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					                                                                                                    PMBA 8000
                                                                                                Skype Interview
                                                                                                  Suk Min Choi

                                            Suk Min Choi
                                          3203 Ravens Crest Drive
                                           Plainsboro, NJ 08536
                                              (609) 613-6623
To employ in a full-time Finance, Chemistry, or Biochemistry related position where my education and experience
can achieve the best performance

Currently Attending: Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ
     Master of Business Administration
     Concentration: Financing
     Cumulative GPA: 3.767/4.0
     Estimated completion, May 2012

September 2009: Graduate School of Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
     Master of Chemistry (Not Achieved: temporary leave)
     Concentration: OrganoTransition Metal Catalysis – hybrid Materials
     Transferred to Rider University, MBA

May 2007: Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ
    Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry
    Relevant Courses: Medicinal Chemistry, Personal Research in Oxo-Manganese Cubane Cluster
    Cumulative GPA: 3.26/4.0

December 1998: Myongji University, Seoul, Korea
    Bachelor of Management (Not Achieved: temporary leave)
    Transferred to Rider University

       Dean‟s List Rider University
       Tufano/Griffenberg Award, September 2006 and January 2007
       Honored with Cum Laude, May 2007
       Teaching Assistant Scholarship, January 2009
       Transfer Award, September 2010
       Deans Award, March 2010
       Rider Graduate Scholarship, March 2011

Employment / Internship Experience:
Assistant Researcher in OrganoTransition Metal Catalysis – Hybrid Materials Lab, Korea
     December, 2008 – September, 2009
     Research in Hydro-Acylation and Microwave Experiments
     Trained and experienced to use Microwave Machine, NMR, Mass and Chromatography
Teresa Oh, DMD, Princeton, NJ
     May, 2006 – September, 2006
     Internship/Shadowing in Dentistry
Capital Health System, Trenton, NJ
     January, 2006
     Internship of PreMed
Military Service in Korea, Air Force

                                                                                              PMBA 8000
                                                                                          Skype Interview
                                                                                            Suk Min Choi
         February, 1999 – August, 2001
         Trained leadership and heavy weapons
         Specialties in Handling Secrets and Assistant Operator in Command Center

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, NMR, Mass, Microwave Machine, and Chromatography
Multilingual: English and Korean

Available upon request

                                                                                         PMBA 8000
                                                                                     Skype Interview
                                                                                        Suk Min Choi


       The experiences of my first university made me confused about my future goal because I
just recognized that I could not enjoy all the business classes. At that time, I thought that I would
learn the business which related to the real world but it was not.
       To decide my future, I needed the time to leave and reconsider. So I decided to go to the
military service because it was on my duty in Korea. During the military service, I had trained
the leadership as a real soldier. This leadership training gave me the special skills which were
how to handle the lower class soldiers and how to respond to the sudden events quickly. These
skills would help me to care the future business tasks better in the real world because I could
handle the business relationships smoothly and respond rapidly.
       After my duty was expired, I decided to go to the U.S. and transferred to Rider University
because I wanted to learn English and look around the other path of my educational journey.
When I took one elective chemistry course on my first semester in the U.S., I recognized that I
enjoyed the science well, so I switched my major to the biochemistry. After switching, I had
learned many biochemistry related classes which included Genetics, Molecular Biology,
Quantum Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and etc. All of these were
precious learning because I would know better about the Chemistry related jobs. Especially, the
Medicinal Chemistry class made me to better fit in the pharmaceutical industries because I had
learned how the medicine works for human body. Also this learning would help me to
understand the systems of the pharmaceutical industries better. In addition, I took two internships
in hospital related fields. These experiences would help me to better understand how the
pharmaceutical industries relate to the clinical systems.
       After I took a B.S. degree, I decided to go to the graduate school in Chemistry field.
During the graduate school, I had learned Organic Chemistry which related to the petroleum.
This learning made me to better understand about the petroleum chemistry. This would help me
to understand the basic of the petroleum industries. Therefore, all these experiences would make
me to fit in the special fields which are the pharmaceutical industries and the petroleum
industries. In addition, I worked as an assistant researcher. This experience would help me to

                                                                                        PMBA 8000
                                                                                    Skype Interview
                                                                                       Suk Min Choi

understand the relationship between the business side of the company and the research and
development side of the company. Thus, I would handle the both sides of the company smoothly.
        Furthermore, I chose the financing as my concentration of the MBA because I had not
learned about the circulation of the money. Recently, a lot of the pharmaceutical or petroleum
companies are using the project base investments. So, to use my scientific and economic
knowledge, the financing would help me to use both scientific and economic knowledge
        However, I do not have enough work experiences. Although I attended the schools for
nine years, I do not have any work experience in the business field. This would be the most
harmful deficit on my resume. To fulfill this deficit, I plan to take the internship in the business
field. I have a specialty in the pharmaceutical and petroleum industries, so I would find the
internship in these fields.
        Also I will keep my GPA strongly. The strong GPA will help me to look that I make an
effort to learn the theoretical business well. Also I look a devotional person to attract the
employers to hire me.
        In addition, I will stand out long time learning on Chemistry because a small portion of
the MBA students have a bachelor degree in different field. All these scientific experiences will
prove me to fit in the pharmaceutical and petroleum industries.

                                                                                        PMBA 8000
                                                                                     Skype Interview
                                                                                       Suk Min Choi

                                     Personal Statement

        When asked about their goals, most people respond with what they want to be. For some
people, the answer is what they have to be. For this question, I have always answered, “I will be
a scientist.” This idea was largely fostered by my older sister, an environmental engineering
professor in South Korea. Throughout my upbringing, she affected me to think as a scientist.

        Upon coming to the U.S.A., I was pretty sure that my educational path would take me to
my final goal. I thought only science would be the best way. During my ESL (English as a
Second Language) course, I spent most of my time in researching science fields. I also
strengthened my command of the English language by reading journals such as „Nature‟ and
„Science.‟ In fact, my decision to enter a college in the U.S.A was based on the various
opportunities in science research that exists here. Fortunately, I received admission into the Rider
University. After my first semester at Rider, I decided to switch my major to the biochemistry.

       After switching my major, I was faced with the fact that I haven‟t studied science in
English. Even the biology class was totally different from what I remembered. I struggled in
biology classes for one year; however, I remained strong and stuck with it. I studied harder than
ever because I was finally doing what I wanted to do.

        The last step, which solidified my decision to become a scientist, was going to the
graduate school. I applied to the graduate school of Yonsei University, which was the second
rank in the chemistry in Korea. During my first semester at Yonsei, I worked as assistant
researcher at Dr. Jun‟s Lab who runs the second biggest organic chemistry lab in Yonsei.
However, I could not be satisfied myself.

        Suddenly, my father, who owns two companies in Korea, took a cardiac surgery. My
father wanted me to go his companies instead of him. At that time, I recognized one of my
father‟s companies was the chemistry related business. I really enjoyed being there because
business part of the chemistry related business stimulated my intellectual curiosity that it made
me think twice about business. I never considered myself to be a business person, but at that time
I was about to change the goal which I kept for 30 years. I realized that I had just answered my
question from the opening paragraph; my goal was to enter a business career. I began searching
for the perfect way to fulfill this new-found passion.

         After my father recovered from a cardiac surgery, I seriously talked to him about my
thinking because I became more and more interested in business and the only thing holding me
back was thinking of my father. Therefore, I decided to discuss my future in business with my
father. I could not lose this new goal which I decided by myself, and after a while I was able to
persuade my father. Nevertheless, I needed to show my father my dedication to this new path. I
decided to go to the Rider MBA.

                                                                                         PMBA 8000
                                                                                     Skype Interview
                                                                                        Suk Min Choi

        With all of my efforts, I want to take the next step in my educational journey. It will be
harder than what I think but I do not worry about it. I will do my best because this is what I
really want. I also have the benefit of my past: I know the engineering and science sides of
business quite well because of science experiences I have had throughout my life. Finally, if
somebody asks me “What is your goal?”, I will confidently answer “I want to be a business

                                                                                 PMBA 8000
                                                                              Skype Interview
                                                                                Suk Min Choi


1. Why do you apply to this company? What do you know about this company?

   These would be basic questions which can prove that I researched basic information of the
   company and how much I know about the company‟s industrial field.

2. What can you do for this company? What kind of skills do you have to help this

   These would ask me to prove how my performances and experiences would fit me in this
   company or open position. Also this would be a chance to show me to employers about how I
   understand the job position and the field of this company.

3. What is your future plan in this company?

   This would ask me how I devote to this company. Also this would show my passion about
   this job position.

4. If you think you need to develop some skills to fit in this position, how do you plan to
   develop your skills to fit?

   Recently, all the technologies are changed rapidly. So this question would ask me to show
   how I respond to future technologies to satisfy the requirements of this company.

5. If you find this company has some illegal or fraud processes, what will you do?

   In the past several years, many companies in the world were disappeared because of some
   illegal or fraud processes. This would ask me how I respond to these problems. This would
   be an important question to prevent this company‟s future problem.


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