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                         Moped/Scooter Laws
With the price of gas steadily increasing, so is the popularity of gas-saving mopeds and scooter
type motor vehicles. In an effort to assist our fuel-stretching residents and visitors, the Town of
Menasha Police Department is passing along the following guidelines to promote safety and
compliance with Wisconsin vehicle laws:

A Moped is a type 1 motorcycle (two or three wheels with an open operator seat) with an
automatic transmission and engine certified to be not more than 50cc (cubic centimeters)
capable of speeds not more than 30mph with a 150lb rider on a level, hard surface. A bicycle-
type vehicle with human-powered pedals for initial propulsion and an engine certified at not
more than 130cc will also qualify.

If the vehicle qualifies as a moped, only a valid, basic driver’s license is required to operate it.
The moped must be titled and registered for operation on a roadway. The moped is subject to
all traffic laws in the state, except that it may be parked on a sidewalk. It may not, however, be
driven on a sidewalk or bike path or route. Mopeds may be driven two abreast on streets with
a speed limit of 25 or less but otherwise shall be driven single file. On multi-lane roads, mopeds
must stay in the right lane unless turning left. Mopeds may not be driven on freeways (US Hwy
10, US Hwy 41, STH 441 etc.) Passengers are prohibited on any vehicle registered as a moped,
even if your new scooter has a seat designed for two and foot pegs for a passenger. Helmets and
eye protection are not required and headlamp use is not required during daylight hours but the
police department strongly recommends always using headlamps, eye protection and a helmet
for your safety. Scooter users need to remember these vehicles are even smaller than a typical
motorcycle and therefore are sometimes very difficult for other traffic to see.

 If your new two-wheeler has an engine over 50cc or is capable of speeds over 30mph with a
150lb rider, it must be titled and registered as a motorcycle. To operate this vehicle a special
“Motorcycle Endorsement” is required. If you are not already motorcycle endorsed, you must
obtain a motorcycle instruction permit and eventually pass knowledge and skills tests to be
endorsed. Anyone under 18 and anyone operating a motorcycle with a cycle instruction permit
must wear a helmet. A single passenger, if properly seated behind the driver on a seat with feet
touching pegs, is allowed. Headlamp use and eye protection (or a qualifying windshield) is
required at all times.

The bottom line is that moped purchasers shouldn’t assume they can buy any two-wheeled gas
miser and just start scooting around town. Depending on the size and performance capabilities,
special requirements may apply. And just because it may handle like a bicycle, all motor vehicle
laws still apply because it is still a motor vehicle. The Town of Menasha Police Department
encourages all new and future moped owners to operate safely and responsibly so that the gas
money saved isn’t needlessly spent on traffic citations.

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