Groom Wedding Speech Example by anamaulida


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                <p>After a wedding ceremony, the newly wed couple and the
guests often come together in what is known as a wedding reception. Here,
the groom is sometimes asked to deliver a wedding speech for the bride.
But sometimes, this can be a bit of a problem for the groom especially
for guys who aren't used to giving speeches or talking in front of a
crowd. Here, now, is a groom wedding speech example.<br><br>You can start
with a short thank you to your wife, as well as to all those people and
loved ones who shared your special day with you. You can say something
that goes like this: "Before anything else, my beautiful wife and I would
like to thank each and every one of you for coming today. It means so
much to us to have every one we love and care about gathered here in this
hall to share our special day – the day that we are officially joined
together in marriage."       <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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<br>Or you may want to try something along the lines of "I am very happy
to see so many of our family and friends gathered here today to help us
celebrate the happiest day of our lives. Some of you have even travelled
a long way just to be here, and that means a lot to us. Today wouldn't be
the same without each and every one of you. It would have been a darned
sight cheaper, I guess, but that's not the point. Anyway, thank you all
for your time and for all your well wishes. Years from now, when my
beautiful wife and I look back to this day, we will remember that you
have shared this momentous occasion with us." <br><br>As you may have
noticed, a light-hearted joke was inserted in the second example. "It
would have been a darned sight cheaper". Another example would be
starting your speech with "My speech today will be like a mini skirt –
long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to hold your
attention." <br><br>Humor keeps things interesting. Inserting bits of
humor into your speech will keep your guests listening and will keep them
from getting bored or impatient. Remember, though, to avoid making fun of
your bride and hurting the feelings of your guests. Keep these two things
in mind – harmless and light-hearted.<br><br>This, now, is a groom
wedding speech example that you can use on your special day.<br></p>

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