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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speaks on sex, spirituality and afterlife


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<p>Spiritual guru and Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar talks to
<em></em>'s Abhishek Mande about life, death, sex and the
prospect of peace in the Indian subcontinent.<strong><br></strong><br>One
of the things that struck me about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is that he looked
heck of a lot different than all the larger than life hoardings and
photographs I have seen of him. The spiritual guru, as he walked into a
plush apartment of one of his devotees in Mumbai's suburbs, came across
as just another man in white robes.<br><br>For some reason, I couldn't
get around to addressing him as 'Guruji' like all his devotees and was
quite relieved when he said I could call him Ravi or Shankar or whatever
I pleased.<br><br>The truth is that Ravi Shankar has a way of making you
feel at ease. He will hug you, pat you on your back and make you feel
like his chum. And while his sense of humour may not be as sparkling as,
lets say, the Dalai Lama, Shankar does like to talk.      <!--

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<br>During his trip to Mumbai, the spiritual guru granted me 15 minutes
of his time -- one of his devotees couldn't stop telling me how fortunate
I was to get to speak with him even before doing one of his courses --
and spoke about various issues: from spirituality, to peace in the Indian
subcontinent and sex.</p>
<p>He confessed that he doesn't watch a lot of television or movies nor
does he get time to read books. How he manages to expand his knowledge
however remains a mystery to me. Shankar says though that he watches
people and reads his own mind.</p>
<p>One of the things you spoke about at the Press Club on Thursday was
the fact that that the lack of spirituality more than religiosity was the
root cause of corruption in India. Do you believe as a nation and a
culture we are mixing up the two -- spiritualism and
religion? <strong><br><br></strong>Every religion stems out of
spirituality. Religion becomes rigid and restricts you but spirituality
brings that expansion you crave for.<br><br>Would you say you are
religious or spiritual?<strong><br><br></strong>I am spiritual,
absolutely! At the same time I don't deny religion; I honour
it.<br><br>What religion do you belong to?<br><br>My name suggests
clearly what religion I belong to. By one's name you can know what
religion you follow.<br><br>What does spirituality mean to
you?<strong><br><br></strong>Spirituality is a connection with god, with
the universal power and the spirit deep within you.<br></p>

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