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Consolidated questions re RFP-SOW 5-2.xls - Intel


									            Question/Clarification Needed
The proposal must provide performance information for
different levels of capacity and the supplier must be
prepared to guarantee this level of performance. The
project is localization for Moodle and courseware which is
ready made application. So levels of capacity and
performance depends on Moodle itself. Localization efforts
will not affect Moodle capacity and performance, or do you
mean another thing?
An alternative method is to directly adapt the English course
content from a copy of the English/US course (requires high
level of database proficiency)
Can you clarify please this alternative method? Do you
mean editing in the database files directly?
The DEP counts do not include the unit portfolios and
include the minimum required for the surround.
Please explain?

And what is the expected word count if all DEP materials be

The files will be delivered in Microsoft Office and HTML
format. The tenderer will be required to translate the files

English web links are provided and the translation team will
need to find comparable local web links. About how many

The vendor will be required to translate using the English
HTML files as a reference. The localised HTML files must
be delivered in accordance with Intel 3.0 Branding
Guidelines. Explain
Please elaborate on the questionnaires

Word count for Content adaptation and translation for
specialized Moodle Blocks?

How many image files?
How many system files?
Are there any samples of contents/images/files that we can
look at beforehand? I would really appreciate it if you can
send me all the possible samples as soon as possible
Referring to item (ii) RTA Training Files: can you please
confirm if these files are required to be translated or not?
3. Referring to item (vii) Other Intel Education Resources
Can you please confirm if the Help Guide scripts and the
screenshots are required to be translated, or are they
already in our local language? If yes, what is the word count
of the Help Guide, and how many screenshots will need to
be translated?
Referring to (iv-a) Specialized Moodle Block Adaptation.
Can you explain what is meant by adaptation?

Regarding the timeframe, the RFP says the timeframe is
“20 - 23 working weeks from the date of commencement”,
can you please confirm the deadline?
7. The provided link for Intel 3.0 Branding needs a
password. We have sent a request, but did not yet receive a
reply. We need valid credentials to access the resource, or
if you can provide the resource in a document format

When will we all the necessary resources be made
available after the contract has been awarded?

Please advise what is "Intel 3.0 Branding Guidelines

In "Work with Senior Trainers and/or RTA...", please
describe what level of cooperation is required

What is the format of the animations included in "Teach
Essentials course"

What is meant by localization of animations in "Teach
Essentials course"? does this mean changing the
animations design, layout, characters and content to reflect
the localized environment?
What is the format of image files in "Additional Files section

Regarding section (i) Intel® Teach Essentials and
Community Course Content Translation -
How many Word Documents and how many HTMLs?
Do HTMLs include the same content of Word documents?

Regarding section (iv) Intel® Teach Essentials and
Community Course Content Loading - We need to confirm
that content loading will be done for translated data
mentioned in part (i)? What’s the scope of work related to
Regarding section (vii) Other Intel Education Resources -
When will Intel decide about other Intel Education
When will Intel decide about Assessing Projects scripts?
What is the format of such files?
This performance has to do with the ability to perform the services called for in the contract
and not the performance of the system.

We don't recommend editing the database directly. Moodle provides an editing interface
for all the various content in the course. We will clarify this in the SOW

In order to run this course, you do not need to translate all of the Designing Effective
Project materials. The minimum materials would be the 18,000+ word count. How much
of DEP is used is dependant on the education manager. Please discuss with the education
manager on their requirements for this section.
The total word count for DEP is as follows:
Project Design Tab: 19,584
Thinking Skills Tab: 41,061
Instructional Strategies Tab: 17, 634,
Total: 78, 279

The files are content scripts that will be available in Microsoft Word format. Some of the
Resource tab materials will be delivered in HTML format. We are not providing the content
scripts in both formats. The scripts will be only Word format. The content will be loaded in
the learning management system using Moodle. The vendor will be provided a copy of the
online course in English for reference.
There are approximately 460 web links referenced in the resource section. Approximately
302 of these are duplicates from the Essentials face to face course. It will be essential to
collaborate with the RTA so that duplicate work is not being done. Please note there may
not be comparable local language sites. If this is the case, check with the RTA to see if
English language sites should be used .
The course content must be loaded into the Moodle system and be compliant with the Intel
3.0 Branding Guidelines. There will be a reference version of the online course in English
but we will not provide HTML files.

These questionnaires range in length from 6 - 25 questions. Some questions have
multiple choice answers which need to be translated as well. These translations need to
be entered directly into the survey assessment module using Moodle's editing interface.

There is no additional word count for the Moodle blocks, these blocks are populated with
the translated content from the scripts in section (i) of the SOW. Some modification of the
scripted content will be necessary to acheive the Intel 3.0 guidelines look in HTML

Under 20 image files
There would be less than 10 files and each file would contain less than 100 words
All vendors were provided with the same base information – there is some ambiguity –
please do your best – the final 1-2 vendors based on your preliminary responses we will
share this information under a non disclosure agreement.
Please check with the education manager for their decision.

The words will already be translated but some of the screenshots will need to be replaced
with the localized version - the number that will need to be replaced is not yet set - will
update as soon as the number is known. For your records, a total of 2000 screenshots
are used in the Help Guide but only those with writing will need to be replaced.

This is not a translation item. There are different blocks within Moodle and the vendor will
be required to learn how to edit these blocks to enter translated content. The Intel team
will provide some knowledge transfer training but the vendor is excpected to have enough
experience that they can learn and perform the skills with minimal training. They are not
translating any materials here.
The timeframes will vary but work weeks have been reduced to 15 as a minimum. Please
check with the education manager for final timeframe.

There may be a short delay in the Intel site sending your password. We do not have this in
print format. Upon award of contract passwords will be provided. The branding guidelines
are to ensure the course looks similar to the site. For a basic idea of Intel
3.0 styles please visit

Some materials are available immediately. Those include DEP, Assessing Projects, Unit
plans, interface localization. Content scripts for the courses will be available mid-June.

These are the guidelines that cover the use of items such as font style, size, colour,
placement of pictures, logo placement, etc. Upon award of a contract, vendors will be
given access to the full guidelines.
It is critical that the translation company work with either the RTA or Senior Trainers to
review terminology and have a pedagogical review of the translation to make sure it
matches educational jargon. This may require a number of reviews and iterations on
content to perfect
The animations are short flash animations that walk participants through the course in the
overview section. There is audio on a number of these. There are 6 demos that range in
length from 55 seconds to 2 ½ minutes. They were created using the software Adobe
Captivate but any comparable software would be fine.
As these demonstrations reflect the English version of the course, you would have to
create these using the local version of the course so that the participants would get a clear
idea of the course. The animation content must be the same as the English version.

psd. (Photoshop), TIF, GIF, JPG, and WMF. You need to take a look at the image and
recreate using whatever software you feel best fits the needs.
The vast majority of the materials will be delivered in Word scripts. Only a few of the
resource materials will be delivered in HTML format.
The HTML's do not contain the same content as the Word docs.

Yes, the loading will be done with the translated materials in section 1
The country manager will decide if the other resources such as Assessing Projects and
DEP are part of this SOW. Please check with your education manager.
If this is to be part of the SOW then the files are Word docs.

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