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					United Kingdom is one of the most preferred locales for study abroad. The
picturesque landscape, Gothic structure of colleges, the Victorian feel
and the cold winter, are just some of the reasons. What actually attracts
students is the high quality of education imparted in the top UK Colleges
and Universities, that is beyond par.       The University of Cambridge
is the most renowned institute in UK. It dates back to 1209 A.D. Located
in Cambridge, this comprises of 31 self governing and independent
colleges. And has 150 departments. The departments are contained in the
six schools - Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical
Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and
Technology. Research activities find a lot of importance here. Admission
is on the basis of high performance in school (for UG students) and
undergrad (for PG students) and interview. Great value is given to merit.
In some subjects, students have to appear for the STEP test. Cambridge is
accredited by EFMD-EQUIS. You may be spending an approximate amount of
17,5000-20,000$ for graduation, and 15,000-17,5000$ for post graduation.

  University of Oxford is a prestigious institution worldwide and much
coveted. It was established in 1096 and is the oldest surviving
university of the world. It is known for its library and the museum. The
university comprises of various colleges, admission taking place
separately for each. It is dependent on your exam results, written work,
recommendations, an interview ans an entrance test for some courses.
Oxford provides great financial aid to deserving and to those in need.
Some of the well known colleges are - Christ College, Kellogg College,
Lincoln College, Mansfield College, The Queen's College, Somerville
College, Trinity College, University College, Worcester College. You will
be spending an around 20,000$ for study here.       Founded in 1582,
University of Edinburg, is one of the top choices of students. It
provides education in all branches of study, namely, arts and humanities,
business and social sciences, engineering, language and cultural studies,
medicine and health, and science and technology. The university has three
colleges - College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Medicine
and Veterinary Medicine, College of Sciences and Engineering. The cost of
study is 15,000- 17,5000$.      University College London, set up in
1826, conducts an entrance test for admission. School marks are also
considered and admission is under the UCAS system. The various schools
within the university are concerned with Law, Clinical Medicine,
Neuroscience and Behavior, Psychiatry/Psychology, Immunology, Pharmacy
and Toxicology, and Social Sciences. Average cost of study is between
17,500-20,000$.      University of Manchester started functioning in
1824. The university is credited for the various establishments it houses
- the library, observatory, museum, art gallery, press and contact
theater. You will be spending between 15,000-20,000 for studies here if
you get admitted, which is on the basis of your marks and performance in
studies. The university has five faculties to choose from - Faculty of
Medical and Human Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences,
Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Life Sciences, and Manchester Business
School.       The University of Warwick is situated in Coventry and
commenced in 1965. Admission is on your marks. The various sought after
options provided by the university are Biological Sciences, Computer
Science, Economics, English, Engineering, History, Law, Mathematics and
Statistics, Philosophy, Sociology, Ethnic Relations. Cost of study ranges
between 15,000-17,500$.       University of Leeds was established in
1884. It is a premier institution of UK. The faculties under this
university are the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Biological Sciences,
Faculty of Business, Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law,
Faculty of Engineering, faculty of Environment, Faculty of Mathematics
and Physical Sciences, Faculty of medicine and health, and Faculty of
Performance, Visual Arts and Communications. Average expenditure is
12,5000- 15,000$. It provides facilities like the library, computer
center, research and sports.      The University of Nottingham, campus in
Nottingham and other places in UK, started in 1881. Admission is on marks
basis. And you spend 15,000- 17,500$. It has international campus as
well. The various departments include - Faculty of Arts and Commerce,
Faculty of Engineering, faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty
of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Law and Education.        The
London School of Economics and Political Science, popularly known as LSE,
was founded in 1895. Competition is very tough to get through to this
school. You require to have very high grades. It concentrates solely on
the study and research in the field of social sciences. It has 140 M Sc
programs, 4 MPA Programs, 1 LLM, 30 B Sc Program, 1 LLB, 4 B.A. It is the
only university offering B Sc in Economic History. It is known for its
studies in anthropology, criminology, international relations, social
psychology, sociology, social policy. LSE has 30 research centers, 19
departments and also a language center. And you can also do PhD here.
University of Birmingham started operating in 1900. The component
colleges are - College of Arts and Law, College of Engineering and
Physical Sciences, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, College of
Medical and Dental Sciences, College of Social Sciences and Birmingham
Business School. Other institutes not within the campus are the School of
Dentistry, Shakespeare Institute, Ivon bridge Institute and Raymond
Priestley Center. The study expenditure is 12,5000- 15,000$.        A few
other very good ranking educational institutes are the university of
Glasgow, University of Southampton, Cardiff University, Newcastle
University, University of Bristol, Imperial college London, King's
College London, university of Liverpool, London Metropolitan University,
University of Strathelyde, University of Aberdeen, Queen Mary University
of London, University of Portsmouth, Middlesex University, London
Business School,, Birmingham City University and Oxford Brookes
University.       Studying in one of the top UK colleges will open doors
for you that will guarantee lucrative opportunity in the future and a
promising life.

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