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									Product Testimonials
                  Colette Morris

                         Colette lost 9kg (21lbs)
                        in just 6 weeks, dropped
                         2 dress sizes from 14 to
                         size 10 and has kept it
                          off for the last 2 years

Colette Dress size 14
                          Claire Smedley
     “Now after 2 years of taking Herbalife products Claire feels just as energetic as
                    when She was a sporty teenager 20 years ago.”

                                   In just 8 weeks Claire
                                   went down to a dress
                                   size 8. With a weight
                                        loss of 21 lbs.
                                  But better still whilst in
                                  her maintenance period
                                  she added more protein
                                   to her programme and
                                   while staying the same
                                  weight she lost another
                                         dress size.
                                      Last year Claire
                                  competed in the London
                                  triathlon and is doing it
Size 12/14 and tried every diet        again this year
 she came across. Claire really
thought there was nothing she
   could do about her weight
                   Graham Smedley
      An unhappy ex-sportsman who looked in the mirror at a shape he hated.
 With low energy and any attempt to regain his fitness was met with a pull or strain.

                            Graham has shed 35lbs and
                            dropped 6 inches from his
                             once expanding waistline
                              But most amazingly, the
                            shape graham had failed to
                            achieve in his 20s with hour
                            in the gym appeared in the
                             mirror with just consistent
                              and regular amounts of
                           Now at the age of 40 Graham
                             ran in his first ever Half
                            marathon and recovered so
                           quickly he played football 2
Facing an expanding 38              days later.
 inch waist line and no
                           This Summer Graham is once
      muscle tone
                              again competing in the
                                 London triathlon
    Mette Hyldgaard Smith

                               After struggling for 5 years to
                                  lose weight Mette finally
                                 discovered Herbalife and
                                despite being sceptical she
                                discovered a solution to her
                                weight issues that worked.

                                Mette started her Herbalife
                                  programme and within 3
                               months she lost 48 lbs and it
                               totally changed her life. She
                                  has kept that weight off
                               effortlessly for 12 years now.
Struggling dieter introduced
 to Herbalife by her cousin
Deborah Mulvany
    Deborah Suffering from an
    under active thyroid since
    the birth of her first child
    kept on gaining weight and
     tried everything to gain
      She was sceptical when
        trying the Herbalife
    ShapeWorks programme but
     very quickly realised that
        this programme was
    She lost 52lb’s in her first 7
      months and has kept that
    off. Still on her journey to
     regain her health and idea
      weight Deborah enjoys a
       programme easy to do
             every day!
                        Cath Thomson
                          Cath was over weight even
                          as a child and struggled on
                           yo-yo diets for more than
                            20 years until she found
                           She lost 4 ½ Stone that’s
                            63 lb’s in just 5 months
                          and has kept it off now for
                           8 years. Now for the first
                              time in her life Cath
                              controls her weight
                              effortlessly and as a
                          consequence of her weight
                          loss is now building a great
                            business with Herbalife
Cath Yo-Yo dieter for      just by telling people how
   over 20 years                    she did it.
              Patrick Mulvany
                                       Patrick lost a massive
                                         5 stone (70 lb’s) in
                                        just 7 months on an
                                       ultimate ShapeWorks
                                        Programme and has
                                       kept it off now for 18
                                         Now in a size 38
                                        jacket and 34 inch
                                       Once so tired he fell
                                        asleep all the time
                                        any chance he got.
                                       Now he enjoys life to
                                       the fullest thanks to
Patrick’s size 48 jacket he couldn’t
 do up! And size 44 inch trousers.
                                  Will Dougdale
                                  Herbalife helps me control my ACNE!

                                     I Cleanse, Tone and moisturise twice
                                       a day and use Radiant C Daily Skin
                                       Booster and Skin Activator before I
                                        moisturise. At least twice a week
                                        before shaving I exfoliate which
                                         makes shaving that much more
                                     comfortable. I use the Aloe cleansing
                                      bar instead of shaving foam and the
                                      clarifying mask 2 to 3 times a week

 Feb 2003 – Spotty and angry it
 even hurt to touch the spots!                                                 The Final result (June), what a
  Redness on top lip is eczema                                                  relief! Each spot took about 2
                                                                                       months to vanish.

   Will had suffered with acne                                               I had very severe acne and now
since puberty, tried all kinds of                                               my skin is better than most
  skin care and drugs including                                                normal people’s skin! And no
antibiotics for 12 years straight                                              more drugs inside or out just
 until he discovered Herbalife's                                                 good nutrition Herbalife
                                        10 days later – already some signs
    outer nutrition skin care.             of improvement – skin felt            Nutrition inside and out!
                                          smoother almost immediately
                       Leah Singleton

Suffering from Rosacea (Adult Acne)

  For 2 ½ years, I used all sorts of
  creams and antibiotics, nothing
  worked until I found Herbalife.
Within 1 month my skin was starting
   to clear…. Now I look 10 years
younger! And now rather than not
wanting to be seen I love to go out
          and see people.
                   Dorthe Heinsohn

                           As Well as Herbalife's Cellular
                               nutrition Dorthe used
                            NouriFusion Normal to Oily
                                  system 2 x day
                            Clarifying Mask 2 x weekly
                                Florafibre 3x2 daily
                             Herbalifeline 3 x 2 daily
                                 Herbal Aloe Drink

                              Now Dorthe is a happy
Herbalife Products made         confident person
a big impact on my skim.
Deb and Pad before
Deb and Pad after

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