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                <p>Whether you are writing a letter of recommendation or
requesting a letter, you must know how to write this type of letter and
what details should be included in it. Here we help you with the tips for
writing recommendation letter and provide the example of recommendation
letter for further assistance.</p>
<p>When you are writing the reference letter for anyone, it is important
to write it in well organized format. For this you need to know how to
write this type of letter and what details should be included in it. You
can get assistance from online stuff for writing a reference letter. Here
we provide you the sample letter of recommendation to help you get
detailed idea of writing a suggestion letter.</p>
<p><strong>Sample <a rel="nofollow"
recommendation.html">Recommendation Letter</a></strong></p>
<p>This letter is written by the Sales manager of "Active and Plus
Corporation" to recommend the employee Cameron Richardson who is willing
to work in another company.</p>

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<p><strong>Letter </strong></p>
<p>435, Bunker Street,</p>
<p>Sydney Place, Houston, USA</p>
<p>June 23rd 2010</p>
<p>To Whom It may Concern:</p>
<p>It is my great pleasure to recommend Cameron Richardson to you. I am
working as a Sales manager at Active and Plus Corporation and Ms.
Richardson was working under my supervision since March 2007 to May 2010
as a sales woman.</p>
<p>During this period of employment I found her extremely obedient,
reliable and responsible employee. Such person can be a good asset to any
organization. She has great drive and passion towards work and she is one
of the brightest employees the company ever had.</p>
<p>Cameron is a quick learner. During her first two weeks at "Active and
Plus" she learned all the product details and features that a normal
employee takes a month for learning.</p>
<p>Cameron is pretty ambitious about her career and has received the "Top
Sales person of the month Award" 7 times last year. No employee achieved
this feat ever before. She is hard working, competent and capable of
handling the complex situations. She possesses sufficient amount of
experience in marketing to cope up with any situation.</p>
<p>According to me, Cameron can be a good asset to your company and fit
excellently in the applied position. For any further assistance or
queries you can contact me at (445) 647-6546. Feel free to call me and I
will be really happy to answer any questions regarding the competency of
Ms. Cameron.</p>
<p>Alex Owen</p>
<p>Sales Manager</p>
<p>Active and Plus Corporation, Houston, USA</p>
<p>From the above letter you will get the idea for writing the details
for recommending the employee in another company. Make sure that you list
all the positive points of the applicant in the letter. Mention the
working abilities and efficiencies of the candidate.</p>
<p>Recommendation cannot be done by anyone. The person making the
recommendation must either be the immediate boss of the employee or the
senior who interacts and keeps the records of the applicant's work on
daily basis. It can also be any person holding a respectable position in
the society.</p>                <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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