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        Brian “Killer” Cork is an accomplished 15 year old assassin with legendary
shooting abilities. He runs an all minor group known as “The Killers”. He met his
girlfriend while on a mission to kill her corrupt uncle.

        Miley Donny is an explosives expert working for “The Killers” who hates her job.
She is opposed to violence, but having no other talents became an assassin. She is
constantly sad.

       “Bulldog” is the muscle of little words. He works for “The Killers”, and doesn‟t
speak. He is well built and strong. Not much is known about his past. He is strong and
seems to be smart despite not talking.

       Amanda is Brian‟s girlfriend, her parents where both killed by her uncle who was
immediately killed by Brian. She is fascinated with “The Killers”, and even lives with
them because she has no other family.

       Eric Soto is the leader of an unnamed kidnapping corporation. His team mates
are employees and nothing more to him. He calculates every move, and is always calm.
He is an amazing martial artist.

        Jessica Donny is Miley‟s identical twin sister, and also an explosives expert. She
loves killing and wouldn‟t trade her life for anything. Her personality is opposite of her
sister. She works for Eric

        Joe Mel is a smooth talking kiss up. He is constantly complementing Eric, which
has earned him a high place in Eric‟s kidnapping corporation. He works as an
interrogator, and uses smooth talking and lying to get the information he wants.

       Michael Mel is Joe‟s little brother. He has no talents, but Eric lets him stay
because of Joe‟s good work.
        Scene 1 - begins with Brian training in basement.

        Amanda walks down stairs.
        Amanda “Hey Brian, do you need Miley for anything?”
        Brian “No, I was just about to play some video games with Bulldog, Why?”
        Amanda “Miley and I are going shopping.”
        Brian “Oh really? You convinced the black whole of sorrow to go shopping with
        Amanda “You know, behind that wall of sadness, she‟s really nice.”
        Brian “Well, have fun.”

        Scene 2 - Brian and “Bulldog” playing video games.

       Brian “Bulldog, you know, Amanda‟s hanging out with Miley. They went
shopping. I don‟t really think of Miley as the shopping type. Hey, you‟ve barely said a
word to me since we met. I think I see why Miley would be upset with this kind of life.
The death is kind of hard to bear, with us being assassins and all, but Amanda takes to it

        Scene 3 - Miley and Amanda shopping.

       Amanda “So do you think I should get this top or this top?”
       Miley “Do I look like I care?”
       Amanda “Why do you hate you‟re life so much? You‟re an explosives expert
working for one of the best sharp shooters in the world. Isn‟t the excitement awesome?”
       Miley “Do you even remember what that excitement did to your parents? They
where innocent people, in no danger until Brian came along.”
       Amanda “You‟re wrong, my uncle would have killed them whether or not Brian
was after him. He was evil!”
       Miley “That doesn‟t change the fact that their dead.”
       Amanda “But Brian avenged them, he killed my uncle, he‟s a good person”
       Miley “He didn‟t avenge your parents; he never even spoke a word to your
parents. It wasn‟t because you uncle was a bad person that he killed him, it was for the
       Amanda “Brian was right; you are a black whole of sorrow.”
       Amanda walks away.

        Scene 4 - Brian and “Bulldog” playing video games.

        Screen changes to video call with Ray.
        Ray “Brian, someone‟s coming for…”
        Ray turns to the left while being shot.
        Brian “What the heck?”
         Amanda walks in.
         Amanda “I‟ll be in my room.”
         Miley walks in.
         Miley “I‟ll be working out.”
         Brian “Not so fast, we just got a call from Ray. He was killed mid-sentence.”
         Miley “What did he say?”
         Brian “Just „Someone‟s coming for…‟ and then he was shot and the feed went
       Miley “Well, we‟ll have to be super careful; we have no idea what it could be.”
       A crashing sound comes from the hall, and the team runs towards Amanda‟s
room. When they get in, her window is open, a broken vase is on the floor and there is a
note on the desk. Brian picks up the note and reads it out loud.
       Brian “Brian, I have kidnapped your girlfriend, come to „The Battle Field‟
tomorrow at mid-day to pay us 1 million dollars. Your enemy, Eric Soto.”
       Miley “We‟re not paying are we?”
       Brian “Got that right”
       Miley “Bulldog, get out the guns.”

         Scene 5 - A room with Eric and Jessica.

        Jessica “I still don‟t get it Eric, why kidnap an assassin‟s girlfriend? It‟s not
        Eric “Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, I must teach you better if you are to run this
organization someday.”
        Jessica “OK then master, explain.”
        Eric “We kidnap people, and get money in return for their safe release. Correct?”
        Jessica “Yes, but this team of assassins just might be able to rescue the
        Eric “I don‟t think they can, so I bet on it. When they try to rescue, and fail, it
will show other assassins not to take jobs to rescue from us.”
        Jessica “I see, but it is still a risk.”
        Eric “Jessica, my favorite little explosives expert, are you having doubts about
fighting your twin sister, Miley”
        Jessica “No, I am looking forward to ending her life.”
        Joe and Michael walk in guiding Amanda.
        Joe “We‟re back, did you miss me Master.”
        Michael “Why do you call him master? He just walks around making idiotic
plans all day.”
        Joe “How many times must I tell you, never insult the master?”
        Amanda “It is pretty dumb to kidnap the girlfriend of an assassin. Brian will have
me out of here in no time.”
        Jessica “You will show the master respect.”
        Michael “Or what?”
        Jessica slaps Michael.
        Michael “Joe!”
       Joe “Hey, you practically asked for it.”

        Scene 6 - Brian, Miley, and “Bulldog” planning in the basement. “Bulldog grunts
after every sentence.

       Brian “OK, let‟s pass around ideas.”
       Miley “We‟re not using extraction plan one?”
       Brian “No, they‟re expecting it; we have to do something unexpected.”
       Miley “Well, we could try plan six?”
       Brian “That‟s not a bad idea.”
       Miley “Brian?”
       Brian “What?”
       Miley “I have something to tell you guys. I have a sister.”
       Brian “While we would all like to know your life story, is now really the time?”
       Miley “She‟s an explosives expert, like me. She works for Eric.”
       Brian “So you’ve heard about this Eric guy?”
       Miley “Yeah”

       Scene 7 - Brian and Bulldog in an empty field with bags.

       Joe, Eric, Michael, and Jessica come out of the woods with Amanda.

        Eric “So the great Brian Cork is willing to shell out the money to save his
girlfriend. I wonder if your costumers will think twice after hear about this.”
        Brian “Your getting what you want, stop gloating before I change my mind.”
        Eric “I‟m so sorry about this. Just so there‟s no hard feelings, I‟d like to invite
you to our after party.”
        Brian “Just take your money and go.”
        Brian and “Bulldog” throw their money bags.
        Jessica “Wait! It‟s a trap.”
        Brian “Just great, another delay. I wanted to get home by six.”
        The bags emit smoke and Brian and “Bulldog” run into it.
        Fighting begins.
        Brian and Eric begin fighting.

       “Bulldog” and Joe begin fighting.
       Joe “Mick, get into the woods.”
        Michael runs into the woods.

       Shot of Jessica, switch to shot of Miley, and then back to Jessica.
       Jessica “It‟s been a long time little sister.”
        Miley “I‟m older.”
       Jessica “Like it matters.”
       Miley “No, it doesn‟t. Nothing involving you matters.”
       Jessica “You always where the little poet, are we going to fight or not?”
       Miley “No, I‟m not here to fight”
       Miley walks away.
       Jessica “I‟m sorry to hear that.”
       Jessica pushes a button.
       Miley blows up.
       Jessica chuckles and walks into the woods.

       Brian sees Miley blow up.
       Brian “Miley!”
       Brian gets punched in the face by Eric.
       Eric “Gotta stay on your guard.”
       Brian “I‟m gonna kill you!”
       Eric “We‟ll see.”

       “Bulldog” and Joe fighting.
       Fighting continues until “Bulldog” kills Joe.
       ***I still need to come up with how Joe is killed***

       Eric “Your grunt killed my grunt.”
       Brian “Yeah, what of it?”
       Eric “It took me three years to train him.”
       Eric round houses Brian. Brian falls down.

       “Bulldog” unties Amanda.

       Eric “Hey Amanda, you might want to watch this. It could be the last you see of
your boyfriend.”

       Amanda “NooooOoOoooOOOOooo”

       Eric goes to punch Brian, but Brian pulls out a gun at the last second and shoots

       Amanda “Brian!”
       Brian “Amanda!”
       Brian and Amanda run and hug each other.
       They‟re about to kiss when Brian gets shot in the head.

        Scene 8 - Shot zooms in on Michael, who shot Brian from the woods.
        Jessica “That was a good shot. Come let‟s get out of here.”
        Michael “No, not until I kill the one that killed my brother!”
        Jessica “Look out there, He‟s gone. Your best chance at revenge is letting me
train you. Your brother would have wanted it.”
        Michael “No, my brother would have wanted me to be trained by Eric. He was
loyal to him.”
        Jessica “Your brother was loyal to the team. Now that Eric is dead, I lead the
team. Come let‟s get out of here before the police get here.”

          Scene 9 - Amanda crying over Brian‟s dead body.
          Scene fades to black.
          White Text “THE END”



          Brian “Killer” Cork - Wesley Cornman

          Miley Donny - Kirsten Lindemulder

          “Bulldog” - Spencer Torre

          Amanda - ???

          Eric Soto - Mark Lindemulder

          Jessica Donny - Kirsten Lindemulder

          Joe Mel - Joe Martino

          Michael Mel - Michael Martino

          Ray - Ray Hargreaves


          Camera - Whoever is standing by when we shoot.

          Editing - Mark Lindemulder

          Music - ???

          Writer - Mark Lindemulder

          Director - Mark Lindemulder

          Producer - Mark Lindemulder
Anything not mentioned - Mark Lindemulder

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