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									        Kendriya Vidyalaya Balasore, Odhisa - 756001
             (Affiliation No – 1500006 valid upto 31/03/2014)
Norms of affiliation with CBSE (Circular no 03/10 and reference no
CBSE/AFF/circular/2010, dated October 18, 2010)

Essential Conditions
   1. The school is affiliated by the CBSE and falls under KVS an autonomous body
      working under the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.
   2. It is run by the KVS under the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.
   3. The school has 15 acres of land and the building is constructed on part of the
      land and proper playground is available on the remaining land.
   4. The school has well qualified staff as whole time employees recruited and posted
      the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. This is done in accordance with the
      sanctioned posts.
      Sanctioned posts – 60, Principal – 1, Vice-Principal – 1, Head Mistress – 1, PGTs
      – 13, TGTs-17, PRTs – 17, Music Teacher – 1, Group D – 06, Clerk – 02 and
      Office Assistant – 01
   5. The school pays the salary to the staff as per the recommendation of the 6th pay
      Commission of Govt. of India.

   1. The institution has facilities commensurate with its requirements
   2. No. of students in a section of a class is about 40.
   3. The library is well equipped and spacious having the size 16 Mtr X 7 Mtr. It has
      15,772 books, 35 types of magazines, 7 types of news papers and a computer.
   4. The size of each class rooms is about 7 Mtr X 7 Mtr.
   5. There are following labs fully equipped
      Physics Lab – 7 Mtr X 15 Mtr
      Chemistry Lab– 7 Mtr X 16 Mtr
      Biology Lab – 7 Mtr X 15 Mtr
      Junior Science Lab – 8 Mtr. X 10 Mtr.
      Math Lab – 7 Mtr X 7 Mtr
      Computer Science Lab (Secondary I) – 6 Mtr X 11 Mtr
                               (Secondary II) – 8 Mtr X 10 Mtr
      Primary Computer Lab – 7 Mtr X 10 Mtr
   6. There are 50 computers available in the 03 computer labs and the total no. of
      computers in the Vidyalaya is 60.
   7. As regards extra curricular activities there is music room having the size 8 Mtr
      X 6 Mtr, Art room 8 Mtr X 6 Mtr, Sports room 7 Mtr X 7 Mtr and Gymnasium
      room 7.5 Mtr X 9 Mtr.
Admission and Fees
   1. Admission in the school is made strictly as per the guidelines of the KVS.
   2. The following Fees are collected from the students per month as per the
      guidelines of the KVS :-
      VVN – Rs. 160/-
      Tuition Fee – Rs. 40/-
      Computer Fee – Rs. 20/-
      Practical Fee – Rs. 25/-

Staff and Service conditions:
   1. The school has educated teaching staff possessing the necessary qualification laid
      down for various posts and are appointed by the KVS. The details of the staff
      strength is reflected “under essential conditions”.
   2. Salary to the staff is paid through The Union Bank of India web portal
   3. The school has CPF, GPF, NRDCPS, GIS and relevant benefits as per the rules
      of the KVS run by the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.
   4. Teachers are engaged as whole time employees.
   5. The no. of students in each section of a class is around 40.
   6. Teachers attend 21 days in-service course every six years and attend workshops
      as and when asked by the KVS.
   7. As regard gender specific violence it is strictly complied with the guidelines and
      the norms prescribed by the Hon’ble supreme court of India.
   8. Management of private un-aided schools – it is not applicable as the school is
      under KVS which works under Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.

Financial Resources:

   1. The school is financed by the KVS. Fees and VVN collected from the children as
      per the provisions of the KVS and funds as given the KVS from time to time.
   2. Serial no 2 and 3 are not applicable as the school falls under KVS an
      autonomous body working under the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.

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