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									                                                                       ISSUE 18: March 2010.

                  European Groups currently looking for partners for

                           Action 1.1 Youth Exchanges Projects

                   Action 1.2 Transnational Youth Initiative Projects

                           Action 1.3 Youth Democracy Projects

Below there are 57 groups ready to develop Summer Youth Exchanges, 2 groups
searching for Transnational Youth Initiatives and 2 groups searching for partners
                        for Youth Democracy Projects.

   Remember - The host organisation applies on behalf of all partners for Youth


1. Chiro Calimero Calimero is a youth movement with 80 members from ages 6-18, which are
divided in separated groups by age. The eldest group, of five females and seven males aged
between 14 to 17 wish to develop an exchange on the topic of sport and games. They exact
programme can be developed with their partner.

When: Summer 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Joke Blockx and Jo Lernout

2. youth centre 'De Lochtink' Iisa youth centre ruled by youngsters for youngsters. The young
people aged 16 to 26 would like to develop a youth exchange in August on the topic of Youth
Cultures. Exchange topics could be visiting/ helping youth centres; workshop about typical
leisure activities for youngsters, city game to discover other subcultures, music quiz, discussion
about modern communication etc.

When: August 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Micheline De Kreijger and Carmen Roets

1. COALA is an environmental awareness based organisation that wishes to host a multilateral
exchange at the beginning of September 2010. The group is composed of five young people
aged between 17 and 22 years of age. The exchange aim would be to create awareness of
environmental issues through debates, excursions, plays and active participation.

When: 1st – 10th September (1st April or 1st June deadline)

Contact: Jean-Baptiste Bourgeois

2. Maison des Jeunes Jalhay-Sart is open to anyone aged between 12 and 26 years. They
organise cultural, sportive, artistic and intergenerational activities. Ten young people aged 13 to
20 years of age wish to take in part in a youth exchange in July/August. They are open to
exchange topics and see many possibilities in terms of cultural and sports activities as well as
discovering the area as part of the project.

When: July/ August 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Catherine Janssen

3. Miroir Vagabond Vagabond is based in a rural area in the south of Belgium for the past
twenty five years. The organisation has forty youth workers and have past experience in the
Youth in Action programme. The group consists of eight young people (4 male, 4 female) aged
between 14 -20 years. They wish to develop a youth exchange taking place in July or August for
two weeks duration and to create a theatre play with their partner. They are interested in both
hosting and sending youth exchanges.

When: July – August 2010. (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Sylvie Dardenne


SRPŠ is an organisation that works with the local school in terms of freetime and after school
activities such as choir, ceramics club and art club. The young people involved are aged 6-18.
They wish to host a youth exchange that will allow the young people to work together on taking
photos of old historical castles, tower, chateaus and forts and to create an exhibition which they
will present the public. The exchange will take place in July in Unicov, Olomouc and Prague.

When: July 2010. (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Kateřina Kuncová

1. Centre Social Soleil Saint Blaise opened in October 2005 and its aim is to provide activities
for all (kids, teenagers, adults and families) in the neighbourhood of Saint Blaise in Paris. These
activities include French courses for adults, school support, IT courses, gardening and other
activities during vacations.

The youth exchange project is planned for twelve young people aged 13 to 18.They wish to
travel to a youth exchange in the first week of July and have proposed setting up a project
around report photos. The idea is to make a report with another group ,to discover a new culture
and share their own and other activities.

When: July 2010. (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Juliette BAILLY

2. Communauté de Communes en Pays Saint Pourcinois have a group of twelve young
people aged from 13 to 20 years old. They hope to find a partner interested in organising a
bilateral exchange around the theme of “Life for young people in the countryside” during the
summer holidays. They would like to travel and then host their partner group.

When: July/ August 2010. (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Stéphane CHANET

3 LES FRANCAS DE L’ALLIER based in Vichy have some experience in European projects.
The group of twelve young people aged from 15 to 17 years is interested in Music, Circle arts,
Sport and Cultural activities. They already have partners from Romania and would like to
develop a trilateral youth exchange for July/ August.

When: July/ August 2010. (1stApril deadline)


4 Maison pour tous are a group of young people aged 18 that would like to develop a youth
exchange sharing hobbies and culture, for example by creating a short movie or taking
photographs. They are also interested in any project about art or nature, they are interested in
music (any kind, such as traditional music by foreign bands and groups) in theatre, in drawing,
in various media activities, in literature and in foreign traditions.

When: July/ August 2010. (1stApril deadline)

Contact: yamina zina
5 Office Martipontain Enfance et Jeunesse have a group of five girls aged 14 to 17, and
seven boys aged 13 to 17 that want to host a youth exchange involving the shooting of a
documentary “Being a european teenager, what does it mean? “ and taking time to explore
what local youth know about their local environment, about the school system, how do they
spend their time etc.

When: August 2010. (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Cathy Rivallin

6 Service Municipal Jeunesse de Fontenay-sous-Bois wish to host a bilateral or multilateral
youth exchange in August. Their group of ten young people aged between 14 and 17 want to
explore Intercultural Dialogue, Youth Participation and Cultural Diversity through film making,
visits, role plays and debates.

When: August 2010. (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Aly Ba : or

7.Angoul Loisirs is a youth association which includes a day nursery (from 3 months old to 3
years old), a day care centre and a youth project space (from 12 to 18 years old). The group of
six to eight young people aged from 12 to 17 years would like to travel to a Trilateral youth
exchange in July 2010 and host their partners in 2011 on themes such as Health Education,
Music, Racism, Environment or Sports.

When: July 2010. (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Vanessa Olivier

8. Aroven 63 is an educational association which develops sectors holidays, BAFA, school life
and Europe. The fifteen participants are young people of a partner city (Blanzat 63), mixed
gender aged from 14 to 17 years. The region they live in is mountainous and rich in springs,
lakes and systems around the water. The young people wish to host a bilateral exchange on the
subject of " The water and its importance given onto the térritoire ", its cycle and its varieties.

When: July/August 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Anthony Dosgheas

9. Maison des Provices is an association offering various activities such as painting, guitar,
theatre, English classes and a recreation centre to young people in the area. The youth group of
four girls aged 16 years would like to participate as a sending group to a trilateral or multilateral
youth exchange about traditions and culture or cooking or the discovery of monuments in July

When: July 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Marina MONTEIRO
10. Office of Culture, Sport and Recreation DUCOS is an organisation that supports
international youth exchanges for youth groups. The organisation is searching for partners for a
mixed gender group aged between 16 and 25, some of which are unemployed. The young
people are interested in travelling to a bilateral youth exchange on the theme of Arts and
Culture, or The Environment or Sports or supporting development projects in July- August 2010

When: July - August 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Sandra BLACODON-MITRAIL /

11. Centre Socioculturel Mireille Moyon has taken part in youth exchanges for many years.
This year they would like to be hosted, together with their Italian partners, whom they hosted
last year as part of a trilateral or multilateral youth exchange The group consists of twelve
French and twelve Italian young people aged between 15 and17 years. They want to focus their
work on the environment and nature, but are open to sport or theatre projects also. The main
focus is to open up new horizons for teenagers‟ .They currently host EVS volunteers so that the
teenagers they work with are sensitized to European openness.

When: July 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Linda Degoulet-Salinas,

12. Centre d'Animation Cantonal (CAC) is a socioculture centre and work with eleven young
people aged 13-15 years. The group live in a rural town, Surgères and would like to travel as
part of a youth exchange in July focussing on activities such as sports, circus, art and culture.

When: July 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Arnaud BRUYERON

13. Federation Des Centres Sociaux et Socioculturels deVaucluse are a non-profit-making
organisation, that works with a network of 13 “Social Centres” in the department of Vaucluse
(Avignon - South of France) The group consists of thirty young people aged between 12-17
years old, from different social centers which are located in disadvantaged areas. They would
like to organize an multilateral exchange with other countries under the theme of European
identity In July 2010 (from 5 to 9 July) or October 2010

When: July 2010 onwards (1st April deadline)

Contact: Mélanie ALAITRU
14. Foyer d’Apprentis et de Jeunes Travailleurs de Jolimont is a residential based
organisation for young workers aged between 16-25 years old. The organisation supports these
young people in three areas- Employment : help to find a job, workshops- Housing: help to find
accommodation, applications for subsidy and allowances and - Personal and cultural
development: cultural and sport activities.
They have a group of five young people aged 18-25 years old, particularly interested in
travelling to a youth exchange project about discrimination, immigration, cultural diversity, social
exclusion or about nature, outdoor activities and sustainable development. At the moment the
organisation hosts EVS volunteers from Turkey and Hungary.

When: July 2010 onwards (1st April deadline)

Contact: Nadia Abouzeid-Armati or Cloé Sabatier

15. Office Martipontain Enfance et Jeunesse consists of twelve young people (5 female, 7
male) aged between 13-17 years based close to Nantes that wish to develop a youth exchange
on exploring what young people know about their land and challenges of living on an island

The idea is also to show a video shot in France , Pont St Martin on the theme “Being a teenager
here, what does it mean?” and to exchange about teenagers in their landscape.

When: Last fortnight of August 2010 (1st April deadline)

Contact: Cathy Rivallin

16. Groupe Associatif de Pédagogie et d'Animation Sociale (GAPAS) develop cultural and
ecological activities for young people in the Bretagne region. The group of eight young people (4
boys, 4 girls) aged 14-17 years old want to develop a youth exchange for the first week of
August in the area of culture and the environment.

When: First week of August 2010 (1st April deadline)

Contact: Hélène LE JUGE

 17. INSTEP FORMATION is a vocational training centre which offers training to early school
leavers such as building and catering, as a step towards employment. The youth group scheme
"HORIZON" consists of fifteen young people aged from 18 to 25 years. As part of their training,
they must establish a collective project on the theme of sustainable development: conservation,
recycling, consumption, renewable energy and would like to do this by travelling on a youth

When: 1st – 15th July (1st April deadline)

Contact: Nouara AIT YAKOUB
18: Mission locale de la HAUTE GIRONDE is an organisation supporting unemployed young
people and early school leavers aged between 16 and 25, they support the young people with
training, career orientation, employment, health, housing, legal rights and mobility and are
based in the south west of FRANCE, near Bordeaux. A group consisting eight girls and boys
aged between 18 and 25 years would like to travel as part of a bilateral youth exchange
focussing customs and local traditions and exploring issues such as discrimination and racism.

When: Summer 2010 (1st April deadline)


19: Plouguerneau’s Town Council offers a youth club to young people in the area and they
take part in activities such as sports and leisure activities during the summer. The group of 15-
18year olds have past experience in youth exchanges and are interested in travelling to
another European Country and are open to ideas on the topic.

When: Summer 2010 (1st April deadline)

Contact: BOURHIS Félicien


Les Petits Debrouillards Normandie is an association that provides scientific and technical
activities and projects for children and youngsters, in order to discover sciences by using
games, to develop their understandings of the environment and their curiosity and to build their
freedom of expression and their citizenship. They often deal with eco-citizenship, sustainable
development and environmental issues. Last summer they developed and delivered a European
project dealing with eco-citizenship. They would like to develop a transnational youth initiative
project dealing with environment in Europe in an European country.

When: Summer 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Emeline CAIRON

Kolding Youth School are searching for four different countries in Europe each represented by
ten young people aged 14 to 17 plus two leaders to develop a youth exchange entitled
„Environment in action. Don‟t throw it and don‟t blow it‟

Cultural diversity, Environment, Education through sport and outdoor activities

Through a lot of outdoor activities –such as kayaking, rappelling, mountain biking, Viking
games, canoeing etc we will learn to take care of the nature and to take care of one another.
There will also be seminars with leaders from nature schools, youth leaders and young

When: Summer 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Michael Christensen,,


1.Malmi Youth Centre/ Helsinki City Youth Department consists of sixteen young people
aged between 14-17 years plus two leaders. They are interested about issues concerning
multiculturalism, social empowerment, equality, cultural diversities, raising awareness among
these issues and preventing prejudices. They wish to travel to a youth exchange at the end of
July or beginning of August.

When: July- August 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact:      Ms Carita ROSENQVIST

         Ms. Anne LAINE

2. Pitäjänmäki Youth Centre, team juniors have an active group of ten younger juniors in our
Youth Centre aged 12-14 years. They started a year ago when they took a part in a international
camp in Estonia with another local youth group. Now they are interested to experience a similar
kind of youth exchange in some other European countries. They haven‟t got any specific theme,
activity or favourite country yet so the group welcomes all ideas and organisations to build up
the exchange with us. And when the time is suitable they are ready to organise an international
youth exchange in Finland as a follow up activity.

When: Summer 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Mr Sami LEHTO or Ms. Anne LAINE

1. Valli Alpine is a non profit association based in Turin. They are working with a mixed gender
group aged between 14 and 19 years on the topic of recycling. They wish to develop a bilateral
youth exchange entitled „Re-create. Art of recycling‟ where they explore the laws relating to
waste and explore how rubbish is used in the world of art.

When: Summer 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Nicoletta Coppo

2. Unione Giovanile Troiana (UGT) is an independent group of students attending the
university and workers aged between 19 and 25 years old. The aim of their group is to realize
cultural activities focusing on the fight against war, intolerance, racism and every kind of
prejudice spreading intercultural dialogue and cooperation, and to show how young people can
contribute to making life better. They wish to host a youth exchange from end of July, early
August using theatre to create public awareness of poverty and social exclusion.

When: July- August 2010. (1st April deadline)

Contact: Sara Curci or Angelo Catalano

3 City of Acquavia Picena are a mixed gender group (10 Male, 10 Female) aged 14-18 years
that would like to develop a youth exchange on Active participation in local community and to
set up a small exhibition of products encouraging other young people to take part in active
citizenship and participatory democracy. They would also like to explore common values and
differences of each country.

When: July 2010. (1stApril deadline)


4 Clara Wieck Schumann Academy promotes the development of musical culture, organises
advanced level music lessons and organises concerts and, music lessons for children and
young people through their local authority. The group of fifteen young people wants to meet
young music students coming from different countries of Europe to lead them to play together in
an orchestra and chorus, so they can learn to appreciate diversity at the end of July in Italy.

When: 19-24 July 2010. (1stApril deadline)


5. ASPAL s.r.l. International Exchanges Office acts as both a sending and hosting
organisation for youth exchange for the past twenty years. The youth group of six young people
aged from 15 to 17 are interested in international activities, since they do not have many
possibilities to meet people form different countries and with different cultures. They are
interested in art, music, dance, theatre, sport and new media
When: July- August (1stApril deadline)


young people aged 15-22. They attend the youth centre based in the North East of Italy anda re
interested in sports and outdoor life. They would like to learn something new about different
cultures and countries also and are interested in developing a youth exchange for Summer

When: Summer/Autumn (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Selena Todesco TODESCO.S@GMAIL.COM

7. Miro Artificio organizes performances and artistic events in which music is mixed with
theatre and literature. They plan to host a youth exchange for 18-30 year olds who are
musicians, actors, clowns, mimes, dancers, acrobats, writers, poets, set designers, painters or

When: July- October (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Clarissa Bencini

8. Noeltan Institute promotes national and international in film training. They intend to host a
youth exchange centered on learning cinematographic and audiovisual language. They are
searching for groups of young people aged between 13 and 25 interested in developing a short
film on multiculturalism and freedom of expression.

When: Summer 2010 (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Giulio Catalano

9. IN PRIMIS onlus takes an active part in the PENTOLONE, a network of associations aimed
to develop social solidarity projects and enforce European cooperation in the field of youth
policies. They are a new group of nineteen young people (16-45 years old) and work in the field
of youth policies, justice and civil rights. They are looking for partner organisations to develop
cooperation in youth exchange projects, sharing best practices fostering European awareness.
The main aim of the project is to ensure the pro-active participation of young people with fewer
opportunities, most notably those with economic challenges or who have been victims of crime
or violence.

When: not detailed (1stApril deadline onwards)

Contact: Federico Tempestini

10. Municipality of Muros, Tissi, Usini and Cargeghe are four small Sardinian Municipalities
situated in rural areas of Sardinia. Their activities are based on recovery and preservation of
traditions, costumes, folk songs and dance. The group aged 13-25 years are interested in
hosting a youth exchange between July and November to explore culture and traditions. Their
main aim is to increase participation of young people in civic life, to become aware of different
social realities, to share experiences and learn from each other.

When: Between July and November (1stApril deadline)



Valli Alpine Progresso e formazione wish to develop a youth initiative project in partnership
with another European group. The group has twelve young people aged between 15 and
20.The proposed project “Re-create. Art of recycling” attempts to contribute in making the young
people sensitive and responsible to the theme of recycling, to re-enforce their civil
consciousness and teach the importance of the active and continuous role of the young
generation in their area. They would like to research current practices and laws in each country
and share realities to develop best practice in this area.

When: ASAP (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Nicoletta Coppo


Federazione Provinciale Mo.d.a.v.i is a non-profit association that wants to promote the value
of citizenship and active participation by voluntary action

Set up in September 1995 and spread over throughout the country, it aims to encourage
volunteering activity and support young peoples‟ education, social and political growth. They are
looking for partner groups and to work with young people aged 18 to 35.

When: ASAP (1stApril deadline)

Contact: Gennaro Antonio Rossi

1. The Colourfull Cat is a youth organisation with ten members interested in hosting a
multilateral youth exchange participants aged between 16 and 19 years old(4 participants +
group leader from 5 different countries) The youth exchange “Feel it” will explore how people
can use their five senses. The goal of this project is create an environment, where people from
different cultures through their five senses can better to get to know themselves and other

When: August 2010 (1st April deadline)

Contact: Iluta Mežule

2.Euroclub are a group of fifteen young people aged between 14 and 18 years that have
developed projects in the past. They want to take part in a youth exchange project about
educational system in other countries and exchange in Summer or Autumn this year.

When: Summer/Autumn 2010 (1st April deadline)

Contact: Vita Ozola

3. Futbola Centrs LLU would like to send/host a group of ten young people aged between 14
abd 18 years old, to participate in a multilateral youth exchange related to football, healty
lifestyle, discussions, how to spend our active leisure time (as a means of intercultural learning
/ non-fromal education), in the summer 2010.

When: Summer 2010 (1st April deadline)

Contact: Lauris Lauskis


1. Ignalina community centre “Bruknelė” develop activities with young people aged from 8 to
24. They develop activities to reduce social isolation such as art, theatre, music, tourism
projects, children and youth summer camps and training courses. As part of a youth exchange
to take part from 5th – 14th July they would like to invite young people who are interested in their
national folklore: music and handicrafts. play musical instruments or perform his/her country
music to take part. Participants should know some handicrafts. All would record a CD of their
national music and some pieces created or improvised during the exchange. They would will
learn from each other to make small details of their national costumes or other kind of
handicrafts and try to fit them in their everyday clothes and life.

When: 5-14 July 2010 (1st April deadline)

Contact: Astra Daugėlienė
2. Sustainable life youth group is interested in the environment and annually participates in a
summer camp in environmental topics. The group are young people aged 12 -16 and they wish
to host a multilateral exchange with five countries in August on the topic of the environment and
sustainable living.

When: 17-21 August (1st April deadline)

Contact: Jurate Morkvenaite


1. Borger Odoorn is a youth group of twelve young people aged between 14 and 16 years. The
group hosted a group from Spain last year and wants to travel on a bilateral exchange in July
2010. No theme has been decided yet, but the young people are interested in sport and cultural

When: July 2010(1st April deadline)

Contact Dorien Streutker

2 Surplus welzijn is a welfare organization, and it encourages people to socialize in Breda and
participate actively in the society. They want to organise an international exchange between
young adults aged 14 to 23 years old and in cooperation with three or four other countries. The
purpose of the exchange is to get to know the youth work and the culture of the Netherlands.

The exchange would last approx eight days, including the travel days, in the week of 23rd
August .If the exchange is experienced as a success, they would like to develop the exchange
in the future.

When: week of 23rd August 2010(1st April deadline)

Contact: Eva Luijten


1. Årnes Ungdomskafe is a youth group from a town just 1 hour outside of Oslo. The mixed
gender group, aged 15-20 meet afterschool hours, and are active with various outdoor activities
(rock climbing, ice climbing, fishing, hiking, skiing, BMX, canoeing etc.)They would like to send a
group to host country in Autumn this year and host the following year. The exchange could
focus on outdoor adventure, intercultural learning, tolerance, integration, environmental
sustainability, and cultural diversity.

When: Autumn 2010(1st April deadline)

Contact: Jonathan Frænkel-Eidse
2. “Kortfilmklubben Habitus is a mixed gender group of eighteen young people aged between
19 and 22 years of age. The group is interested in film making and movie techniques and wish
to exchange with others that have a similar interest. They have good leadership practice and
share activities through task groups.

When: not detailed (1st April deadline onwards)

Contact: Juliane Kravik,


1. BEST FRIENDS are a group of ten young people aged 15 to 19, based in a suburb of
Krackow. Their organisation aims to maintain national traditions, develop interest in current
social and political reality of Poles, promote regional and Polish culture and promote active
involvement and human rights. The group wish to participate in a youth exchange on cultural
heritage at the beginning of July.

When: Early July 2010(1st April deadline)

Contact: Joanna Zawadzinska-Zyra

2. European Young Club are a group ofsixteen young people aged between 16 and 20 that
wants to cooperate with another European country to exchange experience and knowledge
about youth lifestyles and problems of young people around Europe

When: Open (1st April deadline onwards)

Contact: Ewa Wrobel

3. Foundation “Dream Young” is an NGO founded in 2009 to develop alternative forms of
leisure activities for young people. The group of twenty young people aged from 13 to 23 would
like to find partners to develop a youth exchange on the subject of water and sailing.

When: July – November 2010 (1st April deadline onwards)

Contact: Andrzej Smagur

4. Publiczne Gimnazjum im. Obrońców Ziemi Radzanowskiej w Rogolinie work with young
people doming from rural areas who are interested In promoting local culture, especially
dancing. The group of twenty four young people aged 13-14 come from a small village in the
centre of Poland and would like to develop a youth exchange about traditional dance between
Sept 2010 and January 2011.

When: Sept 2010 – Jan 2011 (1st April deadline onwards)

Contact: Marta Kołtun & Agnieszka Neska

5. Regional Voluntary Centre in Elblag supporting young people with disabilities or children
from foster families. The entre also arranges trainings and meetings for people who wants to
help others. Their exchange group is young people aged 16 to 20 who want to explore how to
work with children with difficulties and disabilities and to exchange experience of volunteers
from different countries.

When: August 2010 (1st April deadline)

Contact: Joanna Szatanik

6. Stowarzyszenie Polska Lokalna is a community development association, promoting their
area, supporting young people in employment opportunities and organising voluntary and social
activities. The youth group aged from 16 to 30 want to develop a youth exchange using either
sports, music and exploring education, politics, culture, environment, social difficulties or

When: Spring/Summer (1st April deadline)

Contact: Emil Barclay

7. Young Architects are a group of students of Zespol Szkol Budowlanych (The Complex of
Building Secondary Schools). They are interested in building, construction and architecture. The
group of twelve young people are aged between 16 and 19 and would like to visit another group
interested in Architecture and its history; building and construction.

When: September to June (1st April deadline)

Contact: Anna Krajewska


The Psychology and Educational Sciences Students Association are a group of students
aged 18-25 years. They wish to develop a youth exchange focussing on the migration of
homeless people. They want to explore methods to support homeless people and strategies for
them to find a place to live in their own country. They wish to do activities such as: workshops
with homeless people and with people who are in touch with programmes made for them, work
together with homeless people, visit places where they stay or sleep, initiate a campaign for
increasing people‟s awareness.

When: July- October 2010 (1st April deadline)

Contact: Maria Sandu
2. Association « The Butterflies-Les Pappilons » are interested in activities like: Media, Art
and Culture, Environment, Heritage protection, Rural development, Urban development,
Democracy, Equal opportunities, Anti-drugs/substance abuse, Youth information, Youth sports,
Media and communications/Youth information, European awareness. The youth group aged
between 13 and 25 would like to visit your group and develop a youth exchange project on any
of the above subjects.

When: not detailed(1st April deadline onwards)



The Muscel Association for Education and Culture Cultural are based in a small mountain
town and are interested in working with similar groups to exchange information on Roman
heritage, spirituality, historical personalities, important events in the community‟s history,
interwar architecture, art and culture and geography. The young people are aged between 15
and 25 and come from ethnic minority backgrounds.

When: not detailed (1st April deadline onwards)



SEVELIM & SEVILELIM are a group of twelve young people aged between 13 and 17. They
wish to develop a youth exchange to broaden their horizpns and explore issues of tolerance and
respect. The group are young secondary and high school students facing challenges such as
poverty, learning disabilities and minorities backgrounds.

When: Between July and September (1st April deadline onwards)

                                       So what next?
1.   Take a look at the deadline dates and the activity period they relate to below.

      This is for all applications (Feasibility Visits, Youth Exchanges etc):

      1st February – Activities starting between 1st May and 30th September

      1st April – Activities starting between 1st July and 30th November

      1st June – Activities starting between 1st September and 31st January

      1st September – Activities starting between 1st December and 30th April

      1st November – Activities starting between 1st February and 31st July

2.   If you find a group here that looks interesting, make contact directly by e-mail / phone and
     explain your group – age, interests, motivation. Discuss possible dates, who will be the
     hosting group and who might travel. Contact phone numbers and further details on groups
     can be obtained, so please contact me with details of which group you require further
     detail on.

3.   Visit for all application forms, and a copy of the programme

4.   Consider applying for funding under Action 4.3 Feasibility Visits in order to meet to discuss
     a possible youth exchange project. The hosting group must apply for a Feasibility Visit.

5.   Please contact Trisha at the National Agency if you want to discuss your project idea or
     any aspect of applying for funding: Tel: 01 8731411 or e-mail

6.   If you are still searching for a partner organisation, please visit the partner finding section
     of our website and register on www.

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