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                                                                     Natural Solutions
                                                                                                      By Lesley-Ann Trow

                                                                 “Nature has provided us with everything we need to
                                                                 nurture our skin; we should just let it get on with it.”

T                                                  Here are some of the best natural ingredients for skincare to
                    here’s no shortage
                   of skincare brands
                  - marketing,                     effectively heal, nurture, moisturise and slow down the ageing
                 advertising and                   process. It’s also important to note the order the ingredients
                making claims on
               the shelves in your                 are listed on the label. The more there is of an ingredient, the
   local pharmacy, health food                     closer to the top of the list it is.
   store or where ever it is you go
   to buy your beauty products.
   Underneath all the hype
   there are some fundamental                      JOJOBA OIL                             ROSEHIP OIL                    nutrients lost during the
   guidelines you can follow                                                                                             day and repairs the skin
   when purchasing your skincare                       With properties similar                 Best renowned for its
                                                   to the skin’s own sebrum,              anti-aging benefits, rosehip   while you sleep. Can be
   to ensure your ‘natural’ or                                                                                           used for dry skins, as it can
   ‘organic’ product is everything                 jojoba oil is easily absorbed          oil is extracted from the
                                                                                          fruit of the rose bush. The    balance the skin.
   the label says it is.                           for maximum moisturising.
                                                   With strong antibacterial              oil is extracted in order
       Several environmentally                     and antifungal properties,             to get the high essential
   and health conscious skincare                   it can destroy skin bacteria           fatty acids, which make
   companies have spent a fortune                  and fungi making it                    it such a beneficial oil for
   in research and development                                                            anti-aging and regeneration
   to make safe products that are                  useful in the treatment
                                                                                          of the skin. Along with
   full of active natural ingredients              of acne, psoriasis, eczema             the essential fatty acids,
   and no chemical nasties. Many                   and dermatitis. It’s also              rosehip oil is also rich in
   of these are just as, and often                 known as nature’s wrinkle              Vitamin C, A, D and E
   more effective than products                    fighter – when applied, it             and antioxidants. The          COCONUT OIL
   sold over the counter in                        holds water in the skin and            vitamin C in rosehip oil is        Noted as one of
   department stores every day.                    it even absorbs UV rays                responsible for producing      the best ingredients for
   Nature has provided us with                     before they can penetrate              collagen and improving         healthy hair and used
   everything we need to nurture                   the skin. It can also act as a         skin elasticity. Used at       in India, coconut oil
   our skin; we should just let it                 natural preservative with its          night, it acts as a skin       helps to condition and
   get on with it.                                 antioxidant properties.                multi-vitamin, replacing       repair hair and help with

                Invoke Natural Skincare                                                                                                    Skincare Range

                                                                                                                                           Mums & Bubs
Invoke Natural Skincare products are developed             Invoke Natural Skincare’s products not only work                                Range
using 100% natural active ingredients to nourish and       in harmony with your skin, but also indulge your
support your skin for optimal health inside and out!       senses. What would you like to invoke?                                          Men’s Range

Invoke means ‘to raise, summons into action or             Invoke boasts a comprehensive Core Skincare                                     Gift Pack Range
bring into existence’. By definition, Invoke Natural        range with encompasses products for the face and
Skincare is about raising your spirits and bringing        body that are tailored to suit individual skin types.
about a feeling of wellbeing.                              In addition to this, Invoke also have a Mums &
                                                           Bubs Skincare Range. The range showcases gentle
Whether it be to restore you to a state of calm or         bath and baby products that centre around the
achieve a feeling of vitality, our unique blend of pure    natural calming and soothing properties of lavender
active ingredients will work to nourish and support        and chamomile essential oils to help encourage a
your skin for optimal radiance.                            content baby.

                         Or phone (03) 9569 6337          Retail enquiries welcome

                                                                                                                                ECO LIVING MIDAS WORD PUBLICATIONS   99
      dandruff. The different            PANTHENOL                        The chemical nasties you’re looking for
      acids and antioxidants and             This plant derived pro
      antibacterial properties are       vitamin B5 is an effective
                                                                          when it comes to preservatives include;
      the reasons for its benefits.      aid for irritated or
      Good for cooking and               damaged skin.
      the face, coconut oil is                                                Parabens (Propyl,                    Sodium Lauryl
      nourishing and moisturising        GREEN TEA                        Methyl, Butyl, or Ethyl):            Sulfate (SLS): SLS acts
      without being too heavy on                                          Parabens are used as                 as a surfactant, degreaser,
      the face. It’s great for dry,          Organic green tea            preservatives in numerous            and emulsifier and is used
      flaky skin in winter and for       (Camellia sinensis): A potent    skin care and hair care              in numerous foaming
      helping to improve those           anti-oxidant known to fight      products. They are highly            personal care products
      wrinkles or sagging.               free radicals helps rejuvenate   toxic as they release                such as soaps, shampoos,
                                         the skin and prevents sun        Formaldehyde when exposed            body wash products, face
                                         damage. Promotes elasticity      to the air and cause allergic        cleansers, shaving cream,
                                         - as well as being high in
                                                                          and skin reactions.                  etc. This detergent affects
                                         vitamins, including
                                         B complex.                                                            the eyes and delays their
                                                                              There’s a whole host of          healing time. It can be
                                                                          other chemical nasties to            absorbed by the skin surface
                                         MANUKA HONEY                     avoid if you’re concerned            and gets accumulated
                                             Included in facial           about your health, and               in your body organs.
                                         creams to treat acne due to      the health of your family.           When used in products
                                         antibacterial properties and     Several of these ingredients         containing nitrogen-based
                                         also contains lactic acid and    are now considered a cancer          raw materials, it forms
                                         helps remove dead skin cells     risk, especially breast cancer.      carcinogenic nitrates, which
                                         in facial cleansers.             More and more research is            are known to cause irritation
                                                                          being done so that in the            to the eye and skin.
                                         CALENDULA                        future they can have them
                                             Included for its             banned from skincare.                    Fragrance/Parfum:
                                         antibacterial and soothing                                            Artificial fragrance can cause
                                                                              Propylene Glycol:                numerous health problems
                                         properties. Many creams          Propylene glycol is obtained
      LAVENDER OIL                       for babies’ skin also contain                                         including headaches, lung
                                                                          from petrochemicals and is           problems, skin irritation
          Lavender oil is best           calendula; it’s also great       added in numerous skin
      known for its fabulous             in hair care to sooth                                                 and dizziness.
                                                                          care creams and lotions as
      smell. Used regularly              sensitive scalps.                an emulsifying agent.                    Mineral Oil: Mineral
      in natural perfumes or                                              It makes the skin look               oils are obtained from
      aromatherapy blends, it also       UNREFINED SHEA                   smooth; however, it speeds           petroleum products and
      has antiseptic and antifungal      BUTTER
      properties. It helps to soothe                                      up aging of the skin. It             can cause skin irritations.
                                             Shea butter is a             also causes irritation and           They block skin pores,
      sunburn and heal wounds.           common ingredient in
      Combined with chamomile,                                            contact dermatitis.                  which restricts movement of
                                         body butters, lip balms
      lavender oil helps with            and moisturisers – creamy
      eczema treatment.                  yellow in colour; it has a
                                         lovely nutty fragrance. This
                                         unrefined version retains
                                         many of the remarkable              Organic and natural products
                                         properties for which shea                          with super natural results!
                                         butter is renowned - deeply
                                         moisturising, anti-scarring,        Over 15 ranges of natural & organic skin and body care,
                                         anti-inflammatory, rich in          organic beauty therapy and Australian Mineral make up.
                                         vitamins A and E and
                                         other phytonutrients, and
                                         even provides mild UV
                                         radiation protection.
                                              Preserving natural and
                                         organic skincare products           skin consultations
                                         has been one of the major           with naturopath and skin specialist
                                         sticking points. Certified          to ensure best results for your skin.
                                         organic skincare can have
                                         no chemical interference,
      ALOE                               this means water based
          Aloe is found in many          products that are prone
      skincare products, especially      to bacterial growth once
      products designed for oily         opened, must contain a
                                                                                                                         Get FREE POSTAGE for your
      skin. But it’s also a great        natural preservative. Many                                                      first order (just quote GMAG
      healer – it is absorbed into       products labelled organic, as       Book an Organic treatment and get a         in comment field)
      the skin tissues below             opposed to certified organic        Complimentary Organic Skin Consult
                                         (and yes, there is a BIG            on mention of this ad
      the surface. It’s rich in
      vitamins as well as being          difference) contain safer
      an effective wetting agent         chemical preservatives such
      to help with cleansing.            as phenoxyethanol or
                                         benzyl alcohol.

nutrients and waste matter
from the cells.
    Imidazolidinyl and
Diazolidinyl Urea:
These are also used as
preservatives and are
known for causing
contact dermatitis.                               Packaging is the final element for consideration
    Ingredients with                              for natural and organic skincare.
PEG in the name:
Polyethylene Glycol is
their extended name;                                  Certified organic skincare can contain only natural ingredients so it’s incredibly important
they should be avoided                            to stop bacterial growth, by keeping air from getting into the packaging. Some skincare
in cleansers for your skin                        companies have again spent a fortune in research and development to ensure that their super
                                                  effective ingredients maintain their integrity for the life of the product. It should also be noted
and hair, as independent                          here that the time between starting and discarding most organic and natural skincare should
testing has shown they                            only be about 9 to 12 months. A product you love to use probably wouldn’t last you that
can be contaminated with                          long anyway.
1,4-Dioxane; a petroleum-
derived carcinogenic                              WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN PACKAGING:
compound that is also                             Recycleable or Reusable: Just makes good sense.
used in dry cleaning                              Positive Packaging: Opening and dispenser is at the bottom of the packaging allowing gravity
solvents, lacquers and                                                to make it airtight.
automotive coolant.
                                                  Dark coloured glass: To maintain the integrity of active ingredients and Essential Oils.
    Synthetic Colours:
Synthetic colours can cause                           As wonderful as it would be to live in a world where all products were labelled with 100%
allergic skin reactions.                          honesty (and claims had to be proven without a doubt before they could be made); we’re not
                                                  there yet.
    Triethanolamine                                   We can all help move a step closer though by making the hugely profitable skincare
(TEA): TEA is used to                             industry conscious of the new paradigm by voting with our wallets and supporting skincare
adjust the pH of the                              companies that have embraced nature in word and action by creating super effective products
cosmetics. It causes various                      that have a positive impact on the future of our planet and our health.
allergic reactions including
eye problems, and dryness
of hair and skin. Also look                          Lesley-Ann Trow is the founder of www.gorgeousthings.com.au -
out for MEA and DEA for                              The Pink Guide to Being Green and Gorgeous
the same reasons.

                   ...because your skin                                                                                      no palm oil
                                                                                                                             preservative free
                          deserves the                                                                                       no synthetic

                             very best.                                                                                      ingredients
                                                                                                                             fair trade and
                                             We all know natural is better.                                                  organic philosophy
                                           But many skincare products that
                                             call themselves ‘natural’ don’t
                                                       stand up to the test.
                              SkinThings really is fresh food for your skin.
                                 Our products are a rich source of vitamins,
                               minerals and nutrients. They are gentle and
                              effective and contain only the highest quality
                                      ingredients - plant oils, essential oils,
                                      herbal extracts and pure spring water.
                                           So if you’re ready to go natural,
                                               get natural with SkinThings.
                                                                                    pure creative ethical
                 A LI A N M
            TR                                                                                 body creams
   • AU S


                                                                                                   lip balms

       TR                                                                                           face oils


             A LIA N O

                                                                                                 bath bombs
                    totally natural skincare
    (08) 8294 0022 www.skinthings.com.au
                                                                                    e-mail contact@mokosh.com.au
                                                                                                                           organic and fair trade skin care

                                                                                                                              ECO LIVING MIDAS WORD PUBLICATIONS   101

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