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					                                           ACTIVE LIVING
                                         Dog Massage $75

                                        Just like people, our dogs can suffer from
                                        physical and emotional tensions that cause
                                        pain and discomfort. In this class, learn
   Composting At Home                   the uses of massage to relax and bond with
                                        your dog. This class teaches the benefits of
Composting is a natural process of      massage and provides the dos and don’ts for
decay that results in a nutrient-rich   handling your pet.
soil conditioner. By composting,
we can decrease the amount                                                              Knitting and Crocheting                    $76
                                        Parkview Activity Centre
of material that ends up in our                                                         This course will teach participants of all levels
                                        » Oct 4-Nov 1                  7:00-9:00 PM
landfill. Recycling our organic

                                          Tue                                178386     knitting and crocheting and leave you feeling
and green waste also allows us                                                          confident enough to complete a project.
                                        Instructor:                       Bev Ohms
to create a valuable resource                                                           Participants will be able to read a pattern
to benefit our gardens, lawns,                                                           and understand all knitting and crocheting
shrubbery, and flower beds. Done         Honeybees and Food Security             $15
                                        Learn about honeybees and the crucial role      abbreviations and techniques. Come out and
right, your compost will not smell,                                                     enjoy this social outing.
attract unwanted animals, or            they play in bringing food to your plate. The
require a lot of work.                  workshop will focus on developing a basic       South Kamloops Sec. School
                                        understanding of the biology of honeybees       » Sep 27-Nov 1           7:00-9:00 PM
Why Compost?                            and the role they play in food production         Tue                          178687
• Reduces household solid waste         and as pollinators. Visit a beehive and
   (30-50%)                             understand how this incredible creature
                                        interacts with the environment. Led by          ARTS AND CULTURE
• Reduces odours from garbage
                                        experienced beekeepers.
• Improves soil texture and fertility                                                   A Course in Colour Mixing                 $110
• Improves water retention and                                                          This course is for painters who have all
   drainage in soil                                                                     the paints but don’t know how to mix the
                                                                                        right colours. Learn the basics of colour
• Suppresses weeds                                                                      mixing and the understanding of greys,
• Improves plants health                                                                colourful darks, colour contrast, etc. You
                                                                                        will be painting a few small pictures using
What is Compostable?
                                                                                        the mixing techniques learned. You will feel
• Fruits and vegetables                                                                 much more confident when approaching your
• Coffee grounds and filters                                                             chosen subject matter after learning how to
                                                                                        mix the colours you envision.
• Rinsed egg shells
                                                                                        Hal Rogers
• Wood chips
                                                                                        » Oct 15-16                  9:30 AM-3:30 PM
• Newspaper                                                                               Sat-Sun                             177632
• Lint from dryer                       Kamloops Museum                                 Instructor:                     Debbie Milner
                                        » Sep 17                  9:45 AM-12:15 PM
• Grass, leaves, and yard waste           Sat                               178684      NEW! Acrylic Abstraction                  $110
What Should Not be                                                                      This is a fun course is for non-painters and
Composted?                              Introduction to                                 painters alike. If you have always wanted to
The following can attract pests like    Avalanche Awareness                     $30     try to paint but were reluctant to try, this is
rodents and flies and can cause          Join a professional member of the Canadian      the course for you! Debbie will take a realistic
odour problems:                         Avalanche Association for an introduction to    subject matter and simplify and abstract it for
                                        the basics of avalanche awareness and safety.   a painting. Learn colour mixing, texturing,
• Meat and bones                                                                        glazing, and other acrylic techniques. You
                                        Have your questions answered and try out
• Dairy products                        some of the essential survival equipment        will go home with a finished painting to hang
                                        used in companion rescues.                      on your wall! Minimum supplies needed.
• Fats and oils
                                        Yacht Club                                      Hal Rogers
• Cooked foods
                                        » Nov 5                   9:00 AM-12:00 PM      » Nov 5-6                    9:00 AM-4:00 PM
• Pet waste                               Sat                               178385        Sat-Sun                             177633
                                                                                        Instructor:                     Debbie Milner

                                                                         250.828.3500                  31
     NEW! Exploring Collage                            Pottery: Intro to Handbuilding $40               Watercolour - Beginner                    $85
     and Mixed Media Art                       $45     Local artisan Kathleen Raven teaches basic       An introduction to watercolour using the
     Come explore a wide variety of mediums            techniques in this workshop for all ages.        actual techniques of the masters. Emphasis
     to create amazing art decor for your home.        Embrace creativity and freedom of expression     is on using fun projects to learn wet on wet,
     During each workshop, you will create your        by working with clay. Each workshop will         glazing, negative painting skills, and much
     own unique art project. All supplies are          have a different focus, from wall decor to       more. No drawing experience needed! Basic
     included.                                         sculptures and pinched pots to masks. All        materials are $16 extra or bring your own.
                                                       supplies are included.                           Heritage House
     Heritage House
     Wooden House                             $45                                                       » Oct 18-Nov 15                 7:00-9:00 PM
                                                       Parkview Activity Centre                           Tue                                 179036
     » Oct 12                        6:45-9:45 PM
                                                       Clay Mask                                        Instructor:                       Susan Knox
       Wed                                 179045
                                                       » Oct 4-11                     7:00-8:00 PM
     Mixed Media Collage                                 Tue                                179933      RL Clemitson Elem. School
     on Canvas                                $45                                                       » Oct 13-Nov 10           7:00-9:00 PM
                                                       Pinched Clay Pot                                   Thu                           179037
     » Oct 24                        6:45-9:45 PM
                                                       » Oct 20-27                    7:00-8:00 PM      Instructor:                 Susan Knox
       Mon                                 179047
                                                         Thu                                179934
     Wooden Inspirational Doll          $45
     » Nov 9                   6:45-9:45 PM            Clay Wall Decor
       Mon                           179048            » Nov 1-8                      7:00-8:00 PM
                                                         Tue                                180282
     Mixed Media Fabric Pillow          $50
     » Nov 15                  6:45-9:45 PM            Clay Bust
       Wed                           179046            » Nov 17-24                   7:00-8:00 PM
     Instructor:               Carol Gourley             Thu                               180283
                                                       Instructor:                  Kathleen Raven
     Oil Painting with
     Lynda Boutiler                          $120      NEW! Simplified and
                                                       Spontaneous Painting                   $110
     For beginning and intermediate artists, this      Do you find yourself locked into painting
     program will provide hands-on experience          every detail you see? This course will help
     working with oil paints. The student will         you paint in a more spontaneous, fresh way!      NEW! Acoustic Blues
     hone observation skills and learn the             The techniques Debbie shares will help you       Guitar Workshop - Beginners               $50
     techniques of drawing, design, balance,           paint your subject matter in a more painterly    A two-hour workshop for beginner guitar
     contrast, underpainting, colour mixing and        manner by simplifying shapes of colour and       players interested in getting an understanding
     application, and finishing while producing a       value, focusing on brushwork and edges, and      of acoustic blues basics. Participants will
     complete painting in oil. Tips will be included   seeing/painting only what is necessary. A        learn some introductory theory, chords, and
     on preserving and framing the finished             good painting always leaves some elements        techniques that will set them on the path
     painting.                                         for the viewer to imagine. Several small         of playing confidently. This is an excellent
                                                       paintings will be finished. Acrylic or oils can   primer to the more advanced Acoustic Blues
     Parkview Activity Centre                          be used.
     » Oct 13-Nov 17           1:00-3:00 PM                                                             Guitar Workshop.
       Thu                           179034            Hal Rogers                                       Parkview Activity Centre
     Instructor:              Lynda Boutilier          » Dec 3-4                  9:00 AM-4:00 PM       » Oct 18                  7:00-9:00 PM
                                                         Sat-Sun                           177634         Tue                           177133
                                                       Instructor:                   Debbie Milner      Instructor:              Trevor Caswell

                                                       NEW! Soft Pastel with                            NEW!   Acoustic           Blues       Guitar
                                                       Lynda Boutilier                        $120      Workshop                                $90
                                                       Lynda will lead participants through an          This four-hour workshop will provide
                                                       exploration of soft pastel. Participants will    participants with an excellent foundation in
                                                       receive an engaging, hands-on experience         finger style acoustic blues. Chords, rhythm,
                                                       with the basic pastel techniques of layering     soloing, and independence between thumb
                                                       and blending to create depth and visual          and fingers will be taught. Participants will
                                                       interest. Supplies are extra.                    gain an understanding of blues basics and the
                                                       Norkam Sec. School                               skills to confidently play acoustic blues guitar
                                                       » Oct 19-Nov 23                7:00-9:00 PM      on their own and with other musicians.
                                                         Wed                                179035      Parkview Activity Centre
                                                       Instructor:                   Lynda Boutilier    » Oct 22                9:00 AM-1:00 PM
                                                                                                          Sat                             177132
                                                                                                        Instructor:                Trevor Caswell

Guitar - Level 1                          $65     Photography:                                     NEW! Photography:
Have you always wanted to play guitar, but        Basic Digital Part II                    $20     Sunrise Workshop                          $50
never got around to actually getting started?     This class builds on the information provided    Sunrise, what beautiful light there is. Learn
In this fun, non-intimidating setting, you will   in Part I. You will learn some tips for depth    how and when to capture those spectacular
learn the very basics of playing guitar. This     of field, flash, night photography, flower          sunrise moments. You will learn how to
will include identification of the parts of the    photography, and using other equipment.          optimize your tripod, filters, and other
guitar, learning some chords, and learning                                                         special gear. Light waits for no one, so we’ll
                                                  Norkam Sec. School
some simple melodies.                                                                              be leaving promptly. Grab your coffee and
                                                  » Oct 20                       7:00-8:00 PM
Norkam Sec. School                                  Thu                                177686      bring all of your gear for an enlightening
» Oct 17-Nov 28                 7:00-8:00 PM      Instructor:                        Ken Wou       morning.
  Mon                                 177832                                                       Location to be Determined
Instructor:                       Tina Hebner     Photography:                                     » Sep 18                  5:30-7:30 AM
                                                  Intermediate Digital                     $20       Sun                           177682
Guitar - Level 2                          $65     If you’ve taken Basic Digital Photography        Instructor:                   Ken Wou

This program is intended for beginners who        Parts I and II, this is the next step for
have had a small amount of experience on          you. Learn about white balance, exposure,
                                                                                                   NEW! Photography:
guitar and would like to learn a bit more.        flash photography, other techniques, and
                                                  equipment to improve your images. Learn
                                                                                                   Sunset Workshops                          $50
Participants should feel comfortable playing                                                       Beautiful sunsets need to be captured. In
a few chords prior to taking this class. The      about filters, tripod use, reflectors, and
                                                                                                   this workshop, you will learn how to use your
group will learn some basic chord progressions    buying used equipment. It truly is the next
                                                                                                   tripod to get longer exposures and use camera
and a scale. They will also learn a song and      step.
                                                                                                   filters. You will also learn how to ‘paint’ with
explore finger picking techniques.                 Norkam Sec. School                               light. Let’s get some nice silky water shots
                                                  » Nov 29                       7:00-8:00 PM      and look for some nice silhouettes.
Norkam Sec. School                                  Tue                                177791
                                                                                                   Riverside Park
» Oct 17-Nov 28                 8:15-9:15 PM      Instructor:                        Ken Wou
                                                                                                   » Oct 2                         5:30-7:30 PM
  Mon                                 177835      Photography: Canon                                 Sun                                 177683
Instructor:                       Tina Hebner     Digital Cameras and                              Instructor:                         Ken Wou
                                                  Zoom Browser                             $20
Photography:                                      Do you have a Canon digital camera? If
Basic Digital Part I                      $20     so, you probably have the free software
                                                  program Zoom Browser and therefore do
Did you get a digital camera for your birthday    not need Photoshop. Learn how to use the
or for Christmas? Do you want to take better      software features including removing red
pictures? Do you want to learn about the          eye, darkening and lightening images, and
different modes and what they do? Learn           cropping. Learn different ways of organizing
how to get better everyday shots (e.g. sports,    your pictures in your computer and sending
nature, and landscapes). We will also cover       them in an email.
other topics and answer your questions.           Sahali Sec. School
Norkam Sec. School                                » Nov 1                        7:00-8:00 PM
» Oct 18                        7:00-8:00 PM        Tue                                177688
  Tue                                 177684      Instructor:                        Ken Wou
Instructor:                         Ken Wou
                                                  Photography:                                     Ph t      h
                                                  People and Portraits                   $100      The Basics of Photoshop                   $20
                                                  This course is for those who understand how      This is an introductory level course that
      REDUCE ~ REUSE ~ RECYCLE                    their cameras work and want to refine their       applies to Photoshop, Elements and other
                                                  photography. You will learn how to compose       similar software.     Learn basic editing
     Dripping taps are a major cause of
                                                  images in a deliberate way and explore           features such as removing red eye, cropping,
  wasted water and can also cause water           strategies to create pleasing portraits while    removing wrinkles, and taking someone
  damage in the home. Fixing a dripping           ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone,     out of the photo. You will also learn some
                                                  including you! You will be introduced to         common quick fixes to sharpen your photos
  tap can save up to 300 litres of quality        off-camera flash and learn how to use             and enhance the colour, as well as how to
        BC drinking water per week                professional lighting techniques as well as      add objects to the photos.
                                                  how to build an effective lighting system with
                                                  minimal investment.                              Sahali Sec. School
                                                                                                   » Nov 15                        7:00-8:00 PM
                                                  Old Courthouse                                     Tue                                 177690
                                                  » Oct 20-Nov 10                7:00-9:00 PM      Instructor:                         Ken Wou
                                                    Thu                                177691
                                                  Instructor:                    Ray Perreault

                                                                                   250.828.3500                 33
                                        Photography: Point and Shoot                      Museum - Archives Orientation $10
                                        Camera - Simply                                   Learn about the Mary Balf Archives located
                                        the Basics                   $20                  in the Kamloops Museum. Join the staff and
                                        This is your time to learn the basics of your     explore all of the treasures located in the
                                        point and shoot camera. You will discover         Archives. Discover how it can assist you
                                        what the dials, menus, and buttons do to          in your historical research, learn what is
                                        control the basic features of your camera.        available, and have fun.
                                        You will also find out how to get your pictures    Kamloops Museum
                                        to your computer and what you can do with         » Oct 15                    10:00-11:30 AM
                                        them. This class is simply the basics.              Sat                               177237
        The Four R’s of                 Sahali Sec. School
       Water Conservation               » Oct 4                         7:00-8:00 PM      Museum Guided Tour                        $4
     Restore                              Tue                                 177789      Join Museum staff for a guided tour of all the
     Fix leaks                          Instructor:                         Ken Wou       latest exhibits, galleries, and displays. Gain
     • Leaking taps are a major                                                           a greater understanding and appreciation of
       cause of wasted water and        Cemetery Walking                                  Kamloops’ history, learn about the lives of
       can also cause water damage                                                        local pioneers, and hear some interesting
                                        Tour - Museum                            $10
       in your home. Fixing a           Dead but not forgotten! Join the Kamloops         stories.
       dripping tap can save up to      Museum & Archives for a guided tour of the
       300 L of drinking water per      Pleasant Street Cemetery where you will learn     Kamloops Museum
       week.                            about various historical icons and famous         » Sep 24                       2:30-3:30 PM
     Reduce                             people of our past. Discover all of the stories     Sat                                177236
     Use less water                     that lie beneath and hear some local tales.
     • Turn off the tap while           We will also be visiting the cemetery for the     Underwater Archaeology Talk at the
       brushing your teeth or           Provincial Home for Old Men and discussing        Museum                          $7
       shaving.                         the Kamloops Gaol.                                This presentation given by the Underwater
     • Fill a jug full of water and                                                       Archaeological Society of BC will introduce
                                        Pleasant Street Cemetery
       keep it in the fridge instead                                                      underwater archaeology, what interesting
                                        » Nov 9                  6:30-8:00 PM
       of waiting for water to get                                                        artifacts they are looking for, and what
                                          Wed                          177436
       cold from the tap.                                                                 has been discovered. Dive in and discover
     • Do not use your toilet as a                                                        something new at the Kamloops Museum &
                                        Haunted Kamloops Tour                             Archives!
       trash can.                       with the Museum                          $15
     • Sweep your driveway instead      Join the Kamloops Museum on a haunted             Kamloops Museum
       of hosing it.                    tour that will explore scary burial grounds,      » Sep 22                       6:30-7:30 PM
     • Water your lawn only when it     historical spooky spots and various locations       Thu                                178285
       needs water.                     where the echoes of hangings, murders and         Spanish - Beginner                      $80
     • Recycle water to use for         forgotten souls can still be heard creeping       This is a fun and informal class that will
       other applications      any time of the day or night.         get you practising your Spanish skills. This
     • Don’t dump a half empty
                                        Kamloops Museum                                   program is designed for individuals who have
       glass of water down the
                                        » Oct 26                        6:00-8:00 PM      little or no experience. You will learn basic
       drain; put it in a pet bowl or
                                          Wed                                 178290      Spanish grammar and how to read, write,
       plant.                                                                             and speak Spanish.
     • Reuse water from washing off     » Oct 26                        6:30-8:30 PM
       fruits and vegetables to water     Wed                                 178291      South Kamloops Sec. School
       plants.                                                                            » Oct 3-31               7:00-9:00 PM
                                        » Oct 27                        6:00-8:00 PM        Mon, Wed                     178132
     • Collect rainwater in a rain        Thu                                 178292
       barrel for watering your                                                           Instructor:               Emma Molina
       plants and lawn.                 » Oct 27                        6:30-8:30 PM
                                          Thu                                 178293      Spanish - Intermediate                  $85
     Reuse                                                                                This program will build on the skills learned
     Install water-saving devices       » Oct 28                        6:00-8:00 PM
                                                                                          in the beginner Spanish class or if you feel
     • A low-flow toilet can save          Fri                                 178294
                                                                                          you are ready for an intermediate class.
       you up to 14 L each time you     » Oct 28                        6:30-8:30 PM      Intermediate Spanish is designed for those
       flush.                              Fri                                 178295      wanting to improve their conversational
     Retrofit                            » Oct 29                        6:00-8:00 PM      skills.
     • Install low-flow shower heads       Sat                                 178297      South Kamloops Sec. School
        and tap aerators that create                                                      » Nov 7-30               7:00-9:00 PM
        water savings.                  » Oct 29                        6:30-8:30 PM
                                          Sat                                 178298        Mon, Wed                     178183
                                                                                          Instructor:               Emma Molina

                                                 COMMUNITY                                       COOKING
                                                 DEVELOPMENT                                     Cooking 101
       REDUCE ~ REUSE ~ RECYCLE                                                                  Get Back to Basics                      $45
                                                 Effective Fundraising - Workshop
                                                                                                 Are you suddenly responsible for preparing
     Bring your own reuseable cloth bags         $20
                                                                                                 and cooking your own meals or do you simply
             grocery shopping.                   This workshop is designed to empower you
                                                                                                 want to learn the basics? This class focuses
                                                 to fundraise with greater confidence and
   Pack yourself a ‘litter-free’ lunch, use a                                                    on teaching the very essentials of cooking
                                                 effectiveness. You will discover innovative
 reusable container, water bottle and utensils                                                   and will build confidence for the reluctant or
                                                 new strategies to achieve extraordinary
                                                                                                 hesitant cook.
                                                 fundraising results and learn to design
      Donate unwanted items to charity           successful fundraising strategies.              South Kamloops Sec. School
                                                                                                 » Oct 4-25               6:00-8:00 PM
                                                 Hal Rogers
                                                                                                   Tue                          178682
                                                 » Oct 22                  9:30 AM-12:30 PM

                                                   Sat                               178888
                                                                                                 Greek Cuisine                           $45
                                                                                                 Explore Greek food as a wonderful mix of
                                                                                                 European and oriental dishes. Learn how
Woodworking:                                                                                     to prepare delicious, traditional Greek food
Entry Table                           $392                                                       using various techniques.
In this introduction to woodworking, the                                                         Sahali Sec. School
focus will be on the safe use of machinery                                                       » Nov 14                       6:00-8:00 PM
and the development of the skills needed to                                                        Mon                                178876
build furniture as you build your own entry
table. Supplies are included.
                                                                                                 Indian Cooking:
Lost in the Wood Work Studio                                                                     Butter Chicken                          $45
» Nov 19-Dec 17        9:00 AM-2:00 PM                                                           Using traditional Indian spices such as garam
  Sat                           179783                                                           masala, curry paste, coriander, and cumin,
Instructor:              Andrew Coates           Effective Grant                                 this class will teach you how to make butter
                                                 Writing - Workshop                      $20     chicken, rice pulao, and curried red lentils.
Woodworking:                                     Discover key elements to successful             Enjoy the tastes of India!
Picture Frame                     $152.32        grant writing. This workshop will provide       South Kamloops Sec. School
In this introduction to woodworking, the         information for individuals and organizations   » Dec 8             6:00-9:00 PM
focus will be on the safe use of machinery       that highlight the important details, as well     Thu                     178842
and the development of skills for the basics     as provide tips and tricks to succeed in a
of fine woodworking as you build one or two       complex and ever changing world of grant        Japanese Cooking:
picture frames from rough wood. Supplies         writing. Our goal is to empower you with        Sushi Making                            $45
are included.                                    specialized knowledge and techniques to         Sushi is a Japanese style of cooking. In this
Lost in the Wood Work Studio                     unlock your funding potential.                  class, you will learn the complete process of
» Oct 18-Nov 3            6:30-8:30 PM           Parkview Activity Centre                        making sushi rolls from cooking the rice to
  Tue, Thu                      179782           » Oct 5                        6:30-9:30 PM     cutting the sushi. Impress your friends and
Instructor:              Andrew Coates             Wed                                178887     family with healthy, homemade sushi rolls,
                                                                                                 without the additional costs of takeout!
Woodworking:                                     Effective Media and Marketing -                 Sahali Sec. School
Tool Box                              $364       Workshop                    $20                 » Oct 19                       6:00-9:00 PM
The focus of this course will be the panel       Social media has added a new, powerful set        Wed                                178797
construction. We will be looking at breaking     of tools to your marketing toolbox, making it
                                                 easier to meet and develop relationships with   » Nov 17                       6:00-9:00 PM
out and laminating panels; the construction                                                        Thu                                178798
of dust sleeves, dados, and rabbets; and         people online that were once out of reach for
dovetails. Allthough a beginner could take       many small organizations. How you integrate
this course, it is recommended that the          these tools into your marketing plan will
picture frame or entry table course be taken     make the difference between a successful
first.                                            marketing strategy and an overwhelming
Lost in the Wood Work Studio
» Sep 17-Nov 5         9:00 AM-3:00 PM            Parkview Activity Centre
  Sat                           179784           » Oct 26              6:30-9:30 PM
Instructor:              Andrew Coates             Wed                       178889

                                                                                          / ec eation
                                                                                                                250 828 3500                35
     Learn to Cook Soups                        $45   DANCING                                          Scottish Country Dancing                  $78
     Learn how to prepare economical soups, as                                                         Scottish country dancing is the social dance
     they should be, with maximum taste and           NEW! Balkan Folk Dance                    $65    of Scotland. You don’t have to be a Scot
     minimum prep. Perfect timing for the cooler      In this recreational dance program, you will     to find your foot tapping to the irresistible
     months!                                          be introduced to a variety of line dances from   rhythms of stirring reels and haunting
     Sahali Sec. School                               Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia,     strathspeys. Scottish country dancing is
     » Nov 22-Dec 13                6:00-8:00 PM      Croatia, and Romania. No partners are            a fun activity enjoyed by many thousands
       Tue                                178854      necessary. Most dances are easy and can be       worldwide. Come alone or bring a partner
                                                      learned in one or two nights.                    and wear something comfortable with soft,
                                                                                                       flat shoes.
     Mexican Cuisine                            $45   Westmount Elem. School
     Learn to cook healthy, authentic Mexican         » Oct 12-Nov 30          7:00-9:00 PM            Stuart Wood Elem. School
     dishes perfect for everyday meals, parties,        Wed                          179039            » Sep 27-Jan 24               7:30-9:30 PM
     or just for fun as a cooking gathering with      Instructor:        Sandra Frangiadakis             Tue-Wed                            178185
     family and friends.                                                                               Instructor:    Ena Fraser, Bill Flynn, David
                                                      Beginner Belly Dance                             McKinnon
     Sahali Sec. School
     » Oct 3                        6:00-8:00 PM      with Rosi
       Mon                                178859      Experience modern and traditional style belly
                                                      dance as well as tribal fusion elements. We
                                                      include isolations, technique drills, layering
     Thai Cooking: Tom Yum
                                                      moves, and choreography. The classes are
     Soup and Salad Rolls                       $45   low-impact, can aid in stress reduction, and
     Learn to cook tom yum soup and salad             are likely to boost self-esteem and body
     rolls with peanut sauce. Discover and            image. Belly dance classes are a fun way
     cook traditional Thai cuisine using common       to exercise!
     ingredients such as lemon grass, ginger, and
     kaffir lime leaves.                               Let’s Move
     South Kamloops Sec. School                       » Sep 7-Oct 26                 5:00-6:30 PM
     » Nov 24                 6:00-9:00 PM              Wed                                172135
       Thu                          178840
     Thai Cooking: Pad Thai                     $45   » Nov 2-Dec 14                5:00-6:30 PM
     Learn to cook a traditional Thai dish using        Wed                               172134
     natural ingredients such as dried chilies,       Instructor:             Rose-Marie Wachholz
     bean sprouts, rice noodles, and chicken
                                                      Hip Hop                                  $54     Social Dance - Introduction               Free
     (tofu option for vegetarians), garnished with
                                                      Join us for intense hip hop dance sessions       If you’ve never danced before and would
     peanuts and lime. In this class, you will
                                                      this summer! You will learn the basics of        like to know more about the various smooth
     learn to make Thailand’s most famous dish,
                                                      street dance, including house, locking, and      and Latin dances, sign up for a free session.
     pad Thai.
                                                      newstyle. This class will give you a full body   Discover the many pleasures and benefits
     South Kamloops Sec. School                       workout while teaching new choreography.         of social dancing! It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s
     » Nov 10                 6:00-8:00 PM            Level 1 is taught at a slower pace for           more popular than ever before. Dances will
       Thu                          178837            beginners and Level 2 is quick-paced with        be demonstrated and you’ll be invited to
                                                      more choreography every week! Level 2 also       join in and try a few of the basic steps. The
     Thai Cooking: Green Curry, Jasmin                includes 30 minutes of dancer cross-training     atmosphere is relaxed, dress is casual, and
     Rice and Mango Salsa          $45                through body conditioning. Get ready to          we’ll be happy to answer any questions you
     Explore traditional Thai cuisine and cooking     work it while having lots of fun!                may have.
     using common ingredients such as bamboo          Tournament Capital Centre
                                                      Level 1                                          Hal Rogers
     shoots, curry spice, garlic, and ginger. In
                                                      » Oct 5-26                      7:30-8:30 PM     » Sep 26                       7:00-9:00 PM
     this class, you will learn to cook Thai green
                                                         Wed                                179282       Mon                                179032
     curry, jasmine rice, and mango salsa.
      South Kamloops Sec. School                                                                       Instructor:                 Maureen MacLeod
                                                      » Nov 2-23                     7:30-8:30 PM
     » Nov 3                         6:00-9:00 PM
                                                        Wed                                179732      Social Dance - Latin                      $70
        Thu                                178836
                                                      Level 2                                          Enjoy moving to the popular rhythms of
                                                      » Oct 5-26                    8:30-10:00 PM      rumba, cha cha, samba, bolero, and swing.
                Registration Tips                                                                      You’ll learn the basic patterns in each of
                                                        Wed                                179283
          Please register at least one week                                                            these dances, as well as timing, footwork,
          prior to class start to avoid class         » Nov 2-23                    8:30-10:00 PM      leading, following, and Cuban motion. The
                      cancellation                      Wed                                179733      techniques offered will help you build greater
                                                      Instructor:            Sista’s Love to Dance     skill and confidence on the dance floor

Hal Rogers                                        Gardening: Sustainable Landscape                SPORTS
» Oct 3-Nov 7                   7:00-9:00 PM      Design                       $15
  Mon                                 176982      Design a beautiful landscape that meets your    Badminton
                                                  needs while considering plant health and the    Everyone is welcome to join in the fun sport
» Nov 14-Dec 12                7:00-9:00 PM
                                                  environment. Learn about garden styles,         of badminton! Bring your racquet and
  Mon                                176983
                                                  design principles, and the process for          enthusiasm to play one of the fastest of all
Instructor:                 Maureen MacLeod
                                                  putting it all together. Find out how to make   racquet sports. We will provide the birds,
                                                  sustainable choices like choosing the right     courts, nets, and high ceilings!
Social Dance - Smooth                     $70     plant for the right place.
Learn the basic steps and technique of                                                            Arthur Stevenson Elem. School
the smooth romantic waltz, foxtrot, and           Interior Savings Centre                                                                $50
nightclub two-step, as well as the fascinating    » Oct 12                       6:00-9:00 PM     » Sep 19-Nov 28              7:30-10:00 PM
tango and the classic favourite, Viennese           Wed                                178678       Mon                               178866
waltz. A basic sequence of figures will be                                                         Instructor:                     Dale Walch
offered in each dance, as well as techniques      Gardening: Xeriscape                    $15

                                                                                                  Summit Elem. School
for timing, balance, leading, and following.      Xeriscape gardening is an environmentally
These dances are romantic, fun, and easy          friendly approach to gardening that saves                                              $50
                                                  time, money, and water while creating a         » Sep 20-Nov 29              8:00-10:00 PM
to learn. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere,
                                                  beautiful, healthy, high-quality landscape.       Tue                               178870
the great music, and the warm sociability of
                                                  This workshop explores the seven xeriscape      Instructor:                            TBA
smooth social dancing!
                                                  principles and includes a tour of McArthur      Youth Centre
 Stuart Wood Elem. School
                                                  Island’s Xeriscape Demonstration Garden.                                         *Drop-in
» Oct 5-Nov 2        7:00-9:00 PM
  Wed                      176984                 McArthur Island Sport and Event Centre          » Sep 12-Nov 28         10:30 AM-12:30 PM
                                                  » Sep 28                  6:00-9:00 PM            Mon
» Nov 9-Dec 7                  7:00-9:00 PM         Wed                           178680
  Wed                                176985                   Registration Tips                   » Sep 16-Dec 2         10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Instructor:                 Maureen MacLeod                                                         Fri
                                                         Are you having trouble getting           Instructor:                Ted Eisenberger
                                                            through during the day?
                                                                                                  *Drop-in punch cards are required and may
GARDENING &                                            Our staff are available to take your       be purchased at TCC.
LANDSCAPES                                                registrations until 10:30 pm

                                                              One Voice for Sport!
                                                   Become a member of the Kamloops Sports
                                                   Council and be a voice that represents Kamloops’
                                                   many sports organizations who share common
Gardening: Pruning Fruit Trees,                    objectives, issues, and goals.
Ornamentals, and Shrubs       $15
Show off each plant in your landscape! Learn
                                                   Our goal is to help sports organizations address
the reasons for pruning, types of pruning cuts,
and when to prune. Find out how pruning
                                                   their challenges and provide tools and services
can prevent and manage pest problems.              that will contribute to their development and
Appropriate tools and tool maintenance will        success.
be discussed. Come discover the science            For more information visit our website at
and art of pruning!
Interior Savings Centre                            Or email us at
» Oct 19                        7:00-9:00 PM
  Wed                                 178664

                                                                                 250.828.3500               37
                                          Fencing: Introductory                          $60      floor hockey a try. Teams and game schedule
                                          Learn fencing, the ancient art of nobility              will be created depending on the number of
                                          and one of the four original modern Olympic             players. Instruction, sticks, pinnies, and
                                          events. Fencing is often referred to as                 pucks are provided.
                                          physical chess as it combines the mental                Summit Elem. School
                                          challenge of out-thinking your opponent with            » Sep 19-Nov 28                 6:00-7:30 PM
     Fitness Education                    the agility of martial arts. You will learn basic
                                          footwork, attacks, defence, and strategy.
                                                                                                    Mon                                 178855
                                                                                                  Instructor:                      Heidi Ferber
     through the City                     Youth Centre
                                                                                                  Learn to Curl                             $50
     of Kamloops                          » Sep 24-Dec 10
                                                                      1:00-2:30 PM
                                                                             179882               This program is designed for the new curler.
     Are you looking for a fun and        Instructor:               Damon Hebner,                 It is an eight-week program with two weeks
     lively career improving health and               Jonathon Wiens, Craig Chicoine              of instruction in basic delivery, sweeping, and
     fitness?                                                                                      strategies and a six-week mini-league play.
     The City of Kamloops is pleased      Fencing                                        $60      Clean running shoes or curling shoes are a
     to offer BCRPA approved training     In this course, you will focus on using more            must and we will provide brooms and sliders.
     courses for prospective fitness       advanced offensive and defensive strategies             League play begins in January. This program
     leaders. These courses will help     as well as compound attacks. There is a                 is offered in partnership with the McArthur
     guide you through the process        stronger emphasis on cardio and endurance.              Island Curling Club.
     of becoming certified to teach        You are strongly encouraged to purchase your            McArthur Island Sport and Event Centre
     a variety of general fitness          own equipment for this course. Prerequisite:            » Oct 26-Dec 14           7:00-9:00 PM
     classes, specialty classes and       Fencing - Introductory or equivalent. This                Wed                           178886
     work one-on-one with healthy         program is offered in partnership with the              Instructor:                        TBA
     clients.                             Kamloops Fencing Club.
     Upcoming BCRPA                       Youth Centre                                            Pickleball                          *Drop-in
     Certification Courses                 » Sep 24-Dec 10             2:30-4:00 PM                Pickleball, one of the fastest growing
     > Aquafit                               Sat                              180945               sports in North America, is a cross between
                                          Instructor:               Damon Hebner,                 badminton and table tennis and is played
     > Fitness Theory
                                                      Jonathon Wiens, Craig Chicoine              on a badminton court. It uses a wooden,
     > Group Fitness
                                                                                                  lightweight composite paddle and a ball
     > Weight Training                                                                            similar to a whiffle ball. Learn the basic skills
                                          Fencing: Practice
     Did you know The City                                                                        and rules of playing with emphasis on proper
                                          Session                                        $60
     of Kamloops also offers                                                                      movement techniques and game play. Balls
                                          Are you looking for an opportunity to practise
     continuing education                                                                         and paddles provided. *Drop-in punch cards
                                          what you’ve learned? Instructors will be
     > Join us for our upcoming                                                                   are required and may be purchased at TCC.
                                          present to help facilitate, but the focus will
        12 hour Keep on Moving            be on gameplay.                                         Youth Centre
        education course                                                                          » Sep 12-Nov 28                12:30-2:30 PM
                                          Youth Centre
     > Developed in conjunction                                                                     Mon
                                          » Sep 20-Dec 6             8:00-10:00 PM
        with Interior Health and            Tue                              180946               » Sep 14-Nov 30                9:30-11:30 AM
        recognized for 12 BCRPA           Instructor:               Damon Hebner,                   Wed
        CEC’s, this course will                       Jonathon Wiens, Craig Chicoine
        focus on safe exercise            *Fencing programs are offered in partnership with the   » Sep 15-Dec 1                 8:00-10:00 PM
        relating to chronic disease       Kamloops Fencing Club. For more information visit         Thu
                                                                                                  » Sep 16-Dec 2                 12:30-2:30 PM
     See page 47 for
     upcoming classes at                  Floor Hockey: Co-Ed                            $54        Fri
                                          If you are looking for a new way to have fun            Instructor:                    Doug Smith,
     the Tournament Capital
                                          and stay fit, co-ed floor hockey might be for                                  y     g g ,
                                                                                                                    Andy Bakogeorge, Tim Mah
                                          you. Please bring your own floor hockey stick
     Visit for            if possible, supplies are limited.
     more details.
                                          Dufferin Elem. School
                                          » Sep 21-Nov 16                    6:30-8:00 PM
                                            Wed                                    178853
                                          Instructor:                        Kathleen Moss

                                          Floor Hockey:
                                          Women Only                                     $45
                                          If you are looking for ways to make new
                                          friends and have fun while getting fit, give

Table Tennis                                      NEW! Cardio Xtrain                      $73       Westsyde Pool
for Fun                            *Drop-in       This class will combine high paced interval       » Sep 21-Nov 23                5:45-6:45 PM
Whether you are a recreational player or a        cardio workouts with high-intensity strength        Wed                                178679
player looking for skill development, join us     training. You can expect exercises using          Instructor:                 Tonya Hrycewich
for a ton of fun! It is recommended that you      stairs, plyo boxes, weights, and functional       Tournament Capital Centre
bring your own paddle; however, paddles and       fitness. This workout will focus on your           » Sep 21-Nov 23         12:10-12:55 PM
balls will be available. *Drop-in punch cards     agility, balance, and dynamic stability and         Wed                     Drop-in Only
are required and may be purchased at TCC.         will be a great complement to any cross-          Instructor:              Shawn Wenger
                                                  training routine.
Youth Centre
» Sep 23-Dec 9                  8:00-9:30 PM      Tournament Capital Centre                         Dance Your Buns Off                      $84
  Tue                                             » Oct 22-Dec 3            8:00-9:30 AM            Have fun while you dance your buns off. Each
Instructor:                      Peter Reinke       Sat                           178662            week a new dance style will be presented in
                                                  Instructor:                Brenda Black           an aerobic workout format. From salsa to
Volleyball: Co-ed                         $40                                                       Bollywood, African to hip hop, what a great
                                                  CardioSculpt                              $77

All skill levels will enjoy an evening of                                                           way to get in shape and stay that way!
                                                  Are you looking to burn calories and tone up?
recreational volleyball. This is a great way to   Join us in this high-intensity fusion of step,    Tournament Capital Centre
keep active, have fun, and meet new people.       core, and body weight exercises. Combine          » Sep 22-Dec 8            6:15-7:15 PM
Beginners are welcome!                            the benefits of aerobic and strength training        Thu                           178640
                                                  to get you trim and toned while using             Instructor:                    Lill Scott
Marion Schilling Elem. School                     dynamic full-body movements.
» Sep 20-Nov 8             7:30-9:30 PM           Westsyde Pool                                     Family Fit 1                             $52
  Tue                            178857           » Sep 19-Dec 5                  5:45-6:45 PM      Modeling healthy activities is the best way
                                                    Mon                                 178669      to teach our children. Join us for this fun,
» Sep 22-Nov 10                 7:30-9:30 PM      Instructor:                     Lynn Wihksne      45-minute, parent and child class and share
  Thu                                 178858                                                        the experience of a full-body workout.
Instructor:                     Donna Railton     Core Strength                             $70     Prepare to smile, laugh, and sweat! Parents
                                                  Optimize every move you make ranging from         register with their child 7-12 years of age.
                                                  everyday life to sport with this class designed
HEALTH AND WELLNESS                               to compliment your personal goals. Work on
                                                                                                    Tournament Capital Centre
                                                                                                    » Sep 25-Dec 11      11:30 AM-12:15 PM
PROGRAMS                                          strengthening your abdomen, pelvis, and             Sun                          178658
                                                  back muscles to increase performance and          Instructor:            Monica Macaulay
FITNESS IN MOTION                                 prevent injury. Condition your core for a
                                                  stronger, healthier you!
Abs and Booty                             $84
Trim down your midsection and booty with
this calorie burning class targeting those
abs, glutes, and legs. Feel the burn while
working on reshaping your figure!
Tournament Capital Centre
» Sep 20-Dec 6            6:15-7:15 PM
  Tue                           178561                                                                             Brenda Black:
Instructor:                    Lill Scott                                                             Brenda is a BCRPA registered
                                                                                                     fitness leader with specialties in
                                                                                                     spin, pilates and fusion. She has
NEW! Cardio Pilates                       $56
                                                                                                     worked in the fitness industry for
This class is your traditional mat Pilates with
                                                                                                      25 years and is passionate about
a cardio warm-up. You will challenge your
                                                                                                    helping people grow healthy. Check
cardiovascular system before beginning
                                                                                                        out one of her classes including
to stretch, tone, and lengthen your body.
                                                                                                     cardio cross train and drills & hills
Pilates will teach you how gain overall body
                                                                                                     or stop by the Wellness Centre to
control by increasing your core strength and
                                                                                                           discuss your fitness goals.
realigning your posture. Whether your new
to Pilates or just want to change up your
current Pilates routine, this class is for you!
Tournament Capital Centre
» Oct 18-Dec 6            6:00-7:00 AM
  Tue                           178550
Instructor:              Emma Sproule

                                                                                 k l        /                      250.828.3500
                                                                                                                   2 0 828 3 00                39
                                           Family Fit 2                             $52      Kick Aerobox
                                           Modeling healthy activities is the best way       $70
                       Keep On Moving      to engage our teens. Join us for this fun,
                       Exercise Programs   45-minute, parent and teen class and share        This program is a
                                           the experience of a full-body workout.            cardiovascular kickboxing
     Gentle, safe & accessible exercise    Prepare to smile, laugh, and sweat! Parents       class that combines
     classes                               register with their child 13+ years of age.       elements
     Developed in conjunction with the     Tournament Capital Centre                         of boxing,
     City of Kamloops and Interior         » Sep 25-Dec 11          12:30-1:15 PM            martial arts, and
     Health, Keep On Moving exercise         Sun                           178659            aerobics to provide
     programs are a resource for           Instructor:            Monica Macaulay            overall physical conditioning
     community members to identify                                                           and toning. Unlike other types
     safer exercise options.               Interval Fit                             $84      of kickboxing, cardio kickboxing
                                           This class is a fun, time-efficient, total body    does not involve physical contact
                                           workout that combines strength training,          between competitors. You will
     Keep On Moving classes meet
                                           cardio, core, and flexibility using interval       strengthen the body and mind, decrease
     the following guidelines:                                                               stress, and hone reflexes while increasing
     ✔ Offers a minimum 30 minute          stations.
                                                                                             endurance and cardiovascular power.
        class with appropriate warm
        up and cool down                   Tournament Capital Centre                         Tournament Capital Centre
                                           » Sep 20-Dec 6            5:15-6:15 PM            » Sep 20-Nov 22           4:00-5:00 PM
     ✔ Includes a variety of fitness
                                             Tue                           178556              Tue                           178555
       components including
                                                                                             Instructor:              Emma Sproule
       aerobic, strength,
       flexibility, balance, agility        » Sep 22-Dec 8                  5:15-6:15 PM
       and co-ordination                     Thu                                 178558
                                           Instructor:                     Cathy Bliault,    Live F.A.S.T Boot Camp
     ✔ Provides multiple                                                                     Are you looking to take your exercise routine
                                                                          Evelyne Penny
       methods to monitor                                                                    to the next level with a heart pumping and
       intensity during exercise                                                             leg burning workout? Then it is time to
       and offers modifications             iFlow™ Challenge                         $84
                                           Join us for a high intensity, muscle toning       Live F.A.S.T. (Fit-Athletic-Strong-Tough).
       based on different                                                                    Each class will incorporate a different mode
       functional abilities                workout targeted to burn calories and sculpt
                                           your body. The iFlow™ system combines             of training, ensuring a full-body dynamic
     ✔ Promotes self monitoring            challenging resistance training, core strength,   workout every time, resulting in a healthier,
       during exercise and                 and flexibility into one exciting workout. With    leaner body.       Participants register to
       encourages daily aerobic            inspiration from yoga, pilates, and strength      participate in a minimum of two classes per
       exercise                            training, this workout will leave you feeling     week. You may choose from the 11 classes
     ✔ Provides health screening           the burn!                                         we offer weekly.
       for all participants and
                                           Tournament Capital Centre                         Schedule
       obtains medical clearance
                                           » Sep 21-Dec 7            5:00-6:00 PM
       for special populations                                                               Tournament Capital Centre
                                             Tue                           178834
     ✔ Demonstrates a                      Instructor:                Janna Brown
       documented emergency                                                                  Mon: 6:00 am, 7:00 am, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm
       plan with telephone access                                                            Tue: 6:30 pm
       to EMS                                                                                Wed: 6:00 am, 7:00 am, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm
                                                                                             Fri: 6:00 am, 7:00 am
     ✔ Demonstrates the
       availability of an AED with                                                           2/wk                                   $96
       appropriate instructor                                                                » Sep 19-Oct 28                      178573
       training*                                                                             » Oct 31-Dec 9                       179584
     *Required for Keep On Moving Plus
     Designation                                                                             3/wk                                  $144
                                                                                             » Sep 19-Oct 28                      178880
     Check the program descriptions
                                                                                             » Oct 31-Dec 9                       179585
     to find the class that best suits
     your needs.                                                                             4/wk                                  $192
     Visit: for                                                          » Sep 19-Oct 28                    178882
     more information or contact                                                             » Oct 31-Dec 9                     179592
     (250) 828-3742.                                                                         Instructors:                 Megann Rodhe
                                                                                                                        & Emma Sproule

Mat Pilates                               $64      Tournament Capital Centre                        NEW! Spin Fusion                       $115
Develop your Pilates technique with this classic                                            $77     Enjoy 50 minutes of intense cardio on our
Pilates mat class. Learn the fundamental           » Sep 19-Dec 5                 6:30-7:30 PM      state of the art Keiser M3 spin bikes. Finish
exercises designed to increase muscle tone,          Mon                                178544      off your full-body workout with 20 minutes
improve posture, and develop core muscles.         Instructor:                   Shawn Wenger       of core and ab work and 20 minutes of
The Pilates principles of alignment, breath,       Hal Rogers                                       stretching to balance out the body.
and control are emphasized.                                                                         Tournament Capital Centre
Valleyview Community Hall                          » Sep 21-Dec 7                 5:00-6:00 PM      » Sep 23-Dec 9            4:30-6:00 PM
» Sep 19-Nov 14       10:00-11:00 AM                 Wed                                178804        Fri                           178652
  Mon                           178683             Instructor:                        Rea Nunn      Instructor:                Janna Brown
Instructor:               Mikkie Nettles

                                                                                                    Water Running                       Drop-in
Nia                                       $84                                                       Join us for a great, non-impact workout.
Join us for this energizing, exhilarating, and                                                      Running in deep water using a buoyancy belt
fun workout in an atmosphere of comfort and                                                         will give you a great cardiovascular workout
freedom. Nia is an expressive movement                                                              without any joint stress. This program is
fitness practice that develops physical,                                                             good for the injured and healthy alike and for
mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.                                                        runners. Participants need to be comfortable
                                                                                                    in deep water.
Yacht Club
                                                                                                    Canada Games Aquatic Centre
» Sep 22-Dec 8                   6:15-7:15 PM
                                                                                                    » Sep 20-Dec 6          6:30-7:30 AM
  Thu                                  178807
                                                                                                      Tue                         178551
Instructor:                       Trudy Goold
                                                                                                    Instructor:               Cathy Bliault
NEW! Nordic Pole                                                                                    » Sep 22-Dec 8                 6:30-7:30 AM
Walking                                   $20                                                         Thu                                178552
Nordic Pole Walking is a full-body, low impact                                                      Instructor:                   Shawn Wenger
workout with tremendous proven health
benefits. Improve your technique with this                                                           Weight Room Orientations               Free!
exciting walking class using nordic hiking                                                          Are you new to the weight room? Do you have
poles. Bring your own poles as the instructor                                                       questions about how to use the cardio and
has a limited supply.                                                                               strength equipment? Join one of our certified
 Riverside Park                                                                                     fitness professionals to learn how to use the
» Sep 13-Oct 11               12:10-12:50 PM       NEW! Snow Strength                      $56      equipment safely and effectively. You will be
  Tue                                  178793      Start preparing for your ski/snowboarding        shown proper technique when using various
Instructor:                   Tonya Hrycewich      season. You will work on leg strengthening,      machines and cardio equipment.
                                                   cardio, core conditioning, and flexibility, all   Adult
NEW! Revved to Run                        $35      important for an injury free season.
Are you looking for a challenging, run-specific                                                      Tournament Capital Centre
                                                   Tournament Capital Centre
workout? This class will be progressive week                                                        » Sep 20                  7:00-8:00 PM
                                                   » Oct 19-Dec 7            6:00-7:00 AM
to week both in intensity and interval times.                                                         Tue                           178903
                                                     Wed                           178564
There will be focus on drills, speed intervals,
                                                   Instructor:                Cathy Bliault         » Sep 27                       7:00-8:00 PM
tempo training and hill climbing, alternated
with active recovery. This is a great class                                                           Tue                                178904
to enhance your current running, get ready                                                          » Sep 13                       7:00-8:00 PM
for winter sports, or include in your current                                                         Tue                                178905
fitness program.
                                                                 Performance                        » Sep 24                      9:00-10:00 AM
Tournament Capital Centre
» Sep 22-Oct 20           6:15-7:15 AM                           Assessments                          Sat                                178917
  Thu                           178575                   Are you an athlete who wants to            » Oct 1                       9:00-10:00 AM
Instructor:                Rhonda Eden                  optimize your training and improve            Sat                                178918
                                                     your performance? In partnership with
Runner’s Core and                                                                                   » Oct 11                       7:00-8:00 PM
                                                    Stride Sport and Performance we are now
Flexibility                                                                                           Tue                                178906
                                                      offering performance profiles, run gait
Get on the right track for an injury-free season
                                                       assessments, and lactate threshold           » Oct 18                       7:00-8:00 PM
with this class focused on the unique needs
                                                                      testing.                        Tue                                178907
of runners. Combine core and flexibility to
                                                               For more information                 » Oct 22                      9:00-10:00 AM
increase muscle strength while increasing
efficiency and promoting muscle recovery.                         see pages 46-47.                     Sat                                178921
Join us for your best running season yet!

                                                                                    250.828.3500                41
     Weight Room Orientations (cont.)                 Youth                                          NEW! WOW - Women
     » Nov 1                         7:00-8:00 PM     In addition to your weight room orientation,   on Weights                                $96
       Tue                                 178909     you will receive valuable information during   Calling all women! Join certified strength
                                                      our education session, covering such topics    and conditioning specialist Megann Rodhe
     » Nov 15                        7:00-8:00 PM     as dietary supplements, healthy weight loss/   who will introduce you to free weight and
       Tue                                 178910     weight gain, program planning, and injury      body weight exercises that will enhance
     » Nov 12                       9:00-10:00 AM     prevention.                                    your overall health and wellness. If you
       Sat                                 178922     Tournament Capital Centre                      are new to weight training, come learn and
                                                      » Sep 24            10:00 AM-12:00 PM          build confidence in the weight room. As an
     » Nov 26                       9:00-10:00 AM                                                    experienced weightlifter, you will learn new
                                                        Sat                          179894
       Sat                                 178923                                                    ideas and continue to develop your lifting
                                                      » Oct 1                 10:00 AM-12:00 PM      technique. Be strong. Be empowered.
     » Nov 29                        7:00-8:00 PM
                                                        Sat                              179895      WOW.
       Tue                                 178911
                                                      » Oct 22                10:00 AM-12:00 PM      Tournament Capital Centre
     » Dec 6                         7:00-8:00 PM                                                    » Sep 24-Nov 12           8:00-9:00 AM
                                                        Sat                              179897
       Tue                                 178912                                                      Sat                           178681
                                                      » Nov 12                10:00 AM-12:00 PM      Instructor:              Megann Rodhe
     » Dec 10                       9:00-10:00 AM
                                                        Sat                              179898
       Sat                                 178919
                                                                                                     Yoga Spin                               $115
                                                      » Nov 26                10:00 AM-12:00 PM      We start with spinning (indoor cycling),
     Westsyde Pool                                      Sat                              179899      a form of high-intensity exercise using
     » Sep 21                        6:00-7:00 PM     » Dec 10                10:00 AM-12:00 PM      stationary, state of the art Keiser M3 bikes in
       Wed                                 178930       Sat                              179896      a group setting. We will finish with a series
                                                                                                     of yoga poses woven together with breath to
     » Sep 28                        6:00-7:00 PM     Westsyde Pool                                  quiet the mind and build strength, balance,
       Wed                                 178931     » Sep 22                      7:00-8:00 PM     focus, and flexibility.
                                                        Thu                               179900
     » Oct 5                         6:00-7:00 PM                                                    Tournament Capital Centre
       Wed                                 178932     » Oct 27                      7:00-8:00 PM     » Sep 19-Dec 5            6:45-8:15 PM
                                                        Thu                               179901       Mon                           178545
     » Oct 19                        6:00-7:00 PM
                                                                                                     Instructor:              Lynn Wihksne,
       Wed                                 178933     » Oct 6                       7:00-8:00 PM
                                                                                                                                Janna Brown
                                                        Thu                               179903
     » Nov 9                         6:00-7:00 PM
       Wed                                 178934                                                    ZUMBA®
                                                                                                     Come join the dance sensation! ZUMBA® is
                                                                                                     a fusion of Latin and international music that
                                                                                                     creates a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness
                                                                                                     system! The dance routines feature aerobic/
                                                                                                     fitness interval training with a combination
                                                                                                     of fast and slow rhythms that will tone and
                                                                                                     sculpt the body.
                                                                                                     Tournament Capital Centre
               Rea Nunn:                                                                                                                       $96
                                                                                                     » Sep 21-Dec 7                  6:30-7:30 PM
               Rea is a BCRPA advanced group                                                           Wed                                 178814
               fitness leader, weight trainer, and                                                    Instructor:                     Cheryl Brochu
               personal trainer. She has been
               working in the fitness industry since                                                                                            $96
               2005 and enjoys training a variety                                                    » Sep 22-Dec 8                  7:30-8:30 PM
               of clients. She enjoys spending time                                                    Thu                                 179595
               with her family and staying active                                                    Instructor:                       Gwen Kreps
               having completed triathlons and
               running races in the past.
                                                                                                     » Sep 23-Dec 9                  6:30-7:30 PM
                                                                                                       Fri                                 178655
                                                                                                     Instructor:                     Lynn Wihksne
                                                                                                     Westsyde Pool
                                                                                                     » Sep 27-Dec 13                 7:00-8:00 PM
                                                                                                       Tue                                 178646
                                                                                                     Instructor:                     Lynn Wihksne

Yacht Club                                                                               $126      YOGA
                                         $88     » Sep 21-Dec 7                9:00-10:30 AM       Beginner Yoga
» Sep 19-Dec 5                 5:45-6:45 PM        Wed                                178666       By practising simple yoga postures, breathing
  Mon                                178688                                              $115      exercises, and easy movements, you will
Instructor:                    Cheryl Brochu     » Sep 23-Dec 9                9:00-10:30 AM       build strength and flexibility and improve
                                                   Fri                                178667       your posture in a relaxed atmosphere. Learn
                                         $88     Instructor:                     Cathy Bliault     a complete range of basic poses in this non-
» Sep 22-Dec 8              10:30-11:30 AM                                                         intimidating environment. Modifications will
  Thu                               178805                                                         be provided to help you get the most out of
Instructor:                   Lynn Wihksne       SPIN                                              each class no matter your fitness level. No
                                                                                                   experience is necessary.
                                         $88     Drills and Hills                          $70
                                                 With this class, you will be increasing the       Hal Rogers
» Sep 28-Dec 7                 5:30-6:30 PM
  Wed                                178838      tension of your bike and really working your                                            $132
                                                 legs, both in and out of the saddle. You can      » Sep 19-Dec 5              10:00-11:30 AM

Instructor:                   Janet Paterson
                                                 also expect speed intervals of high-intensity       Mon                               178791
               Members                           riding, alternated with active recovery.          Instructor:                    Robyn Elliott
         can drop-in for FREE
       to one of our new value-                                                                    Tournament Capital Centre
                                                 Tournament Capital Centre
    added classes! Regular drop-in               » Sep 20-Nov 22           6:00-7:00 AM                                                    $96
     fees apply for non-members.                   Tue                           178877            » Sep 21-Dec 7                 5:15-6:15 PM
                                                 Instructor:                Brenda Black             Wed                                178884
   Drills and Hills on Tuesdays
           12:10-12:55 pm                        » Sep 20-Nov 22              12:10-12:55 PM                                               $96
  Core Strength on Wednesdays                      Tue                          Drop-in Only       » Sep 22-Dec 8               9:00-10:00 AM
           12:10-12:55 pm                        Instructor:                   Shawn Wenger          Thu                               178885
Water Running in the Canada Games                                                                  Instructor:                     Gwen Kreps
                                                 » Sep 21-Nov 23                 5:15-6:15 PM
   pool, Tuesdays & Thursdays
                                                   Wed                                 178571      Valleyview Community Hall
               6:30 am
                                                 Instructor:                      Alma Klarich                                             $96
         See pages 39-43 for
           more information                      » Sep 22-Nov 24               9:00-10:00 AM       » Sep 19-Dec 5                 6:30-7:30 PM
                                                   Thu                                178632         Mon                                178787
                                                 Instructor:                   Shawn Wenger        Instructor:                     Robyn Elliott
                                                                                                   Westsyde Pool
CIRCUIT STYLE                                    » Sep 22-Nov 24                 6:00-7:00 PM                                              $88
                                                   Thu                                 178638      » Sep 19-Dec 5               9:00-10:00 AM
Interval Fit Circuit                     $70
                                                 Instructor:                         Rea Nunn        Mon                               178668
Get a great workout circuit style! This class
is a fun, time-efficient, total body workout      » Sep 23-Dec 2                  6:00-7:00 PM      Instructor:                   Lynn Wihksne
that combines strength training, cardio, core,     Fri                                 178654
and flexibility using interval stations and a     Instructor:                         Rea Nunn                                            $144
variety of equipment.                                                                              » Sep 21-Dec 7                7:00-8:30 PM
                                                 Spin to Win                                         Wed                               178820
Westsyde Pool
                                                 Are you looking for a challenging interval spin   Instructor:             Christina Schieberle
» Sep 20-Nov 22                5:45-6:45 PM
  Tue                                178673      class? This class will be progressive week to
Instructor:                    Lynn Wihksne      week in both intensity and interval times. It
                                                 will combine drills with speed intervals and
» Sep 22-Nov 24                5:45-6:45 PM      hill climbing alternated with active recovery.
  Thu                                178674      This is a great class to enhance your current
Instructor:                 Tonya Hrycewich      riding, get you ready for winter sports, or
                                                 include in your current fitness program.
         Low Intensity Circuit         $115
                                                 Tournament Capital Centre
          This total body workout is a
circuit-style class that combines cardio with                                              $70
strength training, core, and flexibility. This    » Sep 19-Nov 28                 4:30-5:30 PM
introductory class is designed for you to work     Mon                                 178538
at your own individual fitness level.             Instructor:                      Brenda Black

Westsyde Pool                                                                              $42
                                       $115      » Oct 27-Dec 1                  6:00-7:30 AM
» Sep 19-Dec 5                9:00-10:30 AM        Thu                                 178576
  Mon                                178665      Instructor:                      Rhonda Eden

                                                                                  250.828.3500                43
     NEW! Commit to Your Fit!                     Intermediate Yoga
                                                  Yoga is an Eastern approach to a full-body/
                                                                                                     Power Yoga
                                                                                                     Whether you are an athlete or a weekend
                                                  mind workout. If you have been practising          warrior, improve your stamina, strength,
     If you have been struggling to get started
                                                  for over a year consistently and would like        balance, flexibility, and core while invigorating
     with exercise, are looking to get back
                                                  to deepen your understanding and love of           your body! You will be exploring a variety
     into a regular routine or simply looking
                                                  the yoga postures, breathing exercises, and        of poses as well as flowing sequences while
     to learn about healthy lifestyle habits
                                                  meditation, then this class is for you! You will   linking breath with movement. Past yoga
     this program is for you.
                                                  practise a variety of poses and enjoy powerful     experience is recommended as this class is a
     This new program will focus on how to        yogic techniques for improved energy and           higher intensity.
     include exercise and proper nutrition        attitude!                                          Tournament Capital Centre
     into your daily life to achieve a
                                                  Hal Rogers                                                                                   $88
     healthier you! Over the course of 11
     weeks, this program will guide you                                                   $144       » Sep 19-Dec 5                  5:15-6:15 PM
     through:                                     » Sep 22-Dec 8                  5:30-7:00 PM         Mon                                 178540
     • Safely starting an exercise                  Thu                                 178806
       program                                    Instructor:                      Cathy Brown                                                 $96
     • Improving your nutritional                 Valleyview Community Hall                          » Sep 20-Dec 6                  7:30-8:30 PM
       habits                                                                             $144         Tue                                 178541
     • Addressing goals and barriers              » Sep 22-Dec 8                 5:30-7:00 PM
       to long term physical activity.              Thu                                178808                                                  $96
                                                  Instructor:                  Tania McCartney       » Sep 22-Dec 8                  6:00-7:00 AM
     By working with a variety                                                                         Thu                                 178543
     of fitness professionals                      Westsyde Pool                                      Instructor:                          Lill Scott
     including exercise specialists,                                                      $132
     personal trainers and holistic               » Sep 19-Dec 5                  7:00-8:30 PM       Hal Rogers
     nutritionists, this program                    Mon                                 178670                                                 $96
     will focus on creating                       Instructor:               Christina Schieberle     » Sep 20-Dec 6                  6:00-7:00 PM
     positive attitudes and                                                                            Tue                                 178810
     promoting healthy behavior                   NEW! Moksha Inspired Yoga                          Instructor:                      Cathy Brown
     surrounding exercise and                     This moksha-inspired class will take you
     nutrition.                                   through a series of strengthening and toning       Yoga for Relaxation
                                                  postures and deepen your flexibility and body       Relax your mind while experiencing the
     What’s included?
                                                  awareness while freeing and calming the            soothing meditative qualities of yoga by
     • Personalized fitness
                                                  mind. Leave class feeling refreshed, calm,         linking breath with movement. Designed to
       assessment and
                                                  and inspired! Accessible for beginners and         transition you through the end of your day,
       exercise program
                                                  challenging for seasoned practitioners.            have fun in this slow paced, easy to follow
     • One-on-one nutrition
                                                                                                     class. You will experience a complete range
       consultation                               Hal Rogers                                         of basic yoga poses and gentle sequences.
     •   Regular supervised                                                                 $80      Each class will conclude with a peaceful,
         exercise sessions                        » Sep 21-Nov 23                9:00-10:00 AM       guided relaxation for a tranquil end to your
     •   Weekly education                           Wed                                 178801       day.
         sessions                                 Instructor:                      Robyn Elliott
                                                                                                     Hal Rogers
     •   Nutrition education                      Yacht Club                                                                                   $96
     •   Specialized fitness                                                                 $96      » Sep 20-Dec 6                  7:45-8:45 PM
         programs                                 » Sep 20-Dec 6                  6:00-7:00 PM         Tue                                 178811
                                                    Tue                                 178799
     •   Ongoing monitoring and                   Instructor:                      Robyn Elliott                                             $144
         support                                                                                     » Sep 22-Dec 8                  7:15-8:45 PM
     What is the price?                                                Are                             Thu                                 178809
     $299 for 21 sessions                                        you new to the                      Instructor:                      Cathy Brown
     Course number: 178663                                   weight room and would
                                                          like some instruction on how               Tournament Capital Centre
     Take a step in the right                            to use the cardio and strength
     direction for your health and                                equipment?
                                                                                                     » Sep 23-Dec 9                 7:45-8:45 PM
     “Commit to Your Fit”.                               Join us to learn how to use the               Fri                                178657
                                                        equipment safely and effectively             Instructor:                  Tania McCartney
     For information, please contact                       See pages 41-42 for details

PRE AND POST NATAL                              NEW! Prenatal Ball                       $56      Tummies for Mommies                       $31
                                                One of the most important areas of your           There are certain conditions that may occur
Prenatal Wellness                     $120      body to strengthen before, during, and after      as a result of pregnancy and child birth.
This program explores a variety of holistic     pregnancy is your torso. Having a strong          This 45-minute class will help women avoid
approaches and practices for childbearing,      core prevents injury to your back, supports       postural and movement deficits that often
preparing you for a healthy pregnancy.          the growing uterus, and helps prevent the         follow pregnancy and delivery. Using the
Topics include nutrition, prenatal fitness,      development of poor posture. Using the            latest research, you will improve your core
healthy weight gain, stress and work, healthy   prenatal ball to perform exercises prevents       strength and functional stability. This will
lifestyle during pregnancy, preparing for       undue stress on the pelvis and knees as it is     help you feel stronger and better able to
parenthood, infant feeding, postpartum, and     low impact. It also helps to improve balance      tackle the everyday tasks of motherhood.
labor and birth. Participants are encouraged    and coordination in expectant mothers.            Tournament Capital Centre
to bring along one support person free of       Connect with other moms-to-be in your             » Sep 21-Oct 26        10:00-10:45 AM
charge. Offered in partnership with Interior    community! Because we care about you                Wed                          178565
Health.                                         and your baby, a Par-Med-X for Pregnancy

                                                form must be signed by your health care           » Nov 2-Dec 7                10:00-10:45 AM
                                                provider (physician or midwife) prior to your       Wed                                178566
                                                participating in this class.                      Instructor:                    Mikkie Nettles
                                                Hal Rogers
                                                » Sep 19-Nov 14                 5:30-6:30 PM
                                                                                                  Stroller Fit - Beginner                   $42
                                                                                                  Enjoy a safe, low-impact class outside or in
                                                  Mon                                 178686
                                                                                                  with your baby or toddler in his/her stroller.
                                                Instructor:                     Mikkie Nettles
                                                                                                  Walk yourself back into shape with speed
                                                                                                  drills, squats, lunges, and stroller drags.
                                                Mom and Baby Fit
                                                If you are a mother with a baby 0-6 months        Tournament Capital Centre
                                                (or older, if not crawling too fast), then this   » Sep 19-Oct 31           1:00-2:00 PM
                                                class is for you. This is a safe, low-impact,       Mon                           178534
                                                total conditioning workout you can share
Session 1                                       with your baby using a front baby carrier         » Nov 7-Dec 12                  1:00-2:00 PM
Tournament Capital Centre                       (Snuggli) or backpack and includes post-            Mon                                 178536
                                                pregnancy abdominal exercises. Join our           Instructor:                     Mikkie Nettles
Full Program                                    certified instructor who specializes in pre and
» Sep 21-Oct 13                6:30-9:00 PM     postnatal exercise and spend fun, quality
  Wed-Thu, Sat                       178894     time with baby while getting fit!

Labour and Birth                                Tournament Capital Centre                                   Did you know that the
» Oct 1                        1:00-4:30 PM                                               $35          Tournament Capital Centre and
  Sat                                178895     » Sep 19-Oct 24               9:00-10:00 AM           Westsyde Community Centre offer
                                                  Mon                                178532         one-on-one personal training. We have
Feeding Your Newborn                                                                                 trainers to suit all your needs, from
                                                                                          $42        general fitness to rehabilitation! See
» Oct 6                        6:30-9:00 PM     » Oct 31-Dec 5                9:00-10:00 AM
  Thu                                178896                                                                   page 46 for details
                                                  Mon                                178533
                                                Instructor:                    Mikkie Nettles
Session 2
                                                Westsyde Pool
Tournament Capital Centre
Full Program
                                                » Sep 20-Oct 25                 1:00-2:00 PM      Stroller Fit - Intermediate               $42
» Nov 2-24                6:30-9:00 PM
                                                  Tue                                 179593      This challenging class is designed for
  Wed-Thu, Sat                  178902
                                                                                          $42     participants who have already completed
Labour and Birth                                » Nov 1-Dec 6                   1:00-2:00 PM      Stroller Fit Beginner or are already physically
» Nov 12                       1:30-5:00 PM       Tue                                 179594      active. Mom and Baby Fit or Stroller Fit
  Sat                                178898     Instructor:                    Emma Sproule       Beginner are recommended if exercising six
                                                                                                  weeks postnatal.
Feeding Your Newborn                                                                              Tournament Capital Centre
» Nov 17                       6:30-9:00 PM                                                       » Sep 21-Oct 26                  2:00-3:00 PM
  Thu                                178900                                                         Wed                                  178568
Instructor:                   Mikkie Nettles,
                                Rhonda Eden                                                       » Nov 2-Dec 7                   2:00-3:00 PM
                                                                                                    Wed                                 178570
                                                                                                  Instructor:                     Mikkie Nettles

                                                                                  250.828.3500                 45
     TRAINING,   NUTRITION,                           Train Smart with a Kinesiologist                  Nutrition Overhaul                     $275
                                                      Add-ons                                           This comprehensive nutrition package gives
     AND ASSESSMENTS                                  These 60-minute training sessions are             individuals a thorough education on nutrition.
     Train Smart Package                              designed with you in mind. Use these              Rhonda will develop a personalized nutrition
     (90 minutes)                             $99     sessions for ongoing support with your            program for your specific dietary needs
     This one-on-one personal training session        exercise program or update your old program       complete with recipes, a grocery tour, and
     allows you to discuss your goals with a          to further your exercise goals! Participants      follow-up appointments. Topics can include
     personal trainer while completing a 30-minute    must complete a Kinesiology Train Smart           your choice of future education, meal
     assessment to establish your baseline fitness     Assessment package prior to registering for       planning, or critiquing changes you have
     level. The second 60-minute session is spent     additional sessions.                              made. If you are an athlete in training, let
     learning your personalized fitness program                                                          Rhonda know and she’ll customize your meal
     to help you gain confidence in your exercise      1 Session                                 $75     plan to your workout schedule.
     program.                                         »                                      178443     Tournament Capital Centre
                                                      4 Sessions                              $280      » Course Code                 179632
     »                                     178633
                                                      »                                      178444     Instructor:               Rhonda Eden
                     Powerhouse                       12 Sessions                             $780
                Pre and Post Workout                  »                                      178446
                     Food Ideas
                                                      Nutrition Session                         $60
                    - Chocolate Milk                  Do you want a chance to re-evaluate your
                    - Blended Shake                   diet? Journal your dietary habits for a week
              - Nut Butter & Banana Wrap              and registered holistic nutritionist Rhonda
                                                      Eden will review your current habits and
                     - Yogurt Parfait                 offer suggestions based on your individual
                                                      needs and wants.
                                                      Tournament Capital Centre
                                                      » Aug 30-Jan 2        9:00 AM-9:00 PM
                                                        Daily                        179633
     Personal Training: Add-ons                       Instructor:               Rhonda Eden
     Once you have completed an initial Train                                                           Performance
     Smart or Total Train Smart package, you can      Nutrition and                                     Profile Assessment                      $110
     add additional 60-minute personal training       Lifestyle Consulting                    $120      Are you looking to optimize your training?
     sessions. These appointments can be made         Join our registered holistic nutritionist for     The performance profile assessment will
     at your convenience, whether you would like      an assessment of your lifestyle and dietary       provide detailed information to improve
     to meet regularly to help with motivation or     nutrition habits. You will gain knowledge         the performance characteristics of power,
     when you require updates to your program.        of whole foods and see an improvement             velocity, speed-strength, and maximum force
                                                      in overall diet and lifestyle. If you are an      production. In addition, muscle reactivity
     1 Sessions                               $65     athlete in training, let Rhonda know and she’ll   strength will be measured in the assessment.
     »                  181433, 181434, 181435        customize your meal plan to your workout          Tests are administered by Stride Sport and
     4 Sessions                             $250      schedule. You will receive at 30-minute           Performance.
     »                                     178636     assessment, a one-hour educations session,        Tournament Capital Centre
     12 Sessions                            $690      and a 30-minute follow up session.                » Course code                         180533
     »                                     178639     Tournament Capital Centre
                                                      » Course Code                 179634
     Train Smart Assessment                           Instructor:               Rhonda Eden
     with a Kinesiologist                   $150
     If you have an injury, chronic condition, or
     concerns about the safety of exercise, this
     program is designed for you! Complete
     a comprehensive fitness assessment and
     exercise program with a Kinesiologist. With
     focused education ranging from chronic
     disease to orthopaedics, working with a
     Kinesiologist will help you meet your fitness
     goals safely and effectively (program includes
     two 60-minute sessions). Contact 250-828-
     3742 for information.

     » Course Code                         178441

Run Gait Assessment                    $130      participants must complete a Train Smart
Athletes watch a video analysis of their         Package prior to entering Small Group
running gait, which reveals efficient or          Personal Training.
inefficient mechanics of running. Additionally,   8 Sessions
the performance characteristics of stride        2 Participants                       $285
length, stride frequency, step contact time,     »                                   178975
and others will be provided. Assessment
                                                 3 Participants                       $195
information can then be used to correct
                                                 »                                   178977
inefficient running mechanics and strengthen                                                     BCRPA Group Fitness                  $225
weak performance characteristics that will       4 Participants                       $140
                                                 »                                   178978     The BCRPA Group Fitness module is designed
enhance performance. Tests are administered                                                     to address the practical and theoretical
by Stride Sport and Performance.                                                                components of teaching fitness classes.
Tournament Capital Centre                        EDUCATION                                      You will learn choreography, cueing, music,
» Course Code                         180534                                                    safety, lesson planning, and much more to

                                                 BCRPA Aquafit                         $300      prepare you to lead your own fitness classes.
Lactate Threshold Determination                  This BCRPA-recognized program prepares         Instructors have one year following the
$130                                             candidates to instruct safe and enjoyable      completion of the Fitness Theory module to
Are you an endurance athlete who wants           aquafitness classes. BCRPA Fitness Theory       complete a specialty module.
to improve your performance through the          is required to register for this course        Tournament Capital Centre
use of individualized training zones? This       Westsyde Pool                                  » Nov 26-27                     177190
assessment determines the workload               » Sep 23-25                        179482        Sat                 9:30 AM-6:30 PM
where lactate threshold occurs and the             Fri                        5:00-8:00 PM        Sun                 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
workload where the onset of blood lactate          Sat                     9:30 AM-4:30 PM      Instructor:               Lynn Johnson
accumulation occurs. Information gained            Sun                     8:00 AM-4:00 PM
from this assessment can be used in the                                                         BCRPA Weight
prescription of accurate training zones.         BCRPA Fitness Theory                 $325      Training                             $225
Tests are administered by Stride Sport and       Do you want to work in the fitness industry?    Once the Fitness Theory module has been
Performance.                                     This foundation course through BCRPA is        completed, prospective fitness leaders have
                                                 required before taking a specialty module      one year to register for and complete a
Tournament Capital Centre                                                                       specialty module as well as write the theory
» Course Code                         180532     in group fitness, weight training, personal
                                                 training, aquatic fitness, Pilates, or yoga.    exam. The Weight Training module prepares
                                                 Take the first step towards certification as a   you to design, modify, and instruct safe,
Personal Training: Small Group                                                                  effective, and appropriate basic/orientation
Are you looking for a fun atmosphere to work     fitness leader today!
                                                                                                exercise programs to meet the needs of
out with a friend or a group? This program       Tournament Capital Centre                      apparently healthy individuals or special
is designed to provide a cost-effective way      » Sep 17-18 and Oct 1-2          177185        populations that have received medical
to work with a personal trainer in a private       Sat                   9:30 AM-6:30 PM        clearance in a weight room setting, as well
group. Small group training is designed            Sun                   8:00 AM-5:00 PM        as provide weight room monitoring and
for individuals with similar abilities. All      Instructor:                 Jenn Naiman        equipment orientation and ensure a safe
                                                                                                exercise environment.
                                                                                                Tournament Capital Centre
                                                                                                » Nov 19-20                     177187
                                                                                                  Sat                 9:30 AM-6:30 PM
                                                                                                  Sun                 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
                                                                                                Instructor:               Lynn Johnson

                                                                                                Keep On Moving                       $299
                                                                                                Keep On Moving is an information course
                                                                                                put on by Interior Health and the City
                                                                                                of Kamloops. Fitness professionals are
                                                                                                encouraged to take this 12-hour course to
                                                                                                increase their knowledge about working with
                                                                                                the aging population and populations with
                                                                                                chronic conditions. This course is worth 12
                                                                                                BCRPA CECs and 4 Canfitpro CECs.
                                                                                                Tournament Capital Centre
                                                                                                » Nov 4-5                       178432
                                                                                                  Fri                     5:00-9:00 PM
                                                                                                  Sat                 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

                                                                               250.828.3500               47

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