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					Take care of your health! Most important. If you can't play or sing, you
can't make the money you need to in order to survive on tour. Zicam at
the first sign of any sickness does kick it in our experience.You also
don't want the expense of an out of town or out of country doctor. If you
don't have insurance, check online for temporary travelers insurance.
Save money on gas and food by getting them free. Check online for
surveys.Script copier has copies for two cents. This will help defray
costs for the flyers you need for your street team. Make sure you have
one.Make sure you have black and white photo cards made up, inexpensively
(the least expensive I have ever found are in Los Angeles). Autograph
these free while you are sitting at your merch table after the show.
Always have someone staffing the merch booth. Many people will come
during the show to avoid the lines. Walk around after the show with your
CD in hand and several in your pocket as well as change (dollar bills) to
sell to people. Talk to your fans, don't just sell.Make sure to have a
sign up sheet on the table at the merch booth. Say something like, "Hey,
if you sign up for my touring list, we can notify you of our shows and I
will give you a free autographed picture." To save money on hotels or
hostels, contact the people who are involved with your tour. DJ's, promo,
publicity and find out if they have any friends who might want to be your
host family while you are there. Do not take advantage of the host
family. Be of value to them and give them autographed goods, CDs,
etc.Don't waste your money on a lot of merchandise such as T-Shirts, etc.
until you are more established and have a fan base that is actually
yours. Why? You will spend a lot of money on product that may go to
waste. Spend that money once you have a solid fan base that is showing up
to your gigs because you are there, not because another band is.Ask other
bands in your genre if they would want to share lists. By that, I mean,
when you send out a notice about your group, you also send a notice about
theirs and visa versa. It's a great way to cross promote. Make friends,
not enemy's. You are not a diva and people don't like them so don't
become one. Make sure you have a contract. Without one, you can get
screwed.Learn the business. This is show business. Put on the show with
all your heat and soul so they want to come back, but learn the business.
Make sample cards with music samples, not full songs on them and hand
them out at the gigs. Keep costs down and make sure you get a great deal
on this. Don't waste your money if you don't have extra. Youth hostels
are a great way to stay. Be safe.Hone your craft and skills.The money you
make won't be in ticket sales, not even the big stars make the most money
that way. You make the money with merchandise and by sponsors.Just
because you aren't a "big" star, doesn't mean you can't run in the same
arena. Go to you local Joe Smogh shop in the town you live in and ask
them to sponsor you band for $10, $25 or whatever. Stress that it's a tax
write-off for them and will help your band. In exchange, you will put up
a banner they provide (they need to provide it). Alternatively, you will
put them on the flyers. Get enough sponsors to help support your tour.

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