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Quebec Act of 1774 by wanghonghx


									                 Quebec Act of 1774

 Quebec Act 1774: Goals:     The Colonists viewed this
  Meet the needs of            as an extension of the
  citizens (French) more       Proclamation of 1763.
                              The British viewed this as
 Re-establish the             a wise business move to
  Canadian Borders for         re-establish trade with the
  purpose of trade.
                               French in the new world.
 Colonists viewed this as
                              Passed the Quebec Act of
  an act of taking away
  more land.                   1774.
     New England Restraining Act of 1775

 Designed to limit or end     The Act was passed as a
  all unregulated trade in      means of keeping the
  the colonies.                 French Canadians from
 Also, limited Banking         conducting all financial
  and Fishing rights within     matters with the colonies.
  the NE colonies.             It also forced Colonial
 Narrowed trading              economy’s to trade very
  foreign policies for the      specific, and very
  colonies.                     profitable goods, with
                                England only.
               Boston Port Bill of 1774

 Last Act that forced the    All city council members
  Colonists to revolt.         and military officials
 Passed unanimously in        (local militia types) to be
  Britain.                     appointed by the judges
 Forced all legal             and sheriffs.
  appointments to be done     Outlawed all town
  by the crown.                meetings of any kind
 Judges and Sheriffs were     other than voting.
  to be appointed by the
                 Boston Port Bill 1774

 Colonist considered this       This Act would open the
  to be a “revolt against the     door for the Quartering
  rights of people.”              Act.
 Allowed for no public          With the Boston Port Bill
  trials of any government        the king also doubled the
  officials.                      military involvement in
 Allowed the king to             the Colonies.
  punish his officials like
  that of his military.

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