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                                               FIRST 5 SAN JOAQUIN MEDIA COVERAGE

        MEDIA SOURCE                 DATE                                                    ARTICLE TITLE

                                                                    June 2011
          The Record               8/21/11       “Starting now: First five years of life determine so much about the future” (PICTURE)

          The Record                8/7/11       “Faith in their future: First 5 of S.J. out to expand education's reach through grants” (PICTURE)

          The Record               7/24/11       Successful San Diego trip for S.J. breastfeeding coalition (PICTURE)

          The Record               7/16/11       Says Potter the Otter: Kids Ought to Drink Water (PICTURE)
          The Record               7/13/11       Hands-On health tour visits S.J. (PICTURE)

          The Record               7/11/11       Health Event at Children’s Museum
Network for a Healthy California   June 2011     “First 5 San Joaquin’s Faith-Based Community Initiative Applicant Workshop” Update
  Campaigns, Programs, and                       (update provided recap of Network presentation at event and background on FBCI)
 Harvest of the Month Update
          The Record               6/15/11       “Healthy dose of education at home: Program among growing number of one-on-one approaches
                                                 nationwide” (PICTURE)
                                        blogs          6/12/11       Joe’s Health Calendar “Cover the Uninsured Week in San Joaquin County” Community Events Blog Entry

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                                                                     May 2011
           The Record                5/7/11     “Baby Class Focuses on Growth” (coverage of Mommy & Me Program at Hilliard Chapel parent workshop)
                                                3 PICTURES
 News 10 My Neighborhood Blog        5/4/11     “Mommy & Me Presents Baby Bonding for New Mothers”

                                                                     April 2011
           The Record               4/18/2011   Report cites drop in preschool enrollment among Latinos (3 PICTURES, 2 GRAPHS)

           The Record                4/15/11    Valley Parenting Blog “Baby Teeth”
      Valley Parenting Blog           
           Channel 10                4/6/11     Child abuse segment aired featuring Lindy Turner-Hardin from the Child Abuse Prevention Council.
       Sacramento & Co                
                                                                    March 2011

           The Record                3/6/11     S.J. Supervisors Succeed in Cutting Meetings, Workload

                                                                   February 2011

San Joaquin County Parenting Blog    2/23/11    The Too-Common Cold by Jennifer Torres

           The Record                2/20/11    Combating Diabetes; S.J. County Ranks Worst in State for Deaths Caused by Disease

                                                                   January 2011

           The Record                1/27/11    Taking baby Steps on Breast-Feeding (PICTURE)

            News 10                  1/26/11    Stockton Children’s Museum Survives Budget Cuts (3 PICTURES)

                                                                  December 2010

                  12/19/10    “Healthier Ever After” Interactive Children’s Exhibit

           Tracy Press              12/17/10    For the First 5: This December, Give the Gift of Family Time

        Bilingual Weekly            12/16/10    The Gift of Family Time

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San Joaquin Lifestyle Magazine   December Issue   Children’s Museum of Stockton – Local Spotlight (5 PICTURES)

      Macaroni              12/6/10       Strengthening Family Ties During the Holidays and Beyond

                                                                      November 2010

         The Record                11/20/10       Weekend Brimming with Fun Activities

         The Record                11/19/10       Subsidized Child Care Program Safe For Now

         The Record                 11/8/10       Judge’s Order Gives Subsidized Child Care Recipients Two-Week Reprieve

                                                                       October 2010

         The Record                10/29/10       A Lifeline for Teenage Families (3 PICTURES, on cover)

         The Record                10/24/10       So Much Fun it’s Scary; sponsorship of Halloween at the Children’s Museum

         The Record                10/16/10       Children’s Museum of Stockton Ready to Celebrate its New Lease on Life (PICTURE)

                                                                      September 2010

         The Record                 9/19/10       Catching Young Readers by the Tail (PICTURE)

         The Record                 9/07/10       Black Family Day Photo Highlight; (PICTURE featuring First 5 San Joaquin booth)

                                                                       August 2010

         The Record                 8/07/10       Helpful Growth Spurt (4 PICTURES)

                                                                         July 2010
    APA News and Review                           School Readiness Activities Benefit the Church and Community
                                                                        June 2010

     Preschool California           6/12/10       Rating Child Care

        Latino Times               June 2010      Top 5 Ways School Readiness Activities Benefit the Church and Community

       Bilingual Weekly             6/1/10        Top 5 Ways School Readiness Activities Benefit the Church and Community (English and Spanish)

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                                                    May 2010

  The Record        5/12/10    New rules could make county less transparent

                                                  February 2010

  The Record        2/11/10    Time to Sign up for Kindergarten (3 PICTURES)

                                                  January 2010
                               Results Worth Smiling For: Preschool Gives Kids an Edge, but Funding at Risk
  The Record        1/17/10
                               (2 PICTURES, 1 GRAPH)
  The Record         1/2/10    A Step Closer to School: First 5 Outreach Prepares Tots for Educational Path (PICTURE)

                                                 December 2009

                                                 November 2009
                               Putting Women and Children First: Program Aims to Improve Dietary Guidelines, Increase Valley’s Breast-
  The Record        11/2/09
                               Feeding Rates
                                                  October 2009

Bi-lingual Weekly   10/15/09   Tips for Raising a Lifelong Reader

                                                September 2009
                               Grand Occasion; Families Across the County Celebrate a Special Kind of Love on Grandparents Day (3
  The Record        9/13/09
  The Record         9/7/09    Black Family Day Event Held Today

  The Record         9/1/09    Free Preschool Enrollment Begins

                                                    June 2009
                               A Safe and Busy Summer: The Warm Season Provides Fund for Kids but Can Also Provide A Greater Risk of
  The Record        6/30/09
                                                    May 2009

  The Record        5/28/09    How Budget Cuts Will Hurt: Billions of Dollars in Reductions Looming Likely to Take Toll on Region
                               Linden Lines; Bi-Weekly Bulletin of the Linden Lions Club Last Meeting Summary – (May 12, 2009 Meeting)
  Linden Lines      5/26/09

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         The Record                5/20/09      Deep Education Cuts May Loom; Turnout Sparse

         The Record                5/15/09      Mental Health, Preschool Programs Would Lose Funding

         The Record                5/15/09      Opinion letter: Vote Against More Taxation (Ken Ross & Gina Riley)

         The Record                5/10/09      Marching Against Propositions (PICTURE)

         The Record                 5/3/09      Opinion Editorials: Don’t Sit This One Out, 4 of 6 measures on special ballot deserve voters’ support
                                                Opinion letter: Voters Leery of Special Election’s Propositions (Vida Patterson, Cate White, Mike and DeLora
         The Record                 5/2/09
                                                                      April 2009

         Latino Times             April 2009    Autism: How Parents and Caregivers Can Put the Pieces Together

       PreK News Clips              4/3/09      Carried The Record’s “Vote Could Cut First 5 Funds”
     Rough and Tumble
                                    4/3/09      Carried The Record’s “Vote Could Cut First 5 Funds”
A Snapshot of California Public
      Policy and Politics
         The Record                 4/3/09      Vote Could Cut First 5 Funds (2 PICTURES)

         The Record                 4/2/09      Californians Face Tobacco Tax Paradox

       Bilingual Weekly             4/1/09      Autism: How Parents and Caregivers Can Put the Pieces Together

                                                                      March 2009

         Latino Times             March Issue   Building a Healthy Lifestyle, One Step at a Time (English & Spanish)
    APA News and Review                         Hand Washing Helps to Avoid Flu
    APA News and Review                         Build Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

                                                                     February 2009

         The Record                2/19/09      Painfully Prepared

                                                                                                                                            Agenda Item 7
      Bilingual Weekly          2/2/09-2/7/09    Los “si” y los “no” de la disciplina infantile (The Do’s and Don’ts of Discipline)               2/3/09        Video clip; WE Connect Event Brings Maria Shriver to Stockton
                                                 S.J. County Groups Working to Ensure Poverty Line Doesn’t Become a Barrier Between Children and a Solid
         The Record                2/3/09
                                                 Education (4 PICTURES, 1 GRAPH)
   APA News and Review          February Issue   The Do’s and Don’ts of Discipline

                                                                     January 2009

         The Record                1/30/09       Free Dental Exams for Students (from Lincoln USD, First 5 not specifically mentioned)
Citadel Broadcasting Networks      1/24/09       Radio Advertisement for the 4 Annual Early Childhood Education College & Career Faire

                                                                   November 2008

      Manteca Bulletin            11/23/08       Fritchen Credits Preschool for Saving his Kid

                                                                     October 2008

         The Record               10/13/08       PAID ADVERTISEMENT: Results Recognition Event

         The Record               10/15/08       Planting the Learning Seed; First 5 Celebrates Success in Academic, Social Impact (3 PICTURES)

                                                                   September 2008
                                                 Article of September 24, 2008, “First 5 To Do Its Homework” appeared in this publication;
  San Joaquin Valleyfornia         9/24/08
         The Record                9/24/08       First 5 To Do Its Homework: Early Education Group To Evaluate Programs

         The Record                9/16/08       A Caring Decision for Children: Day Care Providers Work to Improve Quality of Service (1 PICTURE, 1 GRAPH)

         The Record                9/11/08       Annual Celebration Turns Literacy Drive Into Fun Day for Family (3 PICTURES)

         The Record                9/8/08        Off to a Healthy Start: Hospitals’ Involvement in Breast-feeding is a Good Sign               9/6/08        Putting Moms and Babies First (written in response to 9/5/08 article)

         The Record                9/5/08        Hospitals United to Give Babies Strong Start: Breast-Feeding Initiative First of its Kind in State (PICTURE)

                                                                     August 2008

                                                                                                                                         Agenda Item 7
                                                 San Joaquin County Diversity, Youth Grows: Census Figures Shows Percent, Number of Whites has Shrunk
        The Record                 8/7/08
                                                 (PICTURE, GRAPH)
First 5 California The County
                                   August        San Joaquin County Showcases School Readiness Summer Activities
   Connection Newsletter
                                                 Spirit of Cooperation “Agencies Find Common Ground in Assessing How to Best Educate Children in the
        The Record                 8/6/08
                                                 Southeast Asian Community While Addressing Groups’ Unique Needs” (2 PICTURES)
                                                                      July 2008

        Tracy Press                7/4/08        Helping Healthy Babies (Same article as 7/1/08)

    Lodi News-Sentinel             7/1/08        County Promoting Breastfeeding to Help Babies and Mothers lead Healthier Lives

                                                                     June 2008
                                                 Raising the Bar for Early Education: More schooling is being expected from teachers in publicly funded
        The Record                 6/26/08
                                                 programs, but trend may spur exodus PICTURE
        The Record                 6/24/08       Reading Program Gets Happy Ending, “Library Foundation Saves Effort from Poor Fate” (2 PICTURES)

        The Record                 6/20/08       Child Care Group Hosts Open Houses

        The Record                 6/15/08       A Fun Day with Dad PICTURE
                                                 Reaching Out to Special-Needs Children: Non-English-speaking families may not always know where to get
        The Record                 6/12/08
                                                 help PICTURE
       Linden Herald               6/12/08       Around Linden Town (Lion’s Pride Preschool)
         KYCC FM
          KTSE FM                                Public Service Announcement regarding “Eat the Colors of the Rainbow in Honor of Fresh Fruits and
         KCVR FM                                 Vegetables Month”
         KMBX AM
                                                                     May 2008

        The Record                 5/20/08       School Daze Cleared Right Up: Kindergarten Event Helps Kids, Parents Adjust PICTURE

    Lodi News-Sentinel             5/19/08       Hypnotherapy: The Science Behind the Hype PICTURE

        The Record                 5/19/08       Learning Really Does Start at Home: School Readiness Services Engage Both Parents, Kids PICTURE

                                                                     April 2008

        The Record                 4/22/08       Zachary Johnson Blog “Song in My Tummy” (coverage of First 5 Board of Supervisors Presentation) w/video

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                                                                          March 2008
           La Region                    3/16/08        Cómo Puede Tomar Decisiones Saludables para Su Hijo (How to Make Healthy Decisions for Your Child)
      Preschool California              3/11/08        First 5 Facing Tough Decisions
                                                                         February 2008
          The Record                    2/18/08        A Concern You Can Depend On: Programs For S.J.’s Children and Seniors Face Uncertain Future (PICTURE)
          The Record                    2/23/08        First 5 Facing Tough Decisions; Some County Programs May Fall Victim To Future Funding Cuts (PICTURE)
                                                                         January 2008
      CBS 13, Sacramento                1/16/08        Sesame Street DVD Contains Warning For Children (VIDEO)
                                                       Su Solución de Año Nuevo: Resoluciones Saludables Para Su Familia (Your New Years Solution: Healthy
           La Region                    1/16/08
                                                       Family Resolutions)
San Joaquin Public Library “Let’s
                                    Jan/Feb 08 Issue   Leading Ladies
                                                                        December 2007
          The Record                   12/16/07        The Giving Spirit: JUMPSTART
                                                       Blowing Away the Smoke, This Therapy Can Make a Difference – Letter to Editor by Frank Lucas, Evergreen
          The Record                   12/15/07
                                                       Professional Hypnotherapy
      Central Valley Drum                12/07         San Joaquin County Leading Ladies PICTURE
                                                                        November 2007
                                                       Preschool Makes the Grade; Op-Ed written by Lani Schiff-Ross & Dee Alimbini of Stockton Unified School
          The Record                   11/24/07
          The Record                   11/20/07        Healthy Kids Plan A Success, S.J. Among 25 Participants PICTURE
      Preschool California             11/15/07        Assemblymember Wolk Visits Preschool PICTURE
          The Record                   11/8/07         Some S.J. Preschoolers Behind On Academic, Social Skills PICTURE
          The Record                   11/5/07         Women’s Group Pushes for Educational Outreach in S.J. PICTURE
       Manteca Bulletin                11/1/07         Breast-Feeding is the Best Way
                                                                         October 2007
       Manteca Bulletin                10/29/07        Trucking Firm Helps Deliver Safety Message PICTURE
         The Record                    10/4/07         President’s Action Big Blow to S.J. Programs
                                                                        September 2007

                                                                          August 2007

                                                                                                                                               Agenda Item 7
         The Record                   8/26/07          Veto Could Cripple Plans for Kids’ Health Care PICTURE
         The Record                   8/12/07          S.J. Agencies Give Guidance for New and Expectant Moms PICTURE
                                                                            July 2007
         The Record                   7/27/07          Child Care Guide – System Assures Parents Their Kids are Handled With Care PICTURE
         The Record                   7/23/07
                                                       “Toddler Day Care Enrollment Starts” (Area Digest Section)
                                    Summer 2007
cornUCoPia (UCP Newsletter-
                                  Issue, distributed   “From the Director of Clinical and Family Services” letter by Debbie Link
  released via The record)
          The Record                   7/21/07         “Child Care Gets Boost To Detect Behavioral Problems” PICTURE
      Lodi News-Sentinel                7/6/07         “Lodi Unified Schools to get $4.7 Million HUGS Grant”
          The Record                    7/3/07         “First 5 Gives Cash Boost to 20 S.J. Programs”
                                   July/August ‘07
In a Nutshell (FRRC Newsletter)                        “From the Editor’s Desk” letter by Tony Washington
                                     Vol. 27 #39
                                                                            June 2007
         Tracy Press                  6/30/07          “Windfall” PICTURE
                                                       “HEARTS Prepares Children For School-Funds from Tobacco Tax Help Renew Early Childhood Program”
         The Record                   6/27/07
         The Record                   6/21/07          “Tour of Duty” (Child Care Open House)
                                                       “Tobacco Tax Pays for Local Preschool” This story also featured on Preschool California’s website (Media
         Tracy Press                  6/15/07
                                                       Center section).
         Tracy Press                   6/8/07          “Kindergarten Prep” PICTURE
                                                                            May 2007
         The Record                   5/19/07          “Home-Based Program Helps Parents Prepare Their Children For School”, PICTURE
         The Record                   5/15/07          “What You Should Know About Water Safety: Must Haves”
                                                                           April 2007
         The Record                   4/30/07          “Lack of New Funds Putting Thousands of Kids on Preschool Waiting Lists” 2 PICTURES
         Lodi News                    4/26/07          “Parents As Teachers”
         The Record                   4/21/07          “First 5 Awards $100K in Grants"
         The Record                    4/6/07          “Parents Get Lessons In Smoothies” 2 PICTURES
                                                                           March 2007
                                                       “Free Preschool Receives High Marks” TELEVISION REPORT Featured Manteca & Lincoln Unified School
        News 10 (ABC)                 3/28/07          District, Joshua Cowell Power of Preschool site. Available to view on (search archives by date)
                                                       and written version available.

                                                                                                                                  Agenda Item 7
                                         “Free Preschool Enjoys Growth” PICTURE This story also featured on Pre-K Now website (Pre-K Newsclips
       The Record             3/13/07
                                         section) and Early Education in the News (e-newsletter) w/links to Stockton Record article
                                                            February 2007
    The Escalon Times         2/28/07    “Students Immersed in School Readiness” PICTURE
       The Record             2/19/07    “Program Helps Encourage Love of Books” PICTURE
                                         Public Meetings Announcement – First 5 San Joaquin Children and Families Commission – ONGOING
       The Record             2/18/07
                                         PLACEMENT to occur monthly the Sunday prior to Commission meeting
   Lodi News – Sentinel       2/14/07    Regional Roundup – “County group opens preschool program”
                                                             January 2007
       The Record             1/26/07    “Play groups easing isolation of rural families” PICTURE
       Tracy Press            1/13/07    “New Preschool Opens — for Free” PICTURE
                                         “New Doors Open for Tracy Preschoolers” PICTURE
       The Record             1/12/07    This story also featured on Preschool California’s website (Media Coverage section) w/link to Stockton Record
       The Record              1/8/07    “Hypnotherapist helps people meet their goals” PICTURE
                                         Sound bite - Lani Schiff-Ross provided comments on LAO (Legislative Analysts Office) Recommendations on
National Public Radio (NPR)    1/6/07
                                         Developing Safety and Quality Ratings for Child Care
National Public Radio (NPR)    1/4/07    Sound bite – Lani Schiff-Ross provided comments on Child Now Report Card and Health Access
       The Record              1/3/07    “Report warns of grim future for California's kids” PICTURE
                                                            December 2006
       The Record             12/29/06   “Migrant Children Face Educational Hurdles”
       The Record             12/20/06   “Getting a Better Read on It”
       The Record             12/17/06   “System Assures Parents Their Kids Are Handled with Care”
                                                             October 2006
      Linden Herald           10/12/06   “Improving the lives of children, ages 0 – 5, & their families through health, education & support”
                                                               July 2006
San Joaquin County News       7/26/06    “Woman who says she discovered baby in trash turns out to be child's mother”
                                                               April 2006
       The Record             4/30/06    ”Manteca ahead of curve on preschool”
       The Record              4/8/06    “First 5 grant would fund host of programs for early education”
                                                              March 2006
       The Record             3/21/06    “Preschool is not the answer to all of society’s ills”
       The Record             3/11/06    “Tracy campus plans preschool”
                                                             January 2006

                                                                                                   Agenda Item 7
 Vida en el Valle   1/19/06   “School district gets $15M for preschoolers”
Manteca Sun Post    1/13/06   “A windfall for local preschool”
Tri-Valley Herald   1/12/06   “Manteca Unified gets $10 million for preschool from organization”
   The Record       1/12/06   “Quitting time”
The Modesto Bee     1/12/06   “District gets $15M for preschoolers”
Manteca Bulletin    1/12/06   “A better future”
   The Record        1/6/06   “Millions for early learning”
   The Record        1/3/06   “Shaping young minds”
                                                November 2005
   The Record       11/7/05   “Officials: Outreach needed for baby law”
                                                    October 2005
   The Record       10/6/05   “Grant to care for uninsured kids, but many still go without”
                                                September 2005
   The Record       9/25/05   “Few clinics available for methadone patients”
                                                     July 2005
   The Record       7/14/05   “Schools may be eligible for grants”
                                                     June 2005
   The Record       6/25/05   “Thanks!” (Letter to the Editor)
   The Record       6/25/05   “Feeling poorly treated” (Letter to the Editor)
   The Record       6/18/05   “First 5 wants the process to be fair” (Letter to the Editor)
   The Record       6/16/05   “First 5 should take a second look” (Editorial)
   The Record       6/10/05   “Report: Head Start aids with moderate gains”
   The Record       6/10/05   “First 5 OKs methadone funding”
                                                     May 2005
Tri-Valley Herald   5/14/05   “School plan to move forward”
                                                 April 2005

Oakland Tribune     4/2/05    “Manteca preschool program advances”
                                                    January 2005
   The Record       1/12/05   “First 5 gets $50K”


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