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39 UAS 2.7 Funding for BiodieselatMIT


									                UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION                        CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS 02139
                OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER                                  ROOM W20-401 (617) 253-2696

                           39 U.A.S. 2.7
        Resolution for MIT to Provide Expedited Funding to
 Biodiesel@MIT Group for the Installation of a Biodiesel Processor
Whereas, the student group Biodiesel@MIT has clearly demonstrated its ongoing and firm
      commitment to installing and operating a biodiesel processor on the MIT campus; and

Whereas, Biodiesel@MIT has successfully raised the money necessary to purchase the biodiesel
      processor through its 1st place finish in the $25,000 GE/mtvU Ecomagination Challenge
      in the Spring of 2007; and

Whereas, space for the working biodiesel processor has been identified and analyzed by the
      necessary MIT administrators; and

Whereas, additional funding of $12,500 is needed to prepare the location for the installation of
      the biodiesel processor; and

Whereas, President Hockfield has made it a central goal of the MIT Energy Initiative for MIT to
      “Walk the Talk” in regard to its own energy footprint; and

Whereas, a working biodiesel processor would produce up to 6,500 gallons of climate friendly
      biodiesel annually for use in the diesel-powered Tech Shuttles; and

Whereas, Biodiesel@MIT enjoys the widespread support of the undergraduate student body, the
      faculty, and the administration;

Be it resolved by the Undergraduate Association assembled in Senate:

That funding of the facilities renovations needed for the installation of a working biodiesel
       processor be expedited by the MIT administration; and

That $1250 be taken from the Fresh Fund to support this project; and

That the MIT administration make all efforts to carry out the installation of the processor by the
       end of the 2007 calendar year and actively support efforts of the student body in
       promoting its energy initiative.

Respectfully submitted,

Austin Oehlerking, UA Campus Sustainability Committee Chair
Joe Roy-Mayhew, Biodiesel@MIT Lead Organizer
Erik Stafl, UA Senator from New House
  _________________________                                    _________________________
       Irina D. Shklyar '09                                         Martin Holmes „08
       UA Senate Speaker                                              UA President

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