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									By: Help Me Jesus – Jesus Help Me                           

                      HELP ME JESUS - JESUS HELP ME
                                    Jesus help me, are more than just 3 words, Jesus help me is a cry
                                    of hope that come from your deep heart. “Jesus Help Me” is one of
                                    your new way to facing all of your problems. You come humbly to in
                                    front of Jesus for help you, and because you know He is the only one
                                    God who can help you to solve all of your sadness, weakness, and all
                                    problems in the earth. When you ask Jesus; Jesus help me, I need
                                    you, please help me Jesus! God will help you but not always in
                                    instant, God will show you His love, miracles, and power in all kinds
                                    of your problems, remember this:“God will never give trials and
                                    problems more than your ability, God will never give poisonous
                                    snakes to people who ask for bread, but Jesus Christ will kept you
                                    in the save place and help you in all of your sickness, illness and all
problems you face.” Even thought it seems that God never help you, but believe me, God always Guide
your way to the best life!

For Jesus, All of our life is just like an empty book, God desire what you will be, what will happen to
you, who will be your parent, what condition you might be live, and all of things in you have been
drawn and written by God. We live until now with all of our condition it is because of God's Mercy,
Grace, and Love has surround us as, protect us, so we must thank and be grateful of God. Don't worry
about your life, your future, or what you will be soon, because God has desire the best and suitable
plan for you and for all of us.

Remember, The Almighty Jesus Christ always keep you save, watch all of us, give all of us a strength by
His love to us, you and all of us. He Will Never leave us Alone! Never ever let you go alone, He will
choose you the best way to walk home, the fresh food to eat, and all things that you need! When you
have many problems, bring it and take it to Jesus. He always ready there for help you, if you want His
Help, it's easy just Trust in Him as your Saviour and Almighty God.

When you scream; “God help me” in your misery, God will make a way. He will provide the right
solution for you, take care of you, because He is amazing, never changing always with us enthroned
within our soul.

By: Help Me Jesus – Jesus Help Me                             

                             Help Me Jesus! I Need You! Will God Help Me?

1. Jesus Help Me. Many times we don't care about God, many times we disappoint God, we often
solving and handling our own problems by ourselves, will Jesus Christ now want to help me again?

Although we always disappoint God, Jesus will never disappoint us, He will forgive all of our sin, if we
want to confess all of our sin and promise never do the sin anymore!

2. Jesus Help Me Please. My life is not easy and always be difficult.
Did you have many problem? Don't be ashame and shy to admit it in front of God! Jesus will help you,
problems and difficult life must not be avoided but must be faced with God Power in name of Jesus
Christ. Just do everything in name of Jesus, for Jesus, and God will show you His way!

3. Jesus Help Me Please. I'm sick and very afraid of death
Never afraid, just trust in God, because Jesus loves you, He will always be with you, convert your
afraid and sadness to be happiness and brave hearth! Although doctor sentenced and tell you that you
have only short time to live, God will be beside you, comfort you, because He is the father, provider,
and the deliverer. Almighty Saviour, God of love!

4. Jesus Help Me. My life is full of mess, No hope, I'm such a rubbish that must be thrown away.
In front of God all human and people are SAME. Remember this: “You all are the reflection of the God”
even though you are such rubbish, God still love you, God never leave His creation destroyed. Pray to
God, ask His help to overcome your addiction, try to fight your own addiction with God!

5. Jesus Help Me. I often get angry with you and all of my friends
Jesus knows and understands that you are human and never free from sin, you are not perfect human,
also not a glorious people. Read the bibles every day, reflect it, and do what bible say. Don't forget to
pray, ask strength from Him.

6. Help Me Jesus. I'm get hurt because of my broken relationship. It's seem my life has little meaning.
All you need to do is learn from your mistakes, fix it if can, rebuilt your new relationship, ask guide
from God, it will help you so much.

7. Help me Jesus. I'm tired of being alone in this life, I need someone in my lonely life
Jesus has decide the best companion or friends for you, but you need to be patient, companion /
friends is not easy to get but by the time your best companion / friends will come to you by itself, all
you need to do is just wait and pray to god.

8. Help Me Jesus. I need a job for me
Just keep trying and never give up to what you want, but never do cheat. Pray to God, and ask for the
best way and Guide.

9. Help me Jesus. I'm such a failure, I've many sin, I'm sinned.
Don't let the pass pull you down, you should forgive yourself about all mistake that have you done.
Jesus will forgive you, erase all of your sins, because He is God of Forgiving. Face the new world, and
live in God's way!

By: Help Me Jesus – Jesus Help Me                         

10.Help Me Jesus. Nobody Cares about me, what will happen to me, I can not continue my life
Even when all people in this world are leaving you, there's one man who stay beside you, that is Jesus,
our God and Our Best Friends. So even thought you are alone, remember Jesus, he will always with
you, wherever you go, through the storm and raging sea, you will never be alone. Just trust in him,
pray for His Guide and Protect.



                             Help Me Jesus – Jesus Help Me


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