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					                                 Exploration Test Study Guide – Chapter 2 (p. 38-67)
Test is Wednesday, Sept. 14
Review sessions are 6:45-7:20 am and 2:30-3:30 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 13

Terms to Know
I suggest making a chart for these terms that looks like this:
Term                             Definition                    Significance                  Dates/Countries (optional)
Caravel                          A new kind of sailing ship    Helped explorers cross the    Appox. 1400s
                                 with triangular sails         open seas more safely and
This way, you know both the definitions and why that term is important. I do not typically test on dates, but it can be
helpful for you to place facts into certain time periods.

General Terms
    Astrolabe
    Caravel
    Compass
    Printing press
    Spice Trade
    Line of Demarcation
    Treaty of Tordesillas
    Circumnavigate
    Columbian Exchange
    Northwest Passage
    Conquistadors
    Encomienda system
    Plantations
    Charter
    Triangle Trade
    Middle Passage
    African Diaspora

Explorers of Note (please study what each explorer is best known for accomplishing)
     Leif Eriksson
     Henry the Navigator
     Christopher Columbus
     Ferdinand Magellan
     Amerigo Vespucci
     Bartolomeu Dias
     Vasco de Gama
     John Cabot
     Henry Hudson
     Francisco Pizarro
     Hernando Cortez
Concepts to Understand
   o Causes of Exploration (3 “Gs” and understand what they mean)

   o   Viking Exploration

   o   How technology helped exploration

   o   Which countries began exploration

   o   The effects of the Columbian Exchange

           o   What were some of the natural resources of the Americas? (p. 45)

           o   What happened to Native Americans as a result of European diseases

   o   Interactions between Native Americans and explorers

           o   How did Cortez conquer Aztecs and Pizarro conquer Incas

           o   Where did the English first try to settle, and how successful were they

           o   Where did the French settle, and how did they relate to Native Americans

           o   Where did the Dutch settle

   o   Why did Europeans use Africans as slaves?

   o   The major effects of the Atlantic Slave Trade (Triangle Trade) on all continents involved

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