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					                     LOCAL COLLABORATIVE 5
                      CHAVES, EDDY, AND LEA COUNTIES

Minutes for Supportive Housing meeting August 11, 2010 1:30 pm
    1. Welcome to meeting.

    2. Introductions of those in attendance. Joel Jolley- LC 5; Jim
       Northcutt -Optum Health; Kirstin Carlson- CMH (on phone); Russ
       Doss- Lea County Housing (on phone); Hank Hughes- NM
       Coalition to End Homelessness ( on phone); Jesse Chavez -CAT

    3. Review minutes from July 14, 2010 meeting. Minutes reviewed
       and accepted.

    4. Possible agreement with ENMU-R on housing site.
       A.Current status of this process.
          The sub committee and the collage have agreed that this may
          not be a workable situation at this time.
       B. Way maker Ranch Property
          Another possible property which may be a resource as it is
          empty and on the market. Transportation is an issue due to the
          distance. The building is fairly new construction and about 20
          beds in it. There are 10 acres that go along with the building.
       C. Application for Continuum of Care Funding. The deadline is
          passed and since we are no longer looking at the collage setting
          the possibility of reapplying is slim.

    5. Funding possibilities   Joel.
    No new funding, Joel is working at a 50 bed shelter setting
    possibly for this winter. He has access to funding from the
    cooperate sector but no place to put it and no staff to work with.
6. Reports from counties
   A. Eddy Co
   Kirstin- the property has been signed off on and another grant is
   being sought for additional construction funds. The hope is to
   close on the property by October. The current estimated cost for
   the construction is 2.2 million and have currently 1.194 million in
   secured funds and another 1.5 million in pending applications.
   YES corporation is working well with this project.
   Operating funds are no problem, the construction funding is
   difficult to get. Waiting on HUD approval of the site, this should
   be no problem as no environmental issues or archeological
   discoveries on that property. The plan is to build 24 one bed room
   apartments; 575 sp ft each plus a community room, laundry room
   and office.
   Many people in Carlsbad are seeing the need for housing and the
   site is with in walking distance of Walmart.
   The long term plan or idea is to have a peer type manager be
   house at the site.
   B. Chaves Co- See above report
   C. Lea Co- Continue to watch Carlsbad and hope to have YES
   Housing help in Hobbs as they have in Carlsbad. The property in
   Hobbs is already purchased by the city and just waiting to begin
   the process on the 24 units once YES Housing is able to begin.
   The housing site is with in the city close to many services
   including the bus system.

6. Next Steps; Kirstin doing proposal Jesse to contact the Way maker
   properties. Get a hold of Chris Herbert.
   HELP continuing the Rapid Re housing Homeless prevention
   program. Much paper work and confusion with the program. Rosa
  Juarez is the contact person in Chaves Co. She is having double
  duty and HELP is in the process of hiring another part time
  person. Rosa’s phone number is 575-973-0326 Jerry Otero’s cell
  # 505-766-4931. Many complaints have been heard about the
  process of the funding, the consumer themselves do not get the
  funding it goes to the land lord or to who ever is billing the
  consumer. Once the paperwork is submitted it goes through
  several review processes.
  Next meeting is set for September 8 at 1:30pm.

8. End meeting

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