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					OUR COMMUNITY’S VOICE                               JUNE 2011
 Brought to you by your Tuscany Community Association


DAY June 12
                  Calgary CONNECTION
THE TUSCANY SUN                                                         JUNE 2011                                                             3

                                                               An Eventful Month                         The influence of this book was
                                                                                                         enormous in the English people as
                                                                               it would have been read aloud in
                                                               No doubt that we live in an eventful
                                                               world. Every month there are              churches very, very extensively, which
Tuscany Community Association
P.O. Box 27030 Tuscany RPO                                     important things that happen or           would have imprinted it on people’s
Calgary, Alberta T3L 2Y1                                       anniversaries of other things that        minds. It was a huge influence on
                                                               happened a long time ago. May was         what ordinary people took to be good
President .......................... Glen Furtado                                                        English.               one of those months. We had a Federal
Vice President .... Michelle van de Reep                       election that brought some surprises,
......                       we had Bin Laden put down and we          British sailors and settlers took the
Treasurer..........................Lee Bardwell                had a Royal wedding (that was really      Bible on voyages around the globe; it
                                                               in the end of April) that delighted       was taken to America, India, Africa,
Tuscany Committee Email Addresses                              billions of people around the world.      Australia and New Zealand. Art,
Communications Committee                                                                                 literature and music have been based
....................                   What most people might not know           on language and stories described
Events & Recreation Committee                                                                            in the King James Bible. This is one                   is that May brought us another
Recreation ..............................................      important event: May 2nd marked           reason why English is now a world
Parks and Planning Committee                                   the 400th anniversary of one of the       language.
...............................             most influential books in the English-
Tuscany Sun Newsletter                                                                                   “The King James Bible is a              speaking world: The King James
Traffic and Safety Committee                                   Bible.                                    cornerstone of our culture and
..............................                                                      our language. Whatever our faith,
                                                               In 1603 James VI of Scotland acceded      whatever we believe, we have to
Elected Officials                                                                                        recognise that the rhetorical power of
Alderman:                                                      to England’s throne as King James I.
Dale Hodges                                                    Queen Elizabeth I died without heirs      this book, and in particular its power
403-268-2445                                                   and, before she died, she chose James     to fuse history with poetry, connects                                         as her successor. After being crowned     at the most fundamental level with our
MLA:                                                                                                     own history and poetry.”
Lindsay Blackett                                               King, James VI found a society
403-216-5444                                                   divided by religious matters. There                - Andrew Motion, British Poet,                               were two translations of the Bible, one                   Novelist and Biographer
MP:                                                            used by the Church of England (The
Rob Anders                                                                                                              - Your Volunteer Editor,
403-292-6666                                                   Bishop’s Bible) and other used by the                                              Puritans (the Geneva Bible.)                                  Fernando Ferreira

Tuscany Sun Newsletter                                         In 1604 King James VI decided to
Editor & Article Submissions:
Fernando Ferreira                                              commission a new and accurate                                              translation, one that would bring peace
Submission deadlines for this monthly publication are the
9th of the month, prior to the distribution month.
                                                               to his realm. It took 54 scholars and
                                                               seven years of work to produce what
Advertising Sales:                                             became known as the King James
Phil 403-660-7324                                       Bible.
The ad booking deadline is the 14th of the
month prior to the distribution month.
This publication is published 12 times a year
by Suburban Journals Publishing and delivered
to residents by Canada Post. This publication
is also available for pickup from the Tuscany Club.
Please note: the information and opinions in this newsletter
are subject to change, and do not necessarily represent the
opinions of the publisher or editor. Content contained in
this publication may not be reproduced without the written
consent of Suburban Journals Publishing. The information
herein is believed accurate but not warranted so. Any
advertisements, home businesses, babysitters & nannies,
or other parties listed in the Tuscany Sun should not be
interpreted as recommendations or endorsements by the
editor or the publisher.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       JUNE 2011                                                               5

In Our Community
                                                                                      the Amazing Tuscany Race, the Book
 TCA President’s Report                                                               Swap, Arts Day, Youth Events or a
                                                                                      variety of other initiatives put on by the
                        By the time you     strategic planning session where we
                        read this article   can identify and prioritize our work      If you think you can contribute, send a
                        my hope is that     program for the year. As happens          maximum 5 page Expression of Interest
                        spring has taken    every year, we have a rotation of         to
                        a firm hold in      approximately half of our Board and it
                        Calgary and         requires significant effort to continue
                        we’re worrying
                        more about the
                                            with the delivery of some of the
                                            programs and services you’ve come to      The Talk in Tuscany
                        location of our     expect from the TCA. The bottom line
                        golf clubs than     is if we don’t have the resources we      Have you read something in the Sun
snow shovels. Along with the better         can’t deliver the services.               you’d like to comment on? Are you
weather we will see people spending                                                   looking for some feedback on an
more time outdoors and more children        Your TCA Board is comprised of            issue? Or, would you like to comment
playing on our street and in our parks.     volunteers who are passionate about       on what’s happening in and around
                                                                                      Tuscany? We’d all love to hear
We’ve had a number of emails over           serving the community and making
                                                                                      what you have to say. Email news@
the past month noting some poor             Tuscany the best community in
                                                                             If you’d like to comment
driving habits in our community.            Calgary. If you would like to help us
                                                                                      on something you’ve read in Talk in
Speed, failure to yield right of way        achieve this vision I would encourage
                                                                                      Tuscany or the Sun, you can post on
and failure to stop for pedestrians at      you to get involved. If you’re plate
                                                                                      our website at
crosswalks are some of the typical          is full and you presently don’t have
violations that we hear about. I would      time to volunteer, I would ask you
like to encourage everyone to drive         to support your TCA by becoming a
                                                                                      Throughout all of Calgary’s history
responsibly and with due care and           member for $25 per year. You can
                                                                                      citizens had the common sense, dignity
attention so we can all safely enjoy our    sign up on our web site at www.
                                                                                      and pride of an attractive city to not
                                                                                      store garbage containers in front yards
                                                                                      (a practice common only in slums).
The City of Calgary will be                 As always, please don’t hesitate to
                                                                                      With the advent of blue recycling
conducting street sweeping operations       contact me with your comments or
                                                                                      bins and now black garbage bins it
in our community late June. Make            suggestions on how to make our
                                                                                      has suddenly become fashionable to
sure you obey the signs and ensure          community the best it can be.
                                                                                      proudly display these at the corners or
your vehicles are not parked on the
                                                                                      front of double garages. I find them a
roadways during the times and dates                                 – Glen Furtado
                                                                                      disgusting, ugly eyesore that seriously
that will be well advertised in advance
                                                                                      detracts from otherwise attractive
of the work. We only have one
                                                                                      homes, as well as the city in general.
opportunity for the crews to clean our
community and the results are much
                                            Event Organizer                           They clearly make a statement about
                                                                                      the class level of the occupants. What
better if we can provide good access to                                               these garbage bins do to the city I find
                                            Expression of Interest
the curb line for the sweepers.                                                       an embarrassment. I guess citizens
                                            Do you live in Tuscany? Do you have
                                            demonstrated skills and experience        now want Calgary to be known as the
The Tuscany Community Association                                                     ‘city of trash bins’.
                                            in Event Planning and Organization?
Annual General Meeting was held last
                                            The Tuscany Community Association
month and we were fortunate to have                                                   If these are truly beautiful works of art
                                            is seeking Expressions of Interest
elected a strong slate of Directors that                                              qualifying as yard ornaments - then
                                            from members of our community
are looking forward to serving the                                                    what am I missing? Will someone
                                            who would be available on a periodic
community. Before the Board breaks                                                    please explain?
                                            basis throughout the year to coordinate
for the summer we are working on a                                                                 - Confused Tuscany resident
                                            community events. This may include
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        JUNE 2011                                                                7

In Our Community
                                             On-site training of our industry partners
 Tuscany Building                            and trades has been conducted over
                                             the past few weeks to emphasize the
                                                                                          243 Tuscany
 Green                                       importance of implementing indoor
                                             air quality measures. The focus has
                                             been on preventing and reducing
                                             contaminates (especially dust) through      Spring Registration
Building Practices Are Green
                                             measures such as outdoor cutting areas      The 243 Tuscany Scouts are holding
and Sustainable
                                             for masons, dedicated wood-shop areas,      their Spring Registration on Friday,
                                             minimizing dirt tracked into the schools,   June 10, 2011 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
As progress on the Tuscany Middle
                                             and keeping mechanical equipment            at the Tuscany Club.
School continues, B2L Partnership is
proud to share our accomplishments           clean. This process is carefully
toward being a leader in green               monitored and, to date, the industry        Please join us to register for the 2011-
construction.                                partners and trades have demonstrated       2012 session.
                                             a great depth of knowledge and
All ASAP II schools are being built          commitment to the process.                  All Sections are welcome! Beaver,
to achieve at least a Leadership in                                                      Cub, Scout, Venturer and Rover
Energy and Environmental Design              Green building practices will be            programs.
(LEED) Silver certification. This is an      monitored and analyzed through all
independent rating system that is used       phases of construction. The P3 model        For more information visit www.
to measure environmental and energy          in Alberta creates real accountability
efficiency. LEED Silver-rated buildings      for achieving LEED and for managing
are up to 45 percent more energy             energy costs. Because B2L Partnership
efficient than conventional buildings.       is responsible for design, construction
They provide healthier environments as       and maintenance of schools, it has the
a result of improved air quality and the     tools required to create sustainable
                                             and efficient schools that meet both
                                                                                          We Need You!
use of natural light.
                                             short term LEED objectives and long         Attention Long Time Tuscany
During the construction phase, an            term sustainability and environmental       Residents!
important goal when building green           objectives. The resulting ASAP II
is to reduce the amount of material          schools will provide Alberta’s children     The Federation of Calgary
going to landfills. For each school site,    with safe, healthy environments to learn    Communities 50th Anniversary
construction debris is separated into        and thrive.                                 Magazine Needs Your Help!
recyclables or waste. Our goal is to                                                     The Federation is celebrating its
                                             The Tuscany Middle School, located          50th Anniversary this year, and
have the majority of debris land in the
                                             at 150 Tuscany Way, will be open for
recycle bins versus the waste bins; for                                                  in celebration a magazine will be
                                             students by September 2012.
example, the target set for structural                                                   published. The magazine will be filled
steel is 95%. By continuously tracking       To obtain registration information for      with stories, photos, and quotes of
and analyzing construction debris, we        the Tuscany Middle School, background       neighbourhood life in Calgary over
aim to achieve all targets.                  information on B2L Partnership, or          the past 50 years. We want YOU to fill
                                             more information about the 10 new           the magazine with your memories of
The protection and conservation of           schools being built in Alberta, visit       growing up in this great city!
water is another key objective in   This website
sustainable building. Recent analysis        is updated regularly with progress          Be a part of it and contact Rebecca
of the washroom fixtures that will be        reports and photographs.                    Dakin at 403-244-4111 ext.
installed in the schools has shown                                                       204 or communityrelations@
that we are in compliance to reduce          Questions or concerns can be addressed to set up
wastewater by over 50% through               through a contact form on the website       a one-on-one conversation or a group
careful specification of low-flush urinals   or the B2L Partnership toll free number     discussion with a group of people you
and toilets.                                 1-877-726-3284.                             know!
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     JUNE 2011                                                               9

In Our Community
 Tuscany Community Arts Day!                                                         one of these new awards. The four
                                                                                     award categories include:
                                                                                     • The ‘Be Part of It’ Group Award:
Calling all Artists, Amateurs, and        generously allowed us to use their           Honouring a group of volunteers
Finger Painters!                          parking lot for the Community Arts           whose community contributions
                                          Day on June 12th and will also be on         improve neighbourhood life and
Join us for the First Ever Tuscany        hand with their famous barbecue!             create a sense of belonging.
Community Arts Day!                                                                  • The Step Up Award: This award
Sunday June 12, 2011                      The TCA would also like to                   winner is someone who shoulders
Sobeys Parking Lot                        acknowledge B2L Partnership, the             the responsibility for things that
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM                        Province of Alberta, and the Calgary         regularly go unnoticed. This
                                          Board of Education for generously            individual steps-up to help out
The Tuscany Community Association         approving this project. For more             without hesitation.
(TCA), Sobeys, and Benjamin Moore         information, please e-mail the TCA at      • The Spark Award: This is
Paints - Crowfoot are working together                 someone who engages people to
to create a Tuscany Community Art                                                      be a part of their community and
Gallery along the construction fence of   Get involved - it’s not every day you        sparks a sense of excitement among
the Tuscany Middle School.                get your art displayed in an outdoor art     residents.
                                          gallery!                                   • The Community Builder Award:
Now that Tuscany is established,                                                       Recognizing people, organizations,
the TCA is exploring different                                                         or companies based in Calgary
opportunities to incorporate                                                           whose efforts have enhanced and
community-based art in various                                                         made a significant difference to the
locations throughout our community.                                                    quality of life in Calgary.
Art not only serves as a means of
beautification, it will also increase                                                Help celebrate one of Calgary’s 20,000
community cohesiveness, as residents                                                 community association volunteers
come together to appreciate our
artistic talents. Our first art project    Volunteer
is a painting gallery around the
construction fence surrounding the
                                           Recognition                               How does someone get nominated?
                                                                                     By someone like you!
middle school construction site,
located along Tuscany Boulevard and       Know a Great Volunteer in Your             1. Complete the nomination
Tuscany Way NW.                           Community Who Deserves                        form on our website at www.
                                          Recognition? Nominate them          
The TCA is working with the               today!                                     2. Attach any supporting documents
Tuscany Elementary School and St.                                                    3. Send via mail, fax, or e-mail to:
Basil Elementary Jr High School to        The Federation of Calgary
showcase their students’ art on the       Communities is celebrating ’50 Years       Federation of Calgary Communities
fence. Then, we invite all members        of Community Support’ with new             Suite 301, 1609 – 14th Street SW
of the community to “paint a              awards that recognize and honour           Calgary, AB T3C 1E4
canvas” on June 12. This art will be      volunteers who give their time and
on display along the fence for the        talents to improve neighbourhood and       Phone: 403-244-4111
remainder of the construction project,    community life in Calgary!                 Fax: 403-244-4129
approximately one year. The TCA                                                      E-mail: communityrelations@
will provide coroplast boards that will   If you know an individual or group of
serve as the canvas and Benjamin          volunteers making a difference in your
Moore has provided us with a fantastic    community, give them the recognition       ** The deadline to nominate a volunteer
discount on the paint. Sobeys has         they deserve by nominating them for           is Monday, July 4 2011
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      JUNE 2011                                                             11

In Our Community
 2011                                       Stampede Parade ‘Pacers’
 Neighbourhood                              The Federation of Calgary                 cultural outfit or the classic western

 Survey                                     Communities is in the Stampede
                                            Parade and they want volunteers
                                                                                      wear of the Stampede. Whatever it may
                                                                                      be, The Federation wants our pacers to
                                            from all communities to take part!        represent and demonstrate the power of
Calgary has grown into a very diverse                                                 the community association movement.
city, but a neighbourly attitude still      The Calgary Stampede Parade is
                                            introducing “pacers” into their program   We are looking for adult volunteers to
helps everyone alike. According to
                                            this year. Pacers will be placed in       fill our pacer positions in the Stampede
the 2009 research brief by The City
                                            between each parade entry to help the     Parade. This is an exciting opportunity
of Calgary, Family and Community
                                            event stay on-time and on-track. To       to showcase yourself, your community
Support Services (FCSS), close-
                                            kick-off this addition, the “pacers” in   and the diversity within! We would
knit communities are safer, and             this year’s Stampede Parade will be       like to see a volunteer from each
their residents are exposed to many         community volunteers! Each pacer          community in Calgary! Please spread
beneficial opportunities that others are    will be given a sash with the name of     the word and register online at www.
not. And that is not saying anything        their community on it, e.g. Abbeydale,
about the sense of belonging that           Evergreen, Tuscany or Valley Ridge.       if you are interested in taking part in
comes with neighbourliness.                 They will also be encouraged to wear      our first ever parade entry. We ask that
                                            something that is special or important    you ask around and provide a backup
When people start to call Calgary           to them such as a sports uniform, a       volunteer as well.
‘home’, they take pride in it, and that
means a cleaner, friendlier, safer place
for everyone. While other cities grow
apart as they get bigger, you can play a
                                            Our Schools
part in making sure that Calgary grows                                                for their remaining achievement tests
closer and stronger.
                                             Varsity Acres                            this month. Staff members hosted
                                                                                      the annual volunteer tea to show
Have a say!                                                                           appreciation to the many parents who
Make sure you have your say, and            Spring greetings from Varsity Acres       volunteer at the school throughout the
give five minutes of your day to            School. As we enjoy the renewed           year. And finally, the month ended as
contributing to the Neighbourhood           energy of spring and look ahead           it began, with people dancing, singing
Survey! This is the second annual           to summer, our students and staff         and celebrating at the annual family
survey conducted by The Federation of       continue to work hard and focus on        dance.
Calgary Communities and Community           the completion of another successful
Neighbourhoods Services. Visit www.         school year.                              Varsity families, please mark your for the link                                                   calendars for the following upcoming
to the survey and tell us if Calgary is a   We began the month of May with            dates:
neighbourly city.                           a wonderful school-wide, outdoor          • School council AGM. Wednesday,
                                            celebration of song by joining schools       June 15, 7 pm in the school staff
Your name will be entered into a            across Canada on “Music Monday.”             room. Join us to learn more about
draw for an exciting prize simple for       Students, staff and many family              the volunteer activities of both our
                                            members came together in fine voice          school council and fundraising
providing us with your opinion on
                                            in the school field to sing, dance and       society.
community life!
                                            appreciate music and music education.     • Fall welcome. Friday, September
                                            What followed was a busy month of            9. All staff, students and families
Communities with over 25
                                            student work, field trips and special        are invited to meet for an informal
respondents will be sent their own          events. Grades three and six students        social morning in the school
results to see how its residents feel       also completed the first of their            courtyard. Stay tuned for more
about their community!                      provincial exams and are getting ready       details.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     JUNE 2011                                                                 13

Sports in Tuscany                                                                      Seawolves Water
 Tuscany Outdoor Soccer
                                                                                      Rule the Pool!
Tuscany Outdoor Soccer                                                                Register now for
This spring, almost 700 young Tuscany residents have been enjoying the game           fall
of soccer in our community. Please watch out for the families who will be
making their way to and from the local fields. Please visit www.tuscanysoccer.        Want to swim for current information, including game schedules, field                and play ball at
locations and rules of play.                                                          the same time?
                                                                                      Try water polo.
We would like to thank our generous sponsors Albi Homes, Landmark Homes,
                                                                                      The Seawolves Water Polo Club is
The Home Depot and Tim Hortons for donating our jerseys this season. We would
                                                                                      open to all kids ages 8 and up living
also like to thank Ray Cote, of CIR Realty, for donating a van for the equipment
                                                                                      in northwest or northeast Calgary.
sorting evening. With Ray’s help we were able to move all equipment from the
                                                                                      Must be able to swim 25 m unassisted.
storage facility to the Tuscany Club at one time. If your local business is looking
                                                                                      Registration is now open for the
for a way to get involved, our season wrap-up is a great opportunity!
                                                                                      September to March 2011-2012
                                                                                      season. Club fees are very affordable
 Age Group        Division              Schedule
                                                                                      and parents are not required to work
 U4               Mixed                 Saturday 9:30 – 10:30
 U5               Mixed                 Saturday 10:45 – 11:45 OR
                                        Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 – 7:30                Water polo combines the speed of
 U6               Mixed                 Saturday 10:45 – 11:45 OR                     competitive swimming, the strategy
                                        Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 – 7:30                of soccer and the ball-handling skills
 U8               Mixed                 Monday & Wednesday 6:30-7:30                  of volleyball all wrapped up into one
 U8               Girls                 Monday & Wednesday 6:30-7:30                  splashy package.
 U8               Boys                  Monday & Wednesday 6:30-7:30
                                                                                      This challenging game uses a ball
                                                                                      similar to a volleyball and is played
Calgary West Soccer                                                                   without touching the bottom of the
2011 Summer Soccer Camp
                                                                                      pool. While top-level water polo
                                                                                      matches can be very aggressive, this
                                                                                      does not happen at the beginner or
Registration is on
                                                                                      intermediate levels. There are many
now for our 4 and 5                       FREE Summer Drop-In                         rules governing physical contact and
day Summer Camps.                         Programming for kids!                       these are strictly enforced.
Half day camps are                        Tuscany Community
                                                                                      Water polo builds cardio-vascular
available for                             Tuscany Hill &
                                                                                      endurance and improves swimming
U6 to U10 players (born 2001 to           Tuscany Meadows Dr NW
                                                                                      skills. It offers a full body workout
2006), with full day camps for U12 to     August 8-12, 2011
                                                                                      similar to cross-country skiing or
U16 (born 1995 to 2000).                  Stay n’ Play: 10:00 - 12:00 p.m.            competitive swimming. And, it
                                          (3 - 5 years of age)                        promotes teamwork and strategic
We are also offering separate             NOTE: Adult /guardian must                  thinking.
goalkeeper camps.                         accompany children in the Stay n’ Play
                                          program                                     Seawolves – Swim with the Pack!
Please go to our website at www.          Park n’ Play: 10:00 - 3:30 p.m. to view a           (6 - 12 years of age)                       For more information:
copy of the brochure and to register      Join in the summer fun with games,          Email:
online                                    crafts and other amazing activities led     Website:
                                          by City of Calgary staff.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       JUNE 2011                                                             15

                                                                                        communities within our registration
 Calgary Minor Basketball                                                               area and most games are played on
                                                                                        Saturdays throughout Calgary with
 Association 2011-12 Registration                                                       some games on Friday nights at higher
                                                                                        age levels. Players in or going into
                                                                                        high school can play community
Registration                                Programs Offered                            basketball until December 1, 2011.
Silver Springs Basketball is the home       Learn-to-Play, for ages five and six,       Players making their high school
club for all players from Arbour Lake,      introduces players to the game of           teams become ineligible to play
Bowness, Lynx Ridge, Bearspaw,              basketball. Dribbling, passing, and         community basketball and partial
Rocky Ridge, Royal Oak, Scenic              shooting skills will be taught in fun       refunds are issued on request. Players
Acres, Silver Springs, Tuscany and          and engaging ways and there will be         provide a uniform deposit and are
Valley Ridge who want to play in the        lots of time for wide-open and creative     issued full uniforms for return at
Calgary Minor Basketball Association        game play. One-hour LTP session will        yearend. Depending on age, play is on
program in 2011-12. The program             be run on Friday nights using six-foot      8½ or 10-foot nets and uses sizes five,
has been administered by Silver             nets and size five balls. Players are       six or seven balls.
Springs Community Association for           given a program T-shirt that is theirs
many years. All programs run from           to keep.                                    Registration Requirements
September to March and are subject                                                      • Uniform deposits (if applicable) and
to adequate enrolment and volunteer         Tykes, for ages seven and eight, is           volunteer deposits are automatically
support.                                    a five-team house league that takes           processed online April 15, 2012
                                            players a step closer to CMBA-level           if uniforms aren’t returned or
To register online, go on to                basketball, with a continued emphasis         volunteer commitments haven’t You can          on fun and skill development. There           been met.
also register at the Silver Springs         is more structured game play that           • Fee payment for online registration
Community Center (5720 Silver Ridge         minimizes bench time, consistently            is with credit card only. If
Drive) or call 403-288-2616.                calls basic infractions, and provides         registering in person, cheques or
                                            collaborative coaching on court. Time         cash are accepted (at the Silver
Volunteers                                  is allotted for intra-squad practices and     Springs office).
All basketball programs are offered for     both intra-squad and inter-squad game       • All players must hold a current
our children by volunteers. Help, both      play. Tyke sessions are run on Friday         community association membership
on and off the court, is essential to the   nights using eight-foot nets and size         in their community of residence.
continuation of the program. As part of     five balls. Players are given a team          You may also purchase an associate
the registration process, every parent      T-shirt that is theirs to keep.               membership in Silver Springs as an
will have to commit to a volunteer role                                                   alternative.
or task and provide a $50 volunteer         Calgary Minor Basketball Association        • Registration forms and fees must
deposit, which will be cashed if the        (CMBA), for ages nine and up, starts          be received on or before June 15,
volunteer role or task is not performed.    with player evaluations followed by           2011 to be guaranteed placement
Contact Steve at 403-239-0637 or            player placement on tiered teams that         on a team. After June 15, a $15 late
Sherry at 403-288-2616 to let us know       play inter-community basketball.              registration fee is charged.
how you can help.                           Practices are held on weeknights in         • Refunds, less a 20 percent
                                                                                          administration fee, are provided
                             Year           Program       Uniform      Volunteer          if requested before September 15,
 Program                     Born              Fee        Deposit       Deposit           2011. Refunds are only provided
                                                                                          after September 15 for medical
 Learn-to-Play            2006-2005           $150          n/a           $50
                                                                                          reasons and these requests must be
 Tyke                     2004-2003           $200          n/a           $50             accompanied by a doctor’s note.
 Mini                     2002-2001           $330         $100           $50
 Bantam                   2000-1999           $330         $100           $50
 Midget                   1998-1997           $330         $100           $50
 Juvenile                 1996-1995           $330         $100           $50
 Junior                   1994-1993           $330         $100           $50
THE TUSCANY SUN                                    JUNE 2011                                                        17

In Our Community
                                                                                  Your Tuscany
                                                                                 The TCA is a non-profit organization
                                                                                 run by a core group of volunteers
                                                                                 who are committed to the needs and
Support Tuscany!                                                                 constructive development of Tuscany
                                                                                 and its community. The TCA has
Buy Your Community Membership Today!                                             a broad mandate to represent the
                                                                                 community to external stakeholders

                                                                                 such as the City and to provide

                                                                                 community sports programs. We also
                             you have your                        have an emphasis to preserve and
                   Community Association membership yet?                         protect the natural environments in

  Benefits of Membership                                                         This year, the TCA is focusing
                                                                                 its efforts on three broad goals –
  • A healthier and more enjoyable        • Effective representation and         community cohesiveness, traffic
    community through the provision         advocacy to external third parties   safety and the development of youth
    of community sports and                 about issues of concern to the       programs in Tuscany. If you would
    recreation activities like soccer –     community, including public          like to participate in the development
    your membership contributes to          health and safety, development       and implementation of these goals, the
    the costs of operation                  and the natural environment          TCA is always looking for committed
  • Insurance coverage to participate     • Maintenance and preservation of      volunteers. For more information,
    in Community Association                the natural environment,
                                                                                 contact or
    organized sports, such as soccer        including Twelve Mile Coulee
                                                                                 go to our website at
  • Discounted insurance rates -          • A safer community through our
    email            advocacy on traffic and other
  • Up-to-date information about            safety issues
    issues affecting you and the          • Pride and a sense of community
    community through the Tuscany           through participation in
    Sun and our website                     community activities

                    YES! I would like to become a member of
                      the Tuscany Community Association

      Go to to register online
             for your membership today!
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      JUNE 2011                                                               19
                                                                                       Eservus Discontinued after June 1st –
                                           Tuscany Club Info                           Due to extremely low usage among the
                                                                                       membership compared to its significant
                                                                                       annual cost to the TRA, The Tuscany
                                           Tuscany Club Features                       Residents Association has opted to
                                           In addition to the Club and Park            discontinue the Eservus program as of
                                           features listed here, we offer special      June 1, 2011. This will result in annual
The Tuscany Club is operated by the        events plus sports, fitness and
Tuscany Residents Association (TRA)                                                    savings in excess of $25,000.
                                           recreation programs for preschoolers to
as a private recreation facility for the   seniors. Check out the current program      Tuscany Giant Garage Sale – June
exclusive use of its members. For more     guide at or         11th – Sign Up by June 7th! This year
about the TRA visit the FAQ section of     pick up a copy at the Tuscany Club.         the giant garage sale is on Saturday,
our website, listed under the “Residents   • Gymnasium                                 June 11th from 9 am to 3 pm. Free
Association” banner at                     • 2 outdoor tennis courts                   registration and complimentary lawn                   • Playground                                signage is available to all TRA
                                           • Summer wading pool and fountain           households in good standing. Sign-up
212 Tuscany Way, NW                        • Fitness and Dance studios                 now by emailing clubprograms@shaw.
403-241-6402                               • Outdoor basketball courts                 ca – 150+ homes usually participate.                    • Banquet and Meeting Rooms
                                                                                       Wading Pool Update – After 15
                                           • Hockey Rink and Skating Oval
Hours of Operation                                                                     years of operation the Tuscany
                                           • Horseshoe Pits and Shuffleboard
Park Hours:                                                                            Club wading pool is due for some
                                              Court Sun.      9:00 am - 10:00 pm                                                    significant maintenance. Because of
                                           • Outdoor Park and Greenspace
Office Hours:                                                                          the late spring this work can only be
Mon. to Sat.     9:00 am - 4:30 pm                                                     started now, which means there is a
                                           Rent Space in the Tuscany Club
(closed 12:00 - 1:00 pm)                                                               likelihood that there will be a delay in
                                           • Space for receptions, banquets,
                                                                                       the usual May long weekend opening.
                                             birthday parties, seasonal events,
Subcribe to the E-Newsletter                                                           The Maintenance staff will strive to
                                             club and business meetings and more
Want to get the most recent news about                                                 have the wading pool open as soon
                                           • Available to all TRA members in
programs and special events? Sign                                                      as possible and we are aiming for
                                             good standing.
up for our mass email list and receive                                                 mid-June. We appreciate the patience
                                           • For more information, call
occasional updates about important                                                     of the residents and look forward to
                                             403-241-6402 or email
news and events happening with the                                                     continuing to serve the community.
Tuscany Residents Association – go to      • Check the website for a virtual tour      TRA Stampede Breakfast – Sat. July, click on            and more details:                         16th – Join us at the Tuscany Club
“Have you signed up for the Tuscany-                   from 9:30 to 11:30 am for the annual
Connect Newsletter?” and submit your                                                   Stampede Breakfast along with your
request, its just that easy!
                                           Upcoming Events                             family, friends and neighbours. Enjoy
                                                                                       pancakes and sausage, coffee and
Registering Your Home                                                                  juice and some fine entertainment and
All new residents to Tuscany must          Summer Program Registration Now             wrap up Stampede in style. Volunteers
visit the office to register their home    Open – This year we have youth tennis       are always needed and welcome to
and be eligible for TRA benefits. If       lessons, preschool programs from            help for an hour or two with set up,
you move within Tuscany, you must          Centrestage Theatre and Miss Marilyn,       cooking and more… please contact
also visit the office to update your       and adult fitness and yoga classes. We or call the
account to remain current. Tenants must    also offer weekly DayCamp programs          Club at 403-241-6402 to sign up!
complete a transfer of privileges form     from July 4th to August 26th at the
from their landlord. All these steps can   Tuscany Club for children 4 to 7 years      Annual Fees Now Due – The Tuscany
take up to two weeks to process – it is    of age and a week in July and August        Residents Association has now invoiced
the responsibility of homeowners and       especially for the older kids from 8 to     all membership holders in Tuscany for
residents to notify us of their status,    11 years. Camps include indoor and          the TRA membership year beginning
we are not able to track all movements     outdoor sports and games, splash pool       on April 1, 2011 through March 31,
within the community. Any questions        time, arts and crafts, special events and   2012. With your invoice came various
about TRA memberships can be               much more. View the guide and register      payment options, please take time to
directed to or         online at           read the attached instructions. We look
call403-241-6402.                          or contact for         forward to serving the good people of
                                           help or more information.                   Tuscany in the upcoming year.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      JUNE 2011                                                             21

In Our City
 Calgary Connection                                                                     Celebrate
Operation Eyesight Universal: The          For expecting and new parents. Babies        Seniors' Week
original Canadian response to global       learn like mad. They will happily use
blindness, has been supported by           a potty if given a chance. Your baby        June 6 – 12. During Seniors’ Week
Albertans since 1963. Most of the          won’t be smarter for it. But your life      there will be many exciting events tak-
world’s blindness doesn’t have to hap-     will be easier, and your house will         ing place throughout Calgary. Below
pen – eyes can be healed or blindness      smell better. Come for a fun and funny      are a few, but be sure to check your
can be avoided. It’s just a matter of      talk on doing things differently.           local seniors’ organization for more
getting the resources to where they                                                    events!
are needed most. Together, with the        Lawnchair Theatre: Bring your lawn
support of thousands of Albertans, we      chair and enjoy great snacks and live       Aging and Active Living Expo and
are winning the fight against avoidable    entertainment for the entire family.        City of Calgary Seniors’ Week 2011
blindness .Visit www.operationeye-         Free. All events 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.      Proclamation: Jun. 4, Atrium of Cal- for more information.            Locations: Jun. 23 Bowness Park; Jul.       gary Municipal Building (City Hall)
                                           7 Confederation Park, Jul. 14 Harvest       9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. For more infor-
2011 Neighbourhood Survey: A short         Hills, Jul. 21 Hidden Valley, Jul. 28       mation contact or
survey that will help to make Calgary      Scenic Acres, Aug. 4 Ranchlands,            call 403-370-5251.
a place that everyone is proud to call     Aug. 11 Edgemont, Aug. 18 Citadel,
home. If you think that Calgary is a       Aug. 25 Bridgeland, Sep. 9 Highwood.        Calgary Kick-Off of Seniors’ Week
neighbourly place, or if you feel your     Visit or call 3-1-1      2011: Jun. 6, Fort Calgary. Free ad-
community can be improved, we want         for more information.                       mission for seniors 65+ from 9:00 a.m.
to know. Draw for ten $200 gift cer-                                                   – 5:00 p.m. For more information call
tificates. http://www.surveymonkey.        Celebrate the opening of the En-            Fort Calgary at 403-290-1875 or email
com/s/neighbourhoodsurvey2011              vironmental Education and Ethics  
                                           Centre: Located in the new Ralph
Offer your ideas on Skateboard-            Klein Park in S.E. Calgary. We will         Older Adult Resource Fair: Jun. 7,
ing in Calgary: The City of Calgary        have many events and programs               Southcentre Mall (Centre Court,
Recreation in partnership with the         throughout the summer to welcome            Lower Level), 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Calgary Association of Skateboarding       visitors to the site. Pre registration is
Enthusiasts (CASE) is seeking com-         required. Please register early as space    Seniors’ Active Living Fair: Jun. 7,
munity input in the creation of a 5        is limited. For event listings please       Westbrook Mall, 10:00 a.m. –
year Skateboard amenity plan. We are       visit                   2:00 p.m.
looking for your input to help inform a
plan for developing future skateboard-     Nature Discovery Camp: Children             World Elder Abuse Awareness Day:
ing opportunities in Calgary. Visit        ages 6 – 9 are invited to discover          Jun. 15. If you or an older adult you for           nature firsthand. Campers will inves-       know is experiencing abuse, please
the online survey.                         tigate and explore nature as they learn     call the Kerby Elder Abuse Line at
                                           how to become stewards of our parks.        403-705-3250.
Potty Training for Babies; Doing           Jul. 18 – 22, July 25 – 29, Aug. 8 – 12,
Diapers Differently (and Less…             15 – 19, 22 – 26. $190. Ralph Klein
Far Less): Fri. Jun. 3, 7:00 p.m. at the   Park. For more information visit
Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      JUNE 2011                                                                        23

In Our City
 Events In and Around Calgary
                                                                                     Tickets, admission or registration may be required
                                                                                     for events. Event details are believed correct as of
                                                                                                 press time but may change at any time.

Carifest: Jun. 4 – Jun. 11, Shaw Mil-      other piece. Admission ticket required       Sled Island Festival: Jun. 22 – 25,
lennium Skatepark. A variety of events     & drop off your clothing prior to the        various venues. Calgary welcomes
including a carnival parade, food tast-    event.           several alternative bands at the Sled
ings, music and dance performances         penings/calgary-get-ready-to-swap-2          Island Festival.
and more to celebrate Caribbean
culture.           Calgary Comic & Entertainment                Philharmonic Fun Run: Jun. 26, Eau
                                           Expo: Jun. 17 – 19, BMO Centre.              Claire Market. 5 km run/walk, 10 km
Calgary Ukrainian Festival: Jun.           One of Calgary's premiere events             run/walk, 5 m family run/walk, and 10
4 – 5, Acadia Recreation Complex.          for comic books, anime, gaming and           km family run/walk. Proceeds go to
Features local dance groups, Calgary'      animation. Featuring lots of special         the Calgary Philharmonic Society.
folk vocal ensembles, art show &           guests.        
sale, children's craft area, cuisine and                                                site/?raceId=6153
imported vodka and beer.                   Calgary Greek Festival: Jun. 17 – 19,            Hellenic Community Centre. Features          Wicked: Jun. 29 – Jul. 3, Jul. 5 – 10,
                                           great food, live music, dancing and          Jul. 12 – 17, Southern Alberta Jubilee
Calgary Humane Society's Dog Jog           fun for the whole family.                    Auditorium. A new musical of the
and More: Jun. 5, Glenmore Park                        untold story of the witches of Oz.
South. 5 Km fundraising pet walk, for                                         
the whole family, to support Calgary's     MEC Paddlefest: Jun .18, Carburn
homeless and unwanted animals.             Park. A celebration of paddling. From                       novice to expert, all paddlers are wel-
Spruce Meadows National: Jun. 8 –                                                         Concerts
12, Spruce Meadows. An annual event        Acadia Vintage Retro & Antiques
that features the top equestrian show      Expo: Jun. 18 – 19, Acadia Recreation         • An Evening with Don Williams:
jumpers from across the country.           Complex. Antiquing, treasure hunting,           Jun. 21, Southern Alberta Jubilee                      bargains worn furniture,     • Rhianna: Jun. 21, ScotiaBank
                                           vibrant folk art, silver accents & more.        Saddledome
Gallery Calorie: Jun. 11, Various ven-                 • An Evening with Jethro Tull:
ues along 17th Ave. Take a self-guided                                                     Jun. 22, Southern Alberta Jubilee
tour of art galleries and restaurants.     Safeway Father's Day Walk/Run:                • The Black Keys: Jun. 28,
Features food and beverage samples         Jun. 19, Eau Claire Market. 5 km walk           Stampede Corral
and a wrap-up party in Tomkins Park.       or Run as part of our national effort to      • Nazareth: July 9, Deerfoot Inn &                     raise $1,000,000 to aid in the preven-          Casino
                                           tion and cure of Prostate Cancer.             • News Kids on The Block/
Calgary Moms Trade Fair: Jun.11,              BackStreet Boys: Jul. 13,
Radisson Hotel Calgary Airport:            Run-2011                                        ScotiaBank Saddledome
Showcases a wide range of products,                                                      • Sugarland: Jul. 15, ScotiaBank
from children's toys and eco-friendly      Canadian Track & Field Champion-                Saddledome
clothing to health and beauty products     ships: Jun. 22 – 25, Foothills Ath-           • Virgin Mobile Presents Katy
to the latest kitchen items.               letic Park. Over 600 of Canada’s best           Perry: ScotiaBank Saddledome,               athletes in track and field will gather to      Jul. 16
                                           run, jump and throw their way                 • Kenny Chesney: Jul. 17,
Take Off Your Clothes Clothing             onto the world stage through 134 of-            ScotiaBank Saddledome
Swap: Jun. 12, SOHO Bar & Grill.           ficially sanctioned events across four        • Slayer & Rob Zombie: Jul. 30,
For every item donated, receive 1          exciting days of competition.                   ScotiaBank Saddledome
ticket that can be exchanged for an-
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     JUNE 2011                                                             25

In Our City
 Recreation Facility Development                                                    Cell Tower Rules
In July Calgary City Council will                                                  The City has procedures, authority,
make its decision on whether a                                                     and duties in receiving, processing and
public-private partnership (P3)                                                    evaluating antenna submissions, under
model is the best way to get Cal-                                                  federal regulations.
gary a bundle of four new, much
                                                                                   While the applicant can appeal, Industry
needed, recreation facilities. The
                                                                                   Canada offered assurances that City
City is conducting the due diligence
                                                                                   input will be considered before any
required to determine the financial
                                                                                   decision is rendered.
benefit of a P3 arrangement for the
recreational facility bundle by ana-                                               At times, the City processes submissions
lyzing the options for the procure-                                                and is also the land owner. Regardless
ment and financing of the four new                                                 of who owns the land, the proposed
recreation facilities.                                                             rules will be the same about concurrence
                                                                                   or non-concurrence.
The P3 model being explored will
seek a private partner who will be                                                 In accepting Telecommunication
responsible for the construction of                                                Structures on municipal property (such
all four facilities, building opera-                                               as those with Joint Use Agreements for
tions, maintenance and lifecycle.                                                  Parks and Schools), the Department
A programmer, either for profit or                                                 of Corporate Properties & Buildings
not-for-profit, will be responsible                                                is engaged in reviewing the issue and
for recreation programming which                                                   formulating a policy.
includes recreation, sport and cul-                                                This policy will be forwarded to the
tural programs. More than one pro-         to review the recommended program       Land and Asset Strategy Committee for
gramming partner could be selected         options for the recreation facilities   consideration.
for the four facilities.                   and provide comments and feedback.
                                           Citizen participation is important to   The City’s use of streetlights for
Each facility will have programs and       this process and a communication and    antennas will generate savings and
amenities designed to meet the specific    engagement plan is being designed to    revenues for City Departments to cover
needs of their area based on exist-        make sure your voice is heard. Op-      operating costs. For example, one
ing research, citizen engagement and       portunities will range from online      carrier has 400 submissions over the
market and feasibility analysis. The       feedback forms to public open houses    next one to two years.
Recreation Amenities Gap Analysis          where presentations will be made
                                                                                   One suggestion was that revenues
completed in each region indicates         on the programming options for the
                                                                                   from cell tower locations (generated on
that amenities such as flat-water pools,   southeast and northwest facilities.
                                                                                   city-held land and held under a signed
play pools, libraries, gyms, arts cen-
                                                                                   license of occupation) be distributed to
tres, multi-purpose rooms and fitness      Please check
                                                                                   the lessee to assist them with operations.
areas are needed. This research study      centres for updates on Council deci-
                                                                                   This would apply to community
also indicates that residents are look-    sions, funding updates, procurement
                                                                                   associations, recreational groups, and
ing for opportunities to participate in    opportunities, timelines and public
                                                                                   other eligible organizations. However,
programs and activities such as walk-      engagement opportunities.
                                                                                   this issue is still being investigated.
ing, swimming, skating and fitness
training.                                  For more information please visit       For details you can read the Land Use,
                                  or           Parking, and Transportation Report
Based on this research and further         contact Paul Sinclair, NW Community     (LPT2011-38) at
market analysis, in the fall commu-        Advisory Group Chair at                 agendaminutes.
nity residents will have opportunities                                             - Anne Burke
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        JUNE 2011                                                              27

In Our City
 Graffiti Prevention and Resources                                                        Supernatural
Graffiti is vandalism and it hurts every-                                                 Storyteller
one. Its presence suggests to vandals
that residents don’t care about their                                                     Hits the Mark
                                                                                          If you are a Stephen
Graffiti is defined as words, figures,                                                    King or Peter Straub
letters, drawings or stickers applied,                                                    fan, you’ll like
scribbled, scratched, etched, sprayed, or                                                 Michael Koryta.
attached on or to a surface.                                                              His supernatural
                                               your local Cloverdale Paints or ICI
                                               paint stores.                              mystery-thrillers
 “The Broken Windows Theory” has                                                          have won him
                                             • Corporate Coordinated Graffiti
proven time and time again that graf-                                                     numerous awards.
                                               Abatement Program (CCGAP)
fiti will attract further vandalism and                                                   The former private investigator and
crime if not addressed. This theory is                                                    newspaper reporter hits the mark
                                             For more information about community
based on the premise that if disorderly                                                   with So Cold The River (Little,
                                             cleanups and CCGAP, please contact
behaviours such as graffiti and littering                                                 Brown and Company).
                                             Rick Haddow, Manager of Community
are left unchecked in a community, they
                                             Relations at 403-268-3656 or rick.
invite more serious crime and disorder.                                                   It’s a twisted tale that takes its
                                    You can also visit
                                                      inspiration from the actual places
Prevention                                                                                and history of French Lick and West
• Remove graffiti from your property as                                                   Baden, and the “healing” springs
                                             Residents can also call 3-1-1 to get a
  soon as you notice it. Ideally, graffiti                                                in the area. Add a highly intuitive
                                             Community Standards Logbook. This
  should be removed within 24 hours.                                                      film-maker, an elderly storm
                                             pocket-sized booklet is free of charge
• If you see graffiti on any City or                                                      watcher and a family haunted by
                                             and outlines potential bylaw infractions
  private property, record the location                                                   ugly secrets and angry spirits. The
                                             that citizens can watch for. It provides
  and report it to 3-1-1.                                                                 result is a great story.
                                             important information about how to
• If you see graffiti in progress, call
                                             report problems, log pages to record
  9-1-1 immediately.                                                                      Pick up a Koryta book. You won’t
                                             details and steps that will be taken after
• If you see graffiti on your neighbour’s                                                 be disappointed.
                                             infractions are reported.
  property, inform them right away and
  encourage them to clean it up as soon                                                   Jean Andrews
                                             If we all strive to be more proactive, we
  as possible.
                                             help to ensure that all Calgarians live in
• If you have to cover up graffiti, paint
  the whole wall if possible.
• Consult an expert to help remove
                                             safe, healthy and vibrant communities.
                                                                                          Book of the Month
                                             Animal & Bylaw Services
  graffiti because if improperly done, it
  can become imbedded and very hard
  to remove.
• Anti-graffiti coatings can be applied
  to exterior surfaces. The coating is
                                              That’s Some Sandwich!
                                              There are now more Subway restaurants in the world than McDonald’s loca-
  repellent which makes the graffiti
                                              tions. Subway had 33,749 shops by the end of last year, The Wall Street
  easier to remove.
                                              Journal reports, while McDonald's had 32,737. That makes Subway the larg-
                                              est restaurant chain in the world. Its revenues are still significantly less than
                                              McDonald’s, though. The golden arches led sales with $24 billion in revenue
• Community Cleanups
                                              last year. Subway bit into the fast food market with a healthy $15.2 billion
• Discounted colour match paint and
                                              in revenue.
  graffiti removal supplies available at
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       JUNE 2011                                                              29

In Our City
 Heat Related Illness
With the return of warmer weather,          • If you are concerned, seek medical       • Apply wa-
Alberta Health Services EMS would             attention or call 9-1-1.                   terproof
like to remind citizens to stay safe in                                                  sunscreen
the heat and sun this summer. While         Prevention                                   with an
children and the elderly can be more        • Stay well-hydrated by drinking             SPF of
susceptible to the effects of heat, basic     plenty of water.                           50+, especially for children. The
prevention measures should be taken         • Limit alcohol consumption as alco-         sun’s UV rays peak between 10am-
by all to avoid a heat related illness        hol dehydrates you.                        4pm, even on cloudy days.
during periods of hot and humid             • Always wear a broad brimmed hat to
weather.                                      keep the sun off your face and neck.     Alberta Health Services

Heat exhaustion
• Heat exhaustion can occur due to
  excessive fluid loss during periods         .U.P .Y.
                                             P .P Initiative Update
  of prolonged sweating in a hot and/
                                            P.U.P.P.Y. (Pick Up Pooch’s Poo              sickness and disease can spread to
  or humid environment (indoors or
                                            Yourself), an initiative from The City       both animals and humans if pet waste
                                            of Calgary Parks, in partnership with        is not picked up.
• Patients may suffer headaches, weak-
                                            Animal & Bylaw Services, got off           • Sun. Sep. 25, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  ness, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, thirst,
                                            to a snowy start at Southland Park.          at Nose Hill Park: It is a reality
  chills, and profuse sweating.
                                            Although the snow compromised the            that Calgarians must learn to live
• The patient is usually cold and damp      park clean-up portion of the event,          in harmony with wildlife, such as
  to the touch and the skin may appear      organizers were thrilled to see nearly       coyotes. Come explore how the
  pale or dusky gray.                       100 Calgarians willing to brave the          habituation of wildlife can occur if pet
                                            elements in order to learn about             waste is left behind.
Heat stroke                                 responsible pet ownership and park         • Sun. Oct. 16, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
• Heat stroke is a medical emergency        sustainability.                              at Bowmont Park: Calgary’s parks
  that requires prompt treatment. It can                                                 are multiuse spaces. Come learn
  be fatal.                                 The P.U.P.P.Y. initiative engages            more about how to share these spaces
• It occurs when the body can’t cool it-    citizens, educating them about the           in a manner that is respectful of pets,
  self naturally (e.g. perspiration). The   importance of picking up after their         wildlife, bicyclists and all users of
  body’s temperature will continue to       pets and proper off-leash park etiquette     green spaces.
  rise to dangerous levels.                 through interactive activities and
• Due to severe dehydration and the         models. Participants tested their          Stop by the next P.U.P.P.Y. special
  inability to sweat the patient may ap-    knowledge about the differences in         event and have some fun while gaining
  pear flushed and skin may be hot and      appearance and behaviour of coyotes        a deeper appreciation of how to use
  dry to the touch.                         and dogs, witnessed how dog feces can      parks and green spaces in responsible
                                            enter our water system, and grilled the    ways. Show how you take pride in
First aid                                   experts on hand with their questions.      your parks by assisting with a park
• First aid for all heat related illness                                               clean-up and learn how to protect your
  begins with removing or sheltering        If you were unable to join us at the       parks for shared use today and in the
  the patient from the hot environment.     Southland event, you still have three      future!
• Remove excess or tight fitting cloth-     more opportunities to participate in the
  ing and allow them to rest in a cool      P.U.P.P.Y initiative.                      For more information about the
  environment.                              • Sun. Jun. 12, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00           P.U.P.P.Y. initiative, please go to
• If the patient is conscious and alert,      p.m. at River Park: Dog poop left or call 3-1-1.
  provide suitable fluids such as water,      in parks is not just unsightly; it can
  juice, or a sports drink.                   be unhealthy, too. Come learn how        The City of Calgary Parks
THE TUSCANY SUN                                     JUNE 2011                                                           31

In Our City
 Friends of Fish Creek Events                                                       When: Thursday, June 23, 2011 –
CREEKFEST 2011: Your Creek,                                                                7:00pm – 8:00pm
Your Park, Their Future                                                             Where: Environmental Learning
When: Saturday, June 4,                   The Friends of Fish Creek presents               Centre, 13931 Woodpath Rd.
       2011,11:00am - 4:00pm              the June 2011 Speaker Series:                    SW, Shannon Terrace Area,
Where: Glennfield Day Use Area,           Ethical Water—Learning to Value                  Fish Creek Provincial Park.
       Fish Creek Provincial Park         What Matters Most                                (Access via 37th St. SW at
       (Access via Bannister Rd. SE                                                        130th Ave. SW)
       and the Fish Creek-Lacombe         We are very pleased to have Robert
       LRT station)                       Sandford, an internationally renowned     Registration required. Please contact
                                          water expert, as the guest speaker at     the Friends to register: 403-238-3841
Help Preserve the Fish Creek              the June Speaker Series. Sandford         or
Watershed for Future Generations!         brings some impressive credentials        Free for Friends’ members and $5.00
                                          to the topic of water and ethics. Just    for non-members.
The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial      some of the ways he is involved in
Park are pleased to announce              raising awareness of water issues is      Purge-the-Spurge
CREEKFEST 2011, a first-time water        as the EPCOR chair of the Canadian        When: Saturday, June 18, 2011,
festival for the whole family. Enjoy a    Partnerships Initiative for the United           1:00pm – 4:00pm
performance by Peter Puffin’s Whale       Nations “Water for Life” decade, as a     Where: Bow Valley Ranch, Fish
Tales, 2011 Juno-award winner for         member of the Advisory Committee                 Creek Provincial Park
Children’s Album of the Year.             for the Rosenberg International Forum
                                          on Water Policy, as Director of the       Why do all your weed pulling at
Speakers include Carol Campbell from      Western Watersheds Climate Research       home?
the Alberta Wilderness Association,       Collaborative.
Glynnis Hood - Environmental                                                        Help the Friends of Fish Creek Purge
Sciences, Augustana Campus -              Sandford is the author of three           the Spurge. This annual event will
University of Alberta, and staff from     books—Water Weather & the                 help contain and control Leafy Spurge
City of Calgary Water Services            Mountain West, Restoring the Flow:        in Fish Creek Provincial Park. Leafy
explaining the benefits of engineered     confronting the World’s Water Woes,       Spurge displaces native vegetation,
wetlands.                                 and Ethical Water: Valuing What           reduces wildlife habitat, and decreases
                                          Really Matters.                           biodiversity. Today, more than 10
Lots of fun activities for the kids                                                 million acres in North America are
including Bucket of Bugs and the          Sandford warns that our widely held       infested with this weed. The Friends
Evergreen interactive street theatre      belief that water, like other “natural    will once again be purging this
with “The Bow is Below. Water             resources”, can be used at humanity’s     invasive weed and we need your help!
sampling demonstrations, an invasive      complete discretion has to change.
weed walk, information booths on          Otherwise we will continue to see a       Purge-the-Spurge is ideal for
how to protect our water, and visual      decline in our global ecosystem and       volunteers of all ages who want to
artists working on their Creek-inspired   our economy. He advocates for the         give back to nature. Make sure to
art round out the festival. And all of    need to create a new water ethic and      bring weather appropriate clothing,
this is free!                             explores what this new way of valuing     gloves, a smile, and some friends!
                                          and managing water should look like.      Registration is required. Volunteers
CREEKFEST 2011 will be the start                                                    under 18 must be accompanied by
of the Friends public awareness           Be sure not to miss this intriguing       a legal guardian. Please contact the
campaign to educate and engage            discussion on what we can do to           Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park
nearby residents about the value of the   turn our relationship to water into a     Society at: 403-238-3841 or info@
Fish Creek Watershed.                     relationship with water. Register early
                                          as we expect this one to sell out.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        JUNE 2011                                                                 33

In Our City                                                                              Update on Four
                                                                                         Private Bills
 There’s a Good Place for Bad Stuff                                                     Beyond four Private Acts granted in
                                                                                        the late 1980s, before the Municipal
There’s a good place for bad stuff –                                                    Government Act, there currently is only
and it’s not in your garbage or blue                                                    one residents’ association whose property
cart. That bad stuff is household                                                       is sufficiently accessible to the general
hazardous waste, or HHW. It consists                                                    public to be granted a property tax
of products in and around our homes
such as paint, cleaners and chemicals,                                                  Tuscany, New Brighton, Cranston and
that pose a risk to people or the envi-                                                 Auburn Bay petitioned the Alberta
ronment if not disposed of safely.                                                      Legislature with private bill applications
                                                                                        for permanent exemptions from all
The City of Calgary’s Waste and Re-                                                     municipal and provincial taxes, except
cycling Services, in partnership with                                                   for local improvement taxes. Council
the Calgary Fire Department, operates                                                   did not support the four private bills but
eight convenient drop-off locations                                                     Administration developed guidelines for
for the collection of HHW. The drop-                                                    consideration by residents’ associations to
offs, at the three City landfills and five                                              enable tax exempt status.
designated fire stations are available                                                  Its engagement strategy included not only
year-round to residents at no extra          So the next time you have leftover         the four but also (about all) 29 Residents
charge. HHW collected at the drop-off        paint, an old propane tank, used motor     Associations in Calgary, including
sites is either recycled or treated and      oil or unused fertilizer taking up room    homeowners associations who hold
disposed of safely.                          in your basement or garage, remember       taxable property. To date, three feedback
                                             there’s a good place for that bad stuff.   forms were received online. A provincial
We really need to work together to                                                      public consultation regarding tax
keep our city safe and clean. That           For more information on the house-         exemption policy was recommended by
means you should never put hazardous         hold hazardous waste drop-off pro-         the Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs
waste in your garbage or blue cart or        gram, visit or call       to the Standing Policy Committee on
pour it down the drain.                      3-1-1.                                     Private Bills at the April 19, 2011 meeting.
                                                                                        The criteria are that the property and
                                                                                        services must be to the benefit of the
 What’s the bad stuff?                                                                  general public, with only a minor fee;
                                                                                        nonprofit membership is voluntary, and
 Types of HHW include (but are not           • Hobby and healthcare products            public accessibility must be unrestricted.
 limited to):                                  • Artist paint and inks                  Stakeholders have disputed the
 • Painting and building products              • Glues and cements                      interpretation of “general public” to mean
    • Alkyd, latex and oil-based paints        • Mercury thermometers                   the community only and members of the
    • Asphalt and roof tar                     • Propane tanks                          public who reside there; their facilities are
    • Lacquers, stains and varnishes                                                    open to property owners in the community,
                                                                                        including tenants renting, who have
    • Paint thinners, strippers and          • Gardening products
      solvents                                 • Ant and rodent killer
    • Wood preservatives                       • Fertilizer                             It is the City’s Assessment Unit’s firm
                                               • Weed killer                            position that “general public” and
 • Products for your vehicle                                                            “unrestricted” means the property has
    • Antifreeze                             • Cleaning products                        to be accessible to the public at large.
    • Automotive batteries                     • Bleach and ammonia                     The next step for Administration is a
    • Brake and transmission fluid             • Drain, toilet and window cleaners      commitment to work with each association
    • Gasoline                                 • Oven cleaners                          on an individual basis with any additional
    • Used motor oil                           • Disinfectants                          concerns or questions they may have.
                                                                                                                        - Anne Burke
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        JUNE 2011                                                              35

In Our City
 Alderman's Report
Rain Barrels                                 want to set the barrel on some concrete
A rain barrel is a container used to         blocks or flagstones for extra stability.
catch water flowing from your eaves          To connect the rain barrel to the down-
trough. Using this water for irriga-         spout:
tion is an easy and economical way to        • Install a downspout diverter. This
help you maintain a healthy lawn and           leads part of the rainwater into the
garden.                                        barrel, while the downspout still
• Use less treated water, save money,          functions as if the barrel weren't
  cut down on water waste and reduce           present. The device also directs
  demand on water treatment facilities.        excess rainwater back into the            and May:
• Use soft, non-chlorinated rainwater,         downspout once the barrel is full,        • Maple Ridge: 9-hole play only
  free from your rooftops. The soil,           preventing any potential problems           (Back 9), permanent greens and 18-
  lawns, and gardens will thank you            with overflowing.                           hole play as of Apr. 29 (tentative)
  for this all-natural H2O.                  • Also, by moving a diverter or using       • McCall Lake 18: Permanent greens
• Help protect your environment and            pieces of garden hose, several rain       • McCall Par 3: Permanent greens
  watershed, helping to ensure that            barrels can be connected to one           • Shaganappi Valley 9: Permanent
  water is here when we need it.               another or filled from the same             greens
                                               downspout.                                • Shaganappi Point 18: 9-hole play
Where can I find a rain barrel? Rain         Downspout diverter kits can be pur-           only (Front 9), permanent greens and
barrels can be purchased commercial-         chased at garden and home improve-            18-hole play as of May 7 (tentative)
ly, ready to install, but any food-grade     ment centres throughout Calgary. For        • Lakeview: Permanent greens
barrel, plastic garbage can or drum          more tips on setting up a rain barrel,      • Confederation Park: Mostly
also can easily be converted to rain         view our > rain barrel         permanent greens, 1 temporary
barrel use. To see a list of rain barrel     tips.                                       • Richmond Green
distributors, visit >
Rain Barrel Distributors.                    Golf Courses                                Course conditions and hours of opera-
                                             The City of Calgary has announced           tion may change without notice in
Maintaining a Rain Barrel: Rain              the opening dates for City golf courses     the event of inclement weather with
barrels are relatively maintenance-free      across Calgary.                             applicable early season rates in effect.
during the spring and summer months.                                                     Power carts may or may not be permit-
• One tablespoon of olive oil in your        The City’s Golf Tee Time Reservation        ted subject to daily course conditions.
  water will keep mosquitoes from            System is now open and accepting
  breeding in the barrel.                    tee time bookings at        All driving ranges are open 8:30 a.m.
• Install a piece of mesh to act as a leaf   or by phone at 403-221-3510. Same           – 8:00 p.m. daily.
  catcher for your eaves troughs.            day bookings can be made through the
• If the top of your rain barrel is open,    Reservation System or by calling the        For up-to-date course information
  ensure you have a separate cover           clubhouses directly.                        contact the clubhouse on the day you
  or screen to keep out insects, and                                                     plan to play
  curious animals or children.               The following golf courses had tenta-
When the cold weather arrives, take          tive opening dates throughout April         Dale Hodges
your rain barrel out of operation.
When water freezes, it expands, pos-
sibly damaging the barrel or hose.
                                              "When a father gives to his son, both laugh; but
How to Set up Your Rain Barrel:               when the son gives to his father, both cry."
First, locate the downspout most con-
venient for barrel placement. You may
                                                                                                             Yiddish proverb
THE TUSCANY SUN                                    JUNE 2011                                                              37

In Our City                              Your Family
 Crowfoot Library                         Parenting Your Preschooler
Adult Programs
• Start Smart; Saving for your kid’s
  education: Jun. 29, 6:30 p.m. –
  8:30 p.m.

Childrens Programs
• Storytime Birthdays at the
  Library: For children turning 3-7
  years old. Reserve your party today
  by calling Miranda Johnson at
• Splash! 2011 TD Summer
  Reading Club: Jun. 18, 10:00 a.m. –
  4:00 p.m.
• Every Child Ready to Read Parent
  Workshop: Wed Jun. 8 – Jun. 22,
  7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
                                         Rainy Days                                 a chat about sharing. At each turning
Visit       June is typically a rainy month in         point in the story there is always room
for more information on these            Calgary. Instead of looking at the         for one more animal to share shelter.
programs. Registration is required for   gray clouds and despairing that your       Maybe this could even be the start of a
all programs unless otherwise noted.     preschool age child is not able to play    family project to share with someone
                                         outside much, you can look to the          who may need our help. One example
                                         silver lining and find some rainy day      could be choosing items to contribute
 Bowness Library                         books at the public library. Curling up
                                         with a good book, listening to the rain,
                                                                                    to the Calgary Food Bank.

• TD Summer Reading Club                 and watching the world outside turn        To reinforce number sequencing,
  SPLASH! Jun. 18. Drop in for           a refreshing shade of green can be a       either The Ants Go Marching by Dan
  a scavenger hunt and other fun         pleasant moment to be shared together.     Crisp or The Aunts Go Marching by
  activities. Collect your activity      Here are a few titles we have enjoyed      Maurie J. Manning could be enjoyed.
  booklet and read all summer to win     in my preschool classroom.                 I am sure everyone is familiar with the
  great prizes.                                                                     traditional song of the ants marching
• New Programs for Seniors:              In their book, Listen to the Rain, Bill    to get out of the rain while the smallest
   • Monet in Motion: Jun. 6             Martin Jr. and John Archambault            ant is constantly distracted. The
   • Bone Health: Jul. 7                 expose children to the rhythm and          latter title is similar using women
   • Yoga: Thursdays until Aug. 25       melody of language as they use words       with umbrellas and raincoats in the
• Just for Parents:                      to simulate a rain shower: beginning       illustrations as a little girl in a bright
   • Baby and You for Moms               slowly and softly, then building to        yellow rain hat is the one whose
   • Picky Eating                        a downpour complete with thunder           attention strays. Either version is full
   • Feeding Your Baby                   and lightening. Finally the rain           of fun and sure to launch everyone
   • And more!                           episode decrescendos to a quiet scene      into song. Even if we wish that the
                                         highlighted by a rainbow. What a           rain might “come again another day”
Visit       great book to expand vocabulary and        we can still find something fresh
for more information on these            provoke word images!                       benefits coming out of a cloud burst.
programs. Registration is required for
all programs unless otherwise noted.     Mushroom in the Rain by Mirra                         – Betty Ann Chandler, B. Ed.
                                         Ginsburg can be an ideal story to begin
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       JUNE 2011                                                             41

Your Family
                                            more alert, taking in
 The Plan                                   everything around
                                            them. In your baby
                                            moon haze, this stage
When was the last time you had your         is often over before
family photos taken? I am talking           you even have time to
about photos that truly capture who         remember it.
your family is. A session that captures
the joy and love you feel for your          Your baby changes
family. Even myself, a photographer,        sooo much in the
have to admit that it has been far too      first year of life. I
long. Every day is so busy, that days       recommend to clients
turn into weeks and then months and         that they get two more
before you know it years have gone          session in this year.
by and your oldest son is riding a two      One at about the 7
wheeler and tying his own shoes, and        month mark. At this
your baby is already laughing and           age your baby is really
rolling over. Not to mention how fast       starting to develop
the two other kids are growing. Where       their own personality.
did the time go? And, when is best to       They are typically
get your photos taken?                      very happy and smile
                                            very easily. They are
There are so many stages of life
                                            sitting or nearly sitting
that need to be captured so what is
                                            and oh so chubby and
the best schedule to make sure your
                                            cute. They are very
family is documented honestly and
                                            different from the
purely? Let’s start at the beginning.
                                            squishy and sleepy
So you had your photos taken for
                                            newborn you had photographed only         As much as I love the families I
your wedding and if you don’t yet
                                            6 months earlier. Then another 6          photograph - I truly do - I understand
have children, that was likely the
                                            months later, you have a toddler. No      that as children get older, they do
last time you had photos as a couple.
                                            longer does your baby stay in the same    not change as quickly. And I also
Even if you have children, that may
                                            place you put him down. He is a           understand that professional custom
be the last time you had your photos
                                            lean mean moving machine. He may          photography is not inexpensive. After
taken. What better time to start a
                                            not quite be walking, but he is on the    these preschool years I hope to see
great relationship with a photographer
                                            go and curious and one year old -         clients at least every three years. In
than when you are expecting a child.
                                            amazing.                                  this interval, you kids will continue
Maternity photos are a great way to
document your last days as a twosome                                                  to grow and develop into amazing
                                            After that first year and for the next    people. Don’t forget to keep capturing
(or threesome or foursome depending
                                            few, I recommend a photo session          your kids as they get older. Even
on how many children you have). A
                                            every 1-2 years. It is incredible how     as teenagers we need these sessions
custom photographer will take the
                                            much you child will change from year      to help remind us of how much we
time to capture your true feelings for
                                            to year. They are still growing so fast   mean to each other. A good custom
each other and the new life you have
                                            and their development amazes me           photographer will freeze these ever
                                            every day. I was noticing a 2 year old    evolving relationships in an image for
Next comes the newborn shoot. This          photo of my three and a half year old     you to treasure for a life time. Your
is a time that is crucial to capture. The   at my mom and dad’s this weekend          children, and their children will thank
first couple of weeks are a blur. Take      and I could barely believe it was her.    you.
it from someone who has done this           Wow she has changed I couldn’t                                          - Erin Baer,
four times now. Before you know it          believe how chubby her cheeks were         Professional Photographer in Tuscany
your squishy sleepy newborn will be         and how toddler like she still was.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                        JUNE 2011                                                             43

Your Family
 Keeping the Kids Cool on Those Hot Summer Days
Now that summer is finally starting to       option to staying cool. Turn your back-    chorus of “I’m bored”,
show its face around Calgary, it’s time      yard into a mini water park with sprin-    “I’m hot”, “There’s
to start making plans on what to do          klers, kiddy pools, and maybe even a       nothing to do”. These
with those hot summer days.                  home-made slip’n slide. All you need       are just a few ideas to
                                             in some plastic or a tarp, some running    help quiet the whining,
Being that we are in a big city in the       water and soap to ease the sliding part.   even if it just for one
prairies, it is sometimes trickier to find                                              day.
someplace to take the kids to keep           It’s hard to entertain kids in the sum-
cool. It’s not like there is a beach or      mer, there is always the constant          Courtney Taylor
lake just around the corner, but there
are man-made lakes and the river. It’s
how you choose to use the sources of
water we have handy in Calgary to
                                              Ten Tips for Reading With Kids
your family’s advantage.                     When parents and children read             6. Stop from time to time to ask
                                             together, children develop a love of       questions. Check in with young listen-
If you are lucky enough to live in a         reading that can last a lifetime. But      ers about their thoughts and reactions
community that has its own man-made          how can busy parents and caregivers        to the story or pictures. "Why do you
lake, then congratulations—you will          maximize the value of reading time         think he or she did that?" "What do
have somewhere to take kids when the         with their children? Here are some         you think is going to happen?"
hot weather hits. Some of us are not         tips.
that lucky and have to make friends                                                     7. Personalize the story. Look for
with people who live in lake commu-          1. Start reading together as early as      ways to insert the child's name into
nities.                                      possible. Even tiny babies love to hear    the text. Draw parallels between the
                                             the rhythms and intonations of a loved     events and characters in the story and
If that plan falls through (which it         one's voice and to look at colorful,       those of your child's life.
might), there is always the option of        eye-catching artwork.
Sikome Lake, but for that to really                                                     8. Role-play with dialogue. If a child
work out its best to go early and not        2. Cuddle while reading together.          is old enough to read, divide the char-
on the weekend. If you have young            This is a powerful way to help chil-       acter roles and alternate reading the
children, Sikome is a good choice;           dren associate reading with warmth,        dialogue together.
very safe with lifeguards and shallow        joy and love.
waters.                                                                                 9. Fuel a child's individual passions
                                             3. Trace the lines with a finger while     and interests. Does he or she love
With older kids, it might be a fun idea      reading aloud. This helps children         animals? Sports? Dressing up? Find
to rent or buy a raft to float down the      follow along and associate the letters     books that speak to their interests.
river. Just remember that everyone           and words with the sounds they are
must have life jackets. Floating down        hearing and images they are seeing.        10. It doesn't have to be books! If
the Bow on a hot summer day is a                                                        there's nothing else at hand, a maga-
great way to get a tan and spend some        4. Use character voices or accents.        zine can make for fun reading as well.
quality time with the family. To finish      Children love to hear the voices of
the day off, a picnic by the river isa       individual characters come to life.        Bonus tip: Create home-made "Audio
great idea for a summer dinner—no                                                       Books" on tape or CD. These can be
cooking in a hot kitchen required.           5. Read with vocal "color." Keep           especially helpful when a loved one
                                             your voice alive and interesting to        has to be away for any period of time.
If you are feeling lazy about head-          make all the difference in terms of a
ing out on a big day trip with kids in       child's ability to listen and follow a     Emma Walton Hamilton,
tow, there is always the stay-at-home        story.                           
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      JUNE 2011                                                              51

Your Money
 Mid-Year Financial Review                                                             Avoid Inheritance
 for Couples                                                                           Burden
Mid–year is a great time to review         Develop the habits of natural sav-         Owning a vacation property can pres-
your financial situation and resolve to    ers: Set up a pre–authorized payment       ent some important estate/tax planning
make changes now to help you both          plan to contribute to your registered      questions. Here are some tips to get
max out on the good and reduce the         plans year–round. You'll end up reduc-     started.
bad.                                                       ing your end–of–year
                                                           tax bill, perhaps even     Make the cottage your principal
Create a household                                         to zero. Another op-       property—The difference between
budget and stick to it: Do                                 tion is to take advan-     the cottage's purchase price and the
you know what's coming                                     tage of any retirement     final sale will generate a capital gains
in and what's going out?                                   savings programs that      tax when it's inherited, sold or gifted
If you can't answer these                                  are provided through       to children and/or heirs. The CRA
questions immediately,                                     work.                      capital gains rule states that the profit
you likely aren't budget-                                                             or capital gain related to the transfer
ing. To make a simple                                       Clean up your tax         of ownership of the property should
budget, make a list of your                                 act: Really evaluate      be taxed at 50%, payable immediately.
income sources and your                                     how well you did the      One way around this is to sell the fam-
monthly expenditures, in-                                   past tax season. As a     ily home and declare the cottage as the
cluding your investments                                    couple, did you take      primary residence.
and savings.                                                advantage of every
                                           credit possible? Consider seeking          Transfer the cottage to the kids and/
Seriously reduce your debt: Include        advice from a tax expert. It's worth the   or heirs—By purchasing a life insur-
a line in your budget for debt reduc-      cost especially if you've been through     ance policy, when both parents die,
tion and commit to paying it down. If      a major life event like marriage,          the insurance proceeds can be used to
a part of your debt comes from credit      divorce, career changes, severance,        pay for the capital gain tax and other
cards, aim to pay it off every month       retirement, illness and/or disability.     maintenance costs.
and avoid making new charges. Put off
making big purchases until you have        Sarah Twomey, News Canada,                 Sarah Twomey, News Canada,
the cash in hand.                  

 Video Series Helps Make Sense of Group Retirement
Recent research has found that most        ommendations and specific sugges-          “YouTube's ever increasing popularity
Canadians who have a group savings         tions to improve retirement income.        is undeniable. That's why we decided
and retirement plan are baffled by the                                                to use this channel to reach out to as
overly technical and hard–to–under-        For this reason, Standard Life re-         many Canadians as possible,” added
stand financial statements they receive.   cently introduced “How to read your        del Balso.
They tend to skim over them quickly,       group retirement statement, in plain
or worse ignore them all together.         English” on YouTube. This series of        They can be viewed on Standard
                                           three short, action–oriented videos        Life's YouTube channel at
A recent survey conducted by Ipsos         was developed to help people bet- or
Reid for Standard Life indicated that      ter understand their group retirement      at
group retirement statements are not        statements, and to motivate them to
widely used because they are hard to       be more involved in their retirement       News Canada
understand and lack personalized rec-      planning.
THE TUSCANY SUN                                      JUNE 2011                                                               53

Your Pets
 Read The Signs of A Healthy Puppy                                                      Fat Pets Cost
 or Kitten                                                                              Owners Millions
Bringing a puppy or kitten into your                                                   “The number of obese pets is growing,”
home is like welcoming a new baby                                                      says Dr. Ernie Ward, founder of the
into your family. You will feel joy,                                                   Association for Pet Obesity Prevention
perhaps a little uncertainty and an                                                    (APOP). “This is troubling because
overwhelming desire to do everything                                                   it means more pets will be affected
possible to get your new pet off to a                                                  by weight-related diseases, such as
happy and healthy start in life.                                                       arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure,
                                             internal parasites, toxic substances or   and kidney disease, costing pet owners
                                             too much food.                            millions in avoidable medical costs.”
“Meeting your pet's health needs starts
                                           • Vomiting: while it's not uncommon
with good prevention at home,” says
                                             for a pet to vomit occasionally,          APOP began conducting veterinary
veterinarian Dr. David Cook. “Pay
                                             frequent or persistent vomiting isn't     surveys in 2007 and the group has seen
close attention to your pet's physical
                                             normal, particularly if it contains       a steady increase in the percentage of
and emotional behaviour and be sure
                                             blood, or is accompanied by diarrhea      pets classified as obese. In 2007, about
to contact your veterinarian if you
                                             or abdominal pain.                        19% of cats were found to be obese by
notice anything abnormal,” says Dr.
                                           • Respiratory problems: coughing,           their veterinarian. In 2010, that number
                                             sneezing, wheezing, gagging could         increased to almost 22%. For dogs,
                                             be a sign of respiratory illness, such    obesity rates have increased from just
He suggests pet owners need to learn
                                             as pneumonia or kennel cough.             over 10% in 2007 to 20% in 2010.
the following signs to help determine
                                           • Stopping eating or drinking: if your
what is normal and healthy and what is
                                             pet has stopped eating or drinking,       The bottom line, according Dr. Ward:
a potential health problem that should
                                             especially a puppy or kitten, it is       Pets are battling excess weight just like
be reported to your veterinarian right
                                             a sign that something is wrong.           their owners. The group’s goal is to
                                             They can become dehydrated very           help pet owners care for both them-
                                             easily and you should contact your        selves and their pets through better diet,
Good signs:
                                             veterinarian immediately.                 exercise, and lifestyle strategies. Learn
• Eyes should be bright, clear, full of
  life and free from any discharge.                                                    more at
                                           News Canada,
• Ears should be clean and free from
  any discharges, odour and redness.
• Nose should be clean, without
• Coat should be shiny and clean.
• Weight: active and playful puppies
                                            ‘Til Death Do Us Part
  or kittens are rarely overweight.        Toronto estate lawyer Barry Seltzer,        he includes an estimate of how long
  Ask your veterinarian for nutritional    author of the book Fat Cats and Lucky       your pet will live, the cost of food, vet
  advice on maintaining your pet's         Dogs: How to leave (some of) your           bills, grooming, boarding if the care-
  healthy weight, including the            estate to your pets, says that at least a   giver needs to go away, and compensa-
  importance of a pet food formulated      third of his clients who have pets ask      tion for the caregiver. Don’t forget to
  for their needs such as Hill's Science   for provisions for the animals in their     factor in emergency situations and the
  Diet.                                    wills. Canadian law prohibits leaving       effects of inflation. Talk to the desig-
                                           money directly to animals, but you can      nated caregiver to ensure he or she is
Signs you should contact your vet-         designate a caregiver and provide funds     comfortable with the amounts and the
erinarian:                                 for your pet’s care into the future.        arrangements.
• Diarrhea can be caused by many
  factors including bacteria, viruses,     In calculating what you need to leave,      Jean Andrews
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       JUNE 2011                                                             55

 Swimsuit Shopping SOS                                                                  Solving The
Don’t throw in your beach towel in an-                                                  Wardrobe Riddle
ticipation of another horrifying swim
suit shopping episode. Here are a few                                                  Have a closet
tips to get you in the swim of things                                                  overflowing
from                                                                with pieces that
                                                                                       are no longer in
• Some of the most beautiful, sexiest                                                  fashion or just
  women wear one-piece swimsuits.                                                      plain unflat-
  They don’t reveal it all—just enough                                                 tering? Not
  to keep things interesting.                                                          quite sure, actually, what lies behind
                                                                                       closet door number one? If so, you’re
• If you're into swimming, definitely                                                  not alone. Amy E. Goodman, Timex
  get a one-piece.                                                                     fashion trend director and fashion and
                                                                                       beauty author, aims to solve women’s
• If you're small on top, look for bikini   • If your body shape is long, make         wardrobe riddles with her new book,
  tops with a touch of padding, or an         sure you don’t look like a bean pole.    Wear This, Toss That!
  under wire, demi-bra style.                 Go wild with embellishments at the
                                              hips and bust line such as ruching,      If you’ve got a closet conundrum, fol-
• For those big on top, halter-top            rings, jewels, ties and bows. Try        low Goodman’s wardrobe advice:
  bikinis can be a good choice by             horizontal, or diagonal stripes.
  offering support and lift, as will                                                   Wear: Dark denim wide-leg trousers.
  swimwear styles that have wide            • If you don't have many curves,           A pair of sleek, wide-leg jeans is the
  bands around the midriff. Underwire         create some by wearing a one-piece       ultimate closet staple, ideal for both a
  swimsuit tops can also work well.           suit with a high-on-the-thigh cut.       day at the office or a night out.
  Look for one-piece swimsuits with           A belted waistline on a one-piece        Toss: High-waisted bell bottom pants.
  some structure in the bust, such as         suit will give the appearance of a       If your cuffs are so wide they distract-
  soft foam cups or at least a shelf bra.     whittled middle. So will a draped,       ingly swoosh when you walk, it’s time
                                              surplice detail that pinches in at the   to retire them as a 70s memory.
• If you have short legs or torso, play       waist, or a curvy seam line that runs
  up your figure by finding a bathing         down each side of the torso.             Wear: The long cardigan. Long cardis
  suit that is cut high on the thigh,                                                  in a medium-weight fabric comple-
  making your leg look much longer.         Jean Andrews                               ment almost any body type.
                                                                                       Toss: The thin cardigan with a wide
                                                                                       belt. You’ll look dowdy. Save wider
                                                                                       belts for thicker fabrics, like knits.
 Put Some Color in Your Bag!                                                           Wear: The vintage-inspired watch.
 Every summer you think it’s time to get a handbag with some color. So,                In your accessories drawers, a clas-
 finally, go ahead and pick one up—there is no lack of inspiration in terms of         sic timepiece is key. “You’ll always
 what is available.                                                                    look polished with a timeless ladylike
                                                                                       watch,” states Goodman.
 Coral. Mustard. Mint. Robin Egg Blue. Or Red. Try a classic, sleek shape              Toss: Singular chain and bent wire
 for your new satchel. Or go with some eye-catching hardware. What ever                bracelets. Step out with multiple
 you choose, the color will put you right on trend.                                    bangles stacked instead.

 Jean Andrews                                                                          ARA Content,
THE TUSCANY SUN                                       JUNE 2011                                                            57

Father's Day
 Have Some Fun with Dad This                                                            You Said It, Dad!
 Father’s Day—June 19                                                                  "My father used to play with my
                                                                                       brother and me in the yard. Mother
With summer officially just around          Head out to a park where you can set       would come out and say, "You're tear-
the corner, Father’s Day is perfect for     up your little grill, or where you can     ing up the grass." "We're not raising
outdoor activities. Here are some sug-      build a fire to cook your treats. Don’t    grass," Dad would reply. "We're rais-
gestions to help you acknowledge the        forget the marshmallows!                   ing boys." Harmon Killebrew
difference your dad has made in your
world.                                      A barbecue at home is also a great         "When I was a boy of fourteen, my
                                            alternative. Get all of dad’s favorites.   father was so ignorant I could hardly
Surprise him by cleaning the inside of      Decorate the patio table to make it spe-   stand to have the old man around. But
his car—let’s face it, he’s done enough     cial. Put out his favorite lounge chair    when I got to be twenty-one, I was as-
chauffeur duty to qualify for the           and have him enjoy your company.           tonished at how much he had learned
“super clean” including windows and                                                    in seven years." Mark Twain
mats! If you’ve bought or made dad a        If you dad doesn’t live nearby, he’ll
gift, leave it for him on the seat of his   never tire of hearing your voice. (Yes,    "If the new American father feels
clean vehicle to top off the surprise.      forget the text message—actually call      bewildered and even defeated, let him
                                            him!)                                      take comfort from the fact that what-
Get out the baseball glove and ball, or                                                ever he does in any fathering situation
the badminton set. Have a family tour-      Whatever you do, it will let him know      has a fifty percent chance of being
nament—the “Father’s Day Classic.”          that you appreciate him. Enjoy your        right." Bill Cosby
                                            day with dad!
Grab the picnic basket and fill it with                                                "My father didn't tell me how to live;
everything you need for a wiener roast.     Jean Andrews                               he lived, and let me watch him do it."
                                                                                       Clarence B. Kelland

 Spokane 1910: First Father’s Day
The tradition of Father’s Day moved         to celebrate Father's Day with the Spo-
to Canada from the U.S., and is also        kane Ministerial Association and the
celebrated on the third Sunday of June.     local Young Men's Christian Associa-
                                            tion (YMCA) supporting her cause.
The idea of a Father's Day celebration      As a result Spokane celebrated its first
originated with Sonora Louise Smart         Father's Day on June 19, 1910.
Dodd, a loving daughter from Spo-
kane, Washington—as she per chance          Though there was initial hesitation, the
listened to a Mother's Day sermon in        idea gained gradual popularity all over
1909.                                       the U.S. and Father’s Day came to be
                                            celebrated in many countries around
The 27-year-old pondered if there is a      the world.
day to honor mother then why not for
father? She began a rigorous campaign

 According to greetings card makers Hallmark, Father’s Day is the fifth-largest card-sending
 holiday—and the U.S. Census Bureau says that ties are the hottest selling gift.
Travel & Destinations
 Wonderful Wedge Pond
This is the perfect relaxing trip and      landscape. The total distance around        glimmering waters reflect the boating
non-stressful “hike” for the entire        the water body is less than 1 km and        enthusiasts, the peaks and trees. Bring
family.                                    you never feel too far away from your       your camera. You’ll get some lovely
                                           car. In about half an hour, after your      photos here of nature and this special
Wedge Pond is certainly one of the         stroll, you can enjoy a nice picnic.        family moment.
loveliest little gems in Kananaskis
Country—and it requires very little ef-    The tranquil lake is often used by ca-      Jean Andrews
fort to enjoy its beauty. Especially for   noers and kayakers in training, and the
parents (or grandparents) with small
children, and even those in strollers,
this day trip is ideal.

Take Highway 1 from Calgary going
west to the Highway 40 exist. Drive
south into Kananaskis Country. The
trailhead is 30 km south at the Wedge
Pond Day Use Area parking lot.

The name “wedge” provides a perfect
description for what you will see from
the relaxing lakeshore trail. Regard-
less of where you look, you will see a
new mountain peak—as Wedge Pond            Wedge Pond is one of the loveliest little gems in Kananaskis Country.
is literally wedged into the rugged        Photo credit: Jean Andrews.

 Stay Safe in The Open Water
There is more to boat safety than          is to have your boat inspected at the         local regulations so you are mindful
remembering to wear a life jacket. A       start of the season,” said Michalko.          of speed limits and boating restric-
recent report from Allstate Insurance      “Make sure everything is in working           tions.
Company of Canada shows that col-          order to avoid surprises before you         • Don't let all the open space fool you.
lisions are the leading claim for boat     leave the dock.”                              Just as inattention and reckless driv-
owners.                                                                                  ing on the road can cause a collision,
                                           For all the recreational boaters who          the same can happen in the water.
“We've seen a decrease in overall boat     will head out on the open waters of         • Under no circumstances should you
claims over the past few years, but        Canada's many lakes and rivers, All-          operate a boat while intoxicated. You
the number of collision claims has         state Canada offers these boat safety         risk more accidents than just colli-
grown,” said Eric Michalko, spokes-        reminders:                                    sions when operating a boat under
person for Allstate Canada. According      • The operator of the boat should be          the influence.
to their data, the number of collision       licensed and have proper safety           • Check regulations to see how much
claims is twice that of boat theft, the      training. Take a refresher course if it     and what kind of safety gear you
second most frequent claim.                  has been awhile since you were last         need to keep on board. It will differ
                                             trained.                                    depending on the size of your boat.
“The easiest way to avoid any colli-       • Rules and regulations can vary in
sions or malfunctions out on the water       certain waters and waterways. Check       News Canada,
Food & Drink
 A Space-Age Grocery List                                                                 Almond Fresh
Did you know that the average Ca-           These food items will be added to             Berry Trifle
nadian goes to the grocery store at         his daily on–orbit menu. Depend-
least twice a week? At some point this      ing on the day, Chris might share his     Take advantage of summer's berry
average Canadian will take a long trip      “Canuck–cache” with his astronaut         bounty and assemble this super easy
far away from any supermarkets. What        colleagues—including stories about        dessert.
then to put on the grocery list? What       each snack's unique geographic and
is your must–have snack to share, to        cultural origins—or he might just keep    Makes 4 to 6 servings
celebrate and to remind you of home?        them to himself, savouring “the taste
                                            of home” while watching a stunning        • 2 cups Almond Fresh vanilla
Recently, Canadian astronaut Chris          view of the Earth (maybe Canada!)         • 1 tbsp honey
Hadfield launched a new food contest        below.                                    • 2 wide strips orange peel
called: “Canadian Snack for Space.”                                                   • 1 pinch salt
Chris is looking for your suggestions       Visit the Canadian Space Agency web-      • 3 tbsp cornstarch
for Canadian snacks—specifically            site at www.asc– to nominate     • 1 tbsp orange liqueur (optional)
quintessential Canadian treats that he      your favourite snack. If your snack is    • 1/2 small store bought angel food
can bring with him for his six–month        selected, Chris will send you a person-     cake
trip to the International Space Station     alized photo from orbit!                  • 2 cups mixture fresh berries, such as
planned for 2012–2013.                                                                  raspberries, blueberries, and sliced
                                            News Canada                                 strawberries

                                                                                      1. Simmer over medium heat: 1 1/2
 Keep Your Kids Energized                                                             cup Almond Fresh, honey, orange
                                                                                      peels and salt.
Although you may warn your child
not to spoil his or her supper, eat-                                                  2. To remaining Almond Fresh, whisk
ing small snacks between meals can                                                    in cornstarch until dissolved. Stir into
actually keep your child's energy up                                                  heating mixtures.
and prevent them from over–eating at
dinnertime.                                                                           3. Bring mixture to a boil, stirring con-
                                                                                      stantly. Reduce heat to low and stir/
Here are some healthy snacks and                                                      simmer for 1 minute. Remove from
ideas that your children will enjoy.         and will help your child develop         heat and add in orange liqueur.
                                             healthy teeth and bones. Stir in a
• Lightly salted air–popped popcorn is       dash of vanilla or almond extract for    4. Pour into bowl, cover and refriger-
  a perfect alternative to potato chips.     extra yum.                               ate for up to 1 day.
  High in fibre and low in fat, this
  snack is easy to make and perfect to      At My Best (, a na-       5. Just before serving, slice angel food
  share.                                    tional school–based wellness program      cake into 1” cubes.
                                            developed by AstraZeneca Canada
• Instead of candy, serve up a bowl of      and Physical and Health Education         6. Into parfait or large wine glasses,
  fruit. Raspberries, strawberries and      Canada, has created “My Energy Di-        layer with 1/2 cup cake, 1/2 cup ber-
  blueberries will satisfy your child's     ary,” a journal where your child can      ries and 1/2 cup pudding. Repeat.
  sweet tooth while providing them          write about or draw the snacks they
  with the nutrients they need.             find energizing. It's a fun reminder to   7. Garnish with fresh berries and
                                            stay healthy.                             serve.
• Substitute a soft drink with a glass of
  skim milk. Milk is high in calcium        News Canada                               News Canada, www.almond–
  SUNDAY             MONDAY                TUESDAY      WEDNESDAY     THURSDAY                    FRIDAY            SATURDAY                    U
                                                        1             2                       3                   4
                                                                                                                        June 4 - 6
                                                                     Calgary Art Walk
                                                                         9 am – 3 pm
                                                                                                                  Ukrainian Festival            N
                                                                                                                      240-90 Ave SE
                                                                         Stephen Ave
                                                                                                                       11 am – 2 pm
                                                                      (8th ave and 1st S)

5                    6                 7                8             9                       10                   11
                                                                                                 Scouts                Tuscany
                         June 6 - 12                                                           Registration             Giant
                     Seniors Week                                                              7 pm – 8:30 pm         Garage Sale
                         See page 21                                                            Tuscany Club           9 am – 3 pm

12                   13                14               15            16                      17                   18
   Tuscany                                                                June 16 - 20            June 17 - 18         June 18 - 20
Community Arts                                                         Canmore Arts           Comic Book and       Vintage Retro
     Day                                                                 Festival              Entertainment     and Antiques Expo
  10 am - 3 pm                                                    Expo              240-90th Ave SE
Sobeys Parking Lot                                                           /home                BMO Center

19                   20                21               22            23                      24                 25
                                            First Day
  FATHER’S                                      of
    DAY                                     Summer

26                   27                28               29            30


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