Form an LLC in Delaware - Why You Should Do It

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					When most budding entrepreneurs get their chance to start their first
company, their first choice is usually an LLC (limited liability
company). This type of company is easy to set up and provides protection,
or "limited liability", to its owners. All this means is that if the LLC
you set up acquires any debt, is sued, or has to make payments, you won't
be held liable to take out the funds from your personal finances - it all
has to come from the company. It's an easy, straightforward way to create
a legal separation between your personal and business assets.       For
many of these new companies, their owners usually want to form the LLC in
Delaware. Now, you might think that forming an LLC sounds fitting for
your business, but why set it up in Delaware?

  First of all, Delaware is considered a "business friendly state". More
than half of Fortune 500 companies register their main office in
Delaware, and current records show that almost a million businesses have
already been registered in the state. The business environment makes it
reason enough for most new businesses to set up there. After all, you can
easily build your network locally. But we've just scratched the surface
here. There are deeper and better reasons why it's a good idea to form an
LLC in Delaware.      Delaware's high number and variety of local
businesses means that they have a broad body of business laws. Add this
to their legal experiences with businesses, it means that their courts
can handle even the trickiest issues. In fact Delaware's court for
corporations, Chancery Court, has a reputation for being one of the best
in the United States. Their laws are also good for business. For example,
they don't usually tax you for out-of-state income.      Another reason
is that most legal textbooks and law schools teach Delaware business
laws, making most American lawyers familiar with these laws. Even if you
hire a lawyer from outside the state, odds are that they are very
familiar with Delaware business laws. You won't have trouble looking for
legal advice or representation for your business.      Lastly, Delaware
is known for fast document processing. The businesses that set up in
Delaware provide the State with additional revenue that has allowed them
to invest in state-of-the-art equipment. You can often submit your
documents electronically, and filing your paperwork takes considerably
less when compared to other states.      If you look at all these
reasons, you'll see that it's almost ideal to form your LLC in Delaware,
especially if you live in or near the state. The only thing you need to
know now, of course, are the steps you need to take to register your
business.      Spencer Holt is an entrepreneur and business advocate. If
you want to form an LLC in Delaware, you should visit his website at for more information.

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