Connors_project1_wk2_script.docx - John O'Laughlin by linzhengnd


									"RUBBED OUT"


 Craig Connors

           Class: GD255 Digital Animation

                 Instructor: John O’Laughlin
Mark: Pencil with eraser head

Topper: Royal blue pen


Scene shows a bird eye view of a boys desk with a box of colored pencils to the top of the screen
and a boys hand in the center drawing on a piece of paper

FS - A desk is shown with a boys hand moving furiously while holding a red colored pencil
creating scribble markings all over a sheet of paper.

Scene cut to show Mark and Topper to right of boys desk.

CU - Mark and Topper are lying off to the right hand side on the top of a child's drawing desk.
Mark is a No. 2 pencil reflecting on the short-lived life he once held so dear. Topper is trying to
make him feel better about his accomplishments.

Scene cut back to bird eye view of boys hand.

FS - The boy finishes scribbling and drops the red colored pencil.

Scene cuts to red colored pencil.

Worm eye view looking across the desk from the left side of the red pencil showing Mark and
Topper in the background and a wall of previous drawings by the boy.

CU - Pencil lies motionless.

Scene cut to bird eye view of red pencil.

Pan Right - Bird eye view of Mark and Topper watching to see if the pencil moves.

ECU - Mark, worried and concerned look on his face, he sits up.


I am not sure how much longer my time here will be. The way that child goes through pencils.

ECU - Zoom in to show off Marks neck.


CU - Zoom out to show Marks face again.

I may not last the week.
Tilt down - Eye level - MS - Zoom out to show Mark and Topper, Topper sits up too.


Now, now, there. This child may be a slight over achiever when it comes to his drawing habits,
but I have seen the way he treats you compared to the others.

Marks raises his eyebrows agreeing with Toppers comment, bobs head up and down.


I used to console the other color drawing pencils when they felt used. I remember chatting and
telling them, everything will be all right.

Dolly up - Pan left - CU - A Cloud forms above Marks head while remembering one of his chats
and leaning up again the colored pencil box. Scene encased in a cloud. Cloud fades away.

Scene cut back to Mark and Topper.

CU - Mark and Topper


Yes, I do believe you helped a great number of pencils from many different boxes in your time.


If only the child was bigger and was a little more careful with his 24-pack color pencil set, he
uses too much pressure against the paper. It is a good feeling to bring joy to the boy, but if only
they could stay around a bit longer.


Yes, but they sacrifice to bring happiness, it is just our way of life and it was meant to be.


I feel as if I have lost all dignity Topper, I know it shows in my face.

Scene cut to Mark.

ECU - Mark, eyes no longer parallel on his face, one eyebrow raised, mouth drooping on one
side with drool dripping from it.


Nope. -hesitation-,
You look great! Better than ever from my view point.

Scene cut to Mark and Topper.

CU - Mark and Topper.


Thanks, you have always been such a great friend. Since I am not as bad off as I thought I was, I
must get up to continue helping others. - hesitates -

ECU - Mark tried to stand up but his legs are missing, so he sprouts new ones.


There, that feels much better. Onward!

FS - Mark stands in a charge position Topper speaks in the background.


Are you sure you want to get up so -.


Not yet, a little week in the knees with the new legs.

FS - Mark sits back down next to Topper.

Scene cut to - MS - bird eye view of Mark and Topper.

CU - Mark and Topper still sitting on the desktop.


Boy Alert!!!

FS - Mark and Topper lay down in their original positions. Mark talks out of the corner of his
mouth to Topper.

Scene cut to Mark.

CU - Mark


Next time, -pause- just wait until next time.


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