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                 <p>The most important aspect of any business is having a
signed rental agreement. It clarifies all the obligations and rights of
the tenant and the owner. Written agreement is the important tool for the
rental property. The owner of the property and the tenant should
carefully read the agreement for rent before signing it. Once the
agreements are signed, both the tenant and the landlord should be
faithful to the details according to the written agreement. Basic
conditions such as due dates, rental fees, payment methods and rental
periods need to be included in the agreement. Contact information of the
tenant and the landlord should also be included in the agreement.
<br><br>There are many websites available in the internet where one can
download the rental agreement sample. If any repairs are needed the
tenant should inform the landlord in a timely manner. Some landlords will
charge for the repairs and they are responsible for the damages while
they were in the residency. Tenants should discuss about the certain
terms and conditions to the landlords. Tenants can immediately contact a
licensed attorney in case if they are illegally thrown out from the
house. In the rental agreement the tenants should give the correct
details about their name, birth date, phone number and email address. By
giving correct details it will be useful for the landlords to contact in
any situation. Previous rental history, credit history of the tenants is
recorded for safety purpose. <br><br>Due to improper documentation,
various problems can occur between the tenant and the landlord. The
rental agreement form should clearly state the names of the tenants and
the landlords as well as the property's address. In case if more than one
tenant or landlord is included, all the names should be included in the
form. Once the agreement form is signed, it becomes a legal document. So
the tenant should carefully read the instructions given in the agreement
form. A month to month agreement is better choice for the people who want
to stay for a short time. So know more about rental agreement before
lending a property and choose the right option.</p>                 <!--

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