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A pioneer in Solutions and Service sector, Panache Global Consultants has been instrumental in shaping
the economy. Panache Global Consultants has leveraged its core differentiators to develop sound
business practices and elevated ourselves as Asia’s fastest growing solutions and service provider Group.
We have attracted a wide-ranging, loyal and impressive customer base. We strive to provide a level of
service that is "World Class" that inspires our clients to tell everyone they meet about their enjoyable
experience and their successfully evolved business. Adhering to the highest professional ethics and with
our focus on technology, process excellence and domain expertise, we engage with our clients at a
strategic level and ensure best in class business environment for our clients helping them with business
solutions and analytics and finally help our customers evolve in their businesses. Panache Global has
built strong partner relationships with major companies in India and abroad, each bringing in their
special expertise and contribution. These partnerships are utilized to keep processes and knowledge at
the highest level across all paradigms.

                  We use integrity, trust, service, knowledge and leading edge technology to help you
achieve your goals because we recognize that investing in any business, regardless of size is a major
finance and resource commitment. To accomplish this, our knowledgeable and highly skilled staff is
totally committed to deliver high performance and ethical standards, plus superior customer service
that will exceed your expectations. We believe that the best ideas come from a wealth of differing
opinions and experiences for this reason, our team consists of people with diverse backgrounds, minds
and disciplines which leads to innovative solutions to our clients.

The following are some of the reasons that define our edge:
• Our People
• Our Clients
• Our Experience
• Our Operations
• Our Practices

We believe in creating loyal customers by providing a superior experience at a greater value.
A Brand that’s Synonymous with success

Our Divisions:-

Panache Franchising:- Never before has there been more emphasis on rapid and consistent growth. We
believe that due to limited time and available resources, franchising is the only way to grow for both
Franchisors and franchisees. Panache Franchising is backed with a team of qualified experts from retail,
franchising, real estate and marketing. Our team of experts helps franchisors selecting the right
franchisee and vice versa also assists in finding appropriate location, do market analysis, competency
mapping, etc. Our goal is to make franchisors and franchisee well informed decision. We do much more
than simply bringing the business buyer and the business seller together. We start by understanding
that both the seller and the purchaser are looking for their own definition of the 'best price'. We work
equally for both parties and treat each with the respect, understanding and courtesy they deserve. We
continually research and review the market, write in-depth reports, contact potential buyers on our
waiting list, conduct meetings and represent you in negotiations. We do personalized business buying
and business selling activities.

Panache Media:-In the rapidly accelerating business, we understand the need to put focus on core areas
so we undertake all your business promotion activities, so that you can focus only on your key areas. We
do all types of marketing activities under the sun to develop the business & Brands like road shows,
events management, canopy, fair, seminar, press conference, video conferencing, exhibitions. We also
take Local / regional or national survey projects behalf of companies/ institutions. We do PR activities
and branding activities to increase the footfall, make the brand visible.

       Panache Career Consultants:- Panache Career Consultants is a division of Panache Global
        Consultants which is a globally diversified placement business consultancy company . It started
        its operation in 2010. It is India’s upcoming career consultancy. Since inception, Panache Career
        Consultants has been at the forefront of various pioneering initiatives in the placement sector.
        Panache consultants have its corporate office in Sector 11 Panchkula and franchisee office in
        Sector 17 Chandigarh. Panache Career Consultants is a pioneering initiative with a view to bridge
        the gap between employment opportunities and the skillful and knowledgeable youth in the
        country and therefore, helps them get suitable placements. It strongly focuses on providing
        employability to young aspirants with great aspirations and Talent. We provide to our valuable
        clients well-trained and educated fresher’s and experienced candidates for their manpower
        solutions. We have very good data of jobseekers (Fresher / middle / Top Management /
        Technical skilled & Non skilled Male and Female of every Location/age group) I.T and Non I.T

Panache Webit:- We take all types of web-development projects like Web-site development, web
promotion, SEO,SMO,Software development like CRM,ERP solutions in cost-effective way. We
understand our clients' concerns about confidentiality and security of information. The company has a
state of the art infrastructure which is modeled on 24x7 client response and support and is well
equipped to handle overflow. We work closely with our clients to acquire a first-hand understanding of
their needs and customize our services as per their subjective needs.

SEO:- Websites lacking good SEO and a strong link profile right out of the gate tend to die off fast,
usually taking with them months and months of time effort and investment.
We have seen it happen over and over again, and each time is a little more painful to watch than the
last. Well we've had enough and we're on a mission to make sure that every good website has a fighting
chance. To accomplish this we investigate SEO services and products to find ones that actually work

Panache Virtual Office :- In the modern world, many small business houses want to outsource all their
less important back-end work and would like to focus only on their core work, this is where Panache’s
virtual office comes in picture. We welcome all projects related to backend support-voice,chat,e-mail or
taxation, accounts, etc.

Panache Finance:- We welcome all projects related to Finance ie. Loans, insurance, taxation, mortgages,
Retirement, medical and health solutions, etc.

Panache Legal:- We undertake all projects related to legal drafting work and Intellectual Property

Panache International:- Panache International is the only one of its kind in India to attract and produce
results for a selected worldwide clientele of individual and corporations in their quest for expansion and
business excellence.

So, if you want to grow your Business Empire and sustain a definite competitive advantage, PANACHE
GLOBAL is the buzzword. We have been adding innovative capabilities to serve the needs of our mature
and emerging Clients.

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