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Miranda LAC liquor licences.xls


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									Miranda Accord - List of Licensed premises from OLGR for membership drive
Licence /                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mailing
                                    Current Licensee /                                                                                  Post Premises Telephone                                                                            Premises
Premises    Licence Description                             Premises Name                 Address                         Suburb                                  Mailing Name                  Mailing Suburb    Post LGA
                                    Secretary                                                                                           Code Number                                                                                        Substatus
Number                                                                                                                                                                                                            Code
                                                            Sylvania Junior Rugby         AR Hurst Field, The                                                     Sylvania Junior Rugby
24006958    On-Licence (Function)   Marc Edward Rees        Football Club                 Esplanade                       SYLVANIA      2224                      Football Club                 KIRRAWEE         2232   Active (Licence)
                                                            Gymea Junior Rugby                                                               (02)9522-5674 Fax:   Gymea Junior Rugby League
848291      On-Licence (Function)   Keith O'Grady           League Football Club          Corea Street                    MIRANDA       2228 (02)9525-6893        Football Club                 GYMEA            2227   Active (Licence)
                                                            Miranda Magpies Football      'Seymour Shaw Soccer                                                    Miranda Magpies Junior
24011989    On-Licence (Function)   Ronald Joseph frith     Club Incorporated             Park', Central Road             MIRANDA       2228                      Soccer Club Incorporated      MIRANDA          1490   Active (Licence)
                                                            Sutherland Shire Soccer                                                                               Sutherland Shire Soccer
24014265    On-Licence (Function)   Paul William Smith      Football Club Inc.            Seymour Shaw Park               MIRANDA       2228                      Football Club Inc.            GYMEA            2227   Active (Licence)
                                    Stephen James
24006350    On-Licence (Function)   Pocklington             Burraneer Rugby Club          John Dwyer Oval                 CARINGBAH     2229                      Burraneer Rugby Club          CARINGBAH        1495   Active (Licence)

                                                           North Caringbah Redbacks       'Dianella Street Oval North',                      (02)9747-9112        North Caringbah Redbacks
24013404    On-Licence (Function)   Lindsay Helen Milsted  Junior Soccer Club Inc         Dianella Street                 CARINGBAH     2229 Fax:(02)9745-3252    Junior Soccer Club Inc.       CARINGBAH        2229   Active (Licence)
                                                           Taren Point Touch              Gwawley Oval North, Taren                                               Taren Point Touch
24003837    On-Licence (Function)   Aileen Jean May        Association                    Point Road                      TAREN POINT   2229                      Association                   HEATHCOTE        2233   Active (Licence)
                                                           North Cronulla Surf Life       Club House, Dunningham                                                  North Cronulla Surf Life
24001280    On-Licence (Function)   Brian Arthur Ferguson Saving Club                     Park, Prince Street             CRONULLA      2230 (02)9523-5846        Saving Club                   CRONULLA         2230   Active (Licence)
                                                           Cronulla Surf Life Saving      Cronulla Surf Life Saving
24002275    On-Licence (Function)   Phillip Wayne Hamilton Club                           Club House                      CRONULLA      2230 (02)9523-5300        Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club CRONULLA        2230   Active (Licence)
                                    Norman Francis         Elouera Surf Life Saving                                                          (02)9523-7295 Fax:
24003495    On-Licence (Function)   Bracken                Club                           Mitchell Road                   CRONULLA      2230 (02)9544-4398        Elouera Surf Life Saving Club CRONULLA         2230   Active (Licence)

24008888    On-Licence (Function)   Michael Leon Brannock Wanda Surf Life Saving Club Mitchell Road                       CRONULLA      2230                      Wanda Surf Life Saving Club   CRONULLA         2230   Active (Licence)
                                    Robert Spencer        Cronulla Polar Bears Winter Cronulla Swimming Sports                                                    Cronulla Polar Bears Winter
24012406    On-Licence (Function)   Wilmington            Swimming Club Inc.          Complex, Cronulla Beach             CRONULLA      2230 (02)9545-5227        Swimming Club Inc.            CRONULLA         2230   Active (Licence)
                                                            De La Salle Junior Rugby                                                                              De La Salle Junior Rugby
                                                            League Football Club          Captain Cook Ovals Nos. 2                          (02)9523-1300 Fax:   League Football Club
24014141    On-Licence (Function)   William John Bryant     Incorporated                  & 3, Captain Cook Drive         WOOLOOWARE    2230 (02)9524-8717        Incorporated                  CARINGBAH        2229   Active (Licence)
                                                            Kurnell Junior Rugby League   Marton Park, Captain Cook                                               Kurnell Junior Rugby League
24005178    On-Licence (Function)   Paul Leslie Taylor      Football Club Inc.            Drive                           KURNELL       2231 (02)9668-9843        Football Club Inc.            KURNELL          2231   Active (Licence)
                                                                                          Ward Street & Prince                                                                                  PADSTOW                 Reported as non-
24013711    On-Licence (Function)   Barry Victor Argall     Kurnell Catamaran Club        Charles Parade                  KURNELL       2231                      Kurnell Catamaran Club        HEIGHTS          2211   trading

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