Can I Represent Myself In a Separation or Divorce How to Represent Yourself in a Divorce in Ontario! by anamaulida


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                <p>If you are thinking about getting separated or
divorced in Ontario, it's time to do some planning. The amount of divorce
planning that will be required will depend on your personal
circumstances. </p>
<p>Are you on friendly terms with your spouse? If you and your spouse are
able to agree on the terms of your separation or divorce, life will be a
lot easier and the process will be more affordable. </p>
<p>In these cases you have many options. </p>
<ol><li>You can obtain your court forms from the Ontario Family Court,
but then what forms do you need and how do you fill them out? This can be
a time consuming and confusing exercise. </li>
<li>Yes, they do sell divorce and separation kits in some retail outlets.
These may provide you with the forms you will need, but there is little
guidance when it comes to filling them out. </li>
<li>There are online services like MyOntarioDivorce, where you can follow
a question and answer style tutorial and at the end of all your Ontario
Family Court forms, whether it be a separation agreement or Ontario
divorce form, your forms will be available, pre-populated with all of the
information. If you use an online service make sure you use one that was
developed and is managed/maintained by a prominent lawyer in the area of
Ontario Family Law. Do your due diligence!</li>
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<p>Once you and your spouse have agreed on the terms of your
Separation/Divorce, you will have to have your agreement officiated or
signed in front of a notary. </p>
<p>Perhaps you are apprehensive about handling your separation or Ontario
divorce on your own because children are involved, your spouse is
offering you less than what you are entitled to in support payments, your
spouse may have more money than you or be a better negotiator. If you
think you need legal advice, get it! </p>
<p>While you can represent yourself in the Ontario Family Court,
depending on your personal circumstances, getting an Ontario divorce
lawyer may be the best choice. You can start off with a legal
consultation to go over your options before committing to a particular
lawyer. </p>
<p>For more information about separation agreements and divorcing in
Ontario please visit <a rel="nofollow"
href=""></a> or
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