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SUMMER Edition
                                    “Setting the Industry Standards for the Rehabilitation of
                                                    Underground Utilities”
Inside this issue:
President’s Corner      2
                                                 2005-2006 OFFICERS & BOARD
Executive               3
Director’s Message                                                     OFFICERS
Calendar of Events      4    President             Gerry Muenchmeyer             Muenchmeyer Engineering Associates
                             Vice President       Bill Shook                     AP/M Permaform
Rehabzone 2006
Progress Report         4    Secretary            Rod Thornhill                  White Rock Consultants

New Specification            Treasurer            Marc Anctil                    Logiball, Inc.
Guidelines Available 5
Sealing Laterals 30’          Mark Hallett                                                  Mike Hogan
from the Mainline             Miller Pipeline Corporation                                   Duke’s Root Control
Sewer                   6
                              Ed Kampbell                                                   Glenn Kruschinski
Service Installations:
                              National Liner                                                JGK Pipeline Services
Opportunity for
Compact HDD            8
                              Brad Dutruch                                                  Jody Anderson
NASSCO has a                  Compliance Enviro Systems                                     Equitas Sewer Services
New Look                9
                              Steve Mortensen                                               Grant Whittle
Rehabilitation of the
Sims Bayou Sewer      10
                              Project Engineering Consultants, Inc.                         Ultraliner

Record Breaking               Dave Fletcher                                                 Dick Schantz
Short Liner Installa-         Applied Felts                                                 Amerik Supplies
tion in Michigan        12
                                                     Some Interesting Food For Thought
Video Pipe Inspec-           The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) has approved PACP as a quali-
tion Lightnin’ Quick 16      fied course for continuing education for state employees involved with wastewater. The course is
                             identified as Course #1319. The State of Ohio EPA has taken similar action on PACP. They identify
Muenchmeyer                  the PACP training as Course # S412373.
Launches New Con-
sulting Firm      19         Anyone wishing to have PACP become a qualified continuing education course in any other state
                             can start the ball rolling by contacting the NASSCO office with the name and contact information of
                             the Agency or Department responsible in the state and we will follow it through to completion.
Committee Reports 20
                             If you are PACP Trainer, you can generate a list of potential students who are motivated to get their
International Chemi-         credit hours and learn something really useful. If you are with the municipality and trying to convince
cal Grouting Assoc. 22       your in-house CCTV crews to invest the time to become PACP certified, you now can have a strong
Report                       selling point.
Scholarship Notice      24
                             There are many reasons to pursue this. Think About It.
                  PRESIDENT’S CORNER ~ Gerry Muenchmeyer

                      Dear NASSCO Times Readers:

 As the rehabilitation industry continues to grow so does NASSCO’s membership. I am
 seeing an influx of new members seeking to learn more about the industry, offering to par-
 ticipate in the NASSCO programs and networking with the other members. This illustrates
 to me that being a member of NASSCO offers you the ability to educate yourself on the
 latest industry trends; participate in cutting edge technology programs; steer the direction
 of the industry through participation on specific committees or playing an active role in a
 Division; or networking with the wealth of human knowledge that currently is available at

  The secret to NASSCO’s continuing success is a dedicated staff and active members who bring their personal
  knowledge to get things done. This core group of active members however needs help for NASSCO to con-
  tinue its growth and service to the industry. I urge new members to assume leadership roles in NASSCO. So
  ask yourself, why should I do anything more than just be a member? The answer is simple. Playing a leader-
  ship role gives you first hand knowledge of cutting edge technologies and programs being developed; allows
                              you to network with key industry leaders on issues of common interest; and pre-
“Playing a leadership role    sents you with knowledge that will enhance your own career or open up new busi-
gives you first hand          ness opportunities.
knowledge of cutting edge
                               NASSCO’s mission is to support its members with a variety of programs and ser-
technologies and programs
                               vices but most importantly we promote programs that will result in business op-
being developed...”            portunities. So the next time you ask yourself what else there is, take a leadership
                               role in NASSCO which could enhance and advance your own career.

 In the upcoming months many of NASSCO’s efforts will come together. These efforts include: adoption of a
 5 year plan; new member services including an extensively improved web site; new divisions now in their
 formative stage; advancement of the PACP, MACP and LACP programs; members only programs that will
 offer both technical and marketing position support; sponsorships of valuable industry programs and much

 So, become active in NASSCO, take a leadership role, give back to the industry and reap the personal bene-
 fits that result.

 Enjoy the rest of your summer. I look forward to seeing you all at our semi-annual meeting in October at
 WEFTEC in Washington DC.


 Gerry Muenchmeyer

Page 2                                                                                             NASSCO TIMES
                     ~ Irvin Gemora ~
Dear NASSCO Times Readers:

                We have a new look! I still have the beard and Heather still looks like Heather but the
                NASSCO look is different. We have redesigned the NASSCO website so it is easier to find
                what you need. If you have not recently seen our website take a moment now to find us at
       One of the exciting features is the membership directory that allows a
                search by product, territory or keyword (territory search available soon). Many of you have
                sent us the information needed to enable us to improve the directory by showing a list of
                products or services you have and by including the geographic areas you serve. Many of you
                have not responded to our request for this information. If you want your products or services
                fully cross-referenced in the directory, it is not too late to get the information to us. The new
                directory format is being developed now and will be available in the very near future.

We have completed most of our plans for WEFTEC in the first week of November in Washington, D.C.. We
will have our semi-annual meeting on Monday, October 31st at 5:30 pm followed by our Ice Breaker Reception
at 6:30 pm for members and potentially new members.
                                                                                           “...the NASSCO
This year NASSCO is sponsoring the Historic Display at WEFTEC. If you have not
seen it I recommend it highly. If you have seen it before bring someone with you who       look is different…
has not seen it before. This display is truly of museum quality and should be seen by      take a moment now
all. The NASSCO booth will be next door to the display. Stop by and say hello.
                                                                                           to find us at
Plans for the next UCT Conference and Exhibition in Atlanta, GA in January ‘06 are”
well under way. We have a newly designed way to demonstrate pipe defects and the
options for rehabilitating them while maintaining the “No Selling” professional envi-
ronment you have come to expect from the Rehab Zone. Ed Kampbell, Chairman of
the Rehab Zone will be contacting all past sponsors and new ones to help us make this the best Rehab Zone
ever. We think this Rehab Zone will be so spectacular that everyone will want to be part of it! (see page 9 for
more information)

I hope to see you all at the upcoming shows and meetings. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Irvin Gemora
Executive Director

AUGUST 2005                                                                                              Page 3
                                      CALENDAR OF EVENTS
AUGUST 2005                           • PACP Class: Seattle, WA               • PACP Trainer Re-Certification Class
• PACP Class: Seattle, WA               September 19-20, 2005                   November 1, 2005
  August 3-4, 2005                    • Rehab Road Show                         8:00 am-12:00 pm
• PACP Class: Chicago, IL               September 19-20, 2005
  August 10-11, 2005                    Seattle, WA                           NOVEMBER 2005
• Rehab Road Show: Chicago, IL                 • PACP Class: San Jose, CA
  August 10-11, 2005                                                            November 9-10, 2005               OCTOBER 2005                            • Rehab Road Show: San Jose, CA
• PACP Class: Baltimore, MD           • PACP Class: Baltimore, MD               November 9-10, 2005
  August 15-17, 2005                      October 17-19, 2005         
• PACP Class: Thousand Oaks, CA       •   WEFTEC 2005: Washington, DC         • PACP Class: Baltimore, MD
 August 24-26, 2005                       October 30– November 2, 2005          November 14-16, 2005
SEPTEMBER 2005                        •   NASSCO Board Meeting                See our Calendar of Events online
• PACP Class: Baltimore, MD               October 31, 2005– 7-9:00 am         at!
  September 12-14, 2005               •   NASSCO Semi-Annual Meeting
• UCT Seminar Series                      October 31, 2005– 5:30-6:30 pm      **For More information on any of
  September 14-15, 2005               •   NASSCO Annual Icebreaker            the PACP Classes listed above,
  Myrtle Beach, SC                        Reception– October 31, 2005         please call 410-486-3500 or email:                       6:30– 8:00 pm             

                REHABZONE 2006– PROGRESS REPORT
                                           ~Ed Kampbell, Chairman
On June 24, we visited the artist's    thru pipeline" upon which we can      ship drive. It is our goal to have
shop who has been working on           introduce elements that denote the    secured the necessary funding for
creating the first of three "pipe      need for a standardized defect        the Zone by mid-September so
segments" for next year's Zone.                                              that we will create the least
The work that she and her hus-                                               amount of burden on those volun-
band showed us was outstanding,                                              teers who will be helping us put
and on the heels of that inspection                                          the pieces all together. Please
we authorized her to proceed with                                            consider carefully when your let-
painting the second pipe segment.                                            ter arrives your decision to renew
                                                                             your sponsorship (or to participate
Utilizing a simple wooden frame                                              as a sponsor for the first time) as
                                                                             going to Atlanta in 2006 affords
                                       coding system and infrastructure      us a whole new opportunity to
                                       renewal; the perfect way to create    deliver on our mission of educa-
                                       our context sensitive environment     tion.
                                       to allow for the exploration of
                                       trenchless rehabilitation technolo-   Anyone desiring to be a part of
                                       gies.                                 the team of volunteers putting on
                                                                             next year's Zone are invited to
                                       We have since formalized our          send me an e-mail giving your
supported canvas we are finally        budget for next year's Zone and       contact information and desired
able to produce a reusable "walk-      are under way with our sponsor-       role (
Page 4                                                                                             NASSCO TIMES
Top Hat Product Announcement from
AMerik Supplies, Inc.      5/11/2005
Top Hat Sewer Lateral Connection Repair and Seal-
ing Systems are now available with a 24-inch lateral
sealing element from AMerik Supplies, Inc. This
length seals the first two lateral fitting joints, com-
monly the limit of municipal sewer responsibility.
Top Hat is the only permanent no-dig seal that re-
pairs over-cut laterals and stops infiltration and root
growth at the lateral connection into lined sewer
pipes. In one operation the Top Hat tractor transports
                                Top Hat laminate, ap-
                                plicator bladder and
                                cameras to the lateral
                                connection for easy
                                installation and rapid
                                7-minute UV light
                                cure providing install
                                cycle times of 30 to 45
                                minutes per connec-
                                tion. www.

     11.1.5/05 Now Available!

The newest version of the Specification
Guidelines-11 is now available! It was up-
dated in May 2005 and can be ordered on our
website .

If you have any questions or would like to
find out how your company’s specification
can be included, please email administra-
AUGUST 2005                                               Page 5
Thinking outside the Box !              sewer up to 45 feet from the con-     lateral was isolated. The grout
In June of 2004 Logiball received a     nection. Indeed there were            pumps were turned on (approx
call from the Village of Brown          roots, grease & mineral deposits      6 gpm) for two minutes and then
Deer, WI.. Mr. Nietzel wanted to        that had to be removed. Great         slowed down to 3 gpm with
know if laterals could be sealed,       Lakes TV Seal used the Logiball       gel times (acrylamide grout)
using chemical grout, from the          Lateral Launcher to clean 45 feet     varying from 2 to 3 minutes until
mainline sewer up 30 feet from          of the lateral from the mainline.     a satisfactory void pressure
the connection. There were no           Post CCTV inspections confirmed       was obtained. In some cases it
cleanouts on these lines and all                                              was decided to stage the grout
the work had to be performed                                                  until the 6 psi void pressure
from the mainline sewer.                                                      was reached and held. Laterals
                                                                              sealed required anywhere from
                                                                              18 up to 75 gals.
                                                                              The laterals were then air
                                        that the cleaning of the laterals     tested at 5 psi. In most cases a
                                        proved to be very effective, roots,   flush from the occupants was
                                        pieces of clay tile and               obtained confirming the flow
                                        other build-ups were removed          was not obstructed.
                                        restoring the lateral pipes capac-    The sections where the two
At that time, the longest that had
been done was 20 feet. Logiball
decided to build the Lateral
Packer and tested it successfully
above ground. The packer could
be built and proved to be effective
in an above ground setup,                                                     dozen laterals cleaned and
but we all know that field condi-                                             sealed 30 feet from the mainline
tions and above ground condi-           An above ground pipe assembly         will be closely monitored for
tions are two different animals.        was installed at Great Lakes TV       infiltration reduction.
Logiball insisted that all the later-   Seal facilities where the final
als to be tested & sealed had to        preparations were done with the
have a pre-cctv inspection on at        Aries rig (confirming the inversion
least 40 feet from the connection       and vacuum of the lateral
with a satellite camera from            bladder, volume of the void, ad-
the mainline. Also any obstruc-         justing pumping rate, grout gel
tions or pipe conditions that           time, etc). The next step was to
would prevent the full inversion        insert the 42 foot long assembly
of the lateral bladder be cor-          into the mainline sewer.              Congratulations to Greg Healy
rected prior to attempt using the       Once positioned over the lateral,     & Great Lakes TV Seal for a job
lateral packer.                         the lateral bladder was pressur-      well done ! ■
Great Lakes TV Seal Inc. (Green         ized and inverted 38 feet up the
Bay based) used the LETS system         lateral (all laterals were at least
from Aries industries to inspect        45 feet long). With the mainline
the laterals from the 8” mainline       bladders inflated 30 feet of the

Page 6                                                                                           NASSCO TIMES
          THANK YOU
We would like to take this opportunity to thank
our membership for linking to our website! We
have received several promising leads from hits
                                                        can an inexpensive rubber
we’ve had because of you!                                   seal increase your
                                                      wastewater treatment capacity?
As a member service, we have posted your in-
formation including a link to your website (if         Simple.                 By keeping ground and surface water out of your
                                                       sanitary system. Cretex seals block clear water at the manhole chimney
available) as a part of our online membership          frame, where much of it enters. A small investment can yield big dividends:
directory! We are in the process of reformatting       • significantly reduce infiltration and inflow
the directory in order to better reflect your prod-    • protect the environment (and protect yourself from
                                                          regulatory exposure) by eliminating system surcharging
ucts and services so that when someone is                 and bypassing into rivers and lakes
searching our website, they can easily find you!       • reduce sewer backup in basements
                                                       • increase effective system capacity to facilitate
                                                          municipal growth
If you have not yet done so, please submit your        A lot to ask from an inexpensive rubber seal that takes only one man-hour to
updated information for the new directory and          install? That’s what most of our customers thought, too, until they got the
                                                       whole story. Call or e-mail us ( and get it
consider adding NASSCO’s link to your website          for yourself, and you’ll be a believer, too.
( And thank you to all of you                                              Cretex Specialty Products
                                                                       2002 South West Avenue • Waukesha,WI • 53189
who already have!                                                            (800) 345-3764 •

AUGUST 2005                                                                                                                   Page 7
                      Service Installations: Opportunity for Compact HDD
                  Utility contractor       continues to be a viable and useful        speeds up drill times. The vice is also
                  DeMuth, Inc., Volo,      technology in many sectors. The wa-        self-centering, reducing wear and
Ill., was recently contracted to install   ter, gas and electric industries con-      tear. The operator can return to man-
several hundred feet of copper water       tinue to utilize the technology. In        ual control with a flip of a switch.”
services in an established neighbor-       fact, “last mile” installations and
hood in Wilmette, Ill. Because of an       “street to the house” utility installa-    Schneider continued, “These compact
existing roadway and the area’s side-      tions are proving to be a growing          drills work well in residential areas.
walks and driveways, DeMuth Presi-         market for compact directional drills.     They can be transported on a trailer
dent, John DeMuth, opted for a com-                                                   pulled by a pick up truck and require
pact directional drilling application.     Service installations less than 200        minimal crews to operate. The 4X’s
                                           feet have prompted interest in smaller     special steel track with bonded rubber
He said, “The project was done in          drill rigs. These smaller drills have      pads offers excellent traction and du-
conjunction with a water main re-          impressive capabilities and can oper-      rability while minimizing potential
placement project. The existing cast       ate in tight working conditions and        damage to concrete and turf which is
iron main had deteriorated and was         sensitive areas.                           important in residential settings.”
being replaced with ductile iron. The
city decided to upgrade the water ser-     Directional Drilling Capabilities          On the Job
vices in addition to replacing the         According to TT Technologies Direc-        The project in Wilmette called for the
main line. We suggested using a            tional Drilling Specialist Mark            replacement of 1-inch water copper
trenchless application to minimize         Schneider, the development of              water services with 1 1/2-inch ser-
disruption.”                               smaller drills is something that the       vices. Bores averaged 40 feet. The
                                           market has experienced recently. He        Demuth crew needed to navigate
DeMuth Inc. has extensive drilling         said, “With the lack of longer range,      around several existing utilities dur-
experience and over 35 years in the        medium diameter drill work, the in-        ing each bore. Once the pilot bore
utility construction industry. Work-       dustry has moved toward shorter,           was complete the crew would attach
ing with TT Technologies, Aurora,          smaller diameter installations, in tight   the new service to the drill rod string
Ill., DeMuth utilized the Grundodrill      working conditions. The technology         with a shackle and cable grip. The
4X compact directional drilling unit       in today’s smaller drills has increased    new service was then pulled back into
                                           their capability and made them easier      place. Crews then tied the new con-
                                           to use.”                                   nection into the main. Boring times
                                                                                      ranged from 1 to 1 1/2 hours per in-
                                           With some “mini” drills offering as        stallation.
                                           much as 9,800 lbs. of thrust and pull-
                                           back, the machines are able to accom-      According to Demuth, compact direc-
                                           plish a wide range of installation         tional drilling was an ideal solution
                                           tasks. In addition to water services,      for this project. He said, “The job
                                           DeMuth has already used his compact        was originally specified as open cut,
                                           drill for 4-inch and 6-inch sanitary       but it would have been very disrup-
to replace the water services.             sewer pipe installation and sees more      tive. The compact drill provided a
Photo Caption:                             work in the future.                        great opportunity to replace the ser-
DeMuth, Inc. was contracted to in-                                                    vices quickly and avoid major disrup-
stall several hundred feet of copper       According to Schneider the drill also      tion. Everyone was very pleased with
water services. The contractor util-       offers operational efficiency in terms     the results.” ■
ized a Grundodrill 4X from TT Tech-        of its vice cycling system. He said,
nologies.                                  “A computerized Smart Vice system
                                           simplifies the drilling process by
Drilling Industry                          automating the drill’s vice cycling        Jim Schill
While the directional drilling industry    operations. The operator has single        Technical Writer
as a whole has seen a downturn over        push button control of the function.       Mankato, MN
the last few years, directional drilling   That helps improve efficiency and

Page 8                                                                                                     NASSCO TIMES
          NASSCO HAS A
           NEW LOOK!!!
We have recently given our website a face lift! With
great new features like a new Members Only section
with a lot of useful information. We have created
the members only section of our website to help you
easily gain information from our technical resource
library, access technical presentations, update your
company information and much more!

You can even find information on past and upcom-
ing NASSCO meetings as well as access the annual
Jeffrey D. Ralston Scholarship Application!

We are in the process of adding many more products
and services codes to our online directory, as well as
a service area search criteria. This will enable po-
tential customers to find you more easily!

We’ve also added an option to have your logo
posted with your online directory listing….for
FREE!!!! If you are a member and have not yet sent
your logo, please email it to administra- Please also submit the new direc-
tory information form. This will enable us to be sure
your company listing is as up to date as possible. If
you have misplaced your copy, we can send another
via email.

We’ve also included information on upcoming
Training Programs such as the Manhole Assessment
& Certification Program (MACP) and the Lateral
Assessment & Certification Program (LACP). You
will also see that there is a new Industry Promotion
section that highlights some of the ways NASSCO is
supporting the Industry in which you work!

 Take a look, at our new look!!!!

AUGUST 2005                                              Page 9
                    Rehabilitation of the Sims Bayou Sewer
                                            George McAlpine and Mark Boyer

In June 2004 the city of Houston awarded two contracts for Package 2 and Package 3 for the Sims Bayou Large Diame-
ter Pipe Rehabilitation Project to Boyer, Inc. of Houston, Texas to install the Danby GIPL (ASTM F 1698). Package 2
involves the rehabilitation of approximately 1500 feet of 72” ID and 3500 feet of 78” ID CIPCP and Package 3 covers
5000 feet of 78” ID CIPCP. Hydrogen sulfide induced corrosion varied from moderate to severe producing areas of
exposed rebar reinforcement with levels of rebar steel cross-sectional area loss from none to severe. However, there
were no collapsed areas and very few areas with longitudinal cracks.

GIPL Installation
The three major work processes involved in the installation of the GIPL are cleaning of the pipe wall, spiral winding of
the PVC lining into a tube with an inner diameter about 4” less than that of the host pipe and grouting the annular space
between the PVC liner and the host pipe. In any given section of pipe the work proceeds in the order as listed, i.e.,
cleaning, lining, grouting. However, on a large (length) project such as this, three work crews can execute these three
tasks simultaneously. Of course, there are several other subsidiary tasks such as lateral and side sewer reconnection and
building of bulkheads at manholes and intermediate bulkheads that serve as grout dams.
 Cleaning. The three principal stages of cleaning of large diameter pipes are 1) removing loose debris from the invert, 2)
removing loosely bonded deposits from the pipe wall and 3) removing more tightly bonded deposits and hydrogen sul-
fide induced concrete corrosion products (principally from the upper regions of the pipe wall). Smaller volumes of in-
vert debris can be removed by high-pressure water flushing to a manhole followed by either vacuum or mechanical re-
moval from the pipe. The level of debris in the invert of the Sims pipes required dragging a specially designed bucket,
shaped to match the pipe invert, through the pipe to effect mechanical removal of the bulk of debris. The second stage
cleaning was accomplished by the innovative use of large construction equipment pneumatic tires as huge squeegees/
swabs (see Figure 1). Hydroblasting (10,000 psi) final stage cleaning removed all remaining material leaving only com-
petent concrete. In the upper reaches of the pipe walls, where the H2S corrosion was prominent, the surface is very
rough with well-anchored large aggregate exposed (See Figure 2).

                                       Figure 1. Cleaning bucket and tire swabs.

As corrosion levels dictate, steel welded wire mesh was placed to cover areas of corroded steel reinforcement (rebar).
See Figure 2.

                Figure 2. Added steel reinforcement and hydroblasted surface.    (continued on page 14)
Page 10                                                                                                 NASSCO TIMES
                                RECORD BREAKING SHORT LINER
                                  INSTALLATION IN MICHIGAN

No one really realized the extent     sylvania. The two companies put         us the problem of pulling such
of the root infestation and pipe      their heads together and came with      bulk and weight through some-
damage in the mains and laterals      a modified CIPP system design to        times badly misaligned pipes.
at St. Clair Shores, Michigan until   deal with the difficulties.
AAA Flexible Pipe Corporation of                                              The third major innovation in the
Cleveland, Ohio arrived on site.      A new technique, now called the         system was the use of the special
                                      Remote Liner Technique was de-          Easy Liner resin, Gadres 4000.
The pipes had suffered from fur-      veloped. The materials were the
ther deterioration from the time      same, the resins the same the only
the sub million dollar bid was put    difference was the installation
out, and the start of the contract.   method.
In essence the job was different
from what AAA Flexible Pipe           The technique is a hybrid between
Corp and Easyliner had imagined.      the "Fiber glass wrap around and
                                      Pull in Place" approach and the
                                      "Inversion approach". Leke Osi,         Andy Chettle the Vice President
                                      President of EasyLiner LLC said         Technical Operations of Easy
                                      "it was an attempt to take the best
                                      of these opposing CIPP ap-              Liner stated "We chose this resin
                                      proaches whilst leaving out the         because of the inherent latent reac-
                                      worst".                                 tivity. It gives a long working time
                                                                              of typically 2 -6 hours at ambient
The first problem was the increase                                            temperature, hence if the installer
in root infestation which had trig-                                           has problems in pulling the packer
gered off further structural pipe                                             through the pipe he has just about
damage. Hence the average length                                              all the time in the world to resolve
                                                                              them. On the other hand, once the sleeve
of repairs had increased some-
what, which in turn meant that one                                            is in place the resin may be virtu-
repair would need multiple cures,                                             ally instantly activated, like a light
hence taking twice as much time.      By using a made up coated fiber         switch with low temperature water
                                      tube we are able to enjoy the bene-     at the activation temperature of
The second problem was the level      fits of the rapid speed, quality con-   110 deg F.The low temperature of
of scale and encrustation on the      trol and cleanliness provided by        activation means that a small port-
pipe, which potentially made the      vacuum impregnation. "We have           able cart mounted water heater
pulling of packers through the        gotten our wet-out to under 5 min-      may used as a source of heat. "
lines, prone to snagging, with the    utes for even a 30 foot repair",
result of repair sleeves "falling     says Dale Rosa, AAA Flexible's          With the resulting system in place,
off" packers.                         Superintendent.                         AAA Flexible Pipe were able to
                                                                              undertake repairs as long as 60
After a frustrating start AAA Pipe    The packer used was a soft lay-flat     feet in one single hit!
Cleaning Corporation worked           reinforced plastic bladder rather       (continued next page)
round the clock with Easy Liner       than the heavier rubber based
Corporation of Thomasville, Penn-     packers, which would have given
Page 12                                                                                             NASSCO TIMES

         (continued from previous page)

After a relatively slow start, AAA Flexible Pipe
are now installing up to six sub 30 foot long repair
sleeve in a day. "This is a record for Easy Liner
installers in the USA", says Leke Osi.

The job is now in its final stages and the re-
cordings of the repairs are trickling in to Mr. Frank
Varicalli office of Anderson, Eckstein, & Westrick
the Engineering Consultants. Mr. Varicalli states
that he is pleased with the quality of repair work
by AAA Flexible Pipe Cleaning Corp. Mr Vari-
calli said he was a bit worried at the start, but was
impressed with the attitude showed by both AAA
Flexible and Easy Liner field training staff, to-
wards dealing with the problems.

 Mr. Frank Ziegenruecker Vice President of AAA
Flexible Pipe Corporation states that he is very
happy with both the products, training and con-
tinuing support of Easy Liner technical staff. He
says "they have been of great assistance on this job
and have given us the added confidence and am-
munition to go after the multi million dollar Short
Liner contracts, with a formidable chance of win-
ing the work, and, just as importantly, executing
the work profitably!." ■

AUGUST 2005                                             Page 13
                                Rehabilitation of the Sims Bayou Sewer
                                                           (continued from page 10)
PVC Liner Installation. The PVC liner was delivered to the job site in 300 ft coils (ID = 64 in, OD = 90 in). The 12 in
wide profiled liner has “T” shaped ribs on one side (overall height of 1.0 in) and a smooth surface on the other (flow sur-
face). The liner was taken into the pipe’s interior by simply pulling the PVC liner from the inside of the bound (at the
OD) coil down through the manhole. As the spiral winding proceeded past laterals or side sewers, holes were cut into
the liner and PVC pipes/tubes were inserted into the lateral and through the PVC liner. The new inserted PVC tube/pipe
was sealed both in the existing lateral/side sewer and at the PVC liner surface before the annulus grouting reached it to
prevent grout filling the lateral/side sewer and or leaking into the interior of the PVC liner.

                                    Figure 3. Installed GIPL and grout dam/bulkhead.
         In this project, the contractor chose to line continuously through all manholes and provide access by cutting a
suitable hole through the top of the liner. Of course, suitable bulkheads were installed around all such cuts in the liner to
prevent annulus grout from entering the liner’s interior. Sims project specifications required 18 new manholes with Am-
eron T-Lock™ lined 6-ft diameter concrete risers. The (PVC) T-Lock™ riser liners were welded to the Danby PVC
liner to produce an entirely PVC sewer interior surface that will be impervious to the hydrogen sulfide corrosive effects.

Annulus Grouting. All structural rehabilitation of the host rigid pipe by GIPL is due to the effects of the high strength
annulus grout, in conjunction with added steel if used. The PVC liner provides a smooth flow surface, a chemically pro-
tective containment, and formwork for the annulus grout. Its contribution to structural improvement is not significant.
Thus the composition and placement of the annulus grout is very important to the proper installation of any GIPL.

                                 Figure 4. Partially grouted liner at 72” to 78” transition.

Repeatability of grout mixes is greatly influenced by consistent addition of the proper amount of mix water and chemical
admixtures and consistent mechanical mixing. Automation removes human errors and improves repeatability. The mo-
bile grout plant employed on this project had programmable logic controlled metering of the mix water and chemical
admixtures as well as the mixing time of the colloidal mixer.      (continued on page 18)

Page 14                                                                                                    NASSCO TIMES
AUGUST 2005   Page 15
                              Video Pipe Inspection (VPI)
                      Perma-Liner Works Louisiana Lightnin’ Quick

In June, Video Pipe Inspec-       confirmation that the liner      other challenge was figuring
tion received a call from a       would withstand not only the     out the best position to place
construction company regard-      15 psi of internal pressure,     the inversion unit to shoot the
ing a precarious situation        but would withstand up to 50     liner. The team decided that it
concerning a pipe that ran un-    psi of internal pressure for     would be more advantageous
der a new 200,000-gallon          this type of application!)       to lower the inversion unit
sewer tank in Denham                                               into the pit with a backhoe
Springs, LA. The pipe failed      The pipe to be lined was lo-     rather than trying to maneu-
an air test and after videoing    cated in a 9’ x 9’ pit, which    ver the 10’ extension tube
it, it was discovered that the    had been previously exca-        around the muddy pit. At that
out going 6” cast iron pipe       vated. This provided more        point, VPI had to shoot the
had two gaskets which had         room to maneuver than in         liner 38’ to the center of the
rolled out of place, prevent-     most situations, but it also     tank to an open hole (where
ing them from sealing prop-       presented a new set of chal-     the water exits the tank). The
erly.                             lenges. Three inches of rain     hole was 18” round and 2’
                                  had fallen the night before,     deep, and the liner had to fin-
The two choices to solve this     filling the pit and making for   ish at, or near the edge of the
problem were: to use the tra-     one big muddy mess. This         hole to reduce any chance of
ditional method, which would      was easily resolved with a       failure due to the constant
have involved major excava-       pump and plywood. Another        pressure the line would have
tion and possible tunneling,                                       to withstand.
or, to reline the entire pipe.
After careful review of the                                        The 38’ liner was shot at
situation and the costs in-                                        8:00am and the temperature
volved, the company chose                                          was 75 degrees with 100%
the best solution…relining                                         humidity. Hot weather resin
the pipe.                                                          was used and a 5-hour cure
                                                                   time was completed. The
Upon reviewing the scope of                                        liner finished perfectly in the
the project with the engi-                                         tank, sealed all joints nicely
neers, the first concern was to   challenge was workspace.         and needless to say, all par-
determine if the new liner        The team had to cut, meas-       ties involved were very
could withstand the constant      ure, and wet out the liner; so   pleased with the performance
internal pressure the pipe        the liner, cal tube, and pull    of the Perma-Liner product. ■
would be under, due to the        tape had to be pre-measured
size of the tank. (A note of      and cut ahead of time. An-

Page 16                                                                             NASSCO TIMES
AUGUST 2005   Page 17
                    Rehabilitation of the Sims Bayou Sewer
                                        (continued from page 14)

It was completely self sufficient with its own power sources, water and chemical admixture
tanks and PLC meters, colloidal mixer, separate mixing and pumping hoppers. This grout
plant (see Figure 5) consistently produced good quality grout in high volumes throughout the

                               Figure 5. Mobile grout plant
All manholes were lined with the Danby Panel Lok material. This manhole lining was welded
to the pipe liner to provide a sealed PVC surface throughout the pipeline (see Figure 6).

                                 Figure 6. Lined Manhole.

Page 18                                                                        NASSCO TIMES
                                                                NEWS RELEASE: MUENCHMEYER
                                                                 LAUNCHES CONSULTING FIRM
                                   Gerhard “Gerry” Muenchmeyer has recently formed Muenchmeyer Associates, LLC.

                Muenchmeyer, a professional engineer, has over the last 40 years, held a variety of senior positions
                with Insituform Technologies, Miller Pipeline, Corp, KR Swerdfeger Construction, the City of
                Worcester, MA. and most recently, Raven Lining Systems. His experience includes research, develop-
                ment, design and construction of many underground rehabilitation technologies. He is currently Presi-
                dent of NASSCO, Vice President of the Pipe Rehabilitation Council (PRc) Co-founder of the Interna-
                tional Pipebursting Association (IPBA) and chairs a number of industry committees dedicated to ad-
                vancing the pipe rehabilitation industry. He is a Contributing Editor for Underground Construction
Magazine and lectures at university training programs, workshops and national conferences emphasizing QA/QC for
underground rehabilitation technologies.

Gerry will be providing engineered technology solutions for underground infrastructure rehabilitation. His new contact
information is as follows:
Gerhard “Gerry” P. Muenchmeyer, P.E.
Muenchmeyer Associates, LLC
1217 Petite Terre Court
New Bern, NC 28560
Tel 252 672-9990
Fax 252-672-9990
Cell 252 626-9930

             YES! Please start my subscription to Cleaner® magazine.
   Signature (required):____________________________________________Date:______________

   Company Name:____________________________________________________________________

   Mailing Address:____________________________________________________________________


   Please check your company’s primary function (check one only):   Please answer the following questions about your company:

        Sewer & Drain Cleaning                                      1. What services do you provide in addition to your primary checked at left? (Check all that apply.)
                                                                          Hydroexcavation         Industrial Vacuum Service        Municipal/Government         Plumbing        Relining/Rehabilitation
                                                                          Sewer & drain Cleaning        Supplier/Distribution/Sales      TV Inspection        Other____________________________
        TV Inspection
                                                                    2. What is the approximate population of the area in which you provide service?
        Industrial Vacuum Service                                         0-10,000       10,001-50,000       50,001-100,000           100,001-200,000         200,001-500,000        500,000+
        Municipal / Government                                      3. What is your annual equipment budget?
        Relining / Rehabilitation                                         $0-50K       $51K-75K       $76K-150K          $151K-250K          $251K-350K       More than $350K
                                                                    4. How many vehicles do you currently have in service (this includes trucks, vans, dumptrucks, vacuum trucks, etc.)?
                                                                          1-5     6-10      11-15       16-20       20 or more
        Supplier / Distributor of _______________                   5. How many employees do you supervise or work with at your facility?
        Other_____________________________                                0-3       4-6        7-9       10-12        13-15       16 or more

AUGUST 2005                                                                                                                                                                                               Page 19
                                              COMMITTEE REPORTS
NASSCO Public Relations                 and concepts to establish the division    gram forward. Codes and defects
                                        by WEFTEC.                                have been identified and some sample
Committee Report                                                                  defect photographs have been
By Robert Carpenter, Chair
                                        Ed Kampbell, the 2006 RehabZone           matched to descriptions. Additional
It’s been a slow summer on the public   Chairman, reports that plans are          work to complete this program in-
relations front but fortunately it’s    steadily coming together for the next     cludes but is not limited to finalizing
been a busy summer for most             Zone which will be held in conjunc-       the detailed manual, preparation of
NASSCO members as work has been         tion with UCT in Atlanta on Jan. 24-      the power point teaching module and
steady-to-good around the country.      26. Paula Gemora and Heather              completion of the instructors tutorial
                                        Myers, have been actively involved        still needs to be accomplished.
NASSCO committees, board mem-           with Ed and Irv in developing a new
bers and executive staff have been      look and direction for the RehabZone      Due to the lack of time, by volunteer
steadily plugging away at many pro-     (see page 4). It’s going to be great!     personnel, completion of this project
jects and I anticipate several major                                              has been delayed. We have therefore
announcements and updates through-                                                decided to send out a request for pro-
out the fall.                           Pipelining Committee Report               posal to qualified engineers to com-
                                        By Grant Whittle, Chair                   plete the MACP in a specified time-
NASSCO President, Gerry Muench-                                                   frame.
                                        The Pipelining Committee was
meyer, has been a very active leader
                                        formed at the NASSCO Annual               We, however, still need digital or
since assuming office last February
                                        Meeting to lay the foundation for the     35mm photographs of a variety of
and he’s just warming up. Gerry has
                                        creation of the International Pipe Lin-   manhole defects. If you have some
been working closely with Executive
                                        ing Association (IPLA), a new divi-       good manhole defect shots please
Director, Irv Gemora, the board of
                                        sion of NASSCO. This is a working         copy them and send them to
directors and other active members to
                                        committee and all involved with pipe-     NASSCO to the attention of Heather
continue NASSCO’s growth, devel-
                                        liners are encouraged to join and par-    Myers.
opment and commitment to the indus-
                                        ticipate.     To join, contact the
try. He also recently completed a ma-
                                        NASSCO offices and be added to the
jor professional and personal change.
Gerry resigned from Raven Linings
                                        committee membership list.                Performance Specifications
Systems in May to form his own                                                    Guidelines
                                        An Organizational Sub-committee           By Gerry Muenchmeyer & Ed Kampbell
company, Muenchmeyer Engineering
                                        will be selected by the NASSCO                      Co-chairperson
Associates, LLC. Gerry, and wife
                                        leadership to draft the organizational
Patti, relocated to New Bern, NC. He
                                        documents of the IPLA. It is hoped        The final review of the performance
can be contacted at (252) 672-9990.
                                        that drafts of those documents will be    specification guidelines is moving
(see page 17)
                                        made available to the Pipelining          forward. Each technology specifica-
                                        Committee members at the semi-            tion has been revised into a perform-
Another major development at
                                        annual meeting held in conjunction        ance format and final reviews are un-
NASSCO, which will the subject of
                                        with the 2005 WEFTEC in Washing-          derway. Upon completion, the per-
additional discussion at the semi-
                                        ton, D.C.                                 formance specifications guidelines
annual meeting at WEFTEC, is the
                                                                                  will be submitted to the Industry
formation of the new International
                                                                                  Standards Committee for final re-
Pipe Lining Association Division.
Grant Whittle accepted the chairman-
                                        MACP Committee Report                     view.
                                        By Gerry Muenchmeyer, Chair
ship of the Pipe Lining Committee at
the annual meeting last February with   The Manhole Assessment Certifica-
the idea to develop the committee       tion Program has been stalled for a
into a full-scale division. Grant has   period of time due to the lack of full
been hard at work developing details    time personnel able to move the pro-
Page 20                                                                                                NASSCO TIMES
AUGUST 2005   Page 21
                                 INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL
                                  GROUTING ASSOCIATION
                               ICGA- A DIVISION OF NASSCO

The EPA officially withdrew their proposed ban of Acrylamide grouts on December 2,
2002. The ICGA (International Chemical Grouting Association) was formed to focus on
projects that can help the grouting community increase awareness on the benefits of chemi-
cal grouting and remove some of the incorrect myths that have been generated over the past
10 years.

In reviewing different methods to accomplish our goals, we have chosen to produce a web-
site to provide accurate information on chemical grouting as our first project. A website
was chosen because it would provide a connection to the broadest audience via the internet,
and be the least costly to create and maintain. Our goal is to begin work on the ICGA web-
site this summer and have it ready by the 4th quarter of 2005.

The scope of the website will be based on the revenue that can be generated through the
collection of membership dues for the ICGA. The ICGA annual dues are structured to bal-
ance the cost and benefits between the NASSCO members and associate members. We are
also offering a category for NASSCO members who are not direct beneficiaries when rais-
ing the awareness of chemical grout, but who have been long time supporters of this indus-
try and wish to continue their involvement.

Most likely you have already paid your 2005 NASSCO dues. Next year you will have the
option of paying ICGA dues on the same form as your NASSCO payment. Since we were
unable to list this option earlier this year, we are encouraging all interested NASSCO mem-
bers to join ICGA and pay their 2005 dues to fund the website project and begin building a
resource base for the ICGA.

Please contact NASSCO to join ICGA, or go to the ICGA page on the NASSCO
website, to download a form to join ICGA. Thank you for your support.

Page 22                                                                       NASSCO TIMES
AUGUST 2005   Page 23
                                                                                                                PRSRT STD
     NASSCO, Inc.                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                               Mercersburg, PA
     1314 Bedford Avenue                                                                                         Permit #15
     Suite 201
     Baltimore, MD 21208

     Phone: 410-486-3500

       We’re on the Web!

     Setting the Industry Standards for the
     Rehabilitation of Underground Utilities


                             Are you a full time student?
     Do you have a child in college or know someone in the industry who does?

NASSCO can help! Each                          throughout the year!               Applicants will be evaluated
year we accept applications                    CRITERIA: Applicant                on the qualities of ethics,
for deserving individuals                      must be a currently enrolled       leadership, scholarship and
who meet the criteria below.                   college student who is a           past working experience in
The winner is selected each                    relative or dependent of an        the sewer service industry.
year at NASSCO’s Annual                        active member of NASSCO            An application can be found
Meeting, usually in March                      or has worked actively in          online at
and will be awarded                            the industry and is spon-
$2,000.00 to be applied to-                    sored by an active member          A synopsis of the life of Jef-
wards their education!!!                       of NASSCO. The applicant           frey D. Ralston, whose life
Wouldn’t you like to have a                    must have earned a 3.0             is memorialized by this
chance like this? Well you                     GPA and be seeking a ca-           scholarship fund, is avail-
can! Take advantage of                         reer in the sewer service in-      able from the NASSCO of-
this great scholarship op-                     dustry. An amount of               fice.
portunity!                                     $2,000.00 or more is to be
We accept applications                         awarded according to merit.

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