers	individu-
                               als	a	wide	variety	of	healthy	
                               meals	(such	as	veggie	burg-
Book	Center	(ABC)	on	          ers,	veggie	dogs,	veggie	pies,	
King	Street	in	Hamilton.	      soups,	and	more),	Christian	
Commenting	on	the	rea-         books	(Bibles,	novels,	
son	for	the	smoothie	bar,	     Christian	living,	etcetera),	
ABC	manager,	Carolyn	          and	gospel	music.	The	ABC	
James,	said,	“Everyone	has	    is	committed	to	offering	its	
been	asking	for	it.	In	addi-   customers	a	wide	choice	of	
tion,	it	is	a	healthy	choice	  wholesome	and	spiritually-
                                                                                                The Café Eden Smoothie Bar opened on Monday, August 16, at the Adventist Book Center on
and	will	only	add	to	our	      motivated	products	while	

                                                                                                                                                                                          Sheila Holder, communication director
                                                                                                King Street in Hamilton, Bermuda.
commitment	to	providing	       delivering	superb	customer	
wholesome	products	to	our	     service.
customers.”	The	goal	of	the	       Judging	from	the	clientele,	
Café	Eden	Smoothie	Bar	is	     it’s	come	none	too	soon.	
to	have	something	for	every-   When	asked	about	the	new	
                                            smoothie	bar,	
                                            here	are	some	of	
Café	Eden	offers	individuals	               the	comments:
                                               “A	needy	part	
a	wide	variety	of	healthy	                  of	health,”	stated	
meals,	Christian	books,	and	 Carol	Bassett.	
gospel	music.                               located—great	
                                            choice.	I’ll	be	
                                            back.”                                              Janice Richardson, left, and Sharon Gibbons operate the Café Eden Smoothie Bar.
one—from	the	person	who	           Pamela	Greyson	said	it	
only	wishes	for	something	     was	“Delicious!	It	is	a	real	
different	to	the	more	health- treat	to	have	and	a	welcome	
conscious	individual.          addition	to	this	area.”
  The	Café	Eden	experi-            “I	haven’t	even	had	any-
ence	promises	to	be	unique	 thing	yet,”	stated	Sandra	
and	very	fruity.	When	you	     Hugabrook.	Then,	after	
visit	the	smoothie	bar,	you	   two	samples,	she	said,	“The	
can	expect	to	meet	Mellow	     Carob	Delight	is	delicious.	
Yellow	(which	includes	        You	can	taste	the	carob	and	
banana,	mango,	peach,	         it’s	delightful.”
almond	butter,	and	non-            Sheena	Dill	said,	“I	can	
diary	milk	of	your	choice),	   come	here	to	my	own	
Carob	Delight,	Berri-licious,	 [church’s]	place	to	purchase	
and	Smooth	&	Easy.             my	smoothies.	They	have	                                         The new Adventist Book Center sign helps to promote its new products.

                                                                                                everything	I	want,	includ-                         “I	endorse	and	encourage	
                                                                                                ing	flaxseed	meal.	May	                         it,”	stated	Fitzgerald	Tucker.	
                                                                                                God	bless	them	in	this	new	                     “I	am	willing	to	take	out	fly-
                                                                                                venture.”                                       ers	to	advertise	this	place.”	
                                                                                                  “I	love	the	name”	[Café	                      It	is	“long	overdue,	includ-
                                                                                                Eden],	commented	Bill	                          ing	the	veggie	burgers	and	
                                                                                                Euler.	“Excellent	idea.	I	want	                 hot	dogs.”
                                                                                                to	wish	them	all	the	best.”                     —Randolph Wilson and Pete
                                                                                                  Dana	Bean	simply	said	                        Saunders, associate communicator
                                                                                                “Delicious!”                                    directors, Bermuda Conference

Sandra Hugabrook found the Carob Delight       “I love the name,” [Café Eden] commented              Visit our Web site:
delicious. “You can taste the carob and it’s   Bill Euler, who was one of the first to sample                      Follow us on Facebook
delightful.”                                   the new products.

at                                                                                               Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                              9
                                        Evangelistic Programs Bear Fruits
                                        B   eulah	Temple	Seventh-
                                            day	Adventist	Church	in	
                                        Brooklyn,	New	York,	shared	
                                                                                         with	the	evangelistic	series,	
                                                                                         has	yielded	seven	baptisms.	
                                                                                         Among	the	seven	individu-
                                        the	message	of	salvation	                        als	are	brother	and	sister	
                                        with	children	and	adults	in	                     Tia	and	Brandon	Ebanks.	
                                        the	community	through	two	                       Tia	attended	Vacation	Bible	
                                        evangelistic	programs	held	                      School	in	2008	and	con-
                                        during	the	last	two	weeks	of	                    tinued	to	attend	yearly.	
                                        July.	Forty-five	children	reg-                   In	addition,	since	2008,	
                                        ularly	attended	a	Vacation	                      she	has	been	attending	
                                        Bible	School	program	held	                       church	services	and	became	
                                        at	the	church	Monday	                            an	active	member	of	the	
 Alanzo Smith, communication director

                                        through	Friday	from	9:00	                        Pathfinder	club.	Tia	could	
                                        a.m.	to	12:30	p.m.	Thirty	                       not	keep	the	joy	of	serv-
                                        of	the	children	were	not	                        ing	the	Lord	to	herself,	so	               Tia Ebanks, who began attending Vacation Bible School at Beulah Temple church in 2008, also
                                        Seventh-day	Adventists.	                         she	invited	her	brother,	                  began attending church services and became an active member of the Pathfinder club before
                                        In	the	evening,	Dwayne	                          Brandon,	to	church	services	               her baptism.
                                        Lemon,	an	evangelist,	con-                       with	her.	He,	too,	became	
                                        ducted	an	evangelistic	series	                   an	active	Pathfinder.	As	
                                        for	the	adults.                                  Lemon	expounded	on	the	
                                           The	annual	Vacation	Bible	                    Scriptures	during	the	two	
                                        School	program,	together	                        weeks,	Tia	and	Brandon’s	
Greater neW york

                                                                                                                                    Brandon Ebanks was invited to church by his sister, Tia Ebanks, and, as a result, he also
                                                                                                                                    became active in the Pathfinder club and was subsequently baptized.
                                                                                                                                    hearts	were	touched,	which	                      ished	by	the	Sabbath	School,	
                                                                                                                                    led	them	to	seal	their	deci-                     Pathfinder	club,	and	other	
                                                                                                                                    sions	for	the	Lord.                              church	services	and	become	
                                                                                                                                       The	church	is	rejoicing	to	                   fruits	that	were	harvested	in	
                                                                                                                                    see	a	seed	sown	two	years	                       the	evangelistic	series.
                                        Forty-five children regularly attended a Vacation Bible School program held at the Beulah   ago	in	Vacation	Bible	School	                    —Gillian Semple, communication
                                        Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brooklyn, New York.                                  being	watered	and	nour-                          secretary, Beulah Temple church

                                        GNYC Family Ministries Director Presented With Distinguished
                                        Service Award
                                        A   t	its	annual	Family	
                                            Celebration	Weekend	
                                        held	on	the	campus	of	
                                                                                         elected	General	Conference	
                                                                                         Family	Ministries	direc-
                                                                                         tor	and	associate	director,	
                                                                                                                                    counseling	as	licensed	mar-
                                                                                                                                    riage	and	family	counselors	
                                                                                                                                    and	mental	health	counsel-
                                                                                                                                                                                        Alanzo	Smith	is	an	out-
                                                                                                                                                                                     standing	and	highly	success-
                                                                                                                                                                                     ful	family	evangelist,	con-
                                        Andrews	University,	the	                         respectively,	made	the	pre-                ors.	June	Smith	has	been	                        ducting	family	evangelism	
                                        North	American	Division	                         sentation.	Oliver	explained	               a	professor	at	Long	Island	                      across	North	America	and	
                                        awarded	Alanzo	and	June	                         to	the	audience	that	this	                 University	for	more	than	13	                     the	world	field	and	baptizing	
                                        Smith	the	Distinguished	                         was	the	highest	honor	the	                 years,	training	school	coun-                     hundreds	of	families	each	
                                        Service	Award	for	their	                         North	American	Division	                   selors	and	mental	health	                        year.	In	2010	alone,	he	bap-
                                        outstanding	contribution	to	                     gives	to	any	member	in	the	                counselors.	In	addition,	she	                    tized	more	than	300	people.	
                                        family	ministries	through-                       area	of	family	ministries.                 is	a	frequent	speaker/pre-                       He	runs	a	vibrant	men’s	
                                        out	North	America.	Willie	                         The	Smiths	were	cited	for	               senter	at	churches,	retreats,	                   ministry	and	family	minis-
                                        and	Elaine	Oliver,	newly-                        their	work	in	professional	                and	camp	meetings.                               try	in	the	Greater	New	York	

                           10                        Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                                                          Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
Conference	and	he	provides	       time	to	give	this	award	to	

                                                                                                                   Greater neW york
marriage	and	family	coun-         than	the	Smiths.	They	have	
seling	to	the	constituency.	      been	working	for	more	
He	is	a	sought-after	speaker	     than	10	years	strengthening	
for	churches,	camp	meetings,	     families	and	winning	souls	
and	family	retreats,	etcetera.    for	the	kingdom.”
  Together	the	Smiths	have	         The	Greater	New	York	
written	one	book	and	sev-         Conference	congratulates	the	
eral	articles,	and	Mr.	Smith	     Smiths	on	this	achievement!
has	authored	three	books	         —Rohann Wellington, associate
on	family	issues.	According	      communication director, Greater New    June and Alanzo Smith, right, were presented with the Distinguished Service Award for their
to	Oliver,	“I	cannot	think	       York Conference                        outstanding contribution to family ministries throughout North America by Willie and Elaine
of	any	better	couple	at	this	                                            Oliver, left, newly-elected General Conference Family Ministries director and associate director.

Major Makeover at Huntington Church
H     untington	Seventh-day	
      Adventist	Church	in	
Huntington	Station,	New	
                                  to	redo	the	space	and	were	
                                  collecting	funds	in	anticipa-
                                  tion	of	the	big	project.	“We	
York,	recently	completed	         encountered	many	difficul-
a	total	renovation	of	its	        ties	in	getting	the	renovation	
lower-level,	including	the	       on	track,	and	for	awhile,	it	
fellowship	hall,	kitchen,	and	    seemed	that	it	wasn’t	going	
bathrooms.	During	the	ded-        to	take	place,”	said	Smith,	
ication	service,	Huntington’s	    “but	I	remembered	the	Bible	
pastor,	Lincoln	Smith,	along	     text	from	Luke	1:37	that	
with	Greater	New	York	            says	‘nothing	is	impossible	
Conference	(GNYC)	officials	      with	God’	and,	by	His	grace,	
Bancroft	Daughma,	
English	Ministries	                                                      Present at the dedication service for the lower level of the Huntington church were, from left
                                                                         to right, Lincoln Smith, pastor; Bancroft Daughma, GNYC English Ministries director; Lloyd

                                                                                                                                                                             Alanzo Smith, communication director
director,	and	Lloyd	
                                                                         Scharffenberg, GNYC Corporation secretary/treasurer, and Alaebdin Baker, the contractor.
Scharffenberg,	                                                          In the background, from left to right, are Wendwell Francis, elder; Imogene Hamilton, elder;
Corporation	secre-                                                       Martha McTaggart, church member; and Clinton Bucknor, elder.
tary/treasurer,	were	
there	to	share	in	                                                       beyond	his	duty	
                                                                         by	donating	a	new	
                                                                         set	of	church	doors	
                                                                         and	other	items.
                                                                           Now	that	the	
                                                                         lower	level	is	in	
                                           The kitchen area before and
                                           after the renovations.
                                                                         excellent	condition,	

                                           we	were	able	to	
                                           move	forward	step-
                                           by-step	with	the	
                                                                                                                                       The fellowship hall before and
                                           renovation.”                                                                                after the renovations.
                                             During	the	dedi-
the	culmination	of	a	project	     cation	service,	Daughma	                                                                         community	in	the	
that	has	been	many	years	in	      delivered	the	charge	and	                                                                        area.	The	church	
the	making.                       Scharffenberg	was	on	hand	                                                                       members	rejoice	in	
   The	Huntington	church	         to	cut	the	red	ribbon,	offi-                                                                     this	wonderful	vic-
has	been	in	the	community	        cially	opening	downstairs	                                                                       tory	for	Huntington	
for	many	decades	but,	unfor-      for	the	church’s	use.	The	             the	church	looks	forward	                         and	ask	for	your	prayers	
tunately,	the	lower	audito-       contractor,	Alaebdin	Baker,	           to	advancing	several	com-                         as	they	move	forward	with	
rium	fell	into	disrepair	since	   who	attended	the	service,	             munity	service	projects,	                         God’s	ministry	in	their	
the	last	remodeling	project	      was	presented	with	a	                  including	a	food	pantry,	                         community.
that	took	place	in	the	1970s.	    plaque	in	appreciation	of	             smoking	cessation	work-                           —Oveta Foster, communication
Church	members	prayed	for	        his	work	in	beautifying	the	           shop,	and	holding	English	                        leader, Huntington church
years	for	the	opportunity	        church	and	going	above	and	            classes	for	the	Hispanic	

at                                                                         Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                    11
September	16,	2010                                                                                       Office of the President

Dear	Church	Family:

In	my	July	30	letter	to	you,	I	told	you	that	AUC’s	accreditation	was	in	danger.	It	is	time	for	
me	to	give	you	another	update.	This	time,	the	news	is	good	news.

  Here	are	the	basic	facts:

•	 AUC	has	settled	with	NEASC	for	an	extension	of	accreditation	until	July	31,	2011.	This	
   gives	us	an	extra	full	year	of	graduations—winter	graduation,	spring	graduation	(the	major	
   one),	and	summer	graduation.	That	protects	all	of	our	students	and	gives	us	all	the	time	we	
   need	to	complete	new	ways	to	accredit	their	education	into	the	future.

•	 We	have	told	you	of	AUC’s	partnership	with	Washington	Adventist	University	through	
   which	we	could	guarantee	the	accreditation	of	all	of	the	courses	and	degrees	AUC	offers.	
                                                                                                    Norman Wendth
   That	continues.	In	addition,	because	our	NEASC	accreditation	has	been	extended,	now	
   that	arrangement—if	needed—will	cover	students	throughout	the	2011-2012	academic	year.	This	partnership	alone	pro-
   tects	students’	credits	for	two	full	years	if	not	more.

•	 AUC	has	applied	for	accreditation	through	a	national	accrediting	association.	We	should	be	fully	accredited	by	that	asso-
   ciation	well	before	our	NEASC	accreditation	expires,	and	they	will	accredit	AUC’s	students’	credits	for	many	years.

•	 Although	this	accreditation	threat	is	over,	AUC	still	needs	your	prayers	and	your	support.	In	turn,	we	pledge	to	continue	
   preparing	the	students	you	love	to	be	engaged	citizens	and	servant	leaders	for	as	long	as	this	world	lasts.

   That’s	the	basic	news	about	AUC’s	accreditation.	God	has	blessed.	We	know	that	there	will	always	be	new	challenges,	yet	
we	know	that	God	surrounds	challenges	with	blessings.	You	have	been	part	of	our	biggest	blessing,	and	the	entire	AUC	fam-
ily	thanks	you	for	your	support.

Norman	Wendth
Atlantic	Union	College

12         Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010
          AUC Professor Teaches Tanzania’s Young Teachers

          Community Engagement Reaches Africa

          R    uth	Prakasam,	professor	of	English	
               at	Atlantic	Union	College	(AUC),	
          spent	a	month	at	the	University	of	
                                                                                         do	short-term	education	missions	that	
                                                                                         would	make	a	significant	contribution	
                                                                                         to	their	country.”
                                                                                                                                     because	I	don’t	speak	Swahili,”	smiled	
                                                                                                                                     Prakasam.	“It	was	also	a	lot	of	hard	
                                                                                                                                     work	because	old	English	literature	is	
          Arusha	in	Tanzania	in	Eastern	Africa	                                            Nzamutuma	teaches	economics,	             challenging,	even	for	English	speakers.”
          during	the	summer.	She	taught	                                                 statistics,	and	business	mathematics	at	       The	students	tackled	Chaucer’s	
          English	literature	to	high	school	teach-                                       Atlantic	Union	College.	He	and	fellow	      The C anTerbury Tales,	Shakespeare’s	
          ers.	The	trip	was	part	of	the	Here	and	                                        AUC	business	professor,	Jacob	Nortey,	      M aCbeTh,	and	the	ancient	epic	poem	
          Home,	Inc.	program	in	cooperation	                                             went	on	the	first	mission	in	2008	to	       Beuwulf.	“They’d	studied	African	lit-

                                                                                                                                                                                          union CoLLeGe
          with	AUC,	which	sends	professors	to	                                           Valley	View	University	in	Ghana.            erature,	yet	they	had	not	studied	the	
          African	universities	each	summer.                                                                                          majority	of	this	English	literature,”	
            “My	students	were	high	school	                                               The Way It Works Is . . .                   Prakasam	said.	“I	wanted	them	to	
          teachers	working	to	get	their	bachelor’s	                                         “Here	and	Home,	Inc.,	a	nonprofit	       engage	the	literature,	so	I	adapted	my	
          degrees,”	Prakasam	said.	“One	was	                                             organization,	raises	money	for	the	air-     teaching	style.	They	were	used	to	a	
          working	on	a	bachelor’s	in	English	                                            line	tickets,	visas,	and	textbooks.	The	    lecture	format	and	were	not	familiar	
          with	a	minor	in	history	and	the	other	                                         host	institution	provides	room	and	         with	discussion-based	classes.”
          was	working	on	a	bachelor’s	in	history	                                        board,	and	professors	donate	their	time.	     Prakasam	said	the	students	were	
          with	a	minor	in	English.”                                                      Friends,	relatives,	and	organizations	like	 intrigued	to	see	how	different	modern	

                                                                                                                                                 Photos: Alisa Pettey-Torres
                                                            Kervin Grazette

Associate English professor Ruth Prakasam is chairperson of
the Liberal Studies department at Atlantic Union College. Her                 The stately campus of the University of Arusha is nestled in                                     University of Arusha students collaborate on a project.
presence exposed the University of Arusha to new ways to                      a lush valley. This is the primary classroom building. It is the                                 Enrollment is 1,200 students under the leadership of
plan and provide expertise in higher education.                               only Seventh-day Adventist university in Tanzania.                                               Irvent Torres, Ph.D., vice chancellor, president, and CEO.

             Prakasam’s	work	helped	Tanzania	in	                                         AUC	and	Southern	Adventist	University	                                                   English	is	from	the	English	used	in	the	
          its	quest	to	secure	college	degrees	for	                                       (SAU)	in	Collegedale,	Tennessee,	have	                                                   texts	they	studied.	For	her	part,	she	
          all	of	its	high	school	teachers.	This	is	                                      assisted	in	fundraising.”	This	year,	five	                                               appreciated	the	kindness	and	hospital-
          one	of	the	very	reasons	why	AUC	busi-                                          professors	from	American	colleges	and	                                                   ity	from	her	students	and	the	wider	
          ness	professor,	Issumael	Nzamutuma,	                                           universities	went	to	Africa.                                                             college	community.	She	found	herself	
          Ph.D.,	founded	Here	and	Home,	Inc.,	                                                                                                                                    right	at	home	in	their	culture.
          in	Leominster,	Massachusetts,	in	2005.                                         Teaching Swahili Speakers                                                                   “Tanzania	is	still	dealing	with	post-
                                                                                            Ruth	Prakasam	said	the	biggest	                                                       colonialism	challenges,	but	the	people	
          Engaging the Community Worldwide                                               challenge	to	teaching	the	course	was	                                                    there	want	the	same	things	as	every-
            “We	found	there	are	about	300,000	                                           the	language	barrier.	“While	English	                                                    one	the	world	over,”	said	Prakasam,	
          African	medical	doctors,	engi-                                                 is	one	of	the	national	languages	and	                                                    “a	good	education	and	a	good	life.	On	
          neers,	and	professionals	at	the	Ph.D.	                                         is	required	for	instruction,	Swahili	is	                                                 the	human	level,	there	are	very	few	
          level	working	in	the	United	States	                                            what	Tanzanians	are	more	comfort-                                                        differences.”
          and	Europe,”	said	Nzamutuma.	                                                  able	with	and	speak	at	home.	Because	
          “Consequently,	there	is	a	lack	of	these	                                       all	the	conversation	in	the	classroom	                                                   —John Weeks, correspondent
          professionals	to	teach	the	younger	                                            must	be	in	English,	it	was	challenging	                                                  —Cindy Kurtzhals, public relations direc-
          generation	in	Africa.	We	decided	to	                                           for	them.	It	was	good	for	me,	though,	                                                   tor, Atlantic Union College

                                                                                                                                                 Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                       13
                                     Auburn Vacation Bible School Sails the High Sees
                                                                                                                                 parents	what	they	had	                          every	area	that	was	present-
                                                                                                                                 been	doing	throughout	the	                      ed.	Songs,	interaction,	Bible	
                                                                                                                                 week.	Emphasis	was	placed	                      stories,	crafts,	games,	and	
                                                                                                                                 on	how	God’s	Word	is	for	                       snacks	were	the	highlights	
                                                                                                                                 everyone—it’s	true,	com-                        each	evening.
                                                                                                                                 forting,	surprising,	and	life-                    Credit	is	given	to	Mark	
                                                                                                                                 changing.	Lunch	was	served	                     Johnson	who	was	Captain	
                                                                                                                                 after	the	service.                              Crowsnest,	Kyle	Howard	
                                                                                                                                    One	little	boy	in	a	nearby	                  who	portrayed	Frank	
                                                                                                                                 neighborhood	was	ready	                         Jonah,	Amy	Tyler	who	was	
                                                                                                                                 at	8:00	a.m.	sharp	to	go	                       Sailor	Jane,	Lily	LeBlond	
                                                                                                                                 to	VBS,	even	though	it	                         who	was	Miley	Spyglass,	
                                                                                                                                 didn’t	begin	until	6:30	p.m.	                   Miranda	Parent	who	was	
                                                                                                                                 Another	little	boy	told	his	                    Sarah	Jessica	Pirate,	and	
                                                                                                                                 dad	that	“this	was	the	best	                    Zack	Hall	who	was	Steven	
                                     Kyle Howard with his group during the closing Vacation Bible School program at the Auburn   church	he	had	ever	been	to”	                    Seagull.
                                     Seventh-day Adventist Church in Auburn, New York.                                           and	wanted	to	keep	coming.                        This	program	reaches	

                                     T   he	Auburn	Seventh-day	
                                         Adventist	Church	in	
                                     Auburn,	New	York,	sailed	
                                                                                     for	many	years	and	this	year	
                                                                                     the	attendance	averaged	
                                                                                     around	35	children	each	
                                                                                                                                    Susan	LeBlond,	the	VBS	
                                                                                                                                 director,	does	a	wonderful	
                                                                                                                                 job	each	year.	Her	family	
                                                                                                                                                                                 not	just	the	hearts	of	the	
                                                                                                                                                                                 children	who	attend,	but	
                                                                                                                                                                                 also	the	hearts	of	those	
                                     the	High	Seas	Expedition	                       night.	About	10	of	these	                   plays	a	large	part	in	this	                     who	help	and	are	inspired	
                                     during	their	annual	                            children	were	our	own	                      endeavor,	especially	her	                       by	the	children	singing	
                                     Vacation	Bible	School	(VBS)	                    regular	attendees.                          mom,	Betty	Tyler.                               songs	to	Jesus	and	listening	
                                     program	held	July	19-24.	                         On	Sabbath,	July	24,	the	                    The	youth	who	partici-                       intently	to	the	stories.
                                     VBS	has	been	a	great	com-                       closing	program	was	held	                   pated	as	group	leaders	were	                    —Joyce Leonard, communication
                                     munity	outreach	in	Auburn	                      and	children	showed	their	                  faithful	in	taking	part	in	                     correspondent, Auburn church
Kim Kaiser, communication director

                                     Willing to Answer When God Calls
                                     C   olleen	Kabel,	a	reg-
                                         istered	nurse	and	a	
                                     member	of	the	Corning	
                                                                                        “I	was	overwhelmed	by	
                                                                                     both	the	scope	of	the	dev-
                                                                                     astation	and	the	squalor	
                                     Seventh-day	Adventist	                          conditions	these	precious	
                                     Church	in	Corning,	New	                         people	were	living	in,”	said	
                                     York,	received	a	phone	call	                    Colleen.	“Each	day	medical	
                                     two	weeks	following	the	                        personnel	were	assigned	
                                     January	12	earthquake	in	                       to	different	locations,	such	
                                     Haiti.	A	close	friend,	Beth,	                   as	hospitals,	city	clinics,	
                                     asked	if	she	would	con-                         orphanages,	and	country-
                                     sider	going	with	her	and	her	                   side	clinics.	These	locations	
                                     16-year-old	daughter	on	a	                      would	contact	the	organiza-
neW york

                                     two	week	medical	relief	trip	                   tion	with	requests	for	per-
                                     to	Haiti.	Beth	had	respond-                     sonnel	the	evening	before.”	                Colleen Kabel, left, a member of the Corning Seventh-day Adventist Church and her friend,
                                     ed	to	a	group	called	Score	                     Colleen	and	her	friends	                    Beth Kraybill, both nurses, went to Haiti on a two-week medical relief trip.
                                     International	about	their	                      were	assigned	to	work	sev-                  leged	to	assist	a	mom	with	                     she	said.	“The	need	in	Haiti	
                                     recent	plea	for	medical	per-                    eral	days	at	the	Diquine	                   the	birth	of	her	son	Samuel,	                   was	so	great,	making	it	hard	
                                     sonnel.	Colleen	talked	with	                    Hospital,	only	to	learn	                    a	highlight	of	the	trip.	As	                    to	return	home	to	a	life	of	
                                     her	family	and	boss,	then	                      that	it	was	a	Seventh-day	                  time	passed,	progress	was	                      comfort.	We	each	have	to	
                                     the	doors	began	to	open	and	                    Adventist	Hospital	and	one	                 made	to	provide	better	                         come	to	understand	that	
                                     the	trip	became	a	reality.	                     of	the	few	medical	facilities	              equipment	and	supplies	                         God	is	all-knowing.”	Colleen	
                                     Friends	helped	them	collect	                    with	no	structural	damage.                  to	the	Adventist	Hospital.	                     reports	that	it	was	a	privi-
                                     more	than	1,354	pounds	of	                         “Nursing	in	a	third-world	               “Scores	of	people	from	all	                     lege	to	go	where	God	led	
                                     medical	and	baby	supplies	                      medical	environment	is	                     over	the	world	came	to	help	                    and	to	share	in	His	service.
                                     and	God	arranged	free	ship-                     humbling,”	said	Colleen.	                   make	a	difference	by	sharing	                   —Marjorie Plumley, communication
                                     ping	with	UPS!                                  Colleen	and	Beth	were	privi-                whatever	skills	they	could,”	                   secretary, Corning church

                         14                       Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                                                         Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
An Old Fashioned Barn Conference in Fulton, New York

                                                                                                                    neW york
A	  “barn	conference”	was	
    held	on	the	property	
of	Bob	and	Cecelia	Hess	on	
                                            Hiram	Edson.	Invited	were	
                                            Ellen	and	James	White	and	
                                            Joseph	Bates.	That	meet-
                                                                           guided	tours	
                                                                           of	Adventist	
                                                                           points	of	
June	25	and	26.	Bob	Hess	is	                ing	was	held	in	“Brother	      interest	in	the	
the	pastor	of	the	Dexterville	              Arnold’s”	barn,	which	was	     area.	Nearly	
Seventh-day	Adventist	                      located	not	far	from	the	      200	people	
Church	in	Fulton,	New	                      Hess’s	home.	The	purpose	      attended	
York.	The	inspiration	for	the	              of	the	meeting	was	to	help	    the	Sabbath	
event	came	from	a	confer-                   members	appreciate	church	     events.
ence	held	in	Oswego	County	                 history	and	some	often	mis-    —Kim Kaiser,
in	August	1848	called	by	                   understood	doctrines	of	the	   communication
                                            Adventist	Church.              director, New York
                                                                           Conference                  Cecelia and Bob Hess sponsored the barn conference on their
                                              Richard	Davidson	of	the	                                 property in Fulton, New York.
                                            Theological	Seminary	at	

                                                                                                                                                                      Kim Kaiser, communication director
                                            Andrews	University	was	
                                            the	guest	speaker.	Topics	
                                            included	the	investigative	

                                            judgment	and	the	sanctu-
                                            ary	message	in	the	book	
                                            of	Hebrews.	The	program	
                                            included	singing	many	of	
                                            the	early	Advent	hymns,	a	      Team driver Les Holmes
                                            potluck	dinner,	an	after-          with Bob Hess in the
                                            noon	nature	walk	on	the	       front seat impersonating
                                                                               Hiram Edson and Jan
Robert and Marie Putman were among those    property,	and	the	opportu-     Caster in the back with a
who attended the barn conference.           nity	to	participate	in	self-          group of children.

      New York CoNfereNCe womeN’s fall retreat
                                                                               Camden Church Plant

             A Touch
                                                                               Becomes Company

                                                                               I n	2006,	the	Dexterville	Seventh-day	Adventist	

                                                                                 Church	in	Fulton,	New	York,	with	Bob	Hess	as	
                                                                               pastor,	agreed	to	sponsor	a	church	plant	in	Camden.	
                                                                               Following	three	years	of	active	and	intentional	
                                                                               outreach,	the	Camden	church	plant	celebrated	its	
                                                                               change	of	status	on	July	17	to	that	of	company,	

          October 22 - 24, 2010                                                under	the	leadership	of	Dave	Weeden,	a	lay	pastor.
                                                                                  Stan	Rouse,	New	York	Conference	president,	pre-
                   Watson Homestead Center                                     sented	the	Sabbath	sermon,	and	Florencio	Zabala,	the	
                       Painted Post, NY                                        newly-elected	New	York	Conference	treasurer,	was	
                                                                               introduced.	Angel	Rodriquez,	New	York	Conference	
                                                                               executive	secretary,	invited	the	founding	members	to	
                                                                               sign	the	official	charter	and	then	asked	if	there	were	
                                           Keynote Speaker ~                   others	who	would	like	to	become	members	of	this	new-
                                                                               ly-formed	company.	One	couple	indicated	their	desire	to	
                                           Renee D. Sims                       join.	The	wife	was	already	a	member	of	the	Dexterville	
                                           Power of Praise Ministries          church	and	the	husband	is	preparing	for	baptism.
                                                                                  Currently	the	group	is	meeting	in	a	building	that	
                                                                               formerly	housed	a	movie	gallery.	The	owner	has	
   Contact Lynee Hamm, New York Conference women’s                             allowed	the	church	plant	to	meet	rent-free	for	the	past	
     retreat coordinator, for a registration brochure at                       several	months	while	they	seek	a	permanent	location.
     (315) 391-6263 or e-mail                            —Kim Kaiser, communication director, New York Conference

at                                                                          Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                              15
       A	Progress	Report	on	Haiti
By Louis B. Métellus

“c            hrist	has	committed	the	work	of	the	gospel	to	
              men	in	order	to	advance	the	interests	of	His	
              kingdom	on	earth	and	to	train	his	servants	for	
increased	responsibility”—sevenTh-day a dvenTIsT bIble
CoMMenTary,	vol.	5,	p.	510.	Every	man	entrusted	with	the	
                                                                               The	Atlantic	Union,	along	with	its	sisterhood	of	confer-
                                                                             ences,	has	contributed	a	total	of	$612,839.15	to	the	Haitian	
                                                                             disaster	relief,	which	is	divided	as	follow:
                                                                             Greater	New	York................................................$232,957.06
                                                                             Northeastern	 ..................................................... $220,000.00
treasures	of	the	Master	will	be	required	to	give	an	account	                 Atlantic	Union,	Bermuda,	New	York
in	a	responsible	manner	before	the	Judge	of	all	the	earth.	                  Southern	New	England,	Northeastern,	and
Indeed,	accountability	constitutes	a	trademark	of	heaven.                    Northern	New	England	......................................$159,882.09
  The	catastrophic	earthquake	of	7.0-magnitude	that	struck	
Port-au-Prince	and	other	neighboring	cities	on	January	12,	                    The	portion	managed	by	the	Atlantic	Union	Conference	
2010,	claimed	230,000	lives,	leveled	250,000	residential	                    represents	$159,882.09,	and	is	budgeted	in	the	following	
homes,	30,000	commercial	buildings,	and	left	1.5	million	                    expenditure	items:
Haitians	homeless.	The	Seventh-day	Adventist	Church	in	                      releAsed
Haiti	suffered	great	loss	in	the	disaster.	Six	hundred	mem-                  100	Tents	Purchased/Donated	.............................. $31,619.00
bers	are	reported	dead,	55	churches	collapsed,	and	scores	                   Atlantic	Union	Conference	Subsidy	Disbursed	.... $10,000.00
of	people	were	left	homeless.	In	response,	the	international	                Medical	Supplies/Hospital	..................................... $6,000.00
community	poured	assistance	in	goods	to	Haiti	and	prom-                      University	Needy	Students..................................... $6,000.00
ised	millions	or	billions	in	financial	assistance.	It	is	reported	           Radio	Station	Equipment	....................................... $3,000.00
that	only	three	percent	of	monetary	assistance	has	reached	
Haiti,	thus	far.	The	Prime	Minister	of	Haiti	states	that	the	                unreleAsed
international	community	has	begun	developing	strategies	                     Additional	Tents	to	be	Purchased	........................ $35,000.00
to	assist	the	people	of	Haiti	in	permanent	housing	solutions,	               Medical	Supplies/Hospital	.......................................$7,487.21
but	everything	is	moving	at	a	slow	pace.                                     Rebuilding	Projects	(churches,	church	members)	$54,000.00
  The	Seventh-day	Adventist	Church	around	the	world,	                        Miscellaneous	........................................................ $6,775.88
including	the	Atlantic	Union	Conference,	pledged	full	sup-
port	to	the	church	members	in	Haiti.	Our	church	members	                        Last	March,	in	a	show	of	support,	an	administrative	team	
were	called	upon	to	help,	and	they	responded.	The	display	of	                from	the	Atlantic	Union	Conference	comprised	of	Carlyle	
their	faithfulness	calls	for	accountability.	The	following	dis-              Simmons,	secretary;	Leon	Thomassian,	treasurer;	Dionisio	
closures	constitute	a	deliberate	effort	on	our	part	to	keep	the	             Olivo,	Hispanic	Ministries	vice	president,	and	I	visited	Haiti	
membership	abreast	of	the	use	made	of	their	contributions.                   to	disburse	a	portion	of	the	funds	to	the	Haitian	Union.	In	
  Thus	far,	the	Haitian	Union	reports	they	have	received	                    July	2010,	Thomassian	and	I	returned	to	Haiti	to	discuss	
$3,478,248.07	($670,000.00	in	tithe	and	$2,808,248.07	in	                    with	church	officials	the	temporary	homes	and	rebuilding	
non-tithe).                                                                  projects	and	to	remit	another	fraction	of	the	funds	to	the	
                                                                             Haitian	Union.	On	behalf	of	the	Haitian	churches	and	the	
the breAkdown is As follows:                                                 Atlantic	Union	Conference,	I	would	like	to	express	my	heart-
General	Conference	............................................$382,752.55   felt	thanks	to	the	North	American	Division,	the	sisterhood	of	
North	American	Division	................................ $1,839,222.15       conferences	in	the	Atlantic	Union,	and	the	world	church	for	
Oakwood	University	............................................ $10,000.00   their	tremendous	display	of	kindness	toward	our	brothers	
Other	World	Divisions/Unions	........................ $1,246,273.37          and	sisters	in	Haiti.	

   While	Maranatha	International	is	working	on	rebuilding	                   Louis B. Métellus is the Atlantic Union Conference Haitian
churches	and	schools	in	Port-au-Prince,	ADRA	International	                  Ministries vice president and the Adventist Community Services
                                                                             and Prison Ministries director.
is	engaged	in	a	transitory	home	project.

16           Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                                    Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
                                                                    SOME THiNGS YOu SHOulD KNOW

Adventist World Radio                                                     Church’s	Hagerstown,	
                                                                          Maryland-based	flagship	
Selects New President                                                     publishing	house.	Thomas,	
                                                                          who	has	served	as	interim	
T    he	Adventist	World	Radio	
     board	on	July	29	selected	
the	ministry’s	vice	president	
                                                                          president	since	April,	replaces	
                                                                          Robert	S.	Smith	who	retired	
                                                                          after	54	years	of	church	ser-
for	finance,	Dowell	Chow,	to	                                             vice,	including	17	years	at	the	
serve	as	its	new	president.                                               press.
   Chow	replaces	Benjamin	                                                   Thomas,	who	worked	in	
Schoun,	who,	in	June,	was	                                                                                         Mark Thomas
                                                                          the	Review’s	pressroom	while	
appointed	a	general	vice	                                                 a	student	at	Columbia	Union	
president	of	the	Seventh-day	                                             College	(now	Washington	
Adventist	world	church.	In	               Dowell Chow                     Adventist	University)	in	
his	new	role,	Schoun	will	still	                                          Takoma	Park,	Maryland.,	
serve	AWR	as	its	board	chair.                                             returned	24	years	ago.	Since	
   Chow	has	served	as	AWR’s	vice	president	for	finance	                   then	he	has	served	as	vice	
since	2005	and	previously	served	in	several	roles	as	an	                  president	of	the	Review’s	
Adventist	Church	finance	officer	and	administrator.                       manufacturing,	book,	and	
   AWR	provides	thousands	of	hours	a	day	in	broad-                        marketing	divisions.
casting	in	107	languages	over	AM,	FM,	shortwave,	                            Financial	issues	and	rapid	
the	Internet,	and	podcasts.	Based	at	the	church’s	                                                                Graham Barham
                                                                          changes	in	the	publishing	
world	headquarters	in	Silver	Spring,	Maryland,	AWR	                       landscape	are	challenges	fac-
employs	31	people,	including	staff	in	offices	oversee-                    ing	the	new	president,	but	he	
ing	operations	in	Europe,	Africa,	and	Asia.	Most	of	the	                  says	he’s	moving	quickly	to	
hundreds	of	local	studio	and	engineering	staff	world-                     address	them.	“The	church	
wide	are	employed	by	local	church	entities.                               has	always	depended	on	the	
   Before	joining	AWR,	Chow	served	as	treasurer	of	the	                   Review	to	help	spread	the	
church’s	Columbia	Union	Conference,	the	Maryland-                         Advent	message	through	
based	administration	for	the	U.S.	Mid-Atlantic	region,	                   print.	We’re	enhancing	our	
and	as	president	of	the	church	in	the	state	of	New	                       operations	by	embracing	new	
Jersey.	He	also	served	as	a	pastor	in	Puerto	Rico	and	as	                 technologies	and	utilizing	
an	administrator	of	a	publishing	house	in	Venezuela.                                                                 John Gay
                                                                          digital	platforms	that	will	
   Chow	also	currently	serves	on	the	boards	of	the	                       widen	our	reach,”	he	says.	
Takoma	Park,	Maryland-based	Washington	Adventist	                         “For	example,	we	recently	
University,	Washington	Adventist	Hospital,	and	                           released	more	than	30	titles	
Rockville,	Maryland-based	Adventist	Healthcare.                           in	digital	formats	for	e-book,	
   Chow	said	some	of	AWR’s	key	operations	include	                        iPhone,	and	iPad	applica-
its	extensive	network	of	FM	radio	stations,	training	for	                 tions.	And	we’re	planning	to	
local	partners,	and	the	ministry’s	offerings	of	podcast-                  expand	this	to	other	areas	of	
ing—in	June	the	organization	launched	a	Web	site	                         our	work.”
with	podcasts	in	more	than	80	languages.                                     He	also	named	two	new	
   For	more	information,	visit                                   vice	presidents	and	an	assis-            Rande Colburn
—Adapted from a news story on Adventist News Network (ANN). The           tant	vice	president:	Graham	
full story is available at:   Barham,	vice	president	for	finance,	replaces	the	retir-
                                                                          ing	Hepsiba	Singh.	He	hails	from	Adventist-owned	
                                                                          Stanborough	Press	in	England	where	he	served	as	
                                                                          financial	director	and	associate	general	manager	
Review and Herald Appoints                                                since	2000.	John	Gay,	assistant	vice	president	of	the	
New leadership                                                            Graphics	Division	(manufacturing),	was	promoted.	
                                                                          Rande	Colburn,	quality	control	manager,	was	named	

E   arlier	this	summer,	the	Review	and	Herald	                            assistant	vice	president	of	the	Graphics	Division.
    Publishing	Association	Board	of	Trustees	con-                         —Adapted from a news story in the September 2010 issue of the
firmed	Mark	B.	Thomas	as	president	of	the	Adventist	                      Columbia Union Visitor .

at                                                                         Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010    17
                                                 Hebron Youth Church Turns One
                                                 T   he	youth	at	Hebron	Seventh-day	Adventist	Church	 schedule	was	later	changed	so	that	the	English	and	
                                                     in	Brooklyn,	New	York,	and	the	Adventist	churches	 French	worship	services	would	run	concurrently.
                                                 in	the	surrounding	area	packed	the	sanctuary	on	June	      The	guest	speaker	for	the	anniversary	service,	
                                                 12	to	celebrate	the	one-year	anniversary	of	the	English	 Antoine	Dumas,	a	graduate	of	Oakwood	University	in	
                                                 worship	service.                                         Huntsville,	Alabama,	presented	the	message	for	the	
                                                    For	years,	members	of	the	Hebron	Adventist	Youth	     day	entitled	“Baptism	of	the	Holy	Spirit.”	The	youth	at	
                                                 Society	prayed	for	the	day	when	they	would	be	able	      Hebron	church	have	chosen	Christ	as	their	personal	
                                                 to	have	their	own	wor-                                                                 Savior,	realizing	the	call	
                                                 ship	service	in	English	and	                                                           placed	on	their	lives	to	do	
                                                 Creole.	Under	the	leadership	          Hebron’s congregation, which                    His	will	and	to	further	the	
                                                 of	Roberne	J.	Saint-Louis,	                                                            ministry	of	this	church	in	
                                                 the	church’s	pastor,	and	the	            speaks French, Creole, and                    the	community.
                                                 board	of	elders,	their	vision	          English, also hoped this new                      Praises	in	the	morning	
                                                 became	a	reality.                                                                      became	showers	of	blessings	
                                                    Located	in	an	English-               service would attract former                   in	the	afternoon	as	the	anni-
                                                 speaking	community,	Hebron’s	         members and nearby residents.                    versary	celebration	conclud-
 Stephen Williams, communication director

                                                 congregation,	which	speaks	                                                            ed	with	Hands	in	Ministry’s	
                                                 French,	Creole,	and	English,	                                                          third	annual	Silent	Praise	
                                                 also	hoped	this	new	service	would	attract	former	mem-    Without	Bounds	Concert.	With	songs	of	praise	and	
                                                 bers	and	nearby	residents,	once	deterred	from	attending	 worship,	the	youth	celebrated	the	realization	of	their	
                                                 the	weekly	services	because	of	a	language	barrier.       vision,	a	year	of	challenges	and	victories.
                                                    The	youth	held	consecutive	worship	services	every	    —Kristia M. Beaubrun, communication director, Hebron church
                                                 Sabbath	after	the	adult	worship	service	in	French.	The	

                                            Hundreds Attend Affordable Housing Workshops
                                            H    undreds	of	church	
                                                 members	and	com-
                                            munity	residents	crowded	
                                                                                            Corporation	of	America	
                                                                                               The	program	consisted	of	
                                                                                                                                has	sought	to	provide	help	
                                                                                                                                to	members	in	this	situa-
                                                                                                                                tion.	NACA	is	a	non-profit	
                                            into	the	Hanson	Place	                          two	workshops	designed	to	          community	agency	that	
                                            Seventh-day	Adventist	                          help	individuals	with	dis-          advocates	on	behalf	of	hom-
                                            Church	in	Brooklyn,	New	                        tinct	housing	needs.	The	first	     eowners	before	banks	and	
                                            York,	on	May	16	to	attend	                      workshop,	lasting	two	hours,	       other	lenders	to	insure	fair	

                                            housing	workshops	spon-                         was	geared	to	homeowners	           lending	practices.	It	is	cur-
                                            sored	by	the	Northeastern	                      who	are	facing	the	prospect	        rently	certified	by	the	U.S.	
                                            Conference	Stewardship	                         of	foreclosure.	The	inner-city	     Department	of	Housing	
                                            Department	and	conducted	                       neighborhoods	of	New	York	          and	Urban	Development	            Hundreds of church members and com-
                                            by	the	National	Assistance	                     have	been	hit	particularly	         to	provide	counseling	to	         munity residents attended the housing
                                                                                                              hard	during	      homeowners	in	crisis	while	       workshops at the Hanson Place Seventh-day
                                                                                                                                                                  Adventist Church.
                                                                                                              the	current	      negotiating	with	banks	to	
                                                                                                              recession	        restructure	unaffordable	         representatives	of	the	major	
                                                                                                              with	higher	      mortgages	through	the	            banks	who	agree	to	be	pres-
                                                                                                              foreclosure	      loan	modification	process.	       ent	beforehand	to	work	out	
                                                                                                              rates	than	the	   Because	of	its	non-profit	sta-    a	modification	resulting	in	
                                                                                                              national	aver-    tus,	NACA	does	not	charge	        reduced	interest	rates	and	
                                                                                                              age.	Adventist	   any	fees	in	connection	with	      monthly	payments	(NACA.
                                                                                                              church	mem-       its	home	retention	services.	     com).	Darwin	Monro,	the	
                                                                                                              bers	have	not	    The	agency	has	sponsored	         director	of	NACA’s	New	
                                                                                                              been	exempt	      home-saving	fairs	in	con-         York/New	Jersey	office	is	
                                                                                                              from	this	        vention	centers	throughout	       a	member	of	the	Linden	
                                                                                                              crisis.	The	      the	country.	At	these	events	     Seventh-day	Adventist	
                                            Darwin Monro is the director of New York/New Jersey office of the
                                            National Assistance Corporation of America and a member of the    stewardship	      thousands	of	homeown-             Church	in	Laurelton,	
                                            Linden Seventh-day Adventist Church.                              department	       ers	meet	face	to	face	with	       New	York.

                              18                       Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                                      Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
  A	second	workshop	was	              ration.	A	special	“thank	          Emmaus	and	Mount	of	
                                                                                                                          church	to	community	resi-

provided	in	the	afternoon	            you”	has	been	extended	to	         Olives	in	Brooklyn.	On	                          dents	who	would	not	come	
for	potential	first-time	home	        Melwyn	Mounter,	pastor	of	         June	6	the	Mt.	Sinai	church	                     otherwise.	The	Linden	
buyers.	Participants	were	            the	Hanson	Place	church,	          hosted	a	“standing	room	                         church	hosted	a	seminar	on	
educated	on	topics	such	as	           for	hosting	the	event.	Since	      only”	seminar	in	Queens.	                        August	1.
pre-qualifying	for	mort-              May	16,	several	churches	          Stewardship	leader	Dwight	                       —Daniel Honore, stewardship
gages,	repairing	damaged	             have	sponsored	workshops	          Hamilton	reports	that	the	                       director, Northeastern Conference
credit,	and	document	prepa-           with	NACA,	including	              program	introduced	the	

Northeastern Conference Adventist Community Services Hosts
Chaplaincy Training
A     s	a	result	of	the	increasing	
      frequency	and	intensity	
of	disasters,	the	Northeastern	
                                      of	Homeland	Security.	
                                      The	class	was	conducted	
                                      by	Steve	Willsey,	North	
Conference	(NEC)	continues	           American	Division	Adventist	
to	equip	its	pastors	and	work-        Community	Services	Crisis	
ers	to	meet	the	potential	chal-       Care	coordinator	in	the	east-
lenges.	On	July	19	and	20	the	        ern	United	States.	A	total	
NEC	Adventist	Community	              of	39	participants	success-
Services	(ACS)	department	            fully	completed	the	module.	
hosted	a	training	in	Group	           These	included	representa-

                                                                                                                                                                          Stephen Williams, communication director
Crisis	Intervention.                  tives	from	the	Allegheny	
   It	is	the	first	module	of	a	       East,	New	Jersey,	and	
series	of	courses	leading	up	         Northeastern	conferences.
to	certification	in	Disaster	         —W. Fitzgerald Kerr, Adventist     Thirty-nine people from the Allegheny East, New Jersey, and Northeastern conferences par-
Chaplaincy	that	will	be	rec-          Community Services director,       ticipated in Group Crisis Intervention training held by the Northeastern Conference Adventist
ognized	by	the	Department	            Northeastern Conference            Community Services Department.

Northeastern Academy looks to the Future
T    he	Northeastern	
     Academy	(NEA)	family	
is	thankful	to	God	for	His	
                                      very	well	on	the	New	York	
                                      State	Regents	Exam	in	the	
                                      areas	of	Geometry,	Algebra	1	
                                                                         midst	of	trouble,	the	Lord	
                                                                         has	promised	to	see	them	
                                                                                                                          •	 Competency	in	the	use	
                                                                                                                             of	the	Hunter	System	and	
                                                                                                                             the	Virtual	Classroom	
many	blessings	on	the	insti-          and	2,	Trigonometry,	Living	                                                           Technology.
tution	during	the	2009-2010	          Environment,	and	Global	2.         Primary Goals for the                            •	 Planning	and	preparing	
school	year.	Throughout	                 Northeastern	Academy	           2010-2011 school year:                              for	the	Interim	Evaluation	
the	year,	NEA	established	            is	off	to	a	great	start	for	the	   •	 Placing	a	greater	empha-                         visit	2010-2011.
partnerships	with	Oakwood	            2010-2011	school	year.	As	            sis	on	becoming	a	school	                     •	 Enhancing	the	quality	
University	in	Huntsville,	            co-laborers	with	the	Master,	         of	prayer	in	cooperation	                        of	instruction	via	peer	
Alabama;	The	Edna	Mainly	             the	importance	of	seeking	            with	the	divine	in	seek-                         evaluation	processes	and	
School	of	the	Performing	             Him	for	divine	guidance	              ing	to	restore	the	image	                        joint	interdepartmental	
Arts	in	Kingston,	Jamaica,	           and	direction	is	critical	to	         of	the	Creator	within	the	                       lesson-planning	collabo-
West	Indies;	Loma	Linda	              the	overall	success	of	the	           lives	of	the	students.                           rations.
University	in	Loma	Linda,	            initiatives.	The	Scriptures	       •	 Providing	a	rigorous	aca-                     •	 Improving	marketing	
California;	and	Atlantic	             plainly	state	that	it	is	“not	        demic	program	as	well	                           outreach	strategies	of	
Union	College	in	South	               by	might,	nor	by	power	               as	a	greater	opportunity	                        NEA	by	increasing	vis-
Lancaster,	Massachusetts.	            but	by	my	Spirit	saith	the	           for	students	to	exercise	                        ibility	via	radio,	televi-
These	strategic	partner-              Lord”	(Zacariah	4:6).	This	           creative	expression	via	                         sion,	the	Internet,	live	
ships	provide	the	students	           Scripture	resonates	deep	             the	arts.                                        presentation,	print	
the	opportunity	of	taking	            within	the	hearts	of	the	          •	 Increasing	community	                            media,	and	video.
college-level	courses	at	a	           administrators,	faculty,	and	         service	outreach	initia-                      •	 Improving	the	effective-
reduced	rate	throughout	              staff,	as	they	strive	to	move	        tives	within	the	present	                        ness	and	implementation	
their	tenure	at	NEA,	thus	            NEA	towards	a	brighter	               location.                                        of	schoolwide	communi-
enabling	them	to	earn	up	             future.	Opposition	and	            •	 Providing	professional	                          cation	processes,	internal	
to	18	college	credits	by	the	         challenges	are	sure	to	come,	         development	opportuni-                           and	external.
time	they	graduate.	Next,	            but	they	are	assured	and	             ties	for	staff	and	faculty	                   —James Bennett, Sr., principal,
NEA	students	performed	               confident	that	while	in	the	          members.                                      Northeastern Academy

at                                                                         Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                   19
                                       Adventurer Spring Escape Presents “As One”
                                       A    s	One	was	the	
                                            theme	for	the	2010	
                                       Adventurer	Spring	Escape	
                                                                                  (eyes)	to	see	how	amaz-
                                                                                  ing	your	eyes	are!”	They	
                                                                                  explored	in	depth	about	
                                       held	at	Camp	Lawroweld	in	                 the	eye,	ear,	mouth,	brain,	
                                       Weld,	Maine,	May	14-16.	                   heart,	digestive	system,	
  Lynn Ortel, communication director

                                       About	175	Adventurers,	                    respiratory	system,	muscles,	
                                       Pathfinders,	parents,	and	                 skin,	and	hands.
                                       leaders	were	in	attendance	                   The	event	concluded	on	
                                       for	the	entire	weekend.                    Saturday	night	with	a	pre-
                                          On	Friday	night	the	                    tend	surgery	conducted	by	
                                       Pathfinders	presented	a	skit	              “Ben	Carson,	M.D.,”	played	
                                       entitled	The	Body,	illustrat-              by	James	Davison.	Each	
                                       ing	that	if	the	feet	won’t	                child	and	adult	“scrubbed	
                                       carry	people	around	and	the	               in,”	complete	with	boo-          The event concluded on Saturday night with a pretend surgery during which the Adventurers
                                       eyes	won’t	see	because	they	               ties,	cap,	mask,	gloves,	and	    “scrubbed in,” complete with booties, cap, mask, gloves, and gowns.
                                       don’t	feel	like	seeing	today,	             gowns.	Harry	Sabnani,	           individual	put	a	puzzle	                        experience,	and	the	ultimate	
                                       then	the	entire	body	is	not	               Northern	New	England	            piece	on	a	body,	showing	                       goal	this	year	was	to	go	into	
                                       able	to	function	as	God	                   Conference	Youth	Ministries	     that	everyone	is	connected	                     the	communities	ready	to	
                                       meant	it	to	function—a	unit	               director,	was	the	patient	       to	make	the	body	of	Christ.	                    work	together	as	one.
                                       that	shines	for	Jesus.                     and	he	was	very	patient.	        The	games	included	“Three	                        For	more	information	on	
                                          On	Sabbath,	each	                       The	team	of	operating	room	      Legs	Are	Better	than	One,”	                     starting	an	Adventurer	club	
northern neW enGLanD

                                       Adventurer	had	the	oppor-                  professionals	found	vari-        “Coconut	Connection,”	                          in	a	Northern	New	England	
                                       tunity	to	go	to	“the	clinic”	              ous	things	in	his	body.	His	     “Battle	of	the	Hill,”	and	                      Conference	church,	e-mail	
                                       to	check	their	vital	signs,	               cauliflower	brain	had	a	few	     “With	or	Without	Eyes.”               
                                       height	and	weight,	and	visit	              things	that	needed	replac-         This	annual	event	is	full	of	                —Lanita Medina, communication
                                       the	different	stations	that	               ing.	His	heart,	though	          fun	and	thought-provoking	                     correspondent, Camden church
                                       were	full	of	learning	activi-              mostly	good,	needed	a	few	       activities	for	the	children	to	
                                       ties	about	what	makes	up	                  repairs.	“Carson”	illustrated	

                                                                                                                         Music Clinic 2011
                                       the	body.	Stories	helped	to	               how	God	changes	hearts,	                    Northern New England Conference
                                       make	the	concepts	easier	to	               even	though	as	a	surgeon,	
                                       understand,	such	as:	“How	                 the	doctor	is	limited	in	what	
                                       about	a	trip	through	the	ear	              he	can	do.	At	one	point	the	
                                       canal?	You	might	have	been	                patient	“lost	his	marbles”	                              March 31 - April 2, 2011

                                       on	the	Erie	Canal,	but	this	
                                       canal	is	really	different!”	or	
                                                                                  and	they	went	rolling	all	
                                                                                  over	the	place.	However,	                                              He
                                       “Have	you	ever	been	behind	
                                       the	scenes?	Well,	you	are	
                                                                                  they	were	quickly	replaced.
                                                                                     In	addition	to	the	laugh-                                        Loved
                                       going	behind	the	“seeing”	                 ter	of	this	humorous	sur-                                              Me

                                                                                  gery,	“Carson”	told	his	life	
                                                                                  story.	He	gave	his	life	to	
                                                                                  Jesus,	and	what	a	difference	
                                                                                  it	made.	Choices	he	made	                                             the
                                                                                  have	altered	the	entire	
                                                                                  course	of	his	life	because	
                                                                                  he	chose	Jesus.	As	a	little	
                                                                                  boy	he	was	transformed	
                                                                                  from	a	failure	into	an	indi-                          For early registration applications due
                                                                                  vidual	with	a	bright	future.                            December 1, 2010 - $10 Savings
                                                                                     A	special	“thank	you”	                     Final Piano application deadline February 1, 2011
                                                                                  to	the	booth	presenters	                   Final application deadline for all others March 1, 2011

                                                                                                                                                        Hosed by
                                                                                  and	helpers	throughout	
                                                                                  the	weekend!	They	blessed	
                                                                                  many	children	and	adults.                               Pine Tree Academy, Freeport, Maine
                                       Leader Wendy Williams illustrates the         The	event	always	ends	                                 For applications or additional information,
                                       respiratory system using balloons as the                                                          please contact the NNEC Education Department
                                       alveoli.The kids are sitting inside the    with	a	commitment	to	Jesus	                        at 207-797-3760, ext. 13 or visit us at
                                       respiratory system.                        and	some	fun	games.	Each	

                           20                      Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                                         Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
Stepping Out Results in loss

                                                                                                      northern neW enGLanD
I t	started	when	Norman	
  Medina,	D.D.S.,	from	
Camden,	Maine,	decided	it	
                                 ing	off,	Medina’s	patients	
                                 started	noticing.	Many	of	
                                 them	asked,	“Are	you	sick	
                                                                  him	to	invite	the	commu-
                                                                     Although	this	may	not	
                                                                                                             and	handouts	to	make	it	
                                                                                                             interesting	and	interactive.	
                                                                                                             Kay	Fischer,	a	registered	
was	time	to	lose	weight,	so	     or	are	you	losing	weight	on	     seem	like	a	large	number,	                 dietician,	was	a	valuable	
he	began	to	research	what	       purpose?”	The	next	ques-         30	people	signed	up.	The	                  resources,	as	many	people	
would	work	for	him.	As	the	      tion	that	followed	was,	         plan,	however,	was	not	only	               had	dietary	questions.
pounds	came	off	and	he	          “How	are	you	doing	this	so	      to	teach	them	the	princi-                    At	the	end	of	the	five	
kept	up	his	research,	his	       successfully?	Tell	us!	We	       ples,	but	also	to	feed	them	               weeks	it	was	exciting	to	
wife,	Lanita,	experimented	      want	to	learn	too!”              a	full	meal,	show	them	how	                hear	the	success	stories	
with	ways	to	feed	him.	She	         Medina	started	mull-          the	meal	was	prepared,	                    of	not	only	weight	loss,	
made	him	a	nice	variety	of	      ing	around	the	idea	about	       and	have	them	taste	other	                 but	healthier	lifestyles.	
food	that	was	healthy,	tasty,	   teaching	a	cooking/weight-       dishes.                                    One	woman	came	to	learn	
and	quick	to	prepare.	In	        loss	class	that	would	help	         With	a	crew	of	six	                     how	to	help	her	husband	
the	process	they	discovered	     his	patients	and	anyone	in	      church	members	to	help	                    who	was	a	diabetic	and	
some	tips	that	really	worked	    the	community	who	want-          cook,	feed,	clean	up,	and	                 overweight.	By	the	end	
and	made	this	weight	            ed	to	learn	what	he	had	         set	up,	the	program	began.	                of	the	five	weeks	he	had	
loss	“chore”	very	do-able.	      discovered.	He	is	not	the	       The	first	week	the	group	                  lost	15	pounds.	When	he	
Incidentally,	these	followed	    kind	of	person	to	speak	up	      prayed,	sweated	and	wor-                   went	to	visit	his	physi-
Ellen	White’s	health	prin-       front,	so	this	was	a	big	step	   ried,	and	almost	ran	out	of	               cian	that	week	his	doctor	
ciples	very	closely!             for	him.	After	“experiment-      food.	Lanita	and	her	crew	                 said,	“What	have	you	been	
  As	the	months	passed	          ing”	with	fellow	church	         explained	how	the	food	was	                doing?	This	is	a	miracle!	
and	the	pounds	kept	com-         members,	they	encouraged	        prepared,	and	then	each	                   You	can	cut	way	down	
                                                                  participant	was	served	a	                  on	your	insulin,	and	your	
                                                                  meal	in	an	eight-inch	cast	                blood	pressure	is	within	
                                                                  iron	pan.	At	the	last	ses-                 the	normal	limits.	I	would	
                                                                  sion,	each	participant	took	               love	to	know	how	you	
                                                                  home	his/her	pan	so	they	                  accomplished	this!”
                                                                  could	continue	making	food	                  “Stepping	out	of	our	com-
                                                                  in	it.	Copies	of	the	recipes	              fort	zones	is	not	easy	.	.	.	
                                                                  were	also	handed	out	each	                 but	to	see	results	like	what	
                                                                  week	so	participants	could	                we	saw	was	really	a	lot	of	
                                                                  make	notes	as	different	                   fun,	and	it	sure	motivates	
                                                                  foods	and	variations	to	the	               me	to	keep	a	healthy	life-
                                                                  recipes	were	explained.	                   style	also!”	says	Medina.
                                                                  Medina	presented	each	                     —Lanita Medina, communication

                                                                                                                                                        Lynn Ortel, communication director
                                                                  topic	using	word	pictures	                 correspondent, Camden church
                                                                  and	illustrations,	along	with	
                                                                  PowerPoint	presentations	

                                                                                                   lEGAl NOTiCE
                                                                            Northern New England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc.

                                                                    NOTiCE iS HEREBY GiVEN	that	the	fourth	quadrennial	session	of	the	
                                                                    Northern	New	England	Conference	of	Seventh-day	Adventists,	Inc.,	will	be	
                                                                    held	at	Pine	Tree	Academy,	Freeport,	Maine,	on	Sunday,	October	31,	2010.	
                                                                    The	first	meeting	of	the	session	is	called	for	10:00	a.m.	The	purposes	of	this	
                                                                    meeting	are	to	elect	officers,	an	executive	committee,	and	the	departmental	
                                                                    directors	for	the	ensuing	quadrennial	term;	to	receive	reports;	and	to	transact	
                                                                    such	other	business	as	may	properly	come	before	the	session.	Each	church	is	
                                                                    entitled	to	one	delegate	for	the	organization	and	one	additional	delegate	for	
                                                                    each	fifteen	members	(Article	III,	Section	1a).	The	Organizing	Committee	
                                                                    shall	meet	on	Sunday,	October	3,	2010,	at	1:00	p.m.	at	the	Portland	Seventh-
                                                                    day	Adventist	Church	(White	Memorial),	Portland,	Maine.	The	purpose	of	
                                                                    this	meeting	is	to	elect	the	nominating	committee	to	serve	the	constituency,	
                                                                    constitution	and	bylaws	committee,	and	any	other	committees	as	may	be	
                                                                    necessary	(Article	IV,	Section	1e).	The	nominating	committee	shall	meet	
                                                                    on	Sunday,	October	24,	2010,	at	10:00	a.m.	at	the	Northern	New	England	
                                                                    Conference	office	headquarters	(Article	IV,	Section	2a).
                                                                    Michael	F.	Ortel,	President	
                                                                    	                                               Merlin	L.	Knowles,	Secretary

at                                                              Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                            21
                                                                                     Fitchburg Church Thrilled with Revival
  Frank Tochterman, communication director

                                             A    s	a	body	of	believers,	our	mis-
                                                  sion	is	to	go	and	make	dis-
                                             ciples.	In	the	sharehIM ouTreaCh
                                             leadershIp TeaM h andbooK	
                                             (p.	6),	the	disciple-making	pro-
                                             cess	is	called	“Evangeliving.”	
                                             “Evangeliving	is	honoring	Christ	
                                             and	reaching	out	to	the	others	
                                             in	our	life.	It	is	about	growing	
                                             relationships,	building	trust,	and	
                                             reflecting	God’s	love	to	those	who	
                                             have	not	yet	accepted	Christ	as	
                                             Savior	and	Lord.”
                                                Clinton	Madden,	a	member	
                                             of	the	Salem	church	where	Ray	
                                                                                     Fifty to 60 people attended the 30-night evangelistic series each evening at the Fitchburg Seventh-day Adventist Church in
                                             Daniels	is	the	pastor,	will	tell	you	   Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
                                             of	his	neighbor	of	27	years	who	
                                             bought	a	new	Harley	Davidson	
                                             motorcycle	hoping	to	find	hap-          T    he	Fitchburg	Seventh-day	
                                                                                          Adventist	Church	in	Fitchburg,	
                                                                                     Massachusetts,	was	packed	when	Tom	
                                                                                                                                       days of prayer.	Every	Sunday	a	small	
                                                                                                                                       group	of	members	and	missionaries	
                                                                                                                                       (young	people	trained	by	Andre	Waller	
Southern neW enGLanD

                                             piness,	but	did	not.	One	day	this	
                                             neighbor	asked	Madden	for	his	          Dombrowski,	the	church’s	former	pas-              as	Bible	workers)	would	knock	on	
                                             secret	of	happiness.	That	ques-         tor,	baptized	nine	people	at	the	close	of	 doors	in	the	surrounding	community,	
                                             tion	resulted	in	the	neighbor	          a	30-night	evangelistic	series.	Two	more	 visiting,	praying	with	people,	and	
                                             receiving	Bible	studies.                were	baptized	during	the	series	and	              starting	Bible	studies.
                                                John	Amoah,	pastor	of	the	           others	are	still	preparing	for	baptism.	             God	blessed	their	hard	work	and	
                                             Quinebaug	and	Connecticut	              Dombrowski	and	the	church	members	                answered	their	prayers.	Fifty	to	60	
                                             Ghanaian	Company	district,	             are	thrilled	with	the	spirit	of	revival	the	 people	attended	each	evening	(almost	
                                             will	tell	you	that	Evangeliving	        Holy	Spirit	is	bringing	about.                    half	of	Fitchburg	church’s	member-
                                             is	planting	a	new	Ghanaian	                The	speaker	was	Andre	Waller,	an	              ship),	with	non-church	members	
                                             church	in	Boston	and	establish-         Oakwood	University	religion	gradu-                comprising	about	20	percent	of	the	
                                             ing	a	new	Ghanaian	company	in	
                                                                                     ate,	former	associate	publishing	direc- nightly	attendance.
                                             Greater	Bridgeport	whose	mother	
                                                                                     tor	for	Allegheny	East	Conference,	               —Sandra Dombrowski, former church member,
                                             church,	the	North	Bronx	Ghana	
                                             church,	gave	them	$30,000	for	          and	founder	of	a	training	school	                 Fitchburg church

                                             doing	Evangeliving.                     for	Bible	workers.	Atlantic	Union	
                                                Skip	Johnson,	pastor	of	the	         College	theology	
                                             Waterford	(New	London),	                graduate	Lance	
                                                                                     Wilbur	presented	          Southern New England
                                             Norwich,	and	Willimantic	
                                             district,	will	tell	you	that	           a	health	lecture	                     School Feature
                                             Evangeliving	is	training	60	of	his	     each	evening.
                                             members,	ages	12	to	83,	to	share	
                                             the	good	news	of	the	gospel	
                                                                                        Preparation	for	
                                                                                     this	series	began	                    A
                                                                                                                     t	South	
                                             through	evangelistic	meetings	in	       long	before	the	
                                             his	three	churches.                     meetings	started.	         Adventist	
                                                Luiz	Biazotto,	Light	America	        Church	mem-                School	in	
                                             director,	will	tell	you	that	           bers	gathered	             Braintree,	
                                             Evangeliving	is	30	Light	America	       after	the	church	          Massachusetts,	
                                             workers,	10	pastors,	and	their	         service	every	             we	challenge	our	students	academically,	care	about	
                                             17	churches	evangelizing	Boston	        week	to	pray.	             them	personally,	and	encourage	them	spiritually.	Our	
                                             during	2010.                            Several	months	            church	and	school	are	committed	to	providing	an	
                                                This	is	indeed	what	                 before	the	series	         educational	environment	that	supports	students	and	
                                             Evangeliving	is	about.                  Dombrowski	took	           their	families	as	they	grow	in	Christ.	South	Shore	
                                             —Whitford Shaw, ministerial director,   church	members	            school	is	Adventist	education	at	its	best.
                                             Southern New England Conference         through	Dennis	   Click on “Schools.”
                                                                                     Smith’s	book,	40	

                               22                   Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                                            Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
   Pleasant Street Church utilizes Summertime for Outreach

                                                                                                                     Southern neW enGLanD
   D    uring	the	summer	with	
        the	temperature	rising,	
   the	Pleasant	Street	Seventh-
                                                members,	adults	and	chil-
                                                dren	alike,	visited,	sang,	
                                                worshipped,	and	prayed	with	
                                                                                     On	Sunday,	July	
                                                                                  11,	the	church’s	youth	
                                                                                  department	sponsored	
   day	Adventist	Church	in	                     the	residents	at	the	Parson	      a	free	Community	Fair.	

                                                                                                              Ben Ogunjobi
   Worcester,	Massachusetts,	                   Hills	Nursing	Home.	It	was	       Activities	included	a	
   reached	out	to	the	com-                      a	joy	to	see	the	smiles	on	the	   moonwalk,	inflatable	
   munity,	changing	lives	and	                  faces	of	the	residents	as	they	   obstacle	
   building	relationships.                      clapped	their	hands	while	        course,	face	
     The	fourth	Sabbath	of	each	                singing	familiar	songs	they	      painting,	                                                      On Sunday, July
   month	was	designated	for	                    remembered	from	the	past.	        spin	art,	                                                      11, the Pleasant
                                                                                                                                                  Street Seventh-day
   outreach	programs.	Church	                   Later	that	day	a	well-bal-        games,	and	                                                     Adventist Church
                                                anced	meal	was	taken	to	the	      much	more.	                                                     Youth Ministries
                                                Worcester	Veteran’s	Shelter	      It	was	a	                                                       department
                                                                                                                                                  sponsored a free
                                                just	in	time	for	dinner,	coor-    surprise	to	                                                    Community Fair.
                                                dinated	by	Ben	Ogunjobi,	         everyone	
                                                personal	ministries	director,	    who	stopped	by	that	there	
                                                                                                                             ing	opportunity	to	evangelize	
                                                and	served	by	the	church	         was	no	charge	to	participate	
                                                                                                                             and	invite	friends,	family,	or	
                                                family.	This	meal	helps	vet-      in	the	games	and	activities	
                                                                                                                             neighbors	to	the	fair,	Vacation	
                                                eran	families	meet	a	basic	       and	that	there	were	coveted	
                                                                                                                             Bible	School,	and	the	chil-
                                                need	while	also	developing	       prizes	for	all.	The	fair	created	
                                                                                                                             dren’s	evangelism	series.
                                                and	strengthening	relation-       a	time	of	bonding,	fun,	and	
    Pleasant Street church members pro-                                                                                      —Karen Zeno, AY director, Pleasant
   vided a well-balanced meal to those at the   ships	among	the	families	as	      fellowship	among	the	church	
                                                                                                                             Street church
   Worcester Veteran’s Shelter.                 they	help	each	other.             members	and	was	an	amaz-

   lowell All Nations is Officially a Church
   T   he	Lowell	All	Nations	
       Seventh-day	Adventist	
   Company	in	Lowell,	
                                 New	England	Conference.
                                    Koroma	was	eventually	
                                 transferred	to	Rhode	Island	
                                                                                  being	instrumental	in	start-
                                                                                  ing	the	group.	Juan	Borges,	
                                                                                  Southern	New	England	
                                                                                                                             tary,	presented	the	message	
                                                                                                                             for	the	service.
                                                                                                                             —Rossi Majo, clerk, Lowell All
   Massachusetts,	was	officially	in	2006	and	Moses	Kiragu	                        Conference	executive	secre-                Nations church
   organized	into	a	church	on	   then	assumed	the	leadership	
   May	15.                       role.	He	served	for	one	year	
     In	1995,	Paul	Koroma,	      and	was	then	succeeded	by	                         Athol Church Welcomes its
   then	a	graduate	from	
   Andrews	University	in	
                                 Eric	Voyard	in	August	2007.
                                    On	church	organization	
                                                                                    Newest Member
                                                                                    O    n	Sabbath	afternoon,	               Bidwell	is	in	his	senior	

                                                                                                                                                                       Frank Tochterman, communication director
   Berrien	Springs,	Michigan,	   Sabbath	many	people	gath-
   came	to	Lowell	with	          ered	to	enjoy	the	blessings	of	                         June	26,	about	50	                  year	at	South	Lancaster	
                                 the	Lord.	The	Ogembo	family,	                      people	gathered	around	                  Academy	in	South	
On church                        consisting	of	nine	adults	and	                     a	swimming	pool	for	                     Lancaster,	Massachusetts.	
                                                                                    the	baptism	of	Kendell	                  He	is	now	an	official	mem-
organization Sabbath known	as	one	of	the	longest-                                   Bidwell,	who	became	a	                   ber	of	the	Athol	Seventh-
                                 serving	families	in	the	church,	
many people gathered traveled	from	New	Hampshire	                                   sixth-generation	Adventist.	             day	Adventist	Church	in	
                                                                                    He	was	baptized	                         Athol,	Massachusetts.
to enjoy the blessings to	be	with	their	church	fam-                                 by	Warren	Ruf,	
                                 ily.	George	Mathu,	absent	for	                                                              —Violet Bidwell, church clerk,
of the Lord.                     more	than	four	years,	was	also	                    the	church’s	for-                        Athol church
   Matthew’s	inspiration	to	“Go	 present.	Many	visitors	and	                        mer	pastor.	
   ye	therefore,	and	teach	all	  members,	along	with	special	
   nations.”	His	soul-winning	   guests	from	the	Southern	
   approach	was	powerful	and	 New	England	Conference	and	
   many	became	a	part	of	the	    Atlantic	Union	Conference,	
   new	group	of	believers.	God	 filled	the	pews.
   blessed	mightily	and	on	         A	special	recognition	
   June	6,	2001,	the	group	was	 ceremony	was	conducted	
   organized	into	a	company	     by	Voyard	to	honor	the	
   under	the	volunteer	leader-   longest-serving	families.	
   ship	of	Koroma	and	was	       Koroma	and	his	family	were	
   welcomed	into	the	Southern	 given	special	recognition	for	

   at                                                                        Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                           23
           de Neuf?
Quoi l’eglise Mondiale
 A Travers

      Reddition de Compte: Un Rapport de Progrès sur Haïti
“L       e	Christ	a	confié	son	œuvre	de	l’Evangile	aux	
         hommes	afin	de	faire	avancer	les	causes	de	son	
 royaume	sur	la	terre	et	de	préparer	ses	serviteurs	pour	
                                                                                Tandis	que	Maranatha	International	reconstruit	les	églises	et	
                                                                              écoles	à	Port-au-Prince,	l’ADRA	(Adventist	Development	Relief	
                                                                              Agency)	International	s’engage	dans	un	projet	d’abris	transitoires.
 une	plus	grande	responsabilité”	5	SDA	BC,	p.510.	Chaque	
 homme	recevant	les	trésors	du	Maître	auront	à	rendre	                        L’union Atlantique, de concert avec ses fédéra-
 compte	d’une	manière	responsable	devant	le	juge	de	toute	la	                 tions sœurs a contribué $612,837.15. Le montant
 terre.	La	transparence	c’est	la	marque	déposée	du	ciel.                      est divisé comme suit:
    Le	terrible	et	catastrophique	tremblement	de	terre	d’une	                 Greater	NY	Conference	...................................... $232,957.06
 magnitude	de	7.0	qui,	le	12	janvier	2010	avait	frappé	Port-                  Northeastern	Conference	...................................$220,000.00
 au-Prince	et	les	villes	avoisinantes,	causa	230,000	morts,	                     o
                                                                              Uni	 n	Atlantique,	Conférence	de	Bermudes,	
 détruisirent	250,000	demeures	résidentielles,	3,000	bâti-                       New	York	Conference,	SNEC,	NNEC	.......... $159,882.09
 ments	commerciaux	et	laissa	1.5	million	habitants	sans	abris.	
 L’église	adventiste	subit	une	perte	énorme	dans	le	sinistre.	                  La	portion	administrée	par	l’Union	Atlantique	s’élève	à	
 Six	cents	membres	sont	morts,	55	églises	se	sont	effon-                      $159,872.15	est	budgétisée	en	dépenses	suivantes.
 drées,	et	un	grand	nombre	de	membres	sont	sans	abris.	En	
 revanche,	la	communauté	internationale	déversa	sur	Haïti	                    Déboursées
                                                                              100	Tentes	données	 ..............................................$31,619.00
      L’Eglise Adventiste Mondiale, y compris                                                                                        .
                                                                              Subvention	donnée	par	l’Union	Atlantique	......... $10,000.00
                                                                              Médicaments	et	autres	articles	médicaux/Hôpital	....$6,000.00
      l’Union Atlantique s’engagea à fournir le                                  v
                                                                              Sub	 ention	pour	l’Université	
                                                                                 pour	étudiants	affectés	....................................$6,000.00
      plein soutien aux membres d’église en                                                                                  .
                                                                              Equipement	pour	la	Radio	Espérance	 ...................$3,000.00
      Haïti. L’appel a été lancé à nos membres
      en vue d’aider, ils en ont répondu.                                     Tentes	Additionelles	Achetées	..............................$35,000.00
                                                                              Médicaments	et	autres	articles	médicaux/Hôpital	..... $7,487.21
 comme	une	onde,	d’aides	alimentaires	et	d’autres	articles	                      j
                                                                              Pro	et	de	reconstruction	
 de	première	nécessité	et	promit	des	millions	où	même	des	                       (églises,	membres	d’église)	.............................$54,000.00
 billions	en	aide	financière.	Il	est	rapporté	que	seulement	3%	               Divers	.................................................................... $6,775.88
 de	cette	aide	monétaire	est	déboursée	jusqu’ici.	Le	premier	
 ministre	d’Haïti	déclare	que	la	communauté	internationale	a	                    En	mars	dernier,	comme	preuve	de	support,	une	équipe	
 entamé	de	développer	des	stratégies	pour	aider	le	peuple	haï-                administrative	de	l’Union	Atlantique,	composée	de	Pasteurs	
 tien	à	solutionner	le	problème	de	logement	permanent;	mais	                  Carlyle	Simmons,	Leon	Thomassian,	Dionisio	Olivo	et	moi	
 tout	s’avance	à	pas	d’écrevisse.                                             visitions	Haïti	pour	donner	une	portion	des	fonds	à	l’Union	
    L’Eglise	Adventiste	Mondiale,	y	compris	l’Union		                         Haïtienne.	En	juillet	2010,	Pasteur	Leon	Thomassian	et	
 Atlantique	s’engagea	à	fournir	le	plein	soutien	aux	membres	                 moi	retournions	en	Haïti	en	vue	de	discuter	avec	les	res-
 d’église	en	Haïti.	L’appel	a	été	lancé	à	nos	membres	en	                     ponsables	de	l’Eglise,	les	abris	temporaires	et	les	projets	de	
 vue	d’aider,	ils	en	ont	répondu.	L’affichage	de	leur	fidélité	               reconstruction	et	nous	avions	confié	une	autre	somme	à	
 requiert	la	transparence.	Les	énumérations	suivantes	consti-                 l’Union	pour	l’hôpital,	la	radio	et	l’université.
 tuent	un	effort	intentionnel	de	notre	part	en	vue	d’informer	                  Au	nom	des	églises	haïtiennes	et	l’Union	Atlantique,	Je	
 l’église	en	ce	qui	a	trait	à	leur	contribution.                              voudrais	exprimer	les	sentiments	de	mes	remerciements	
    Jusqu’à	présent,	l’Union	haïtienne	a	rapporté	d’avoir	reçu	               à	la	Division	Nord	Américaine,	aux	fédérations	sœurs	de	
 $3,478,248.07	($670,000	en	dimes	$2,808,248.07	non	dimes).                   l’Union	Atlantique	et	à	la	Conference	Générale	pour	leur	
                                                                              généreuse	contribution	aux	frères	et	sœurs	d’Haïti.	
 La division est répartie ainsi:                                                                  Louis Métellus is the Atlantic Union Conference Haitian
 Conférence	Générale	.......................................... $382,752.55                       Ministries vice president and the Adventist Community
                                                                                                  Services and Prison Ministries director.
 Division	Nord	Américaine	...............................$1,839,222.15
 Oakwood	University	............................................ $10,000.00
 Les	autres	Divisions	et	Unions	........................$1,246,273.37

 24           Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                                      Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
                   ¿QuéIglesia MundialPasando?
                     En la

                     Venezuela: la Iglesia Adventista Celebra
                            su Centenario en el País
M        iles	de	adventistas	de	todo	
         Venezuela	celebraron	este	mes	
los	cien	años	de	presencia	adventista	
                                                   “Esta	celebración	es	un	punto	de	
                                                inflexión	para	la	iglesia	de	Venezuela,”	
                                                dijo	Josney	Rodríguez,	presidente	de	la	
                                                                                            del	evangelio,”	dijo	Rodríguez.
                                                                                               Varios	líderes	de	otras	denomina-
                                                                                            ciones	religiosas	también	hablaron	
en	el	país,	honrando	la	labor	de	los	           Misión	de	Venezuela	Oriental,	un	terri-     durante	el	evento,	y	felicitaron	a	
pioneros,	mostrando	el	crecimiento	             torio	eclesiástico	formado	hace	poco.	      la	Iglesia	Adventista	por	su	creci-
de	la	iglesia	y	desafiando	a	una	nueva	         El	centenario	motivará	a	los	jóvenes	a	     miento,	influencia	y	compromiso	
generación	de	venezolanos	a	que	con-            que	“avancen	y	terminen	la	tarea	que	       constante	con	las	verdades	bíblicas.	
tinúen	con	la	misión	de	la	iglesia.             comenzaron	los	pioneros,”	dijo.             Representantes	de	la	Organización	de	
   El	evento	del	pasado	8	y	9	de	agosto	           Un	joven	llamado	Rodny	Emmons,	          Alimentos	y	Agricultura	de	la	ONU	
reunió	a	los	principales	líderes	de	la	         de	30	años,	dijo	que	la	rica	herencia	      en	Venezuela	aplaudieron	la	obra	de	
iglesia,	incluyendo	a	Ted	N.	C.	Wilson,	        de	la	iglesia	en	el	país	implica	res-       la	Agencia	Adventista	de	Desarrollo	
presidente	de	la	Iglesia	Adventista	            ponsabilidades.                             y	Recursos	Asistenciales	(ADRA),	el	
mundial,	en	la	que	fue	su	primera	visi-            “Siento	que	mi	generación	tiene	         brazo	humanitario	de	la	iglesia,	por	su	
ta	a	este	país	sudamericano.                    un	gran	desafío.	.	.	.	Vivimos	en	un	       labor	en	las	comunidades	necesitadas.
   En	su	mensaje	alusivo,	Wilson	feli-          tiempo	cuando	tenemos	que	ser	parte	           Los	líderes	de	la	Misión	Venezolana	
citó	al	gobierno	de	Venezuela	por	su	           de	una	fuerza	que	pueda	adaptar	el	         Oriental	están	comprometiendo	el	cin-
                                                                                            cuenta	por	ciento	de	su	presupuesto	
                                                                                            de	evangelismo	para	la	televisión,	la	
    La expansión del mensaje de esperanza de la iglesia,
                                                                                            radio	y	las	publicaciones,	para	alcan-
    no solo en Caracas, sino en todo el país, se encuentra                                  zar	a	los	miembros	de	la	comunidad,	
                                                                                            especialmente	en	Caracas,	la	capital	
    en las manos de los feligreses de Venezuela, dijo                                       del	país	y	su	ciudad	más	populosa	
    Israel Leito, presidente de la iglesia en Interamérica.                                 (más	de	dos	millones	de	habitantes).	
                                                                                            En	la	actualidad,	hay	en	Caracas	casi	
                                                                                            veinte	mil	adventistas.
compromiso	con	la	libertad	religiosa	           mensaje	para	llegar	a	otros	con	la	            La	expansión	del	mensaje	de	espe-
y	le	recordó	a	la	audiencia,	de	unas	           verdad	a	través	de	los	medios	de	com-       ranza	de	la	iglesia,	no	solo	en	Caracas,	
trece	mil	personas,	cuál	es	la	identi-          municación,	las	redes	sociales,”	dijo	      sino	en	todo	el	país,	se	encuentra	
dad	de	la	iglesia:                              Emmons,	que	es	tesorero	de	la	Misión	       en	las	manos	de	los	feligreses	de	
   “Somos	un	pueblo	de	esperanza,	              de	Venezuela	Oriental.                      Venezuela,	dijo	Israel	Leito,	presidente	
que	espera	la	venida	del	Señor,”	dijo.	            Durante	años,	la	iglesia	de	             de	la	iglesia	en	Interamérica.
“Somos	un	pueblo	que	busca	el	reavi-            Venezuela	formó	parte	de	la	Unión	             “Los	animo	a	que,	al	celebrar	el	
vamiento	y	la	reforma,	que	espera	ser	          Colombo-Venezolana,	con	sede	en	            pasado,	los	pioneros,	las	victorias	
transformado.”                                  Colombia.	En	1989,	cuando	se	esta-          ganadas	y	las	instituciones	estableci-
   En	su	primer	viaje	oficial	fuera	de	         bleció	la	Unión	Venezolana-Antillana,	      das	aquí,	sientan	el	desafío	de	llenar	el	
Norteamérica	después	de	su	elección	            la	iglesia	estaba	compuesta	por	tres	       país	con	el	mensaje	de	vida,	del	pron-
como	presidente	de	la	iglesia	mundial	          asociaciones	y	misiones	y	unos	43,000	      to	regreso	del	Señor,”	dijo.
en	junio,	Wilson	alabó	la	obra	de	los	          miembros.	Hoy	día,	la	iglesia	cuenta	          En	Venezuela	hay	casi	250,000	adven-
adventistas	venezolanos	y	desafió	a	            con	doce	asociaciones	y	misiones	y	         tistas	que	se	reúnen	en	849	iglesias.	En	
cada	miembro	a	que	avance	y	“expanda	           casi	250,000	miembros.                      el	país,	la	Iglesia	Adventista	cuenta	con	
la	obra	de	Dios	de	manera	dinámica.”               “Queríamos	usar	este	evento	como	        una	universidad,	varias	clínicas	y	dece-
   Los	líderes	locales	aceptaron	el	desafío,	   una	plataforma	de	lanzamiento,	para	que	    nas	de	instituciones	educativas.	
aprovechando	el	impulso	de	la	celebra-          Venezuela	pueda	saber	más	de	la	Iglesia	    Source: Adventist News Network (ANN)
ción	para	buscar	estrategias	que	favorez-       Adventista	y	de	nuestro	compromiso	con	     English translation available at: news.adventist.
can	un	mayor	crecimiento	de	la	iglesia.         una	sociedad	mejor	y	con	la	expansión	      org/2010/08/venezuela-adventist.html.

at                                                            Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                       25
                             Statement on Meeting the Challenges of
                              Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Part 1
                            This statement will be presented in three parts in three consecutive issues of the Gleaner.
                            In order to increase awareness of the views of the    •	more	effective	treatment	has	reduced	the	
                            Seventh-day Adventist Church on various subjects,        spread	and	progression	of	many	STDs;
                            the Atlantic Union Gleaner will publish monthly       •	risk	of	long-term	emotional	damage	resulting	
                            one of the position statements or guidelines voted by    from	casual	sex	has	been	recognized;	and
                            church leadership since 1980. These official state-   •	support	has	grown	for	the	position	that	absti-
                            ments were issued by the General Conference in ses-      nence	from	extramarital	sex	preserves	sexual	
                            sion, the General Conference Executive Committee,
Positions of Our Faith
                                                                                     and	emotional	health.
                            the General Conference Administrative Committee,
                            or the office of the General Conference president.       These	advances,	despite	their	limitations,	have	
                               As the church continues to grow and make an        proved	beneficial	and	should	be	encouraged	
                                                                                  for	their	positive	effects.	Seventh-day	Adventist	
                            influence, its role in the society will require that its
                            views and what it holds true become known. Such       caregivers	should	be	encouraged	to	participate	in	
                            will continue to be the demands of the society, and   promoting	such	efforts	and	deserve	the	support	
                            such will be the need to define Adventism’s relevance,of	church	members	as	they	do	so.	A	pragmatic	
                            or present truth, to those who are asking questions   approach	to	dealing	with	these	serious	problems	
                            and seeking answers to their dilemmas and problems.   and	the	use	of	appropriate	interventions	should	
                               The documents presented here are not an end in     by	no	means	be	interpreted	as	endorsement	or	
                            themselves, but a reflection of a movement sensi-     encouragement	of	sexual	activity	outside	marriage	
                            tive to its calling and the people who “know how to
                                                                                  or	of	unfaithfulness	within	marriage.	Instead,	
                            answer everyone” (Colossians 4:6, NIV).
                                                                                  these	efforts	must	be	seen	as	compassionate	
                                                                                  attempts	to	prevent	or	reduce	the	negative	conse-

                            T    he	contemporary	world	is	confronted	by	grave	
                                 ethical,	medical,	and	social	problems	resulting	
                                                                                  quences	of	detrimental	sexual	behaviors.
                                                                                     At	times,	family	members,	and	pastors,	teach-
                            from	increasing	sexual	permissiveness	and	associat- ers,	counselors,	physicians,	and	others	in	helping	
                            ed	promiscuity.	Because	Christians	are	a	part	of	the	 professions	may	find	themselves	working	with	
                            larger	social	community,	these	attitudes	and	behav-   individuals	who,	despite	strong	counsel,	refuse	
                            iors	have	infiltrated	the	Seventh-day	Adventist	      to	turn	from	sexual	decadence	and	live	by	God’s	
                            Church	as	well,	demanding	that	we	address	them.       high	standard	of	morality.	In	such	cases,	those	
                               So	serious	are	the	challenges	presented	by	sexu-   entrusted	with	ministry	may,	as	a	last	resort,	
                            ally	transmitted	diseases	(STDs)	that	the	United	     counsel	specific	individuals	to	use	contraceptive	
                            Nations,	in	conjunction	with	most	of	the	world’s	     and	prophylactic	methods	such	as	condoms	in	an	
                            governments,	the	health-care	community,	religious,	 attempt	to	prevent	pregnancy	and	reduce	the	risk	
                            political,	and	economic	leaders,	has	instituted	a	    of	spreading	life-decimating	STDs.	Utmost	care	
                            series	of	major	research	and	health-education	pro-    should	be	taken	when	making	such	an	interven-
                            grams	that	focus	on	prevention	and	treatment.	The	 tion	to	make	it	clear	to	the	individual(s)	and	mem-
                            goal	is	to	prevent,	cure,	and	minimize	the	effects— bers	of	the	community	involved	that	this	extreme	
                            or	at	least	slow	the	spread—of	these	diseases.        measure	should	in	no	way	be	misconstrued	as	
                               At	particular	risk	are	youth	entering	puberty	     a	scriptural	sanction	for	sexual	intimacy	outside	
                            at	increasingly	younger	ages,	when	they	are	          marriage.	Such	action	on	the	part	of	professionals	
                            especially	vulnerable	to	peer	pressure	and	a	         should	be	considered	interim	and	utilized	only	in	
                            barrage	of	media	and	peer	messages	that	treat	        individual	cases.	Though	such	interventions	may	
                            casual	sex	outside	marriage	as	acceptable	and	        provide	a	little	time	for	grace	to	do	its	work	in	
                            normal.	Many	youth	are	sexually	active	early	in	      human	hearts,	they	do	not	provide	a	viable	long-
                            their	teen	years	and	soon	become	well-estab-          term	solution.	The	church	must	remain	committed	
                            lished	in	patterns	of	sexual	activity.                to	making	the	most	of	every	opportunity	to	rein-
                               Correlated	with	increased	sexual	activity	is	a	    force	the	wisdom	of	God’s	design	for	human	sexu-
                            dramatic	increase	in	STDs	associated	with	seri-       ality	and	to	calling	men	and	women	to	the	highest	
                            ous	physical	and	emotional	problems.                  standard	of	moral	conduct.
                               Advances	have	been	made	along	several	lines:       This statement was voted during the Annual Council of the
                            •	research	has	provided	more	accurate	data;           General Conference Executive Committee on Sunday, September
                            •	benefits	of	using	condoms	to	reduce	unwanted	 27, 1998, in Iguacu Falls, Brazil.
                               pregnancy	and	the	spread	of	STDs	have	been	        To view the entire statement on the Internet, visit:
                               documented;                                        beliefs/statements/main-stat37.html.
                            •	dangers	of	promiscuity	have	been	recognized;        The statement will continue in the November 2010 issue of the Gleaner.

26             Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                               Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
        Atlantic Union Conference Office of Education and Atlantic Union College

     Choral   Clinic 2011           February 9-12, 2011                                                             5 Annual

     Kristjon Imperio
                                                    “The LORD is my                                                     Festival
                                           strength and my song;
     Hand bells /Chimes
                                                  he has become my
                                                                                                        Sabbath, October 30, 2010 at 3:30 p.m.
                                                salvation. He is my
                                            God, and I will praise
                                                                                                            Machlan Auditorium
                                                                                                        On the Campus of Atlantic Union College
     Doris Krueger                                                                                       338 Main Street; South Lancaster, MA
                                           him, my father’s God,
     Oratorical                             and I will exalt him.”
                                                               —Exodus 15:2
                                                                                                  Featuring Quartets from Boston, Connecticut, New York,
                                                                                               Bermuda, Massachusetts, including our very own AUC Quartet

     Dedrick Blue                   Designed especially for academy-age students

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                                                                                                            The Family Retreat

at                                                                               Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                     27
                                                                                                          Mich.;	four	grandchildren,	Jessica,	         PeReZ, Anna—94,	b.	Mar.	27,	1915,	
  Sunset Table                                                                       Eastern Daylight
                                                                                      Savings Time*
                                                                                                          Grant,	Andrew,	and	Allison.                  in	Bridgeport,	Conn.;	d.	Mar.	12,	
                                                                                                                                                       2010,	in	Ashland,	Ohio.	She	was	a	
  november 2010                                5                12             19              26         GLADDen, edward L.—98,	b.	September	         member	of	the	Brooklawn	Seventh-
  Bangor, ME                                 5:17              4:08           4:02            3:57        9,	1911,	in	Berkshire,	Vt.;	d.	July	10,	     day	Adventist	Church	in	Bridgeport,	
  Portland, ME                               5:25              4:17           4:11            4:07
                                                                                                          2010,	in	Richford,	Vt.	He	was	a	mem-         Conn.	She	served	faithfully	for	many	
  Boston, MA                                 5:31              4:24           4:18            4:14
                                                                                                          ber	of	the	Abercorn	Quebec	Seventh-          years	as	the	Adventist	Community	
  South Lancaster, MA                        5:33              4:26           4:20            4:16
                                                                                                          day	Adventist	Church	in	Abercorn,	           Services	 director,	 an	 organist,	 a	
  Pittsfield, MA                             5:40              4:32           4:26            4:22
                                                                                                          Quebec.	He	was	baptized	and	joined	          member	of	the	church	board,	and	
  Hartford, CT                               5:39              4:32           4:26            4:22
  New York, NY                               5:46              4:39           4:34            4:30
                                                                                                          the	Richford	Seventh-day	Adventist	          more.	Her	son-in-law,	Dan	Smith,	
  Albany, NY                                 5:40              4:32           4:26            4:22        Church	in	Richford,	Vt.,	as	a	young	         predeceased	her	on	Aug.	3,	2009.	She	
  Utica, NY                                  5:46              4:39           4:32            4:28        person.	He	is	survived	by	a	daughter,	       is	survived	by	a	daughter,	Marlene	
  Syracuse, NY                               5:50              4:42           4:36            4:32        Esther	Gladden	Knutson,	two	grand-           Smith	of	Naples,	Fla.;	two	sons,	Fred	
  Rochester, NY                              5:56              4:48           4:42            4:37        children,	two	great-grandchildren;	          Perez	(Carolyn)	of	Ft.	Benning,	Ga.,	
  Buffalo, NY                                6:01              4:53           4:47            4:43        and	other	family	members/friends,	           and	Alan	Perez	( Jean)	of	Ashland,	
  Hamilton, Bda                              6:23              5:18           5:15            5:13        Randy	and	Tia	Gladden,	Debbie	and	           Ohio;	several	nieces	and	nephews;	
  *Eastern Standard Time begins on November 7 at 2:00 a.m.                                                Alex	Bezerra,	and	Emilee	Bouthillette.       the	Flores	family	with	whom	she	
                                                                                                                                                       lived	many	years,	mother	Italia,	three	
                                                                                                          HARtmAn, Richard D.—73,	b.	Mar.	28,	         boys,	Marcelo,	Juan,	and	Luis,	whom	
                                                             and	tools	you	need	to	serve	as	a	chap-
       AnnounCements                                         lain.	Three	courses	are	offered	each	
                                                                                                          1936,	in	Endicott,	N.Y.;	d.	Jan.	21,	
                                                                                                          2010,	in	St.	Petersburg,	Fla.	He	was	
                                                                                                                                                       she	helped	to	raise.	See	story	in	the	
                                                                                                                                                       a dv enTIsT r evIew,	 “Open	 Heart,	
                                                             summer	with	completion	possible	                                                          Open	Door,”	June	12,	2008.
                                                             in	three	years.	Financial	aid	may	be	        a	member	of	the	Saint	Petersburg	
AtLAntIC unIon CoLLeGe                                                                                    Seventh-day	Adventist	Church	in	St.	
                                                             available.	E-mail:	chaplaincy@auc.                                                        WARmAn, Abbie R.—75,	b.	Feb.	5,	1935,	
Christian Leadership and Community                           edu	for	an	information	packet.               Petersburg,	Fla.	He	was	a	Sabbath	
service engagement Grants—With	                                                                           School	teacher	serving	for	25	years	         in	Southbridge,	Mass.;	d.	Apr.	27,	2010,	
Atlantic	Union	College’s	focus	on	                                                                        in	Syracuse,	N.Y.,	and	for	eight	years	      in	Newport,	Vt.	She	was	a	member	of	
Christian	leadership	and	community	                                     oBItuARIes                        in	St.	Petersburg.	He	also	served	as	        the	Newport	Seventh-day	Adventist	
                                                                                                                                                       Church	in	Newport,	Vt.	She	was	a	reg-
engagement,	matching	scholarships	                                                                        head	elder	in	Syracuse,	N.Y.,	for	10	
are	available	to	AUC	students	from	                                                                       years	and	as	an	elder	in	St.	Petersburg	     istered	nurse	working	at	New	England	
all	Seventh-day	Adventist	churches	                          GeRARD, June A.—91,	b.	Dec.	14,	1918,	                                                    Memorial	Hospital	in	Stoneham,	Mass.,	
                                                                                                          for	eight	years.	He	is	survived	by	
in	the	Atlantic	Union	Conference.	                           in	Quincy,	Mass.;	d.	Aug.	18,	2010,	                                                      from	1957	to	1989.	She	was	prede-
                                                                                                          his	wife	of	50	years,	Judith,	who	
Each	church	is	eligible	to	sponsor	                          in	Berrien	Springs,	Mich.	She	was	                                                        ceased	by	a	sister,	Jane	Dudgeon	and	
                                                                                                          served	in	the	New	York	Conference	
up	to	two	students	per	year.	Atlantic	                       a	member	of	the	Pioneer	Memorial	                                                         brother,	James	Roberts.	She	is	sur-
                                                             Seventh-day	 Adventist	 Church	 in	          office	for	20	years;	a	son,	Douglas	
Union	 College’s	 subsidy	 received	                                                                                                                   vived	by	her	husband,	Blair	Warman;	
                                                             Berrien	Springs,	Mich.	She	graduated	        Salisbury,	M.D.	(Phyllis);	a	daugh-
from	the	conferences,	will	match	                                                                                                                      a	son,	James	Warman	(Michelle);	a	
                                                             from	the	New	England	Sanitarium	and	         ter,	Denise	(Rob)	of	St.	Petersburg,	
up	 to	 a	 maximum	 of	 $3,000	 per	                                                                                                                   daughter,	 Donna	 Luna	 ( José);	 her	
                                                             Hospital	with	a	nursing	degree	in	1940	      Fla.;	a	brother,	Ronald	of	Johnson	
semester	or	$6,000	per	academic	                                                                                                                       twin	brother,	Alfred	Roberts	(Edna)	
                                                             and	was	employed	there,	as	well,	She	        City,	N.Y.;	sisters,	Darla	Walburger	
school	year.	Details:,	                                                                                                                    of	South	Lancaster,	Mass.;	brother-
                                                             worked	as	a	nurse	in	industrial	medi-        of	Endicott,	N.Y.,	and	Penny	Martin,	        in-law,	Pastor	William	Dudgeon;	five	
click	“Future	Students.”                                                                                  Mesquite,	Texas;	five	grandchildren;	
                                                             cine	and	long-term	care.	She	was	pre-                                                     grandchildren,	Nathaniel	Warman,	
                                                             deceased	by	her	husband,	Earl	(Jerry)	       and	two	great-grandchildren.                 Kaitlyn	Warman,	Lindsey	Luna,	José	
Do you desire to minister to the needs of
others?	The	Master	of	Education	with	                        Gerard,	M.D.,	September	19,	1990.	She	                                                    Luna,	and	Isabel	Luna.
                                                             is	survived	by	three	sons,	Geoffrey	         mILLeR, myrtle m.—89,	b.	Apr.	14,	1921,	
chaplaincy	concentration	at	Atlantic	                                                                     in	Jamaica,	West	Indies,	d.	Jun.	19,	
Union	 College,	 South	 Lancaster,	                          Gerard	(Crystal)	of	Charlottesville,	Va.,	                                                WenDeLL, mae elizabeth—90,	b.	Jan.	
                                                             Gregory	Gerard	(Nancy)	of	Calhoun,	          2010,	in	Springfield,	Massachusetts.	        5,	1920,	in	Jamaica,	Vt.;	d.	Jun.	17,	
Massachusetts	(one	hour	from	Boston),	                                                                    She	 was	 member	 of	 the	 Shiloh	
can	provide	you	with	the	knowledge	                          Ga.,	and	Garland	Gerard	of	Richland.	                                                     2010,	in	Buckhannon,	W.Va.	She	was	
                                                                                                          Seventh-day	 Adventist	 Church	 in	          a	member	of	the	South	Lancaster	
                                                                                                          Springfield,	Massachusetts.	She	held	        Seventh-day	Adventist	Church	in	
                                                                                                          many	offices	throughout	the	years	           Buchannon,	W.Va.	She	lived	in	the	
         Religious liberty — Important Web Sites                                                          including	 assistant	 church	 clerk,	        New	England	area	from	1920	to	1956.	
                                                                                                          Sabbath	School	superintendent,	assis-        She	and	husband,	Dr.	Ken	Wendell,	
     Adventist	Public	Affairs	&	Religious		                                                               tant	communication	secretary,	chil-
       Liberty,	North	American	Division 	. . . . . .                                                                               were	missionaries	in	Okinawa,	Japan	
                                                                                                          dren’s	choir	director,	sanctuary	choir	      for	17	years.	She	was	predeceased	
     Liberty	Magazine	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                       director,	building	committee	secretary/      by	husband,	Ken,	and	daughter,	Pat	
                                                                                                          treasurer,	pianist,	and	treasurer	for	       Clements.	She	is	survived	by	two	
     International	Religious	Liberty	Association 	. . . . . . . .                            many	years.	She	served	as	member	            daughters,	 Nancy	 Whitsett	 and	
                                                                                                          of	 the	 Atlantic	 Union	 Conference	        Alicejean	 Baker:	 one	 sister,	 one	
     North	American	Religious		                                                                           Executive	Committee	for	ten	years.	Her	      brother,	seven	grandchildren,	five	
       Liberty	Association	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                        son,	Neville	Sweeney,	predeceased	her	       great-grandchildren,	 and	 several	
                                                                                                          in	1996,	and	her	sister,	Viola	Kelly,	in	    nieces	and	nephews.
     Public	Affairs	&	Religious	Liberty		                                                                 1988.	She	is	survived	by	a	son	Byron	
       General	Conference	 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                          Sweeney	 (Barbara)	 of	 Springfield,	
     The	Public	Affairs	&	Religious	Liberty	(PARL)	director	in	the	local	                                 Mass.;	two	daughters,	Carol	Ward	
     conference	is	also	available	if	information	is	needed	(see	page	31	for	                              (Robert)	 of	 Granby,	 Mass.,	 and	
     the	conference	office	numbers).                                                                      Michele	Groomes	(David)	of	Round	
                                                                                                          Rock,	Texas;	eleven	grandchildren,	
                                                                                                          and	nine	great-grandchildren.                   Visit the AuAm Web site at:

28                  Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                                                              Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
                                                  or	equivalent	preferred.	At	least	five	    ence	 in	 similar	 positions	 and	 be	
           CLAssIfIeDs                            years	of	experience	in	the	field	or	       familiar	with	LUCIS	software	capa-

                                                  related	area.	Familiar	with	a	variety	     bility	in	a	spreadsheet	format.	Must	
All advertisements should be sent, together       of	the	field’s	concepts,	practices,	and	   be	a	Seventh-day	Adventist	church	
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each additional word. For all other advertise-                                               sor	 for	 winter	 semester	 2011.	 A	
ments the rate is $40 for each insertion of 40
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over the 40. There is an 80-word maximum.         addressing	the	specific	minimum	           in	 evangelism,	 and	 ministerial	
Check or money order should be made pay-          and	preferred	qualifications,	résumé,	     training	required.	Candidate	must	
able to Atlantic Union Gleaner or Atlantic
Union Conference.                                 copy	of	transcript,	and	three	profes-      manifest	contagious	love	for	Jesus,	         OUR MISSION:
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endorsement or recommendation of the
Atlantic Union Conference. The Atlantic Union
                                                  required	of	Seventh-day	Adventist	         losophy,	 and	 three	 references	 as
Gleaner makes every reasonable effort to          academy	in	urban	New	York.	Master’s	       e-mail	attachments	to	Greg	King,	
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                                                                                             e-mail:;	phone:	
typographical or categorical errors.              as	 an	 equivalent	 with	 Adventist	       (423)	236-2975;	fax:	(423)	236-1976.
                                                  denominational	 teacher	 certifica-
                                                  tion	and	with	advanced	academic	           soutHWesteRn ADVentIst unIVeRsItY	         church	nearby.	References	required.	
           emPLoYment                             training	in	school	administration.	
                                                  Must	be	a	member	of	the	Seventh-
                                                                                             seeks	Ph.D.	prepared	biologist	for	
                                                                                             Spring	2010.	Looking	for	talented,	
                                                                                                                                        No	Saturday	calls	(call	any	other	
                                                                                                                                        time)	(860)	824-0308.
                                                  day	Adventist	Church.                      committed	Seventh-day	Adventist	
AtLAntIC unIon CoLLeGe seeKs                                                                 creationist	who	is	able	to	inspire	stu-    PRoJeCt: stePs to CHRIst	seeks	full-
nuRsInG CLInICAL CooRDInAtoR	                     K-8 PosItIon—teACHeR	with	ability	to	      dents	in	classroom	and	in	research.	       time	missionary-minded	person	to	
(Two	positions	available)	Applicant	              teach	all	subjects	at	the	elementary	      Teaching	assignments	are	negotiable	       train	 as	 assistant	 business	 man-
should	have	at	least	a	B.S.	degree	               and	middle	school	level	between	           in	a	5-person	department.	Contact	         ager	in	operation	and	management	
in	nursing	with	a	M.S.	degree	in	                 grades	 K-8,	 with	 Seventh-day	           Dr.	Suzanne	Phillips,	Chair,	Biology.	     of	ministry	office.	Duties	include	
nursing	preferred.	Must	be	a	regis-               Adventist	denominational	certifica-        SWAU,	Keene,	TX	(817)	202-6274	or	         accounting,	sales,	web	and	database	
tered	nurse	in	the	Commonwealth	of	               tion.	Bachelor’s	degree	required	plus                  management,	project	development.	
Massachusetts.	Five	years	of	experi-              at	least	3	years	of	experience	in	an	                                                 Call	Steve	at	(518)	358-2541,	www.
ence	in	nursing	within	the	last	eight	            urban	setting.	Must	be	a	practicing	       AssIstAnt HeRDsmAn neeDeD At     
years	required	with	a	B.S.	degree	and	            Seventh-day	Adventist.	Be	able	to	         AnDReWs unIVeRsItY.	Opportunity	
two	years	of	experience	in	nursing	               direct	the	school	choir	and	willing	to	    includes	 managing	 the	 milking	          fARm uPstAte neW YoRK	is	looking	
within	the	last	five	years	required	              engage	in	urban	student	recruitment.       parlor	 on	 a	 650	 cow	 commercial	       for	an	experienced	single,	couple,	or	
with	a	M.S.	degree.	Will	subscribe	                                                          dairy,	ensuring	proper	milking,	cow	       small	family	to	operate	a	fruit	and	
to	and	uphold	the	beliefs,	philoso-               K-8 PosItIon—teACHeR/PRInCIPAL	            handling,	cow	treatments,	calving	         vegetable	farm—70	acres	fruit	and	
phy,	and	objectives	of	Atlantic	Union	            required	of	Seventh-day	Adventist	         assistance,	etc.	Candidate	must	have	      several	acres	of	vegetables.	Familiar	
College.	Submit	letter	of	application,	           denominational	school	in	urban	New	        degree	in	Dairy	Science	or	related	        with	fixing	tractors,	etc.	Wages	are	
curriculum	vitae,	a	description	of	               York—master’s	degree	required,	or	         field	and	minimum	2	years	dairy	           negotiable.	Call	(315)	946-6444.
teaching	history,	and	three	letters	              Bachelor’s	 plus	 experience	 with	        experience.	Interested	individuals	
of	references	to:	Human	Resources	                academic	knowledge	in	school	law,	         apply	 at:
Office,	Atlantic	Union	College,	P.O.	             general	laws	affecting	schools,	and	
                                                  leadership.	Experience	of	at	least	
                                                                                             emp_jobs_hourly.cgi.                         ReAL estAte/HousInG
Box	 1000,	 South	 Lancaster,	 MA	
01561	or	For	              five	years	in	any	similar,	equivalent	     ReseARCH CooRDInAtoR	opportunity	
additional	details,	see:             position.	Required	to	be	a	practicing	     available	in	Andrews	University’s	         ADVentIst Home—Independent	
                                                  Seventh-day	Adventist	and	a	member	        Physical	Therapy	department.	Ideal	        Living	for	Active	Retirees!	Tranquil	
AtLAntIC unIon CoLLeGe seeKs                      of	a	Seventh-day	Adventist	church,	        candidate	will	be	a	physical	therapist	    country	campus	for	Adventists	with	
nuRsInG InstRuCtoR oR AssIstAnt                   visit	churches	in	an	urban	area	on	        with	a	doctorate	degree	and	experi-        scenic	 vistas	 located	 in	 the	 beau-
PRofessoR/CLInICAL InstRuCtoR	                    weekends	and	engage	in	preaching,	         ence	in	research,	teaching,	and	car-       tiful	Hudson	Valley	of	New	York.	
(three	positions	available).	Applicant	           and	recruitment	activities.                diopulmonary.	For	more	details	and	        Managed	and	maintained	facilities	
should	have	at	least	a	M.S.	degree	in	                                                       to	apply	please	visit:	www.andrews.        include	one	bedroom	apartments,	
nursing	and	be	a	registered	nurse	in	             AssoCIAte fInAnCe VICe-PResIDent           edu/HR/emp_jobs_faculty.cgi.               cottages,	and	mobile	homes	all	adja-
the	Commonwealth	of	Massachusetts.	               (AssoCIAte tReAsuReR)	of	a	non-profit	                                                cent	to	the	Livingston	Seventh-day	
Two	years	of	experience	in	nursing	               denominational	administrative	unit	        emPLoYment oPPoRtunItIes:	Pierre,	         Adventist	Church.	Ample	space	for	
within	the	last	five	years	required.	             of	the	Seventh-day	Adventist	Church,	      South	Dakota,	has	3.3%	unemploy-           walking	and	gardening.	Parks,	shop-
Will	subscribe	to	and	uphold	the	                 namely	the	Northeastern	Conference	        ment	rate,	with	job	opportunities	in	      ping,	banking,	Amtrak,	and	medi-
beliefs,	philosophy,	and	objectives	              of	 Seventh-day	 Adventists,	 head-        computer	science,	health,	construc-        cal	facilities	are	available	within	a	
of	Atlantic	Union	College.	Submit	                quartered	in	Queens,	New	York,	with	       tion,	education,	finance,	automotive,	     few	miles.	Call	(888)	295-5277	or	
letter	 of	 application,	 curriculum	             responsibility	for	supervising	the	        farming,	and	much	more.	Pierre	is	         write	Adventist	Home	Inc.,	P.O.	Box	
vitae,	a	description	of	teaching	his-             administrative	work	of	more	than	          the	capital	city,	a	peaceful,	friendly,	   218,	Livingston,	NY	12541,	e-mail:	
tory,	and	three	letters	of	references	            170	churches	and	17	schools	in	a	          semi-rural	town	with	low	crime	rate.,	www.
to:	Human	Resources	Office,	Atlantic	             tri-state	area.	Must	have	a	minimum	       Opportunities	to	help	local	church
Union	College,	P.O.	Box	1000,	South	              of	a	graduate	degree	in	business	or	       growth.	Contact	Lloyd	Johnson	(605)	
Lancaster,	 MA	 01561	 or	 roberto.               its	equivalent	with	an	emphasis	in	        224-8349,              fLoRIDA LIVInG RetIRement - ComPARe	 For	 additional	                  accounting	and	auditing	course	work	                                                  AnD Come BACK! Senior	community	
details,	see:                        with	strong	accounting	background	         neeDeD:	Female	personal	care	assis-        one	 hour	 from	 Disney/Daytona	
                                                  in	non-profit	denominational	orga-         tant	for	AM	and	PM	care	in	exchange	       Beach;	 affordable	 Adventist	 life-
AtLAntIC unIon CoLLeGe seeKs A fooD               nizations,	and	must	have	at	least	six	     for	apartment.	Small	stipend	includ-       style,	ground	level	apts.	and	rooms;	
seRVICes DIReCtoR:	Bachelor’s	degree	             years	of	relevant,	requisite	experi-       ed.	Small	(Massachusetts)	Adventist	       no	application	fee;	transportation/

at                                                                                         Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                       29
   housekeeping	 available;	 vegetar-;	e-mail:	dar-      Need	affordable,	professionally	pre-          Join	thousands	of	active	Adventist	
   ian	cuisine;	church/pool/shopping/                     pared	handbills,	brochures,	signs,	           Singles.	FREE	Chat,	Search,	Detailed	
   activities;	3ABN/Loma	Linda/Hope	                                                 banners,	 and	 mailing	 services?	            Profiles,	 Match	 Notifications!	
   TV.	SHORT-TERM	RENTALS:	fully	           totAL VeGetARIAn CooKInG semInAR:	       Call	free	(800)	274-0016	and	ask	             Confidential.	Witnessing	opportu-
   furnished	2BR	apts.	$48	or	$75/per	      Intensive	14-day	seminar	focusing	       for	HOPE	Customer	Service	or	visit	           nities	to	the	world	through	Articles,	
   night;	minimum	3	nights;	$300	or	        on	healthy	food	preparation,	nutri-	You	deserve	              Friendships,	Chat,	Forums.	Since	
   $450/week;	rent	up	to	4	months;	         tional	insights,	meal	planning,	gar-     the	best	with	confidence	and	peace	           1993!	Adventist	owners.	Thousands	
   (800)	729-8017;	(407)	862-2646	ext.	     dening,	and	more.	Nov.	28-Dec.	12,	      of	mind.	Your	friends	at	Hamblin’s	           of	Successful	Matches!	Top	ranked.
   24.	Web	site:	floridalivingretirement.   2010.	Site:	Wildwood	Health	Retreat,	    HOPE	deliver	on	time.
   com;	e-mail:         Iron	City,	TN.	Cost:	$575	per	per-                                                     sInGLe AnD oVeR 40?	The	only	inter-
                                            son	(includes	room,	total	vegetarian	    sPonsoR A CHILD!	$30	a	month	can	             racial	group	exclusively	for	Adventist	
                                                                                                                                   singles	over	40.	STAY	HOME	AND	
              foR sALe                      meals).	Contact:	Darlene	Keith	(931)	
                                            724-6706;	www.wildwoodhealthre-
                                                                                     send	a	child	in	India	to	an	Adventist	
                                                                                     school.	It	pays	for	tuition,	housing,	        MEET	 NEW	 FRIENDS	 in	 U.S.A.	
                                  ;	 e-mail:	 darlenekeith@       food,	and	uniform.	Adventist	Child	           with	 monthly	 newsletters	 and	
   RV’s!!	Adventist	owned	and	oper-                               India	 is	 an	 official	 project	 of	 the	    album.	For	information	send	large	
   ated	RV	dealership	has	been	helping	                                              Southern	Asia	Division	of	Seventh-            self-addressed	stamped	envelope	to	
   Adventists	for	over	35	years.	Huge	      HeRItAGe sInGeRs,	celebrating	their	     day	 Adventists,	 (308)	 530-6655,	           ASO	40	2747	Nonpareil,	Sutherlin,	
   inventory	of	new	and	used	trailers	      40 th	Anniversary,	are	now	taking	                                                     OR	97479.
                                                                           ,	or	child	care@
   and	motorhomes.	Jayco,	Newmar,	          concert	invitations	for	fundraisers                            ARe You moVInG soon?	Before	you	
   and	Hurricane.	Courtesy	airport	         and	special	church	events.	Call	Max	
                                                                                                                                   rent	 a	 U-Haul	 and	 do	 it	 yourself,	
   pickup	and	on-site	hookups.	Call	        Mace	(530)	622-9369	to	book	a	2011	      BooKs—Over	250,000	new	and	used	
                                                                                                                                   check	our	price	and	save	yourself	
   toll-free	(888)	933-9300.	Lee’s	RV,	     concert	while	there	are	still	avail-     Adventist	books	in	stock.	Looking	
                                                                                                                                   the	 hassle.	 Plan	 ahead	 now	 and	
   Oklahoma	City.	           able	dates.                              for	 a	 publisher?	 Free	 review	 of	         reserve	a	time	slot.	Fast,	direct,	and	
   or	 e-mail	 Lee	 Litchfield	 at	 Lee@                                             your	 manuscript.	 Call	 (800)	 367-          economical.	Contact	Gary	Erhard,                              WouLD You LIKe A ReWARDInG CAReeR        1844	for	more	information	or	visit	           Erhard	Furniture,	610	S	Mechanic	
                                            In meDICAL mInIstRY? Obtain	an	A.S.	or	www.                 St.,	Berrien	Springs,	MI;	40103;	(269)	
              seRVICes                      degree	in	Medical	Massage	in	just	one	
                                            year.	Full-time	and	part-time	evening	
                                                                                                            471-7366	evenings	8-11	p.m.	E.T.,	or	
                                                                                                                                   mobile:	(248)	890-5700.
                                            courses	start	in	September!	Learn	       moVe	with	an	award-winning	agency.	
   WILDWooD WeIGHt mAnAGement               A/P,	Medical	Massage,	Hydrotherapy,	     Apex	Moving	&	Storage	partners	with	
   semInAR	Intensive	14-day	program	        and	 other	 natural	 remedies	 in	 a	    the	General	Conference	to	provide	
   focusing	on	Education,	Motivation,	      Christ-centered	environment	near	        quality	moves	for	you.	Call	us	for	all	
   Planning,	and	Commitment.	October	       Loma	Linda.	Distance	Learning	Now	       your	relocation	needs.	Contact	Marcy	
   31-Nov.	14,	2010.	Site:	Wildwood	        Available!	www.handsonmedicalm-          Danté	at	(800)	766-1902	or	visit	us	
   Health	Retreat,	Iron	City,	TN.	Cost:,	(909)	793-4263.              at                Follow us on Facebook. Search
   $575	(Includes	room,	total	vegetarian	                                                                                            for “Atlantic Union Conference
   meals,	materials).	Contact:	Darlene	     PLAnnInG An eVAnGeLIstIC seRIes oR	 FREE	
                                                                                                                                      of Seventh-day Adventists.”
   Keith	(931)	724-6706;	www.wild-          HeALtH semInAR? Have	questions?	         14-day	Trial	or!	

  30          Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                                                Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
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                  reach your                                                     The Official Publication for the Constituents
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                                      in their language,                    Greater	New	York	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alanzo	Smith,
                                                                            New	York	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kim	Kaiser,
                                         then hand it to                    Northeastern	. . . . . . . . . . . . . Stephen	Williams,
                                                                            Northern	New	England.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	.	 Lynn	Ortel,
                                     them with a smile.                                                    .
                                                                            Southern	New	England	 . . Frank	Tochterman,
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                                                                            Secretary	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle	 C.	 Simmons
                                                                            Treasurer	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leon	 D.	 Thomassian
                                                                            Treasurer,	Associate 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trevor	 S.	 Forbes
                     12501 Old COlumbia Pike · Silver SPring, md 20904      ASI	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle	 C.	 Simmons
                     800-337-4297  @awrweb       Children’s	Ministries 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Astrid	 Thomassian
                                                                            Children’s	Ministries,	Associate	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jerrell	 Gilkeson
                                                                            Communication 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ednor	A.	P.	Davison
                                                                            Community	Service 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Louis	 B.	 Metellus
                                                                            Disabilities	Ministries	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Charlotte	L.	V.	Thoms
                                                                            Education 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Astrid	 A.	 Thomassian
                                                                            Education,	Associate	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jerrell	 Gilkeson

       ATlAnTIC UnIOn COllEgE
                                                                            Education,	Assistant	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marlene	 Alvarez
                                                                            Family	Ministries 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dionisio	 Olivo
                                                                            Health	Ministries 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle	 C.	 Simmons
                                                                            Human	Relations 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle	 C.	 Simmons
                                                                            Information	Technology	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Russell	 E.	 Wecker
                                                                            Ministerial	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Donald	 G.	 King
                                                                            Ministerial,	Assistant 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Louis	 B.	 Metellus

        Union-wide Sabbath Offering                                         Ministerial,	Assistant 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dionisio	 Olivo
                                                                            Personal	Ministries	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trevor	 S.	 Forbes
                                                                            Plant	Services	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David	 Keith

                AUC Fund                                                                              .
                                                                            Prayer	Ministries	 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle	 C.	 Simmons
                                                                            Prison	Ministries	 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Louis	 B.	 Metellus
                                                                            Public	Affairs/Religious	Liberty	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Charles	 Eusey

            November 27, 2010                                               Revolving	Fund	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Violet	 Bidwell
                                                                            Sabbath	School	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dionisio	 Olivo
                                                                            Shepherdess 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lois	 King
                                                                            Stewardship	 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leon	 D.	 Thomassian
                                                                            Trust	Services/Inner	City/Loss	Control	. . . . . . . . . . . . . Leon	 D.	 Thomassian
          You	can	make	a	difference	in	the	lives	of	students!               Women’s	Ministries 	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Charlotte	L.	V.	Thoms
                                                                            Youth	Ministries/Pathfinder/Adventurer	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .William	 Wood

         If	you	wish	to	use	your	credit	card,	please	call	the	                                  local Conferences and institutions
                                                                            Bermuda:	Jeffrey	Brown,	President;	Kenneth	Manders,	Secretary;	Derek	R.	
        Office	for	Advancement	weekdays	at	(978)	368-2340.                  Furbert,	 Treasurer.	 Office	 Address:	 PO	 Box	 HM	 1170,	 Hamilton,	 HM	 EX	
                                                                            Bermuda.	(441)	292-4110.	Web	site:
                                                                            Greater New York:	 Richard	 Marker,	 President;	 G.	 Earl	 Knight	 Secretary;	
      338	Main	Street	•	P.O.	Box	1000	•	South	Lancaster,	MA	01561-1000      Benjamin	Santana,	Treasurer.	Office	Address:	7	Shelter	Rock	Rd.,	Manhasset,	
                                                                            NY	11030.	(516)	627-9350.	Web	site:
              Phone:	(978)	368-2340	•
                                                                            New York:	 Stan	 Rouse,	 President;	 Angel	 Rodríguez,	 Secretary;	 Florencio	
                                                                            Zabala,	Treasurer.	Office	Address:	4930	West	Seneca	Turnpike,	Syracuse,	NY	
                                                                            13215.	(315)	469-6921.	Web	site:
              Atlantic Union College is one hour from Boston                Northeastern:	 Trevor	 H.	 C.	 Baker,	 President;	 Larry	 Bailey,	 Secretary;	
                      and three hours from New York.                        Ebenezer	Agboka,	Treasurer.	Office	Address:	115-50	Merrick	Blvd.,	Jamaica,	
                                                                            NY	11434.	(718)	291-8006.	Web	site:
                                                                            Northern New England:	Mike	Ortel,	President;	Merlin	Knowles,	Secretary;	
                                                                            Randee	 Reynolds,	 Treasurer.	 Office	 Address:	 91	 Allen	 Ave.,	 Portland,	 ME	
                                                                            04103.	(207)	797-3760.	Web	site:
                                                                            Southern New England:	 Frank	 Tochterman,	 President;	 Juan	 Borges,	
                                                                            Secretary;	 Randall	 Terry,	 Treasurer.	 Office	 Address:	 34	 Sawyer	 St.,	 South	
                                                                            Lancaster,	MA	01561.	(978)	365-4551.	Web	site:
                                                                            Atlantic Union College:	Norman	Wendth,	President;	338	Main	Street,	South	
                                                                            Lancaster,	MA	01561;	(978)	368-2000.	Web	site:
                                                                                                        Member, Associated Church Press
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at                                                Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2010                                                            31
   ATlANTiC uNioN GlEANEr                                                   Nonprofit organization
      rEviEw AND HErAlD                                                         u.S. Postage
   PubliSHiNG ASSoCiATioN                                                           PAiD
   55 wEST oAk riDGE DrivE                                                    Hagerstown, MD
                                                                               Permit No. 261
    HAGErSTowN, MD 21740

The Atlantic Union Conference presents this year’s final

      Evangelism Homecoming Rally
                                Sabbath               Power-packed
                             November 13, 2010
                                                      v Inspirational Praise Music
                                                        and Performing Musicians
                                  Brooklyn College
                                 Brooklyn, New York   v Soul-winning
                                                        Testimonies—All Ages

                                                      v Powerful Biblical

                                                      v Youth Connections:
                                                        Inspire, Equip, Deploy

                Main Speaker:                         v Christian Education
               Glen O. Samuels                          Vignettes

                                                      v Evangelism Reports and

  Join us for this oustanding event!                    Strategies Going Forward

                         in Evangelism Is Yet To
               “The Come!”

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