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Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Contract


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                <p>Most lawn care and maintenance companies use a
contract of some sort for their services. The purpose of the contract is
to summarize for both parties what is expected. It outlines what your
services include, how often you will work for them and for how long. It
reassures the customer that they will be taken care of and reminds them
how much and when they are expected to pay. This way everyone is clear on
the terms of your relationship and no confusion will arise in the future.
Everyone creates this type of agreement differently, but I would like to
share with you my favorite, the proposal for landscape maintenance, which
has all the elements of a contract presented neatly and


The proposal for landscape maintenance contains the following
information:      <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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    * Both parties involved (your company and the name/address of the

       * Terms for service- the aspects of maintenance you will provide<br>

       * The period of service- start date and finish date<br>

       * The price for your service<br>
       * Both parties sign to accept<br>

       * Date of the agreement<br>


Although this form could be construed as a legal document and might very
well be legally binding, I am not a lawyer and encourage you to seek out
a lawyer in contract matters.<br>


At the acceptance of this agreement I let my customers know that neither
they nor I am bound to it and that they may cancel service at any time.
Likewise I am free to cancel service as well for any reason. This puts
them at ease and makes them feel less obligated, and if you do a good job
odds are they will not fire you. And although the contract has a start
date and an end date specified, I have never had to recreate a new one
for the following year. I simply continue service on a month to month


A sample contract, or proposal for landsacape maintenance, can be viewed
at in your browser
window. It is also available for download in .pdf format at our website<br>

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