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                <p>An example of an obituary may help you greatly. It is
so hard to write about a loved one especially when you are in the middle
of grieving. Â I know that any kind of assistance in getting through this
tough task will take away a burden like feeling.</p>
<p>A well written obituary will only take you a couple of hours. As you
get through the process, you will find that sweet memories will flood
your mind. Take breaks as you feel if this becomes too overwhelming. Â If
you find that you can not bring yourself to write this within that time
frame, this would be the best time to request help. You will be very
grateful that you asked a friend or loved one.</p>
<p>Now that you have some help, you may still wonder if you need an
example of an obituary. With the much needed help, you may find that you
are able to figure it out. Â The good news is that there is no wrong way
to write an obituary for your loved one. You can include as many accurate
facts and beautiful memories as you wish.</p>

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<p>Most obituaries are a combination of  3-7 short paragraph. How long
it will be depends on the length of the deceased life. Also, the length
will vary depending if you submit it to a newspaper outlet. Most
obituaries are written to for a funeral service program. It is a great
idea if  you submit the finished product to a newspaper. You will want
to call your local newspaper to find out how much. They also may have
special guidelines you will need to follow.</p>
<p>So what do you include in an obituary? An example of an obituary will
show you the birth life and passing. Â An obituary was created to
celebrate the life of the deceased. It is looked upon like a legacy, full
of memories and deep stories. You want to make sure to write this
beautifully as a way to praise the wonderful life. You want to include
family and career life. An example of an obituary can be obtained from
your funeral director or funeral home. Ask the funeral director or
organizer for a obituary template. Please keep in mind that an obituary
should be written with tons of love. Although you may find yourself
grieving the hardest during this time know, your loved one will be proud
of the kind words and way you celebrate their life. An example of an
obituary will put you on the write track.</p>
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