Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn With Forex Trading

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                <p>You think forex trading is a mystical closed group
only for the initiates? You couldn't be further away from the truth. In
today's times, you cannot talk anymore about financial investments as a
business only for "the chosen ones". The Internet and technology
development have changed the financial world radically and retail trading
is starting to become quite an important part of the forex market. And
social networks adopted it quite fast and opened the door for a different
type of investor: the traders without so much financially education. Now
everything gets published on social networks: your pictures, events,
interest, likes and dislikes. Practically, your entire life gravitates
around Facebook and Twitter. That's why businesses use social networks so
much no matter their size.</p>
<p>In a very niche domain like forex trading, it can become quite a
difficult task for a simple trader to use exclusively the general social
networks to promote his or her activity and meet people with the same
interests. That's why more forex-oriented networks like FXStat, Currensee
or eToro appeared in the first place. Although the results obtained by
joining these communities is much more beneficial than by creating an
account on general and very diversified social networks, the advantages
of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook shouldn't be left aside in any

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<p>Many of these niche forex networks offer specific tools and features
to measure, analyze and compare your performance, follow other traders
and share or ask advice. You learn new trading techniques, acquire new
skills, find out what and where you are doing wrong and losing money and
But somehow and at some point you need to break this circle and start
promoting your activity to other people.</p>
<p>Generally, you shouldn't have any problems in linking your trading
account to general social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Most of the
forex social networks offer the possibility to do it just by a simple
click and accept. Your Facebook and Twitter connections will continuously
and automatically receive information regarding your trades and what is
even more important, your LinkedIn connections can also have access to
it. And LinkedIn opens a different door than Facebook or Twitter, that
towards professionals in your domain that you never know when you might
need.  </p>
<p>To link you trading account to your LinkedIn profile, all you have to
do is change the settings in your Twitter account and allow LinkedIn to
update your status automatically. What is even better is that you can
instruct Twitter which status updates to add to Linkedin by adding the
hastag #in. Â Simple, easy and only takes up 3 characters from the
precious 140 Twitter offers.</p>
<p>So why should you do it? Because you never know who is out there and
might find your performance interesting, because you may want at some
point to attract new traders around you that follow your trading signals
and you can get some good money out of it (many of these social networks
offer the possibility of automatic signal trading, like FXStat or
Currensee) and, why not, because you want the world to know what you are
good at.</p>                <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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