LISA A LISA A PORTER by linzhengnd


									                                                  LISA A. PORTER
Height: 5’7                                                        
Eyes: Blue                                                         
Hair: Blond
STAGE (selected roles)
N OF 1                                     Julia                       Bay Area Play. Fest./dir: Virginia Reed
LOVERS & EXECUTIONERS                      Julie                       Marin Theatre Co./dir: Josh Costello
THE LONG CHRISTMAS RIDE HOME               Rebecca                     Magic Theatre/dir: Basil Twist
SPLITTING INFINITY(staged reading)         Leigh                       GeVa Theatre/dir: Mark Cuddy
PRIVATE LIVES                              Louise                      Syracuse Stage/dir: Michael Edwards
S.L.A.W.                                   Helena\Beatrice\Isabelle    Shakespeare & Co./dir: Michael Hammond
MACBETH                                    Banquo\L. Macduff\Hecate    Boston Theatreworks/dir: Jason Slavick
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW                    Petruchio                   Boston Theatreworks/dir: Lisa Wolpe
THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO                     Suzanne                     Shakespeare\Santa Cruz/dir: Michael Butler
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING                     Ursula                      Shakespeare\Santa Cruz/dir: Rick Seer
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM                  Helena                      Calif. Shakespeare Fest./dir: Ken Kelleher
MEDEA                                      Chorus\Medea*               Calif. Shakespeare Fest./dir: Lisa Wolpe
ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL                  Diana                       Calif. Shakespeare Fest./dir: Joe Vincent
PERICLES                                   Bawd\Thaisa*                Calif. Shakespeare Fest./dir: Roger DeLaurier
THE PHARMACIST’S DAUGHTER                  Becky                       Magic Theater/dir: Jonathan Moscone
       OF A LIVING GODDESS                 The Starlet                 Magic Theater/dir: Marcus Stern
INTO THE WOODS                             Lucinda                     Interact Theater Co./dir: John Rubinstein
A WILL OF ONE’S OWN                        Hermione                    L.A. Women’s Shakespeare/dir: Lisa Wolpe
RICHARD III                                Buckingham                  L.A. Women’s Shakespeare/dir: Maureen Shea
HAMLET                                     Laertes                     L.A. Women’s Shakespeare/dir: Lisa Wolpe
TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA                    Lucetta                     Shakespeare/L.A./dir: Deborah Nitzberg
EVEN AMONG THESE ROCKS                     Bunny                       Bay Area Play. Fest./dir: Roberta Levitow
ALOHA SAY THE PRETTY GIRLS                 Vivian                      Bay Area Play Fest./dir: Danny Scheie
THE HEIDI CHRONICLES                       Susan                       Sacramento Theater Co./dir: Denis Bigelow
THE TEMPEST                                Prospero                    S.F. Shakespeare/dir: Russell Blackwood
A TALE OF TWO CITIES                       Ensemble                    A.C.T./dir: Sabin Epstein
WEILL ON BROADWAY                          Ensemble                    A.C.T./dir: Johnathan Marks
THE THREE SISTERS                          Masha                       A.C.T. MFA/dir: Harold Surratt
TARTUFFE                                   Elmire                      A.C.T.MFA/dir: Julian Lopez-Morillas
NICHOLAS NICKLEBY                          Miss LaCreevy/Mobbs         A.C.T. MFA/dir: Sabin Epstein
TWO                                        Anna                        Life on the Water/dir: Dan Goldblatt
THE SEAGULL                                Masha                       Phoenix Theater/dir: Linda Ayres Frederick
THE FRONT                                  Lead                        Potential Urge Productions
TIRED                                      Lead                        Douglaston Kass
SPARK: The Puppet Show                     Featured                    KQED Public Television, SF, CA

WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, B.A. in Theater and American Studies
SHAKESPEARE & COMPANY, Month-long Intensive, June 2001 and January 2002
ACTING: Stella Adler, Joe Chaiken, Sabin Epstein, Jack Fletcher, Bill Francisco, Jeremy Geidt, Larry Hecht, Margie Haber, Barry
        Kraft, Bob Krakower, Anna Devere-Smith
VOICE/SPEECH: Christine Adaire, Brent Blair, Catherine Fitzmaurice, Andrea Haring, Deborah Hecht, Dudley Knight, Paula
        Langton, Kristin Linklater, Antonio Ocampo Guzman, Virginia Ness-Rey, Juerg Roffler, Lynne Soffer, Deborah Sussel ,
        Robert Taylor
SINGING: Barbara Damaschek, John Johnson, Kate Rowland
DIALECTS: Andrew Jack – British Isles, French, German, Irish, Italian, Regional American, Russian, Swedish
HONORS: Designated Linklater Voice Teacher Certification 2003; U/RTA Finalist, New York City
SPECIAL SKILLS: Voiceover, Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Club, Ballroom), Stage Combat, Fencing, Puppetry
* understudied role and performed for more than three performances

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