Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2011 - Excel 2 by linzhengnd


									        Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2011 by Donna Kay
        Go Paperless
        1. Go to to view a YouTube video on going
        2.     Download    Go     Paperless      Excel     templates       at
        3. Save your QuickBooks reports to the templates using the following

Step 1 Go to

Step 2 Select QB2011.

Step 3 Download the Go Paperless Excel template for the assignment you are
       completing (Chapter, Project, or QB Case).

Step 4 Open the Excel workbook. Select File > Save As. IMPORTANT! To
       receive credit for your work, use the filename: <Your First Name
       & Last Name> Project 2.

Step 5 When you are instructed to print a report in your text, use the Report
       Center to display the report on your screen.

Step 6 With the report displayed onscreen, select Export > Basic tab > an
       existing Excel workbook.

Step 7 Browse for the Excel template with your name in the filename.

Step 8 Select use an existing sheet in the workbook > select the correct
       sheetname (see Checklist for sheetnames). Uncheck: Include a
       new worksheet in the workbook that explains Excel workbook

Step 9 Click Export. Excel software should open on your screen with your
       QuickBooks report inserted into the correct sheet.

Step 10 On the Checklist sheet, check off the deliverables that you have
        completed with an "x". Failure to check off the deliverables may
        result in a score of -0-.

Step 11 Save your Excel workbook. See Step 4 above. (Note: With some
        versions, you may be asked to close the workbook before inserting the
        next report.)

Step 12 Ask your instructor if you should e-mail the Excel spreadsheet or use a
        courseware dropbox.
Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2011 by Donna Kay
Project 2 Checklist
Project 2                           Sheetname           GA
Chart of Accounts (Account Listing) PR 2.6 COA          *
Statement of Cash Flows             PR 2.7 SCF          *

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