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PTO_Meeting_Minutes__Sept_21 by wanghonghx


									Smithland PTO Meeting Minutes
September 21, 2011

Present: Jessica Lee, Mariana Lorenzana, Gary Painter, Mark Miller, Sonali Aradhey, Lee
Purnhagen, Heather Lindstrom, Kara Vance, Loretha Ketterman, Katie Cooper, Kristen
Fulton Wright, Bill Lawton, Meg Wightman.

   1. Fall Festival - we felt the festival was a success- running more smoothly than last
       year. Ticket sales equaled $1,737 ($1743 last year). Expenses total about 1200,
       plus additional reimbursement for 4th grade Ice Cream Fundraiser tickets.
        Follow up needed:
           a. Clean up/organize PTO closet (volunteer needed)
           b. Make large Thank You cards with children’s signatures for JMU Athletes and
               Key Club (Mr Painter/Mr Miller – will you see to this?) (Loretha already took
               care of Karaoke Guy, John Caruso thank you)
           c. Finalize expenses numbers (Bill L)
           d. Request photos taken at event to be sent to Mr Painter for yearbook and Bill
               L for PTO web page – (Mr Painter- will you send out a request email?)
      Learned for next year/future:
       a. Need a Spanish speaking PTO Contact for Spanish speaking families who want to
           volunteer or who have questions
       b. Pie Walk – wonder about calling it a “dessert walk”. Perhaps will continue to
           charge 6-8 tickets/chance, but to draw 2 numbers each time, instead of 1 (we
           had a few pies remaining by 4pm, all of which we quickly sold for $1/each)
       c. Loretha Ketterman’s husband had volunteered to offer hayrides behind his
           tractor next year.
       d. Insurance is still in process – we’ll want to have it lined up before next year

   2. International Night – Wednesday, Oct 12 5:15- 7:30
         a. Entertainment: Committee will work on entertainment
                 i. Lee P will make contact with Jalisco’s mariachi band
                ii. Meg, will check with Filipino dance group at International festival
               iii. Mr Rush making video
               iv. Mariana L will check with husband (Multi-Cultural Director at EMU)
                    about cultural entertainment
                v. Mr Painter will check with JMU International Students
         b. Food: PTO will request food from area restaurants to supplement potluck.
            Bill L will write letter requesting food donations, and will send to Meg, who
            will email to each of the following volunteers contacting the following
                 i. Great Wok – Mr Miller will check with parents of kindergartener,
                ii. Papa John’s – Mr Miller
               iii. Chili’s – Jessica Lee
               iv. Indian American Café – Sonali Aradhey
                v. Blue Nile – Sonali Aradhey
              vi. Union Station – Kara Vance
             vii. El Charro – Katie Cooper
            viii. Doña Rosa’s – Katie Cooper
              ix. Panara – Laretha Ketterman
               x. Costco – Meg Wightman
      c. Communication – Committee will create a flyer to be sent in Friday folders
          inviting families to come and bring food to share. (who will do this?)
      d. Clean Up – volunteers include Kristen Fulton Wright, Bill Lawton, Sonali
          Aradhey, Katie Cooper, Custodian
3. Principal’s Report
      a. Academic year opened really well
      b. New expectations are being made of teachers district wide, including
                i. Home visits
               ii. Updated web pages
             iii. Effective school committee membership
   The PTO will work to support our teachers, especially at report card/progress
   report time –inviting parents to join us in bringing in treats for the teachers to
   the classroom/lounge.
      c. Smithland did not make AYP this year, but the federal government is likely to
          relax expectations in near future
      d. Smithland did make VA Accreditation
      e. Dismissal Policy Changes – in a effort to keep 400+ children safe and
          accounted for at dismissal, grades will be dismissed in staggered fashion:
                i. 3:25: pre-K and K
               ii. 3:27: grade 1 & 2
             iii. 3:30: grade 3 & 4
   Children will be escorted to buses by their teachers
      f. Concerns were shared safety of children/parents crossing drive to parked
          cars while cars exit drive. Ideas included:
                i. Installing speed bumps
               ii. Pedestrian crossing signs/lights
             iii. Asking parents to walk across cross walks only

4. Virginia Diner – packets were given to all classroom teachers for distribution. All
   orders must be turned in by Oct 3. Bill L will send out a reminder to parents for
   Friday folders. We expect this fundraiser to bring in a good amount to the PTO for
   future fun/educational activities. (L/Y this fundraiser earned $3500) Sonali A and
   Lee P will assist with money counting and order distribution.

5. Art to Remember is our next fundraiser (getting ordered products in before
   Christmas). Children are excited about creating art to be put on products we can buy
   as gifts. Fundraiser starts in mid-October.

6. AppleBees Pancake Breakfast – Saturday, November 12
       a. Publicity – Bill L will check with Mary Brooks about getting the materials
          needed to publicize – getting it into boxes by Wed, Nov 2.
       b. Servers (volunteers needed!!!)

7. Soup Lunch for Teachers November 8th –In an effort to support our teachers
   during Parent/Teacher Conference days, we’ll ask parents to volunteer to bring
   soups and breads to the teacher’s lounge for lunch. Meg W, Sonai, A, Kara V, and
   Loretha K will coordinate this event
9. Domino’s Pizza Nights – we decided to skip it for this year. Bill L will ask the
   Domino’s representative to contact us in the spring about possibly participating
   next academic year.

10. Movie Nights – the PTO has purchased a license to show movies. We would like to
    try to schedule 5 of them this year – possibly at 1 on some Early Release Days. In
    order to make this work, we’ll HAVE to have parent involvement (teachers and staff
    will be in meetings, so can’t help). We need a 1/10 adult/child ratio. (next Early
    Release dates are: Tues Oct 11 & 25)
        a. Bill L will draft a letter inviting parents to volunteer chaperon one or more of
             these events
        b. Mr Painter will check with Blast Off Director, to see if we can have some Blast
             Off staff to supplement adult volunteers.
        c. Mr Painter will ask Mrs Johnson about having JMU Athletes and maybe Key
             Club kids help, as well
11. Game Night – is Friday, January 13th from 5-7pm. Sonali A will lead this up. We
    will all think about the night, and come with ideas to the next meeting.

12. Funky’s Skate Night – Currently scheduled for Feb & April. Should be able to get a
    3rd night free. Bill L will check with Dennis B to verify schedule and to check into
    scheduling a night in November or December.
13. P.E. Night – (December 8 – Mr Painter to confirm date) – Ms Toliver is planning
    this to include healthy food and activities. We’re encouraging everyone to come!

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