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									                  Listening For Lions- Book Report
                            By: Leigh Holtzman
                                May 21st, 2010
I liked the book Listening For Lions. From one to five stars I give it four stars.

The book is by Gloria Whelan, has 194 pages (not including bibliography and

glossary), the publisher is Harper Collins Publishers and it was published in

2005. The setting in the story begins in a village near Nairobi, Kenya where

Rachel lives. Then the setting changes to England when the Prichard’s trick

Rachel into moving to England pretending to be the dead Valerie. The story is a

first person point of view which is Rachel’s. Rachel is the main character in the

book. She is very adventures, humble, and does not ask for anymore that she

needs, not like Valerie. Rachel loves Africa and being in the wild and nature,

and she is a very bright girl. In the book one of the conflicts is the disease

Influenza against the people of the village who want to live, like Rachel’s

parents and all the people at their hospital. Influenza caused many people to

die in their village outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Another conflict in the story is the

conflict of The Prichard’s against Rachel. The Prichard’s wanted to send their

daughter Valerie to England to visit her grandfather that she has never seen

before, but Valerie passes away. Right after Valerie died the Prichard’s try to

trick Rachel into going to England. Rachel’s parents have also passed away, and
Rachel has nowhere to go. The Prichard’s start being kind to her and Rachel

senses that they want her to stay. The Prichard’s explain to her that Valerie’s

grandfather is very old, and wants to see Valerie. They ask her if she can go to

England and pretend to be Valerie. Rachel does not want to move to England,

but the Prichard’s force her. Rachel even tries to escape from the window, and

when they catch her they put bars on her window. Rachel does not want to lie

about being the dead Valerie, so this is the conflict between the Prichard’s and


          Comparison between Homeless Bird and Listen for Lions

Homeless Bird takes place in India, and Listen for Lions takes place in Africa. I

give Listen for Lions four stars and I give Homeless Bird three and a half stars.

The main character in Homeless Bird is Koly, and the main character in Listen

for Lions is Rachel. Both books are by the same author (Gloria Whalen) and

have similar stories and plots. In both books the main character gets stranded

in some place that is unfamiliar to her. Also in both books it’s a first person

point of view and it is told by the main character (Koly or Rachel). I personally

like Listen for Lions better because it had very suspenseful parts in the book

when Rachel gets to the grandfather in England, and in those parts I never

wanted to put the book down. I also liked it because the author described the

nature of Africa so well I could almost imagine I was there. If I was to pick my
second favorite book (my favorite is Freak the Mighty) that we read in

humanities class, this would be my choice, because it was an enjoyable and fun

book to read.

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