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                           REGULAR MEETING, JUNE 4, 1985

The School Board of Manatee County met in regular session in the Board Meeting Center on
Tuesday, June 4, 1985 at 7:30 p.m. Members present: Gilbert W. McNeal, Chairman, Louise
R. Johnson, Marjorie G. Kinnan, Elizabeth A. Nevin and Jesse J. Davis.


Hrs. Hary Ann Stoker, Drug Resource Specialist, appeared before the Board advising that it
was the fourth year for the “Drug Abuse Essay Contest” sponsored by the Medical Auxiliary.
She introduced Mrs. Barbara Boyce, President of the Auxiliary, and Mrs. Tina Wester,
Coordinator of the “Drug Abuse Essay Contest” who presented awards to the following
winning students:

       BRADENTON MIDDLE                            HARLLEE MIDDLE

       Joseph Lilly, First Place                   Emily Fazaka, First Place
       Jason Snyder, Runner Up                     Corey Learn, Runner Up
       Marcela Jones, Second Runner Up             Leana Blackman, Second Runner Up

       LINCOLN MIDDLE                              KING MIDDLE

       Kim Tindall, First Place                    Natalie Norton, First Place
       Candy Walls, Runner Up                      Jimmy Davis, Runner Up
       Jennifer Evans, Second Runner Up            Betsy Gianniotes, Second Runner Up


       Ali Purser, First Place
       Britta Harts, Runner Up
       Sarah Bond, Second Runner Up

The Chairman presented to Mrs. Karen T. Malesky the NSF-NASA-NSTA-UT Honors
Teachers Award from the University of Toledo for her contributions in completing the NASA
Educational Workshop for Mathematics and Science teachers. Mr. McNeal advised that Mrs.
Malesky was one of 165 teachers selected nationally to participate in the program supported
by the National Science Foundation and NASA.

Mrs. Joan Stewart, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, advised that there are 1,230 actively
working volunteers in the Manatee County school system with a total of 80,443 hours. Mrs.
Stewart presented Department of Education Golden School Awards for outstanding volunteer
programs to the following schools: Abel Elementary, Anna Maria Elementary, Ballard
Elementary, Bayshore Elementary, Blackburn Elementary, Bullock School, Daughtrey
Elementary, Duette, King Middle, Miller Elementary, Moody Elementary, Myakka City
Elementary, Oneco Elementary, Palm View Elementary, Palma Sola Elementary, Palmetto
Elementary, Prine Elementary, Samoset Elementary, Stewart Elementary, Tillman Elementary
and Wakeland Elementary. Mrs. Stewart presented Silver School Awards for cross-age
tutoring programs to Southeast High and Myakka City Elementary.

The Chair presented Florida Department of Education 1985 School Volunteer of the Year
Award in the Senior Volunteer Category to Mr. Robert Schwappacher. Mr. Schwappacher
presented the Department of Education Superintendent's Award for supporting the volunteer
programs to Mr. Witt.

Ms. Pat Heldreth, PREP Coordinator, presented certificates to the participants who
successfully completed a 1 1/2 year study with the National Institute of Child Development.
She advised that, as a result, each of the following individuals receiving a certificate would be
certified as a maturation assessment specialist:

       Donna Adamson          Primary Specialist  Bayshore Elementary
       Linda Bennett          Primary Specialist  Palma Sola Elementary
       Pat Bernhart           School Psychologist
       Mary Byrd              Primary Specialist  Blackburn Elementary

       Alice Carver           Primary Specialist   Moody Elementary
       Shelley Eisner         Primary Specialist    Palmetto Elementary
       Mary Fitzgerald        Supervisor of Reading
       Ronna Geden            Primary Specialist    Orange Ridge Elementary
       Cece Hysmith           Assistant Principal Daughtrey Elementary
       Judy Joachim           Primary Specialist   Stewart Elementary
       Brenda Katz            Primary Specialist    Ballard Elementary
       Carolyn Levine         Primary Specialiat    Daughtrey Elementary
       Bette McCoy            Primary Specialist    Tillman Elementary
       Gloria Mitchell        Primary Specialist    Manatee Elementary
       Vilena Moore           Primary Specialist    Samoset Elementary
       Elsie Rayfield         Primary Specialiat    Miller Elementary
       Linda Rollyson         Primary Specialist    Wakeland Elementary
       Dalene Snyder          Primary Specialist   Anna Maria Elementary
       Vera Tillett           Primary Specialist    Abel Elementary
       Donna Warner           Primary Specialiat    Prine Elementary
       Sara Wilkinson         Primary Specialist   Oneco Elementary

Mr. Arthur Dotterweich, Mathematics Sueprvisor, and Mrs. Dale Blecke, President of the
Manatee County Branch of AAUW, presented Math Super Star Awards to Randy Hand, Prine
Elementary, first place; Ean Warner, Moody Elementary, second place; and Craig Hunter,
Abel E1ementary, third place.

The Superintendent advised that Jesse P. Miller Elementary School under the direction of
Mrs. Barbara Harvey, Principal, has won the Department of Education “Little Red School
House Award” for the project, “Partners in Education”. Mr. Witt advised that the
Commissioner of Education would be presenting Mrs. Harvey with a plaque at the FASA
Summer Conference.

The Superintendent advised that Mr. Larry Simmons, Principal of Palmetto Elementary
School, has been elected as the statewide President of the Florida Elementary School
Principals Association for the next school year.

The Superintendent advised that Mr. Tom Montanus has been elected as the “Most
Distinguished Principal in the State of Florida” and will go to Washington, D.C. in October to
meet with President Reagan. Mr. Montanus thanked the Board for its vision in allowing
Administrators to be involved in State and National organizations.


a) School Board Attorney - The Chair advised that M. Donald Hadsock was stting in for
Shool Board Attorney Gavin W. O'Brien.

b) Florida School Boards Association - The Chair announced that some of the Board
Members would be attending the State School Boards meeting in Orlando the following week.


Mr. Walter Miller, Assistant Superintendent for Noninstructional Services, presented a status
report on projects which have been initiated or have been completed for the fiscal year,
1984-85. (Copy of said list can be found in Supplemental Minute Book.) Mr. Miller advised
that the list reflects major capital outlay projects and not the numerous small projects which
have been completed at the schools. Questions of the Board were answered.


Dr. Virgil Mills, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, reported on the Internal/External
Marketing Steering Committee. He advised that the Steering Committee's goal was to market
to the public all the goods things the school system was accomplishing. Dr. Mills advised that
in that vein the Committee decided to have a slogan contest on how the employees perceive or
wishes the public to perceive the school system. Dr. Mills advised that over 1,800 slogans
were entered.

Mrs. Joan Stewart, Coordinator of Volunteer Services and Public Information, announced that
the winning slogan was “Striving for Excellence” entered by Sylvia Walker of Ballard
Elementary. Mrs. Stewart advised that Mrs. Walker won a trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Mrs.
Stewart advised that there were four entries with the same slogan but the earliest entry
submitted was selected the winner. A drawing for prizes for the participants of the contest was
then held. Mrs. Stewart advised that the trip and prizes were made possible through donations
of the business community.
Later in the meeting, Dr. Mills emphasized that the trip and prizes were made possible
through donations and no tax money wee used.


a) Emergency - 1985 Summer School Program - At the request of the Superintendent, the
Chair declared the 1985 Summer School Program an emergency. Mr. Witt recommended that
the Board approve the 1985 Summer School Program as submitted. Mr. Davis moved, with a
second by Mrs. Kinnan, to approve the 1985 Summer School Program as presented. (Copy of
said program can be found in Supplemental Minute Book.) Motion carried unanimously.

b) Report on Legislature - Mr. Witt gave a review of things happening in the Legislature, such
as, the Merit Teacher Program, Merit Schools Program, Raise Omnibus Clarification Act
(COCA), PECO, and the Teacher Certification Bill. Mr. Witt answered questions of the

c) Douglas Wolfe - Mr. Witt updated the Board on the status of Mr. Douglas Wolfe, teacher at
Samoset Elementary School. Mr. Witt advised that the Sheriff’s Department and HRS were
conducting an investigation into the complaints made against Mr. Wolfe as well as the school
system conducting an internal investigation. Mr. Witt advised that he has requested the
Professional Practices Commission to look into the situation. He advised that Mr. Wolfe has
requested sick leave until June 5th. Mr. Witt advised that after that date Mr. Wolfe will be
suspended for the remainder of the school year pending an investigation of the Professional
Practices Commission.


Mr. Witt advised that several years ago the Board made a decision that the school system
would have a human growth and development program and instructed the Administration to
establish a committee for the purpose of constructing a program.

Dr. Mills introduced the Committee Members who worked for the past two to three years
developing the program: Mrs. Betty Landers, Chairperson, Mrs. Barbara Huffman, Mrs. Edith
Love, Mr. David Tyler, Mrs. Mary Yeneralo, Mr. Bert Woodson, Dr. Virgil Mills, Mr. Jack
Shoemake, Mr. George Marshall, Mrs. Edna Gluff and Mrs. Eileen Hawblitzel.

Mrs. Mary Yeneralo presented a brief history on the effort to establish an updated curriculum
on human growth and development in the Manatee County schools. She advised that in 1979
there arose in response to felt needs in the community a committee comprised of interested
citizens who studied the problems of youth and made a recommendation to the School Board
that the Health curriculum be updated in the human growth and development area. Mrs.
Yeneralo advised that the report was presented to the School Board on May 6, 1980. She
advised that the Board deferred action at that time pending further research. She advised that a
new broad based committee was then appointed by the Superintendent at the request of the
Board to further study the problems of teenage relationships. Mrs. Yeneralo advised that the
committee met monthly from September, 1980 until August, 1981. She advised that a
minority and majority report was presented to the School Board on August 18, 1981. She
advised that on January 19, 1982 the School Board adopted a program of human growth and
development. She advised that a committee was appointed to develop a curriculum. Mrs.
Yeneralo advised that the committee reviewed current programs and selected objectives for
kindergarten through fourth grade. She

advised that grade level curriculum committees were appointed. She advised that 43 teachers,
principals, deans, guidance counselors and supervisors worked diligently these past three
years to develop the curriculum being presented to the Board.

Dr. Mills added that the Health Advisory Council made up of doctors, dentists and staff
persons from health services in the community also previewed parts of the curriculum.

Mrs. Eileen Hawblitzel, Supervisor of Health Education and Services, advised that she was
appointed to chair and organize the teacher committees and explained how the teacher
committees functioned and how the grade level objectives were selected. She advised that the
curriculum would be part of the Health curriculum and the objectives would fall under the
areas of growth and development, family, and disease. Mrs. Hawblitzel advised that it is a
sequence program beginning with very simple things in elementary school and by high school
it would deal with preparation for marriage and having a family. Mrs. Hawblitzel advised that
the committee developed methods for teaching the objectives utilizing materials from others
counties which had programs. She advised that audio visual aids were then selected. Mrs.
Hawblitzel advised that the committee focused on the charge of the Superintendent which was
abstinence from sexual activity until marriage is the best choice for teenagers. Mrs.
Hawblitzel advised that parent outlines were also made for suggestions for activitica for
parents who might like to enhance student instruction at home. She advised that it was hoped
that this would bring about an increase in better communication in family. Mrs. Hawblitzel
advised that the committee has tried to develop an appropriate, sequential developmental type
curriculum which fits the needs of the children as they grow from very simple things to more
complex things as they get older and can handle this type of material.

Mrs. Betty Landers, Chairperson of the Human Growth and Development Committee, advised
that the Committee has worked hard in trying to make this a curriculum which would meet the
needs of the students for timely and factual information as well as wholesome attitudes and
feelings about themselves and their bodies. She stated that the Committee wants all students
to develop a healthy understanding and respect for themselves and their own rights and
responsibilities as well as those of others. Mrs. Landers stated that the Committee recognized
in order to accomplish this it would require more than can be done in a classroom. She
advised that this task would require the combined efforts of the schools, homes and churches
to be; therefore, the Committee has included in its recommendation a plan for parent
presentations and parent training as part of the program. Mrs. Landers stated that the
Committee felt that at least one meeting a year to be held at each grade level at each school so
that parents could learn about the goals, objectives, materials and resources to be presented to
their children. She advised that this will help parents make an informed decision about their
child's participation in the program. she advised that those parents who did not want their
children to take part in the program could write to the principal and ask that their child be
excused from the class while this material is being presented. She advised that parents who do
want their children to participate will find that the presentations to them about the curriculum
will help them converse with their child and be able to supplement what is happening at
school. Mrs. Landers stated that the parent aspect of the program was very important because
the Committee felt the dialogue on the subject should be promoted and increased at home
rather than make the parents feel like the schools are going to do the job and they do not have
to worry about it at home any more. She advised that this important task would require the
combined efforts of school and home to be successful. Mrs. Landers stated that this program
not only needs the cooperation of the parents, it needs the churches as well. She stated that the
Committee hoped that the School Board would call upon churches to develop strong programs
of their own to supplement what is happening in the schools. Mrs. Landers stated that in
conclusion she strongly recommended that the School Board adopt the program for piloting
and then countywide implementation.

Dr. Wesley Southerland spoke on the excellent work done by the Committee, and stated that
he felt the program was very positive and would make great strides in Manatee County.

Questions of the Board were answered.

Mrs. Nevin commented that she felt the program was very well done and she was just sorry
her children were graduated and would have to miss it.

Mr. Davis commented that he felt it was a great job well done.

Mr. McNeal commented that he appreciated the hard work put forth by everyone involved in
the project.

Mr. Witt stated that he did not know of anything studied more thoroughly or given closer
scrutiny and more time devoted to it since he has been in the school system for 29 years, and
he expressed his appreciation to the Committee and all those who worked on the program. Mr.
Witt stated the it has met with overwhelming support, and he felt an exceptional job was done
by the Committee.

Dr. Mills commented that the Committee's job is not done yet as it stills has a lot to do, and he
could not get over the dedication the Committee went about its task.

Mrs. Johnson stated that she read the curriculum thoroughly and she has written a nice speech
trying to persuade the audience to accept the program. She stated she did not have to give the
speech. She stated she felt this program would help our children grow toward a more positive
and safer maturity.

Mrs. Kinnan commented that she felt this Committee has made the difference on what the
program was when it was first discussed and the response the Board had in comparison to the
response of what the Board was having tonight and she personally thanked her representative,
Mrs. Landers, for her dedication.
Mrs. Johnson moved, with a second by Mr. Davis, to approve the Human Growth and
Development Program for the Manatee County school system. Motion carried unanimously.

The Chair recessed the meeting at 9:10 P.M. and reconvened the meeting at 9:23 P.M.


Mrs. Kinnan presented a draft letter to each Board Member to see if the Board would like to
join her in sending such a letter to the Florida School Boards Association regarding some
concerns she had pertaining to the Florida High School Activities Association. Mrs. Kinnan
stated she did not feel the FHSAA has been sensitive to the needs of the schools. She stated
that she spoke with the School Board Attorney at length regarding her concerns, and she was
assured by Mr. O'Brien that this was something she could do and not reflect on anyone else.
Mrs. Kinnan stated that she hoped, however, the Board would support her in her endeavors.
She stated that the FHSAA was started some time ago by the schools because of the need for
some kind of regulations. Mrs. Kinnan advised that the organization is supported financially
by the schools through dues, television rights, and so forth. She stated that she mentioned this
at a Florida School Boards meeting and several school Board Members from other counties
also expressed concern. Mrs. Kinnan stated that she would like to request the Florida School
Boards Association to have some type of committee to work or talk with the Florida High
School Activities Association with the idea of working more closely together, particularly,
with regard to finances. Mrs. Kinnan advised that the FHSAA's contingency is in excess of
$1,000,000. Mrs. Kinnan stated that she was requesting the School Board to send a letter to
the President of the Florida School Boards Association requesting that a committee be formed
to work with the FHSAA in order to be more sensitive to the financial burdens of the schools.

The Chair requested information on the structure of the FHSAA.

Dr. Mills advised that as long as he could remember the Florida High School Activities
Association has been controlling activities in the high schools to help regulate clubs, etc. Dr.
Mills stated that to his knowledge there have been three Executive Directors so
organizationally it has been rather steady. He advised that the organization is run by the
Florida High School Principals who are members of this organization. He advised that they
vote and control the By-laws, and the organization operates through an Executive Committee
elected by the Principals. Dr. Mills advised that one has to be a member of the organization in
order to participate in the activities.

Mrs. Nevin commented that most of the business is done by the Executive Committee and
that was her objection to the organization. She stated that she got upset over another matter
other than financial. She stated that it is called the “Activities Association” and she honestly
believed there was more information on the color of shirts than there was on activities outside
of sports and that was what she objected to. She stated that what concerned her was that the
organization was not concerned about anything but athletics. She stated that she certainly
supported Mrs. Kinnan because she wanted to know more about what the Executive
Committee does.
Mrs. Kinnan inquired about the dues paid into the organization, and Dr. Mills advised that it
was calculated on the number of students. Mrs. Kinnan requested an approximate figure, and
Mr. Jack Shoemake, Director of Secondary Education, advised that it was approximately $250
per year. Mr. Shoemake advised that this past year there was an additional assessment on each
school by the size of the school to cover all athletic programs for catastrophe insurance. Mr.
Shoemake advised that that used to be voluntary but is now mandatory. He advised that it
varies with the size of the school, for example, a “2-A” school would be $200; a “3-A” school
would be $300; a “4-A” school would be $400.

Mr. Davis commented tbat there were representatives from the schools in the organization;
therefore, it looked like they would be in the position to make the decision. Mr. Davis stated
that he personally did not feel like a School Board has any direct cause to get involved in this
issue. He stated he felt the responsibility falls strictly on the shoulders of the principals, and
he did not feel it was an individual School Board's responsibility to delve into it.

Mrs. Nevin inquired whether any of Manatee County's principals attended the meetings and
had a vote, and Mr. Shoemake advised that voting was normally done by balloting by mail
wherein the representatives for the district was elected.

Mr. McNeal inquired how Mr. Shoemake felt about the organization since he has been
involved in it in the past, and Mr. Shoemake stated that at times for some schools it has been a
frustrating matter to deal with the Association; however, it was more efficient to have an
organization than not to have one.

Dr. Mills stated that he has questioned many of the decisions made by the FHSAA over the
years but when one deals with all the principals and coaches over the State, one really needs
to deal with an iron hand and that iron hand comes as a result of principals' votes. He advised
that any time a change is requested in the By-laws it it addressed and acted upon by the
Executive Committee and goes to all the members for vote. Dr. Mills commented that looking
back over the alternatives he felt it was a good organization. Dr. Mills commented that he did
not feel the Executive Director or Executive Committee would mind someone discussing
these issues with them.

Mrs. Johnson commented that she felt perhaps some kind of investigation could take place to
satisfy the questions in people's minds.

Mr. Witt spoke on the importance of having a strong organization when dealing with 550 high
school principals, and he would hate to see Manatee County be a part of tearing that
organization apart. He stated the fact that it has a $1,000,000 on reserve did not bother him
because it does not take many law suits before one reaches $l,000,000.00. Mr. Witt stated that
the FHSAA has successfully defended its track record. He stated that an inquiry or discussion
may be in order, but to have the School Board Association jump in and force a committee
upon the organization would make him feel that it would cause bad times. Mr. Witt stated that
it was a good organization but certainly not perfect; but, he would hate to see anything lessen
the effect of that organization. Mr. Witt stated he agreed with Dr. Mills that the Executive
Director, Mr. Fred Rozelle, would not mind sitting down and discussing concerns. Mr. Witt
stated that he felt, however, that a committee to be formed by the School Boards Association
would be counterproductive. Mr. Witt advised that when he was a principal, he had the
chance to vote on every single By-law of that organization as did every principal and that
organization will administer those By-lawa to the letter with no deviation. He stated he felt it
was a worthwhile organization and hated to see Florida without it.

More discussion took place among the Board Members. Mrs. Nevin commented that she felt a
letter should be written to Mrs. Carol Hyde, President of the Florida School Boards
Association, stating that the School Board has been dissatisfied with certain things and
reguesting that she make these concerns known to the FHSAA.

The Board discussed Mrs. Kinann’s draft letter. Mrs. Kinnan moved to use the draft as a letter
to Mrs. Hyde with editorial changes made as the Board decided upon.

Mr. McNeal stated that he was more interested in expanding a positive statement to what can
be done to create improved, better communications.

Mrs. Nevin stated she felt many of the ideas in Mrs. Kinnan's draft could be left unsaid in the
letter and those concerns could be addressed in a meeting with Mrs. Hyde. Mrs. Nevin stated
the Board should write a positive letter requesting the opportunity to work with Mrs. Hyde.

Mrs. Kinnan stated that she would be glad to rewrite the draft and strike the paragraph dealing
with the funds if the Board felt that paragraph was too strong and rewrite it to state the Board
would like to have a task force formed to make the Board'a concerns known.

Mrs. Nevin atated she would second a motion to that effect.

Mrs. Kinnan requested that Mr. Hadsock assist her in making a formal motion.

Mr. Hadsock stated that what Mrs. Kinnan wanted to do was have the Board pass a resolution
expressing the sentiments of the Board. He stated he did not want to get into what that
resolution should say or if there should or should not be a resolution. He stated basically what
the Board could do was pass a resolution which would be a feeling of the Board that the
Chairman or Mrs. Kinnan express to Mrs. Hyde concerns paraphrasing what is in the draft.
Mr. Hadsock stated that if the Board tries to establish word for word what is in the draft, the
Board will not make a lot of progress because even with the bests intentions the Board will
not reach complete consensus. He suggested that the Board make a motion that it Board adopt
a resolution directing some Member of the Board or some other person to contact Mrs. Hyde
expressing concerns the Board had.

Mr. Witt stated that if the Board wished to have a resolution, he felt it would be appropriate to
be drafted by and signed by the Chairman. Mr. Witt stated that if this was the action of the
Board, then it should be signed by the Chairman.
Mr. Hadsock concurred.
The Chair repeated that what the Board wanted to do was pass a resolution expressing a
postive approach toward trying to improve communications between the Florida school
Boards Association and Florida High Schools Activities Association and encourage the
President to view the possibility of working more closely with this organization and getting
ideas and input explained to the Board.

Mrs. Kinnan moved, with a second by Mrs. Nevin, that the Chairman of the Board prepare a
resolution expressing a positive approach to improve communcations between the Florida
School Boards Association and the Florida High School Activities Association. Voting in
favor: Mrs. Kinnan, Mrs. Nevin, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. McNeal. Voting against: Mr. Davis.
Motion carried 4-1.


                     WHEREAS, the Manatee County School Board has expressed
       some concern regarding the Florida High School Activities Association
       (FHSAA); and

                       WHEREAS, Members of the School Board of Manatee County
       would like to have the opportunity to discuss these concerns with the President
       of the Florida school Boards Association (FSBA) as Liaison to the Executive
       Board of the FHSAA.

              THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Members of the School Board of
       Manatee County have the opportunity of working with the President of the Florida
       school Boards Association to make known its concerns in order for the said
       President to represent these concerns to the Florida High School Activitics
       Association Executive Board.

       ADOPTED this 4th day of June, 1985 by the School Board of Manatee County.

                                     SCHOOL BOARD OF MANATEE COUNTY

                                     Gilbert W. McNeal


Mr. Witt advised that the Administration has heard no word from Wanda Robertson or no
request for hearing; therefore, he recommended that she be dismissed.
Mr. Davis moved, with a second by Mrs. Johnson, to dismiss Wamda Robertson from the
School Board of Manatee County effective May 21, 1985. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Miller advised that Change Order #2 was necessary so that the School Board can receive
credit for miscellaneous items amounting to $11,983. Mr. Miller advised that the Change
Order also allowed a 60 day time extension which were necessary due to a delay in the work
required in the contract as well as 23 rain days.

Mrs. Kinnan moved, with a second by Mrs. Nevin, to approve Change Order #2 in the credit
amount $11,983 with a 60 day time extension for the re-roofing of Lincoln Middle School.
Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Miller advised that Change order #3 was necessary to provide for minor modifications
resulting from requests by the Principal, Mr. Thomas Walker, from equipment requirements
and Code requirements. Mr. Miller advised that the Change Order also provides for an
additional five year roof guarantee for the covered walkways. He further advised that the
major item on the Change Order was $80,027 credit which results from the decision to have
the lift station and sewer line constructed through an agreement with Manatee County Public
Utilities rather than under the contract with W. G. Mills. Mr. Miller advised that the Change
Order provides for a reduction in the contract with W. G. Mills from $4,286,413 to
$4,210,214 or a reduction of $76,199.

Mrs. Nevin moved, with a second by Mr. Davis, to approve Change Order #3 reducing the
construction contract between W. G. Mills, Inc. and the School Board for the construction of
Bashaw Elementary from $4,286,413 to $4,210,214. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Miller advised that Gator Asphalt was decidedly lower than the other bidders as the labor
and equipment was being donated by that company.

Mrs. Johnson moved, with a second by Mrs. Kinnan, to award the contract to the low bidder,
Gator Asphalt Co., Inc., Bradenton, Florida in the amount of $18,118.40 for track
improvements at Bayshore High School. Motion carried unanimously.

       BIDDERS                                      TOTAL

       Earl Collins Paving, Inc.                    $45,518.00
       2130 Whitfield Avenue
       Sarsaota, Florida

       Gator Asphalt Co., Inc.                      $18,118.40
       4705 15th Street, East
       Bradenton, Florida

       Macasphalt, Inc.                              $48,594.90
       1451 Myrtle Avenue
       Sarsaota, Florida


Mrs. Kinnan moved, with a second by Mr. Davis, to award the contract to the low bidder,
USA Steel Fence Co., Bradenton, Florida in the amount of $14,273.66 for the fencing of
Bayshore High School Site Improvements. Motion carried unanimously.

       BIDDERS                                       AMOUNT

       Hurricane Fence Co,                           $16,970.00
       1647 Whitfield Avenue                         14,897.69 {Alternate Bid)
       Bradenton, Florida

       USA Steel Fence Co.                           $14,273.66
       6127 U.S. Hwy. 301
       Bradenton, Florida


Mr. Miller advised that although three firms picked up bids, only Balvanz Land Improvement,
Bradenton, Florida returned the bid. He advised that its bid was in the amount of $24,792.45
while the estimated cost for the project was approximately $70,000.00. Mr. Miller advised
that Mr. Balvanz is the Chairman of the project and did, in fact, spearhead the project and that
is reflected by his bid.

Mrs. Nevin moved, with a second by Mrs. Johnson, to award the contract to Balvanz Land
Improvement, Bradenton, Florida in the amount of $24,792.45 for sewer and drainage
improvements at Bayshore High School. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Witt advised that Item C-3 has been withdrawn and requested that Item E-1 be withdrawn
for discussion.

Mr. Davis moved, with a second by Mrs. Nevin, to approve the Consent Items with the
deletion of C-3 and E-1. Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Witt recommended that a public hearing be opened for School Capital Outlay vis-a-vis an
advertisement put into the newspaper regarding a change in School Capital Outlay.

The Chair opened the public hearing and inquired whether there was anyone present wishing
to speak for or against the change to School Capital Outlay.

Mr. Miller explained that the original projects were funded from local taxes under Florida
Statute 236.25 and were adopted on August 8, 1984 by the School Board. He advised that
according to the architectural estimates it was found to be more cost effective to construct a
new Management Information System Complex rather than remodel the Warehouse Complex.
Mr. Miller advised that in addition there is a need for more classroom space and it is
recommended that portable classrooms be built using the 2 mill money appropriated under
Florida Statute 236.25. No one else appeared to speak for or against, and the Chair closed the
public hearing to consider the modification to the School Capital Outlay.

Mr. Davis moved, with a second by Mrs. Johnson, to accept the change to School Capital

Mr. Hadsock recommended that the motion be more specific for the record.

Mr. Davis withdrew his original motion with Mrs. Johnson concurring.

Mr. Davis moved, with a second by Mrs. Johnson, to approve the proposed changes to the
School Capital Outlay projects funded from local taxes under Florida Statute 236.25, said
changes relate to the new construction of the Management Information System complex and
construction of portable classrooms. Motion carried unanimously.


       Awarded contract to purchase for additional compactors from low bidder, Cedar
       Hammock Refuse Disposal Corporation, in the total amount of $12,915.00
                                                   Compactor, Portable
                                                   Self-Packing, Rear
                                                   Loader, 240 Volts
       BIDDERS                                     (3 each)

       Cedar Hammock Refuse Disposal Corporation           $4,305.00
       Florida Industrial Equipment, Inc.                   5,140.00
       MTA Equipment Corporation                           4,897.833

       Committee: Messrs. R. Forney, R. Hesselbart, J. Vowels, R. P. Wildea, Jr.

Awarded contracts to purchase for computer software to the following in the total
amount of $25,777.34:

COMPANY NAMES                                       AMOUNTS

Barnell Loft, Ltd.                                    $ 5,000.00
Educational Activities                                10,359.55
GNP Enterprises, Inc.,                                  4,825.00
d/b/a Software City
IT, Inc.,                                               5,592.79
d/b/a Software Source
Total:                                               $25,777.34

Bid Tabulation and Evaluation Report can be found in Supplemental Minute Book.


Awarded contracts to purchase for miscroscopes in the total amount of $57,362.50 to
the following:

COMPANY NAMES                                       AMOUNTS

SEO Enterprises, Inc.                               $55,322.50
W. J. Reinhardt                                       2,040.00
Total:                                              $57,362.50

Bid Tabulations and Evaluation Report can be found in Supplemental Minute Book.


Waived bidding requirements and authorized the purchase of

Textbooks and Printed Instructional Materials under the Rules of the State Board of
Education, Chapter 6A-l.l2(6).

Publisher: Nystrom - Division of Carnation
3 ea. U.S. Readiness Map (markable         INSI-0-32       $ 85    $ 255
3 ea. Readiness Combination World and INS981-0-32           141     423
       USA on one roller (workable)
6 ea. Pictorial Relief Combination IPR981A                 153      918
       World and USA on one roller
3 ea. Florida State Map 52 x 64            IPS09            89      267
1 ea. Readiness Mobile Globe Skills        3LG1OOR         1662    1,662
       Laboratory - Includes: 15 globes,
       30 booklets, cart, 5 sets Form-A
1 kit Understanding What We Read-all        2CUR1000        870      870
       four kits - Level A, B, C and D
Estimated total:                                               $4,395


Waived bidding requirement and authorized purchase of convenience copiers under
existing state of Florida Purchasing Contract:

Contract 600-38-84-1 as extended
Contractor: Xerox Corporation

2 ea. - Xerox Copiers - Model 1045:

Xerox 1045 Mainframe                                        $5,550
15 Bin Sorter                                                1,710
SADF                                                           855
Sub-Total                                                    8,115
4000 Trade In                                                - 800
NET                                                         $7,315

Xerox 1045 Mainframe                                        $5,550
15 Bin sorter                                                1,710
SADF                                                           855
Sub-Total                                                    8,115
4500 Trade In                                                1,500
NET                                                          6,615

Delivery Charges
TOTAL                                                       14,198


Authorized the removal and disposal of 16 items from the inventory of accountable
property in accordance with current regulations, copy of amid said can be found in
Supplemental Minute Book.

Approved sale of 1972 Ericson sailboat to highest bidder, Mr. John B. Benson, III, in
the amount of $1,001.99.

Bidders                                             Amount Bid
Keith Bartel                 $ 260.00
9102 Kingston Road
Bradenton, Florida 33507

John B. Benson, III          1,001.99
Benson Associates
311 67th Street, West
Bradenton, Florida 33529

Jay Butler                    359.00
1903 22nd street, Weat
Bradenton, Florida 33505

Harlan H. DePauw              601.00
P. O. Box 40081
Sarasota, Florida 33581

Gary R. Garner                526.00
1800 Shadow Lane #1
Englewood, Florida 33533

Alex Hernandez                500.00
7779 Alicia Lane
Sarasota, Florida 33580

Greg L. Imerman               250.00
6724 Georgia Avenue
Bradenton, Florida 33507

Thomas C. Ketch               250.00
5100 60th Street East, B-3
Bradenton, Florida 34203

Jack W. Davison               538.42
2418 18th Avenue, West
Bradenton, Florida 33505


Danial Rawlinaon
903 Columbia Drive
Bradenton, Florida 33507

1. Approved submission of Chapter 1 Handicapped Grant application in the amount of

2. Approved renewal of International Surplus Lines Insurance Company, School
Board Legal Liability Policy, with an effective date of June 1, 1985 and an annual
premium of $5,334 with the applicable $25.00 renewal

3. Approved application of Comprehensive Health Education Grant for 1985-86 to
include (a) implementation - 12,256 - implementation grants are based on the district's
percent of the total State unweighted K-12 FTE for 1985-86; (b) Health Coordinator -
half of salary up to $16,000 (if full time spent in Health program).


Provided the Board with information regarding the Bayshore High School Honeybears
Drill Team's trip to Dallas, Texas.


Approved Budget Amendment 2C - Part III.

Approved Budget Amendments 42D and 43D - Part IV.


Accepted resignations of Instructional, Noninstructional and Paraprofesaional,

Approved recommendation for professional service contract for Instructional,

Approved transfers for Instructional, 1985-86.

Approved reclassifications for Instructional and Noninstructional, 1985-86.

Approved appointments for Instructional, 1985-86 and Noninstructional, 1984-85.

Approved appointment for Administrative, 1984-85.

Approved reassignments for Noninstructional, 1985-86.

Approved retirements for Instructional, 1984-85.

Approved transfer/reclassification of Noninstructional, 1985-86.
       Approved reappointment for Instructional, 1985-86.

       Personnel Lists can be found in Supplemental Minute Book.


A listing of leaves was presented to the Board for its information, a copy of which can be
found in Supplemental Minute Book.

Student Activity Fund Report for April, 1985 was prsented to the Board for its information.

The Chair recessed the meeting at 10:30 p.m. and reconvened the meeting at 10:40 p.m.


The Superintendent presented Proposal I as follows:

       A. Instructional Division

           Bashaw Elementary                                     Cost

           4 Basic Units                                     $ 84,000
           1 Media Unit                                        21,000
           1 Support Unit                                      21,000
            (PE, Art, Music)
           1 Senior School Secretary                          11,500
           1 Clerical Assistant                               10,200


           4 Basic Units                                      84,000
           1 Itinerant Orchestra (MHS/SE)                     21,000

           Exceptional Education

           1 Severely Emotionally Disturbed                   21,000
           2 Specific Learning Disability                     42,000

       B. Noninstructional Division

       Bashaw Elementarv

       1 Head Custodian -                                     11,213
       3 Custodians                                           30,000
       Computer Operator (trainee)                          10,512

       *Includes Benefits

Mr. Witt advised that approximately $200,000 of this Proposal was to begin Bashaw
Elementary. Mr. Witt recommended that the Board approve Proposal I.

Questions of the Board were answered, and discussion took place.

Mr. Davis moved, with a second by Mrs. Johnson, to approve Proposal I. Motion carried

Mr. Davis moved, with a second by Mrs. Nevin, to adjourn the meeting at 10:55 P.M.
Motions carried unanimously.

              Secretary                    Chairman

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