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                <h2><strong><a rel="nofollow"
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renovation">Basement Renovation</a> Sample
<h3><strong>Basement Renovation Sample Contract Provided by Contractor
<p><strong>Contractor Information</strong></p>
<p>Company Name: ___________________________________________</p>
<p>Address: __________________________________________________</p>
<p>Phone: (_____) - ______-________________</p>
<p>Cell:Â Â Â Â (_____)-_______-________________</p>
<p>Email: _______________________________</p>
<p>Years in Business :___________ years</p>
<p>Insurance Company: _________________________________________</p>
<p>Policy #: __________________________________________________</p>
<p>Does your policy cover damage and theft of materials on site? Y /
<p>Are your Subcontractors insured? Y / N, Not Sure</p>
<p>Reference 1:Â Â Name: ____________________________________<br><br>
Phone: ____________________________________</p>
<p>Reference 2:Â Â Â Name: ____________________________________</p>
<p>Phone: ____________________________________</p>
<p>Reference 3:Â Â Â Name: ____________________________________</p>
<p>Phone: ____________________________________</p>
<p>What date can you start our basement renovation project?   Start
<p>How long will the basement renovation take to complete
finished?   Date :_______________</p>
<p>Will detailed documents be provided stating your warranty for the
basement renovation project including all work done by your
subcontractors?  Y / N</p>
<p>Will you be responsible for pulling any and all permits required to
complete the basement renovation to local building codes? Y /
N<br><em>If no please provide a reason why.
<p>Â </p>
<p><u><strong>Subcontractors Information</strong></u></p>
<p>Please provide the company names and phone numbers of all
subcontractors you plan to use on our basement renovation project.</p>
<p>Framer:Â _____________________________________________________</p>
<p>Electrician: ___________________________________________________</p>
<p>Plumber: _____________________________________________________</p>
<p>Heating Cooling: _______________________________________________</p>
<p>Drywall: ______________________________________________________</p>
<p>Painting: ______________________________________________________</p>
<p>Flooring: ______________________________________________________</p>
<p>Cabinets: _______________________________________________</p>
<p>Countertop: ____________________________________________________</p>
<p>Will your company hire and be responsible for paying your
subcontractors and suppliers? Y / N</p>
<p><u><strong><br>Basement Renovation Details</strong></u></p>
<p>Have detailed drawings including any new walls, bars, bathrooms and
entertainment features been provided and approved? Y / N</p>
<p>Will the Contractor be responsible for permits and inspections? Y /
<p>Will the Contractor remove all demolition material from the property?
Y / N</p>
<p>How often will the work site be broom swept?

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<p>Are the stairs included in the basement renovation and have proper
safety precautions been planned if the stairs are left unfinished during
the renovation?__________________</p>
<p>What centers will any new framing consist of? __________________</p>
<p>How thick of drywall will be used on the walls?
<p>How thick of drywall will be used on the ceiling?
<p>Are any support beams being removed or modified during the basement
renovation?  <br><br> Y / N _____________ . <em>If yes have these
changes to the structure in the home been approved by a certified
engineer and please provide the company <br>name of the engineer that has
approved these changes. _______________________________________</em></p>
<p>Â </p>
<p><strong>Mechanical functions of <a rel="nofollow"
title="basement renovation">basement renovation</a></strong></p>
<p>If there's new appliances and lighting, will the existing service
panel support these additions? Y / NÂ Â Â Â Â <br><em>if no, are the
electrical upgrades included in the quote? Y / N</em></p>
<p>Will there be any changes to the electrical outlets , entertainment
system or lighting fixtures?    Y / N</p>
<p>What is the Budget for lighting fixtures?
<p>Is there a preferred company to purchase the lighting fixtures from? Y
/N <br><br><em>If yes, company name</em>
<p>Is the HVAC system including any duct work changing? Y / NÂ
<br><br><em>If yes, has a new even heat/cool analysis been completed to
ensure the home doesn't have hot or cold spots after the
<p>Are there any special features that are included and need to be picked
out prior to proceeding with the basement renovation <br>i.e. Central
Vacuum, base boards, entertainment systems, fireplace etc.? Y / N
<br><br><em>If yes, please provide details.
<p>Are there any new plumbing features required to accommodate a new
bathroom or kitchen? Y / N <br><br>Has the basement ever had known water
or mould damage prior to the renovation? Y / N<br><br><em>If yes have
proper steps been planned to prevent this from happening again and how
will existing water and mould damage <br>be repaired or replaced?
<p><u><strong>Interior Finishing</strong></u></p>
<p>Will the interior walls affected by the basement renovation be primed
and painted? Y / N</p>
<p>Have paint colours been picked out and approved by the homeowner? Y/
<p>Is there any trim work included in the quote? Y / N<br><br><em>If yes,
please state the material of trim being used along with the number of
windows, doors, crown molding and baseboard included in
quote.</em><br><em>Case molding _________________________
ft</em><br><em>Crown molding ________________________ft</em><br><em>Base
board ___________________________ft</em><br><em>Chair Rail
<p>What is the quoted budget for the flooring material ?
<p>Is there a preferred supplier to choose the flooring from? Y /
N<br><br><em>If yes, the company name is
<p>How many square feet of flooring are being installed?
<p>Will there be a new subfloor or any leveling and repair needed to an
existing concrete basement floor required prior to installing the new
flooring? Y / N<br><br><em>If no, provide details
<p><strong>Payment Plans</strong></p>
<p>How do you prefer the homeowner present any changes to their plans to
you during the basement renovation if they would like to do something
<p>Material Cost $ ___________________<br>Labor Cost    $
___________________<br>TOTALÂ Â Â Â Â Â Â Â $ ___________________</p>
<p>Deposit required upon signing of contract _______________________</p>
<p>Payment Schedule</p>
<p>Payment 1: ____________________________ Amount $
2:_____________________________Amount $
_________________________<br>Payment 3: ____________________________
Amount $_________________________<br>Payment
4:_____________________________Amount $_________________________</p>
<p>The homeowner of this project does not wish to be the lender on this
project and as a result, an excessive deposit or a heavily front loaded
payment schedule <br>will result in the rejection of this proposal. After
the initial deposit if any at all, the homeowner expects to pay no more
than the material and labor invested for a <br>satisfactory of performed
work, withholding final payment until all professional and personal
inspections have been completed.</p>
______________________<br><strong><br>This <a rel="nofollow"
href="" title="sample
contracts">sample contract</a> is provided by Contractor Quotes as a
guide and the use of this document should be as such. It is recommended
that you have this viewed by a lawyer to ensure that the document covers
your home renovation and property in full. Contractor Quotes is not
responsible for any loss or damages as a result of using this
document</strong></p>                <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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