Saeco Technology in Three Espresso Machines by anamaulida


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                <p>Saeco is a leader in the espresso manufacturing
industry. Once known as Estro, it is now produces top-of-the-line
espresso machines and coffeemakers that are aesthetically eye pleasing,
are easy to use, and are all top quality. This trend is seen with the new
Saeco Xelsis Digital ID, the Royal Professional and the Vienna Plus,
which is a newer version of the Vienna Digital. These three top of the
line espresso machines will be discussed here.</p>
<p>The Saeco Xelsis Digital ID is built to impress, thanks to a stainless
steel body and stunning chrome-plated accents. It is one of the best
high-end super-automatics with top-of-the-line components from beginning
to end. An airtight sealed lid hopper with anti-UV coating keeps the
beans fresher before being ground by the ceramic burr grinder. The Saeco
Brewing System allows you to choose the strength and consistency of your
coffee by turning a dial. It also has a pre-infusion, which can be turned
from off to on or lengthened to suit your taste. A 54 ounce removable
water tank includes an Intenza water filter has 2 stainless steel boilers
ensure there is always water at the right temperature for brewing,
steaming, or dispensing hot water. The Saeco Xelsis Digital ID has a
streamlined, user-friendly design with an animated integrated fingerprint
reader touch-screen interface for 6 user profiles for 6 personal custom
beverages. Six cups can be stored on the metal drip tray as well. An
automatic turn-on and energy save function keeps the Digital ID from
wasting power. Included accessories are a manual and a removable milk
carafe, lubricant for the brew group and a variety of helpful cleaning
tools. The removable milk carafe automatically froths milk into your cup
and will automatically clean itself after each use. It can also be used
to keep milk in the refrigerator between uses. For micro-foam it has a
separate steaming/hot water wand (with no panarello) that has strong
steam press. The <a rel="nofollow"
Digital-ID-Super-Automatic-Espresso-Machine" target="_blank" title="Saeco
Xelsis Digital ID">Saeco Xelsis Digital ID </a>is ideal for business or
home use for those who have simple technological skills and is backed
with an extended two year parts and labor warranty.</p>
<p>The Saeco Royal Professional can also be used as a professional
espresso machine without any problems. It is made to run on standard 120
volt current and is a super-automatic espresso machine. That is, you can
select how much espresso to dispense with three buttons that program it
to grind the coffee beans to a pre-set size of grind from  coarse to
very fine or by-pass and use pre-ground coffee. It then measures the
right dose of ground beans and tampers the grounds, creates a thick crema
espresso and deposits the spent grounds, called a puck, into an internal
dump box. You can also use the LCD display that indicates when to add
beans, water, decalcify, and when to adjust the brew group. For an
individual taste, you can select how much espresso to dispense with three
buttons to program exactly how you want your espresso. If you prefer to
have a cappuccino you can immediately steam with the Panarello wand for
frothing milk in a pitcher or cup while the Cappuccinatore extracts milk
from a container, froths it, and then dispenses it into a cup for you.
The Cappuccinatore comes as an accessory, but is a must for cappuccinos
and frothed espresso drinks. One other important feature allows you to
adjust the temperature of your coffee with 5 different settings: maximum,
minimum, high, medium, and low.</p>
<p>The Saeco Vienna Plus is a super-automatic espresso machine that uses
a system of sensors and lights to help you monitor the brewing process
and signal when the machine needs to be re-supplied with water or coffee
beans. It has a special pre-infusion program that increases the flavor
and aroma and will extract espresso and steam milk in about 7 seconds. It
also has a conical type burr grinder that grinds whole beans from 6 to 9
grams, which is controlled by a knob in the bean hopper. However, it does
not like oily beans and it does not have a by-pass doser like the Saeco
Royal Professional. Strength and volume of your coffee or espresso is
controlled with a dial. This less expensive super automatic espresso
machine has a 57 ounce water tank and offers hot water for tea other
coffee beverages like that of the other super automatics. It has an
integrated dump box for spent coffee grounds, which can hold up to 20
expended coffee portions. </p>
<p>Each of these super automatic espresso machines offers a different
level of making espressos, coffee and more. They also require different
levels of technological skills, but with the more advanced skills come
more commercial value, more help and longer warranties. Each one also
exemplifies part of a progression of advanced technology in the art of
making espresso machines starting from the top.</p>                <!--

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