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					                           MARRIAGE & FAMILY
                            Legacy Fund

The marriage & Family Legacy Fund was created by the CoMission Steering
committee on the urging of CoMission members as the implementation and
funding arm for CoMission objectives

Primary objectives
   1. Raise contributions to support a national public sentiment campaign to
      provide “air cover” for local marriage initiatives
   2. Plan and implement this public sentiment campaign including media,
      effective internet strategy and a documentary film
   3. Raise contributions to create a Marriage Trust for new local start-up
   4. Distribute grants to local start-ups

Initial Priorities
    Summer 2007
    Establish the organization identity

   Fall 2007 – Mid year 2008
   Raise start-up funding from a close network of founders

   Fall 2007 – Summer 2008
   Recruit Trustees and a Board

   January – December 2008
   Grow the group of donor/founders through a direct response campaign and
   personal calls

   January - May 2008
   Cast a vision for a public sentiment campaign

Governance Structure
Traditional nonprofit governance is laden with inefficiencies. Board member
recruiting and selection is like a blind date. One realizes after the third meeting
that it is just not a fit. Loyalty to the friend who did the recruitment and a sense of
commitment often drives a sense of obligation to remain on the board, though not
motivated to do so. Boards are too large. They meet too often and do too little.
Nonprofit board members are often unclear about expectations. Business and
professionals are encouraged to “think mission” resulting in decision making that
ignores their ability to think strategically.

There is a new day for governance being put into practice at Marriage & Family
Legacy Fund. Those who join us will be asked for three things: Talent,
Resources and Rolodex. In return we (The Staff) will earn every minute of time
from our Trustees and our Board by clear decision-making that is grounded in
faith and with eyes toward effectiveness.

Governance at Marriage & Family Legacy Fund will be characterized by few
meetings that are incredibly well organized and led – clear expectations –
involvement centered on one’s gifts and levels of interest and… at the end of the
day…a stronger nation!

Three – five Trustees setting direction and serving as fiduciaries
Eight – twelve Board members developing strategy and leading

Hundreds of Marriage Champions as advocates and donors

Competent, Professionals

Trustees are fiduciaries. This group is small, (3 – 5 individuals.) They clearly
understand the vision to be fulfilled and have a hand in creating it. With this clear
understanding of the vision they are invested for the long term. When making
decisions their time horizon is 5 – 10 years. The decisions made by Trustees are
direction setting, answering the question, “where will we go?” They leave strategy
to the Board of Directors and implementation to staff. Trustees meet rarely (once
a year) but early in the life of the entity might meet more often. Trustees often
have relationships that are described as “close.” These relationships engender
trust necessary to realize the vision. Practically, Trustees are investors in the
entity, often making large contributions (Pace setting, major gifts) that establish
patterns of giving from the Board and other major donors. Trustees may be
involved, together with the Board of Directors, in selecting the entities CEO.

Members of the Board of Directors (8 – 12 individuals) provide strategic
leadership for the organization. When making decisions their time horizon is 3
– 5 years. Decisions made by the Board are strategic in nature. They answer the
question, “What is needed for the journey?” so the staff can then answer the
question “How will we get there?” They each have a specific skill or talent that is
needed to fulfill the organization’s purpose. The Board leverages their talent,
resources and Rolodex to help the staff implement the activities of the
organization. They are significant contributors of time and generous with their
charitable giving (Five and six figure gifts). They are connectors for the
organization and often are advisors to the staff on matters important to fulfilling
the organization’s purpose. The Board meets more often than the trustees, (four
times a year) is subdivided into groups to focus on specific dimensions or
problem solving. They often call upon other individuals in their networks to help
get the work done and then these individuals create a pool of qualified
successors for board membership. A Board member makes a three-year
commitment and is subject to rotation policies so that no one becomes a
“member for life.”
Organizational Champions are advocates, and raving fans for the purpose of
the organization. (Hundreds of Champions) Champions are officially recognized
as such and tell the organization’s story often in their own spheres of influence
but meet together rarely (one time each year.) They agree to be educated on the
delivery of program and organizational priorities and support the organization
with their charitable gifts (Low five and four figure gifts) and their networks and
work intentionally to engage others as champions. Champions often arrange for
staff to tell the organization’s story to a group of their friends and serve as key
informants to staff on how the organization is perceived in their networks.

Phase one budget
             CATEGORY                                      AMOUNT

   Internet Strategy                        $1 M

   Marriage Trust for Local Grants          $2 M

   Creating Documentary                     $1 M

   Creating Public Sentiment Campaign       $1 M
   Implementing Public Sentiment
   Campaign                                 $5M

Contact information
John Stanley
Marriage& Family Legacy Fund
5550 Triangle Parkway, Suite 160
Norcross, GA 30092
Atlanta, GA
262 754 4485 ext 208

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